Friday, February 8, 2013

Dark Times in the Sex Mage World

Over on one of the forums, some readers asked if I would continue the story “Wicked Sisters.” Looking back over it, I came to the conclusion that I really do not like the story. I recalled having a lot of trouble trying to continue it, which is why it hasn’t gone beyond Part 2. Part of this was because I just ran out of steam, and could not think of new and interesting things to do with the situation. I mean, all it was going to be was just three women relentlessly torturing the young man’s cock for however many pages, and frankly, I’ve done that to death already.

But a bigger part of me also stopped because I was frankly disgusted with what I’d written. I realized, that once again, I had written a story about three women rather viciously raping a young man with Sex Magic for no other reason than because it was “fun,” and in this case, one of the women was the man’s own mother. And while they did it, they ridiculed him for his lack of control, even as they tortured him all the harder. And having seen this, I didn’t want to touch the story again, and went so far as to say the Sex Mage World as a whole now disturbed me.

The Sex Mage World at its core is a morally bankrupt universe, revolving around rape, molestation, despair, cruelty, misandry, and even elements of misogyny. The setting and the Magic itself is specifically designed to encourage women to use men like fuck toys, even women who normally wouldn’t be into that become very motivated to be raging cock teases just from all the benefits the power can give them. The end result of this is a reality where within a couple generations, all women are now serial rapists who can and will use their powers to destroy and torture men on a whim for their own pleasure, amusement, or means of power. This is a reality where such behavior becomes not only acceptable, but expected, and applauded. The suffering of the men actually entertains the women, who emasculate and tease and manipulate them with no regard to their well being. Eventually, men just give in one way or another. It is a pretty awful situation I wouldn’t wish on any man.

And that is exactly why it’s so unbelievably hot for a lot of men who are into the cruel gynocracy fetish. I myself, when I’m in the mood for cruel teasing, find this an extremely arousing fantasy and still do. Nothing wrong with that. “Non-consent” in generally is a very popular category for many men and women, be they the “victim” or the “aggressor” in the fantasy. And there’s nothing wrong with that, because it is just a fantasy.

So, if it’s a harmless fantasy, and one that I enjoy, why do I sometimes feel disturbed when I write stories about it? Well, I think there’s several reasons, but the biggest boils down to the following conflict: abstraction versus connection. What I mean by this is that I, and I think most people, have a certain threshold at which a fantasy scenario, piece of fiction, or even a joke, crosses a certain line. A lot of this is due to tastes, personal experiences, biases, etc., which helps determine how we like our fiction. As a reader and a writer, I can suspend my disbelief up to a certain point in a story, and when it comes to writing erotica, this becomes tied into the characters and how they are used.

To be more specific, if I don’t care about the characters as people, then I don’t really mind the cruel things that happen to them, because I’m more focused on the abstract concept of the scene. Ergo, whenever I write a Captioned Image, a Just A Little Scene, or even a longer but still self-contained one-shot tale, the situation is little more than a set up for a masturbation fantasy that I can project myself into. It is just a brief fantasy where I don’t think too much about the consequences of the activity, I just enjoy the action, jerk off, and then I’m done.

By contrast, however, if the story in question is much longer, if it’s a multi-chapter work where I start to actually connect to the characters, that’s when the moral quandary of the whole situation begins to creep in and ruin the fantasy for me. This is especially true for me as a writer. When a story takes off, the characters very often write themselves, and even though I’m ultimately in control of the story, the characters’ reactions (especially the male who is being dominated) often reflect my own feelings on the situation. There is a point at which, after three or four chapters of seeing/writing the man being used like a fuck toy, that I start feeling uncomfortable with what’s going on. At this point, other details about the story can either worsen or improve my mood about the situation. And unfortunately, the Sex Mage World setting, with its inherent misandry and casual rape culture, tends to worsen the situation.

See, in the Centurions universe, the Centurions are superheroes. Somehow, they will escape their situation, teammates will save them, or their indomitable spirit and amazing super powers, will enable them to eventually defeat the evil super villainess who is raping them into submission. Even if some of the heroes fall, back in my mind, I know that there are more heroes out there who can and will stop her.

In the World of Civero, you have a similar set up, where the supernatural defense agency S.O.S. exists to stop rogue elements, where an Esper or Mage might take it upon themselves to help out a victim in need of assistance, where a person might unlock a hidden power to help them overcome evil witch or fairy trying to enslave them.

And sometimes, even in those world, the “villain” wins. The woman succeeds in breaking the man to her will, or imprisoning him so that he cannot be saved. On occasion, this has happened in previous stories. But even then, there is the understanding that the woman in question is evil, that she is also a rare, anomalous individual. She is not the standard.

Not so for the Sex Mage World. The entire setting is based on the idea of a world where all women dominate men, and even the kind hearted women eventually become less and less effective at protecting them, until its just, as mentioned before, a societal norm that women casually rape men and laugh at their suffering. It is a rather fucked up view of humanity, all things considered, and as I write longer stories set in this world, and I find myself sympathizing with the characters’ viewpoints, eventually I cross the threshold where I stop, take a step back, and think, “Jesus fucking Christ, what the hell is wrong with these people?”

And it’s not just in my own stories. Some of this growing unease with the setting is partially due to other writers. So far, every other author who uses the Sex Mage World concept focuses exclusively on how the Sex Magic can be used to humiliate and degrade men until they learn to accept that being simpering slaves and punching bags is the best they can hope for in life. In some cases, the men learn to embrace it, but more often than not, they just learn not to fight it. Again, this is not knock against those writers, that’s their fetish, a lot of people love it, and I still admire their craft and creativity they put into their writing. Honestly, I wish I could get into the concept the way they can and do long-term stories full of sexy, hot, vicious cock teasing.

But I just can’t. Even ignoring the fact that I don’t care for humiliation, I can only read so many stories of girls molesting and bullying their brothers and fathers, women emasculating and shaming husbands and sons, and random men being casually manipulated and abused, and all of it with no hope or end in sight, before I hit a threshold and say, “Enough, goddamn it!”

I think it’s rather telling that from the very beginning, some part of me was “rebelling” against the whole concept. My longer, better, and completed stories in this setting have never been foremost about the sex and the titillation, but have turned into character-focused stories that show people dealing specifically with the unfairness of the power and how it affects their lives. My first fully realized Sex Mage story, “Amy’s Trepidation,” was about how fear of the power and it’s potential can strain relationships. The second story, “Nikki’s Struggle” was about how the powers are not always fun for everyone involved and how to learn to control them in so they don’t ruin one’s life. “Megami” was about dealing with both the responsibility of the power, and the fallout of its unwitting abuse. In the end, the men and women in the stories came out better and wiser for it.

By contrast, “A Little Spell,” “Wicked Sisters,” and “Metis Academy,” are not about characters dealing with the power and it’s consequences. They are stories about rape and men being helpless, pathetic fuck toys and women reveling in the abuse of their power. And on the one hand, there’s nothing wrong with that as a story. It is, after all, just a fantasy. But on the other hand, it’s a fantasy I can only handle in small doses, that I can only read or write for so long, can only experience so many times, before suddenly the blinders of horniness fall off, and I realize I’m now staring down a very dark path I don’t want to keep following, because that way leads to a very bad headspace.

So, does this mean I’ll never write another Sex Mage World story again? I wouldn’t go that far. I’ll probably still do the occasional Just A Little Scene or Captioned Image with a Sex Mage World theme. I’ll probably eventually do another longer Sex Mage World story. However, it is just a fact of my writing that the exciting sex and female domination has a very dark element lying beneath it that can hinder my process. I think if I do attempt to do another big Sex Mage World story, I might end up giving the setting an overhaul, something to make it more palatable to my sensibilities so we all can still enjoy the relentless domination without me flaking out over the morality of the situation. That I’ll just have to figure out a better way to balance the fun and the dark elements so the one doesn’t ruin the other. I suppose time and the whims of my Muse will tell where it all goes from here.


  1. The problem with the Sex Mage milieu is not that it's unrealistic but that (given the premise) it's entirely realistic. History shows that anytime power goes *that* one-sided, only very rarely will people with the power not be corrupted by it. Psychologically we all want to believe *I* wouldn't be, but statistically we can't all be right.

    Which is a disturbing and be . . . a bit boring. I mean, the concept of the transition to the sex mage world is interesting. Centurions escaping the sex mage world is interesting. The sex mage world without any contrast is a study in the banality of oh so very sexy evil.

    Just a thought.

  2. That too. I get bored easily and need to find some kind of conflict beyond the fucking or the sex gets dull, and so I think because of that, I have this natural tendency to seek out what conflict is available, and if it doesn't come form some kind of other source (superhero plot, adventure hook, character development), it can focus on the rape thing.

    I fully admit this is just me way overthinking things, but it does have an impact on my creative process that I can't just ignore, and can't just shut off. Of course, sometimes just getting all this stuff off my chest can do wonders.

  3. I never knew that even the author could feel this way about their stories. I gotta be honest, I've read some of your stories and I've read the Gods at Eighteen series by P.F Dee couple weeks ago after clicking on your link to smashwords. I've found myself in a bad headspace because this fantasy world scares the hell out of me and makes me uneasy due to the cruelty and power women show towards the men they meet on the street or men in their own family and not being able to stop them. However, at the same time, i feel that if the cruelty element was gone, this world can be a turn on. I figure i get some things off my chest that i was feeling as well as get your feedback on how you deal with writing these stories as well as how a reader who maybe conflicted with fear and possible arousal should deal with these stories

    1. I've been contemplating this myself lately, so if you don't mind, I think I'm gunna make a blog post to respond, because I don't think you're the only one.

  4. I can understand what you're saying here. You've created a world where every women in it has sex magic and they can tease and rape any man they want, and the men can't do anything about it or run away from it. Even though it's fantasy. It's still kind of a frightening concept lol. You're right in saying that you're captions and short stories aren't enough to sympathize with any of the characters. However, I've read a few of PF Dee's Gods at Eighteen books, and because of its lengthiness and the amount of teasing and humiliation in it, you can't help but feel bad for them and hope things will turn around somehow. I'm not knocking you guys fantasy at all, it's your way of escape for awhile, but I'm glad to see you have a conscience even your own fantasy world. Keep up the good work and do whatever you can to keep bringing good stories. I enjoy them from time to time. Although, I don't think I'll be reading anymore of PF Dee's stories...too much teasing and humiliation for my blood lmao

    1. Thanks, I guess.

      I'm not really worried about it anymore. Either I'll write a story or I won't. If I'm sufficiently inspired, I'll write until it hits a wall or finishes. If the story veers off course into something terrible or non-erotic, then I'll leave it unfinished, scrap it, or save the good bits to be adapted into a future work.

      I basically figure, if you're reading or writing this kind of material, and you find yourself more worried about the moral implications instead of just enjoying the erotic groove of the fetish, then you should go do something else. Either it's not your fetish or you're not in the right mood for it at the time. Nothing wrong with that.