Saturday, October 8, 2011

Just A Little Scene: Captive

The gentle feeling of feathers tickling Cale’s balls was at first a pleasant sensation to wake up to. He would start to squirm into the feeling, trying to shift his hips so the feathers would instead stroke along his shaft. However, the feathers would unerringly follow his balls, causing him to shift more. He would then start to awaken more fully, and would try to reach down to grab the feathers, or better yet, the hand holding them.

Then he’d feel the restraints holding back his arms. As soon as that registered, his eyes would snap open, and even though it never worked, not once, he’d immediately jerk at the bonds as his gaze opened to see one of the most stunningly beautiful women he’d ever seen. This alone would have been enough to calm him down, if it weren’t for two things: One, that upon awakening, he was now aware of the acute ache in his balls from days (weeks?) without orgasm. Two, that the young woman currently feathering said balls wasn’t doing it with her hands, but with the tip of her elegant black wings.

Shit. Every morning, Cale prayed he’d wake up and it would have all been a dream. That he’d be back in his bed, and his girlfriend would have decided to get a little kinky and play with his nuts to wake him up. His prayer had yet to be answered. He was still here, in a village of demihumans, somewhere on the Forbidden Continent. He was still a prisoner to this vicious minx of a winged woman, so beautiful, yet so cruel despite the sweet smile she almost always gave him.

He gave up his struggles, though his hips still twitched, bucking now really, as the winged woman continued to tickle his balls with her wingtip. She giggled as her other wing come forward, and the tip made a few quick swipes along his penis head, which was already flowing with pre-cum. He hissed and bucked harder into the air, but it was no use. The woman laughed again, and moved to undo the binds on his hands and wrists.

He winced as her fingertips came near him, the thin talons extending from the tips sharp enough to cut through bone. But her movements were quick and dexterous, and even though it looked like she had barely passed her hands over the knots, they came apart with ease, freeing his arms and legs.

“Siva!” came a melodic voice from the window. “Rkk lck ou sli vk?”

The winged woman turned and spoke a similarly incomprehensible sentence. Cale still hadn’t learned the demi-humans’ language; too many syllables he couldn’t even pronounce, whistles and clicks he still couldn’t figure out the pattern for. About the best he’d done was learn that “Siva” was the winged woman’s name.

Siva turned back to her captive, and watched him sit up, swinging his legs over the side of the bed, rubbing his wrists where the bonds had held them. He winced as the ache in his balls flared for a moment as they were moved since the first time last night; he yearned more than anything to rub one out just to relieve the pressure, but he didn’t dare move to even cup himself. He waited for the ache to pass, then stood. Siva motioned with her hand that he could pass, and he did so, stepping through the small three room home, and out into the backyard. He was still bucked naked.

After a short stop at the “facilities,” which was nothing more than a hole in the ground behind a short wall, he fetched the bucket and got water from the well, then hauled it back into the house. The whole time, he ignored the sniggering, catcalls, and occasional spitting noises from the winged woman’s neighbors. He didn’t look at them.

He set the water down in what more or less passed for the kitchen and took a small drink, and then he kneeled at the table before his captor. She spent a few minutes making use of the water, boiling it for tea, taking a rag and washing herself a bit. Then without warning, she whirled and picked Cale up bodily, throwing him against the wall, she yanked off her barely-there tunic and pounced on him, biting the right side of his neck and pinning his arms against the wall. She pushed her sex, slick with seemingly sudden excitement, against his, causing him to almost instantly grow hard. She impaled herself upon him, flapping her wings and using them to brace herself. She began to fuck him with rapid, jerky thrusts.

Cale gasped and threw his head back, moaning. She was tight, oh, god she was tight, and her pussy was burning hot. Even with her teeth clamped onto his neck, not hard enough to draw blood, but hard enough to leave marks, she moaned in a high pitched series of cries. He shuddered as he felt the cum roil in balls. Her grip on his wrists and neck tightened, and her could feel her claws and teeth threatening to split the skin. Somehow, Cale found the will to keep himself from cumming. He couldn’t hold on. It was too much, had been too long since he’d blown his load. He was going to lose it!

Suddenly, before he even realized it at first, she was off him, jumping back and then bending over, her eyes wide and studious as she watched his cock jerk. She reached out, her talons glinting in the light as they hovered barely half an inch from his cock. Then, after a few skipped heartbeats, the need to cum subsided, and he let out a huge breath, sliding down to the floor, gasping. He looked up at his captor warily.

Siva frowned for just a moment as she watched his cock continue to twitch a few times, then looked into his eyes and smiled. She pat him on the head affectionately, then snapped her fingers, and pointed to the spot in front of her. Cale struggled back up to his knees and bowed before her, kissing her feet. Satisfied, she turned and continued her task in the kitchen.

Cale let out a low, shaky breath. This woman, no, this creature, was fucking insane. No wonder these freaks weren’t allowed on the mainland of Civero. Cale wondered if he’d ever see it again.

He winced as he heard another sound from outside the window, this one a scream coming from next door. Another familiar part of the morning ritual; the creatures next door, hulking bullmen with thick, foot long cocks, had taken his girlfriend, and every morning, they fucked her in every hole, making her cum until she couldn’t even move until sometime in the mid-afternoon. As sickened with himself as it made him, Cale couldn’t help but be jealous. Her captors made her cum her brains out.

Of course, it was possible Siva was just screwing with him. Part of him doubted she would actually cut his junk off; she’d lose her favorite toy. But Cale had seen the mad gleam in her eyes the time he’d tried to touch himself. He wasn’t about to risk it.

As he listened to his girlfriend getting fucked into inhuman bliss, Cale tried his damnedest to ignore the ache in balls, even as Siva kept tickling his sex with her wings. One day, he swore he’d get them out of here, somehow. Until then, no matter how much his body yearned for it, he prayed he wouldn’t cum.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Good Game

“So, that’s all we gotta do? Score three times, and we win?” Rick looked dubiously at the six girls who just nodded and grinned.

The petite blond in the front, Jessie, nodded and said, “Yep! Whichever team scores three times first is the winner.” She reached over and gave him a light punch on the arm. “Come on, man, you’re not afraid of a bunch of girls are you?” Her posse of friends giggled as she winked.

Rick swallowed and looked back at his team. The five other guys behind him just gave him a hopeful look. “Hey man,” said Tim, to his left. “Seems like an easy score to me.”

Rick turned back and rubbed his chin in thought. Yeah, it seemed like an easy score. Jessie had challenged Rick and his teammates to a quick match of football, right here in the practice field. If Rick and his team could score a goal three times before the girls did, the girls would fuck them to orgasm anyway they wanted. If the girls won, however, the boys merely had to buy them dinner. Which, of course, might lead to other things afterwards anyway… or at least the girls implied as such.

This was a bet no male could turn down. Like most males, Rick and his team were magically prevented from masturbating or having orgasms, which meant they relied entirely on females and their Sex Magic for sexual relief. Being popular young studs, these boys usually had better luck than most men at getting laid, but that also meant a lot more girls were interested in playing with and teasing them. Rick himself hadn’t had any relief for nearly two weeks, not since his last date had blue balled the hell out of him after he’d pissed her off.

Overnight in Civero

NOTE: Found this in my incomplete writings pile. Not sure if anything was supposed to come of it, but the scene seemed nice enough on its own. Basically, the characters are interdimensional travelers having a sojourn in the world of Civero.


As Kess slid into bed next to Zane, she smiled slyly. Zane kissed her and the two made out for a few minutes. Travel through the highly erotic world of Civero had certainly sparked up the two young lovers’ lusts. Since their stay, they had had several rounds of intense sex, but Kess wanted to do something a little different tonight.

Kess leaned into Zane’s ear and whispered huskily, “I’m in the mood to be a little naughty. Want me to tie you up?”

Zane leaned back a bit, a look of surprise on his face. “You never like tying me up,” he said. This was true, even though he loved it, bondage just wasn’t Kess’s thing. She humored him from time to time, and of course, Zane paid her back well each time, but it had been a while. Here in Civero, however, Zane was often reminded of his kinks, and had been bursting to try something kinkier than normal.

“Well, maybe this world’s getting to me a bit,” said Kess with a wink. She slipped out of the bed, and started undressing. Zane stayed in bed, but hastily followed suit. Kess went to their things and pulled out four cloths of varying length. They didn’t have actual ties, so Kess had to improvise with belts and scarves, but it would do the trick. She went back over and gave Zane a kiss, then proceeded to tie him, hand and foot, spread eagle to the bed, kissing him again after each tie was made. Zane’s penis was fully erect and twitched excitedly.

Just A Little Scene: Camping Fun

Most of the others were off doing their own activities, which meant it was Ricks turn to go fetch water for the camp. He’d have to get at least a couple gallons to boil and have cool before everyone got back. Mark and Lilly were off doing some hunting, while Bruce, Nick, and Cathy were off foraging. This meant that Rick was now alone with Jenna, the young woman he couldn’t keep his eyes off of. And now, it was going to be just the two of them for the next couple of hours.

Or at least it would have been if Jenna hadn’t wandered off to do something herself. Rick sighed. Just his luck. He’d been hoping to ask her out, but there was nothing for it, he guessed. As he went down the nearby hill towards the stream, carrying a couple buckets, he took in the view and sounds of the wilderness. The green trees, the twittering birds, the rippling stream, the naked woman bathing at the edge…

Rick nearly jumped out of his skin as he saw the unmistakable form of Jenna kneeling in the bank, her hands running a small wet cloth over her nude body. Rick swallowed and tried to turn away. He really did. He was not some perverse Peeping Tom. But this was Jenna; she was even more gorgeous than he imagined. The side view of her exposed breasts was more than enough to spark his excitement, and despite himself, he grew erect.

Jenna paused slightly as she washed. Instantly, she sensed the arousal of a male several yards to her left, his cock letting out a humming in her head as it became erect. A mere “glance” with her sexual senses and she knew immediately that it was Rick spying on her. There were no lewd fantasies running through his head yet, just the desire to look upon her, quickly becoming the yearning to touch her. She sensed he felt guilty about it, but could not help himself. She could sense the heat of his attraction, and she smiled. Apparently, he was frozen like a deer in headlights, so it was up to her to make the first move.

Rick, almost feeling heartbroken, attempted to turn away to give Jenna her privacy. The last thing he wanted to do was piss her off or make her think he was a creep. He knew that ay second, her sexual senses would detect his erection. However, she had not reacted yet. If he was lucky, he might be able to sneak away undetected.

 However, just as he turned, he felt something grasp his cock. Rick jumped and instinctively looked down, only to see that nothing was there. However, he clearly felt a soft, but firm, invisible hand grasping him straight through his clothes. The hand squeezed him gently and began to tug him forward, towards the water. He tried again to turn, but the grip held him fast, not letting him leave. Shit! He thought. She caught me! Christ, I’m in for it now.

Again, the phantom hand tugged on his cock, gently, but a bit more insistently, urging him forward into the water. Jenna didn’t turn to look at him until he was at the edge of the stream. Then, she smiled and glanced up. “Enjoying the view?”

Rick gulped. “Uh, well, I...”

Jenna’s smile widened a bit, and Rick felt the phantom hand give him another affectionate squeeze. “Oh, don’t be so shy. I’m very flattered.” She turned fully to him and clasped her hands behind her back, standing up fully. The water only came up to her mid-thighs, and so she was fully exposed to him, her full breasts and bare pussy in full view. Rick’ jaw dropped a bit and his eyebrows raised. He was completely entranced. When the phantom hand tugged him once more, he did not hesitate to step forward. “Wait!” Jenna said, holding up a hand and giggling. “You should take your clothes off first, unless you want them to be soaked!”

Rick snapped out of his trance and looked down at himself, then up at Jenna. “Oh, right,” he said nervously. He scratched the back of his head. “Fair is fair, right?”

Jenna nodded. “Besides, you can’t hide anything from me anyway.” She winked. Rick grinned nervously and slowly stripped his clothes off. Jenna’s eyes sparkled as she saw his cock spring free of his shorts and the hum of his excitement grew even louder. When he was nude, the phantom hand squeezed him again and pulled, this time more than a simple tug. Rick didn’t resist as Jenna drew him close with just a thought. She lifted up her arms and clasped her hands behind his head, her forearms resting on his shoulders. His hand found purchase on her hips. They didn’t embrace yet, so their bodies stayed a few inches apart. Rick’ penis throbbed between them, both acutely aware of his excitement growing quickly.

“Sorry,” said Rick. “I really didn’t mean to peep on you.”

“Oh, I know,” said Jenna. “Still, all things considered I’m kind of glad that you did.” She leaned forward and kissed Rick full on the lips. Her hands slid down to his upper back and she pressed herself against him. Rick pressed back, jerking slightly as his cock made contact with her abdomen. She slowly moved against him, rubbing him with her abs, and causing his hips to twitch as they kissed for several minutes. As the kiss went on, Jenna fed energy directly into Rick, energy which flowed down his spine and poured into his cock, exciting him even more, and making his nerves extra sensitive. His cock tingled with magical pleasure. Before he knew it, Rick was practically humping against her, and he broke the kiss with a loud gasp as he shot to edge. Jenna’s magic made the touch of her flesh too intense, and Rick clutched her tightly as he came, ejaculating between their bellies. Jenna pulled back slightly from Rick and helped steady him as she drank in the energies of his pleasure and his orgasm. She looked down and was a little surprised at how much fluid he had produced.

Rick caught his breath and blushed. “Wow. I hadn’t… I hadn’t realized it had been a while. I’m not usually that quick.”

Jenna giggled. “I was cheating a little.” She winked again and Rick laughed. “Still, that was just the appetizer. Now that your first shot is out of the way, we can take it slow.”

Rick glanced around. “Do we have time?” he said.

Jenna looked around as well. “I’m pretty sure we got a couple hours before the others get back.” She paused. “If not, Lilly and Cathy will sense what’s up and give us some privacy.”

“Good,” said Rick, and he kissed her once more.