Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Seven Stars part 2

David struggled not to drop her as he turned and saw six of the golden armored Guards suddenly surround them. One was brandishing a staff, which had no doubt been used to bash Ru on the head, knocking her out instantly.
“Stay where you are!” said the lead Guard, a statuesque young woman with bright white hair who appeared to be leading the group.
David set Ru gently down on the ground, then stood back up, holding his hands up. “Officer… uh, Guard… uh…” he cleared his throat. “Ma’am, what seems to be the probem?”
The woman glanced at him, but refocused her vision on Ru. She motioned to the Guards closest to the unconscious young woman, and two of the Guards reached over and pulled Ru over to them. They began stripping her down.
“She doesn’t appear to have a mark, Captain,” said one of the Guards.
David blinked. He suddenly remembered the seven-pointed star mark that was supposed to be located on Ru’s left breast. It wasn’t there now, and it hadn’t been there when Ru had been naked at the brothel. Did it only appear when her power was active?
“You, boy,” the Captain said in a forceful tone. “Touch her.”

Monday, November 19, 2012

Please Support: Robin Wilde!

Classic femdom writer Robin Wilde decided to put some of my captioned images on his Tumblr, which itself if definitely worth a look! He's also a writer of several femdom novels as well, in actual print even! So give his stuff a look, if you haven't already. :)



Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thursday, November 1, 2012

I have no idea what I'm doing

I have a fairly sizable amount of -- let's just call it "neurosis" -- when it comes to my writing. Suffice to say, it makes the task of completing stories quite difficult, and it's been kicking my literary ass up and down the block for the better part of the past year. And now, it's rearing its ugly head again. So, things just might end up taking a lot longer than I intend, and, well, some stories just might not ever finish. I keep thinking I'm going to be able to finish something, and it suddenly craps out, or I think I'm done with something for good, and then I suddenly get a spark of inspiration to put in another chapter way down the road. Much as I love doing it, writing can be a real pain in the ass sometimes.