Thursday, January 14, 2016

Other Worlds

Even as I focus on the Sex Mage World for now, my erotic multiverse continues to branch out, ideas for other settings and adventures continue to germinate. However, as usual, I often find it difficult to make these into viable projects. Still, I like to share ideas just to get them out there and maybe it'll lead to some discussion, or if nothing else, add a little variety to the website. The blog is called Sex Mages and Other Strangeness, after all. Which, by the way, is a completely original phrase I totally didn't just steal from the old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles RPG book.

The demon-goddess Jahi has appeared as a villain in both the Centurions and Civero universes, and is the creator of Civero’s Lust Walker curse. In some versions of the Sex Mage World canon, she is also the creator of Sex Magic.

Jahi serves as one of the favored Generals of the Dark God Temael, the entity who once nearly annihilated all civilization on Civero, and who intends to do the same to the Sex Mage World in the Year 100 story. Jahi, like all of Temael’s Generals, surrendered to him in exchange for power, and in her case, she willing gave up her own planet to him without putting up a fight. Before becoming a general, Jahi was an immortal demon who managed to conquer her hellish world through scheming, backstabbing, and seduction. Like other immortal demons, she was able to spawn creatures of her own design. Unlike most demons, she focused on the use of sex, seduction, and manipulation. While other demon’s armies butchered themselves endlessly, her minions prayed upon the armies as they rested between battles, taking away their will to fight with exotic pleasures. Once ensnared, the armies of her rivals were convinced to come to her side, sometimes through mere erotic seduction, other times through sensual torment. Eventually, Jahi controlled most of her world’s militaries, and she turned them on her rival immortal demons, viciously slaughtering them and absorbing their power.

She ruled her world for a hundred years, eventually growing bored when the last of the rebellions were crushed or submitted to her. And then, Temael arrived, offering her the chance of further conquests in his name in exchange for her planet. Jahi, awed by Temael, and thirsting for new challenges, gladly accepted. Unfortunately for her, her term of service did not last long; as she battled the powerful Mages and Espers of Civero, she was banished, through great efforts, to another world. This happened to be the Earth of the Centurions. Once there, she was soon defeated by their mystic champions, and sealed away in a powerful magical prison.

But what if Jahi never encountered Temael? Or what if, during the war on Civero, she had been banished to a different world, one without superheroes or mystical defenders to stop her? What would Jahi do to satisfy her itch for lascivious conquest?

In Jahi’s World, the demon-goddess finds a way to access Earth, and begins an insidious invasion. Instead of unleashing Sex Magic, she unleashes her monster women, who quickly spread across the planet, ensnaring and taking men and women as sex slaves. Through her minions, she also spreads transformative plagues throughout the world; certain Monster Women are able to transform human women into more of their kind.

Jahi’s forces quickly conquer half the planet, targeting military, corporate, and government facilities, forcing humans to live in increasingly smaller territories until they are backed into walled off city-states. Despite the heroic resistance of humanity, Jahi’s power is quite secure, and she now watches from her citadel as her forces slowly, but inexorably, conquer the human race.

Despite the bleak future of humanity, Jahi is content to slowly break them, and do it as bloodlessly as possible. Her minions are instructed to not kill humans unless they are given no choice. Instead, she wishes to see them seduced into her control, to submit to her as their goddess. If it takes several decades, or even a few centuries, so be it. Why spoil the fun by ending it too quickly?

Of course, Jahi dumping copious amounts of magic and supernatural influence into the world isn’t without unintended consequences. There are rumors that some humans, male and female, are unlocking secrets of old Earthly magic that, when combined with new scientific advances, may yet prove to be humanity’s key to freedom.

Of course, that’s if the more radical and desperate survivors choose to ignore the whispers from across the dimensional veil, promising to lend help, if only they pray to a certain Dark God…

I was actually going to do this as a Halloween project, a bit of a riff on the Monster Girl concept found in hentai games, ecchi manga, and internet works such as the Pokegirl Universe. While I missed that deadline, I've since made several profile entries, under the Jahi label.

I originally posted this as a joke RPG concept on a forum I run, but I do find the actual concept intriguing enough I started a story based on it. The concept is a fusion of Sex Magic, post-apocalypse dystopia, and superhero adventure.

The story is set fifteen years after “Eromancy”, this world’s version of Sex Magic, appeared on Earth. Eromancy produces super powers in women, fueled by sex. However, in most women, with most men, the power is still quite weak. For example, she might gain slightly sped up healing, a minor boost of strength, the ability to float, or the ability to vaguely sense surface emotions. One round of sex will usually grant a woman such a power for about a single day, less if they make extensive use of the abilities. Each woman also tends to only gain a single, specific power.

As for the men, they do not gain powers of their own; they instead provide the energy that women use for their abilities. Upon climax during sex, a man unloads mystical energy into a woman’s body, charging her abilities. Most men can only charge a woman with a small amount of energy, resulting in the single-day charge and low-end powers.

But, of course, there are always exceptions. There are men who can dump copious amounts of energy into a woman in one shot, giving them a charge lasting for days. And there are women who gain much, much stronger powers, and even a variety of them at once, from their partners. Put the two together, and you’ve got a woman who can punch through buildings, flash freeze rivers, or regenerate lost limbs, and a man who can grant her such powers for days at a time.

The small handful of men who can produce such power are nicknamed “Founts” and are highly prized by women in society. The small handful of women who can obtain such strong abilities are nicknamed “Loches,” and are likewise prominent publics figures, usually using their powers in heroic manners.

It would have been interesting to see where society went from this point. But unfortunately, Eromancy was not the only supernatural force that visited this alternate Earth. Five years after the sudden arrival of Eromany came the Terror Wave, a mysterious darkness that blanketed the Earth for three days. When it finally faded, the dead began to walk, attacking the living. Monsters made of raw elemental matter began to tear apart cities. Wild animals and plants mutated into hideous abominations that slaughtered anyone who tried to escape into the countryside and wilderness.

Attacked from literally all sides, humanity was forced to retreat into walled off city-states and small, tightly defended countries, losing technology, territories, and numbers until only about one billion people remained. Some believed Eromany could have been responsible for the Wave’s arrival, but no one knows for sure. It cannot be denied that it did help in keeping some of humanity alive, and to this day, the Fount-Loche Corps remains a primary defense against the creatures that dwell outside the countries’ walls, as well as helping supplement scarce resources, and even maintaining peace within their borders.

The story I started writing takes place ten years after the appearance of the Terror Wave, and hence fifteen years after Eromancy appeared, and features a young woman whose powers shift unpredictably after each round of sex, making her a walking gamble as an asset. I won’t say more for now, as I don’t want to spoil it if I ever do manage to make full story of this.

In yet another twist of the Sex Mage World, this splinters off the canon of the Botched Ritual Origin, where several college girls try and do a magic spell to give them luck with love, and somehow it actually works, but with the unexpected result of unleashing Sex Magic on the world.

In this version, it instead unleashes a variant of the Lust Walker curse. The bad news is that this curse condition forces these women to seek out sex in order to satiate an intangible hunger for sexual energy. What’s more, this version of the curse grants the women powerful mystical abilities unique to their person, such as control over water or the ability to shrink and grow objects and people or the ability to bring drawings to temporary life. These powers make them considerably difficult to stop. What’s more, the curse is still contagious.

The good news, however, is that this version is much tamer. For one thing, the energy drain isn’t lethal, or even substantially damaging to their partner. Going without sex for long enough will make the Lust Walker crazy, but one round of sex a week is usually enough to stave off the hunger, allowing those afflicted to live quite ordinary lives. They can even use their powers whenever they like, with only a small drain on their “reserves,” meaning a woman can use their powers regularly, and only need to bump the sex up to two or three sessions a week. And, really, it’s not too hard to find willing partners.

The curse is also only transferable to women, and only if the Lust Walker has several sexual encounters with that same woman in a short amount of time; this gives the existing Lust Walkers the opportunity to choose if they want to spread their curse to someone they trust to handle both the power and the thirst for sex.

Naturally, however, this dynamic does not come without conflict, and it wouldn’t be one of my stories if there wasn’t some superheroic action involved! Were I to do a series based around this world, it would likely focus on a small team of Lust Walkers who use their gifts to hunt down rogue Lust Walkers who either went crazy from denying their hunger for too long, or who intentionally abuse their powers to rape, spread the curse to those unwilling, and commit general criminal actions. All told, by the time the story starts, only several hundred women have the power, and most keep it hidden for various reasons, necessitating the struggle between the good Lust Walkers and the bad ones to be one in the shadows. Alternately, the good Lust Walkers could be a public hero team, though that might be a bit too silly.


  1. Tbh I feel like Jahi and her monster women can be created as a botched sex magic experiment with monsters, where Jahi was the experimentor leading the project.

    1. I like her as a demon-goddess, but I could see a Monster Girl transformation plague being something else that came from the Pandora experiments. Maybe something else the Created sets off.