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Jahi's World, Monster Profiles 3

Description: Touches appear as normal human women, save that their skin seems to have permanently broken out into goose bumps. They can suppress this look, but it takes a conscious effort.

Powers and Abilities: Touches have the ability to alter the tactile properties of their skin. They can make their skin feel smooth as polish glass, rough as sandpaper, stinging as cactus nettle, soft as silk, etc. They can also heat, chill, or electrify their skin for added temperature and electrical stimulation. They can even cause their skin to twitch, stretch, shift, and ripple in a limited fashion. Likewise, they can control their level of sweat and lubrication.

Their tactile senses are likewise enhanced. They can “read” a person’s reactions on a minute level, figuring out through touch the best ways to stimulate someone. They can feel vibrations, electrical fields, air and water displacement, and temperature shifts far better than humans can. They can even “taste” through their skin if they so desire.

Their skin is also tough as Kevlar, meaning they are effectively bullet and knife proof. They can shift their skin type instantly, and depending on how they configure their skin, they can enhance the strength of their punches, make an opponent unable to grip them and make all their punches “slip” ineffectively, or make their own skin “sharp” to the touch, so even an open-palm slap can shred the flesh off an enemy.

Incidentally, this skin-shifting ability also allows them to alter their skin color like a chameleon, as well as give them superior gripping ability, making them excellent climbers. These abilities enable them a degree of enhanced stealth.

Their “energy powers” of chilling, heating, and electrifying are not especially strong, but they can amplify their electrical discharge to the level of a stun gun or tazer. Theoretically, they could kill someone through dehydration or hypothermia if they have a bound captive and can hold them for several hours while using extreme temperatures, but aside from a report of one threatening to do so to torture information out of a captive, this hasn’t been known to actually happen.

Habits: Touches are sensual and experimental lovers, reading and adapting their body surface to find the perfect tactile sensations to tease and pleasure their partners. They are often underestimated at first glance, because their powers aren’t immediately obvious until one physically engages them.

That said, Touches as a whole lack a common personality trait, unlike most Monster Women types. If anything, other than gaining a higher libido, they are pretty much just the same as they were prior to being Transformed, just with their loyalty re-aligned. Because of this, Touches can often be one of the more heartbreaking Monster Women to encounter, especially if they meet former loved ones. More than most Monster Women, they seem the most likely to be reasoned back to the cause of helping humans fight against Jahi’s Invasion. No such luck, unfortunately.

Touches are often grunt soldiers in your typical Monster Woman squadron, but may be used for stealth and information gathering if better alternatives aren’t available. A Touch may also be a field commander if better options aren’t available.

Infection Cycle: Touches capture and hold a person in an intimate embrace. Then, they shift their skin to make thousands of tiny little needles that poke and scratch the skin of their intended victim. They then heavily sweat an enzyme that soaks into the skin of their victim, soaks into the surface scratches, and begins to alter their surface and nerve endings. This process, uninterrupted, makes the victim feel alternately tingly, numb, and tickled. The process can take about two days, one day of fully soaking in the chemical, and another for the physical effects to take place.

After a three hours of soaking, it is too late to stop the process. Forcibly removing the Touch from her victim within ten hours will considerably slow the process, but it will happen over time eventually, and become painful as the skin mutates without another Touch to regulate the feelings. If rescued within the first three hours, a deep-scrub cleansing with strong chemicals is recommended, making sure every surface is scrubbed. A full-body acid-wash is the surest way.

Description: Azure Elves appear as human women with pointed, slightly elongated ears, not unlike a classical fantasy elf. Their skin is a rich shade of blue, their hair and eyes are black. Naturally, they are not ideal for infiltration attempts.

Powers and Abilities: Azure Elves have a slightly increased sense of balance, grace, and agility from their original form, as well as keener senses of hearing and sight. However, their most notable power is their ability to paralyze the orgasm reflex in men and women. This appears to be a combination of mild psychic influence, bio-chemical influence through touch, and pheromone influence.

While this effect is sexually frustrating for women, it can be much worse for men, as the effect not only prevents ejaculation, but also increases semen productivity. The “azure” part of the name doesn’t just come from their skin color, but from the intense “blue balls” they naturally give men just being around them, and especially after having sex. As well, the build up of this chemical/psychic influence eventually erodes the man’s ability to think of anything other than fucking. However, the hornier they get, the more submissive they will get, making them easily controlled by the Elves once they’ve fucked them into a crushing state of blue balls.

While it is possible for an Elf to make a man orgasm, it takes considerable effort to do so directly, and they would rather men orgasm inside human women instead. This is due to the nature of their Infection Cycle, as the chemical/psychic effects the Elves have on men also transforms their semen into the transformation enzyme to create more Elves.

Habits: Azure Elves are rarely front line soldiers, usually operating as the brains behind any given military operation, or running the day to day responsibilities of maintaining a squad, a tribe, or other. Occasionally, an Elf may operate as a free agent and information broker. Unlike most Sex Monster Women, they seem to have a cool detachment when it comes to sex. They like it well enough, but they’re not usually that eager to engage in it. Instead, they are cool and calculating in their actions even when having sex, and will rarely lose control of themselves in the heat of passion. They prefer to focus on using their skills and body to torment their partner or victim until he (or she) are out of their mind.

Infection Cycle: Unlike most Sex Monster Women, Azure Elves actually depend on human men to turn human women into more of their kind. Their orgasm blocking power converts semen into the transformation enzyme that turns women into more Elves. This enzyme also throws the man’s libido into overdrive, until he is unable to think of anything but having sex to relieve the agonizing pressure in his testicles. At the same time, the enzyme also stupefies a man, dulling his mind until he is effectively in a state of trance, and can be easily ordered around by any Elf who has been intimate with him.

Azure Elves will have slow, sensual sex with a man for no less than several hours, until he is crazy with the need to cum. However, her power will prevent him no matter how long she rides or otherwise stimulates him. This process also plants a psychic trigger the Azure Elf places in his mind, a hypnotic command that he will not be able to achieve this release on his own, but must have sex with a woman before he can orgasm again.

When he has as large a load of semen built up as humanly possible, she will let him go, and set him upon human women. Usually this will be women who have been captured and saved for this process already, but they will occasionally set several such a men loose on small groups of roaming humans as part of an ambush tactic. The men are helpless to stop from forcing themselves onto these women until they achieve release, at which point their minds slowly clear.

When a human woman takes in this tainted semen, through any orifice, the transformation begins within five to ten minutes. The woman becomes paralyzed and goes unconscious as her body is shifted into the Elven form. The process takes only an hour for the outward transformation to complete, and another for her body to fully develop the psychic and chemical glands that enable her power.

Cleaning the semen out of her body within a minute of taking it in is the only known prevention of this transformation. Once it starts, there is no stopping it. Unfortunately, most women chosen to become Elves are already secured by the enemy at their base, so rescue is quite unlikely.

Azure Elves, because of their need for men to turn other women, and because of their preference to operate behind the scenes of Sex Monster operations, are fairly uncommon. However, Azure Elves also have a secret in that they are capable of turning even other Monster Women (with some exceptions) into Azure Elves. This, however, is rarely done, unless an Elf has a pressing need to make more of her kind, but no human women are available.

Description: Crimson Elves are, to date, the only known male Sex Monster variant. They appear as human men with deep red skin and golden hair and eyes. Their ears are also pointed and slightly longer, given them the classic fantasy elf look. Because of their obvious appearance, Crimson Elves are terrible for infiltration attempts.

Crimson Elves are an accidental creation, the reasons for which are still as yet unknown. Sometimes, when an Azure Elf is having sex with a human male, driving him out of his mind with blue balling and teasing, he will hit some kind of threshold, and the transformative enzyme developing in his testicles activates, transforming him instead.

Powers and Abilities: Crimson Elves are a bit stronger, tougher, and more agile than their original human form. Crimson Elves are able to create a psychic and chemical effect on humans akin to a powerful aphrodisiac. This aura of lust skyrockets a human woman’s libido. Being within a dozen feet of a Crimson Elf clouds a human woman’s mind with lust and melts her willpower. Just through physical contact, a Crimson Elf can reduce a human woman into a nearly mindless frenzy of sexual need within mere seconds.

This effect is greatly diminished with human men, usually just giving them unwanted erections. Crimson Elves seem uninterested in men anyway, and will even completely ignore them unless forced into a direct confrontation.

Habits: Crimson Elves retain their human intellect, but seem to universally lose their sense of individual desire. They become devoted servants to the Azure Elves who made them. If said Azure Elf doesn’t want him, then he will serve the next Sex Monster Woman who is willing to take him as a partner or servant.

Crimson Elves are sometimes kept at a Sex Monster base camp, or sent back to their villages, to be used as sex slaves, when a squad or tribe has not been able to acquire new human men. The Elves do not seem to mind, happy to serve however they can. In turn, they are taken care of by these communities, even if they are not particularly respected by them.

Infection Cycle: Crimson Elves cannot convert human women (or men), but they are exceedingly dangerous to them in close proximity, as only women who demonstrate innate psychic resistance have a prayer of not being turned into a helpless sex drone, begging the Elf to fuck them. For this reason, some squadrons of Sex Monster Women bring Crimson Elves along to snare particularly resistant human women, and lead them off to be transformed by various other Sex Monsters.

Description: Mentas appear as human women, save that their eyes shine like brilliant jewels, with spiral pupils. Infiltration of larger settlements and strongholds is not possible, but in smaller places with less protection, a Mentas powers may be used to assist in gaining access to an encampment.

Powers and Abilities: Mentas have the power of psychic hypnosis. Their eyes can radiate an invisible psychic energy which entrances any being who sees them. The entrancing effect can take mere seconds to fully occur, unless the person is naturally resistant to psychic powers. Closing ones eyes and never looking into the Menta’s hypnotic gaze can help a person resist the effect, but the sheer psychic energy of the gaze will cause them to fall under her influence anyway, usually enough that they will be compelled to look at her, and subsequently fall into her trance. However, even if the person is blind, the psychic element of the power will still take them over within a few minutes.

People under Menta’s influence can be easily controlled by her, as she implants orders and suggestions through verbal commands bolstered by telepathic suggestions. Once under, the victim cannot be broken of these triggers. Initially, the thralls of a Menta were easily spotted by their obviously entranced manner, but Mentas have gotten good at figuring out how to have their thralls act normal, only “activating” when certain triggers occur. An example might be, “Forget this meeting ever happened, and go back to base. When you see a flare in the sky tonight, you are to locate and destroy your bases electrical generators.” In this way, Mentas are especially dangerous for seeding sleeper agents to infiltrate human strongholds.

Habits: Mentas are cunning and crafty, even if they are not necessarily intelligent. They are naturally alluring and seductive in personality, even without using their hypnosis power. Mentas are rather arrogant, even if they don’t show it, believing their power over the mind to be an inherently superior gift. The fact that it works on most other Monster Women as well bolsters this belief.

Despite being a type best suited to manipulation, Mentas rarely operate from the shadows, often being rather upfront and bold about their power, except when circumstances force them to act otherwise.

Mentas are rarely seen these days, as their arrogance and assumption that they know what is best, and their power to enforce that belief, means they are quick to contest the authority of their superiors (save for Jahi herself, of course). This has led to mutinies that have undermined whole armies or villages of Sex Monsters, leading to infighting as one or more Mentas and their thralls fight the former leaders of the squadron, and often times even each other.

Because of this, Mentas, if they push their luck, find themselves kicked out of Monster Women encampments and villages. Instead, a Menta will often gather some followers and form her own little cult, operating by itself. More than a few have been outright killed by their former leaders. Azure Elves are especially wary of any Menta they bring into their group, and most will have several counter-measures to counter her if she starts forgetting her place.

Infection Cycle: Mentas are one of the only Sex Monster types whose transformation style is entirely magical, lacking a physically transforming enzyme. Instead, the Menta enthralls a human woman, and then undergoes a long process of hypnosis to re-wire her mind into thinking like a Menta, then convincing her that she is a Menta, and finally, imbuing the thrall with so much psychic energy that her brain chemistry is realigned to generate its own psychic power. Likewise, her personality and desires are rewritten until she is effectively a Sex Monster Woman, despite the fact that she is genetically still human.

Thus, it is theoretically possible to revert a Menta back to a human woman, even if she is fully transformed. However, only a handful of unique persons and artifacts with exceptional psychic powers of their own are capable of even attempting such a reversal.

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