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Jahi's World, Monster Profiles 5

Description: A Taurian’s default appearance is of a human woman with bestial features. A Taurian is a limited shape-shifter; they will always appear as some sort of human/animal hybrid, wherein the head, torso, and sometimes arms, of the woman appears human in shape, while rest of the body appears as an animal. These forms represent classic mythical creatures such as the Naga, the Centaur, the Minotaur, the Sphinx, the Mermaid, the Harpy, etc.

Powers and Abilities: The Taurian possesses the power to instantly transform between various types of classical human/animal hybrid creatures. Thus the powers of a Taurian vary wildly, depending on their form. To date, all known Taurians possess at least five different forms, though sometimes a Taurian may be able to change into more.

Regardless of form, Taurians possess varying levels of superhuman strength and durability. More over, the act of shifting between forms instantly heals injuries and ailments, meaning that an attacker’s only hope of killing one is to take them down in the first blow, either killing them outright or rendering them unconscious or paralyzed so they can quickly finish the job.

Some commonly seen forms are:

Naga – They have the body of a large snake below the waste. Scales will also cover their back and sometimes their arms, while their eyes resemble those of viper. As a Naga, they are ten times stronger than a human, have a long tail with which to bind and crush enemies or perform whip attacks, venomous fangs, and thermographic vision. Ideal for ambush tactics.

Centaur – The form which gives them their name. They have the body of a horse from the waste down. This form is ten times stronger than a human, and they can run great distances for very long periods, as well as perform powerful kick attacks. Ideal for open field engagements.

Mermaid – They appear as a fish from the waste down. They may also have fins on their form arms and/or webbed hands. While only three times stronger than a normal human, this form enables them to breathe underwater and allows them to see in near total darkness.

Harpy – They appear as great birds with the chests and heads of women. With a wingspan larger than they are tall, Harpies can fly and glide for great distances, as well as see great distances, making them ideal for aerial reconnaissance. They are three times stronger than a human, but not quite as durable. They have a small claw thumb at the main bend of their wing, but otherwise lack hands to manipulate tools. Their feet, however, do sport sharp talons to fight whilst engaged in combat.

Minotaur – Ideal for melee combat, the Minotaur is fifteen times stronger than a human, and has a powerful humanoid body, albeit it one with cloven hooves, covered in fur, and sporting large horns. The head is still human, unlike the classic minotaur.

Sphinx – They have the body of a lion, great wings like an eagle, and the heads and chests of women. Possessing twenty times the strength of a human, these forms are ironically better suited for hit and run tactics. They are not built for long-distance flying, and mostly use them for gliding. The sphinx form does have a quasi-mystical sensing ability, allowing them to detect the presence of magic or supernatural entities within a mile of themselves, as well as a minor psychometry skill that lets them learn basic functions of mechanisms even if they’ve never encountered such a device before.

Dryder – The lower half of the woman is the body of an enormous spider. Nearly ten times as strong as a human, able to create strong webbing, climb over any surface, and sense minor tremors in the ground, this form is ideal for ambush tactics. The form is also grants a venomous bite. While powerful, the form is not ideal for open field combat, better suited to caves and forest, and ambush tactics.

Dragoon – While not usually one of the default forms, this is the most common of the “extra forms” encountered. The Dragoon body is bipedal, but sports draconic features, such as a body covered in bullet-proof scales (save for the chest, belly, and face), large bat-like wings, a powerful lizard-like tail, and deadly claws. The Dragoon form is nearly fifty times as strong as a human, and enables the Taurian to breathe fire, making for an all around ultimate combat form.

Mating Form – See Infection Cycle.

Habits: Taurians are the ultimate Beast class Monster Woman, able to combine the form and function of myriad human/animal hybrid monsters into one body. They are the ideal soldiers of any given army, and are often the most brutal and relentless in their pursuits. Despite Jahi’s orders to try never to kill humans, Taurians throw off such concerns when in combat. While they will usually never go out of their way to kill a person in any other context, once a fight starts, Taurians will not hold back, mowing down waves of enemies until the opposing army surrenders.

Because of this, Taurians are deliberately kept an uncommon type of Monster Woman, with no squadron holding more than five in the beginning of the invasion, and now most only holding two or three.

When not engaged in combat, Taurians have an easy confidence that comes from being one of the most powerful and versatile Monster Women on the planet. Even Emerald Elves fear their might. As such, Taurians are often arrogant and reluctant to take orders from any one other than the highest ranked commander of their squad or army.

At the same time, however, Taurians generally do not like being alone and while they are not necessarily a “proud warrior race”, they hate not having a purpose. As such, they will always be found serving in one of Jahi’s armies, or on rare occasion, they will be found doing exploration and construction work with a crew. After all, what is the point of power if one a) doesn’t use it, and b) doesn’t get to show it off to people.

Infection Cycle: While they can have sex in any of their forms, Taurians take a special form when they wish to turn human women. They shape shift into what is called their “Mating” form. This form resembles a hairless, female body, with feminine curves, but sporting a penis-like protrusion where the clitoris should be. This form is quite vulnerable, being only half as strong as a human, and having no special powers. As such, Taurians make sure to tightly bind down the woman to prevent her from fighting back and overpowering them.

Because the form is so weak, this the best opportunity to kill a Taurian. As such, some human women would allow themselves to get captured or feign a desire to join Jahi on the condition of becoming a Taurian, and then manage to use a hidden weapon to kill the Taurian while they were vulnerable. Because of this, Taurians now insist that other Monster Women be present to observe the act and ready to leap to her defense. They will always prefer other Taurians, but will take others if not available.

Once in the Mating Form, the Taurian has sex with the woman, using her “penis” to thrust into her until she ejaculates her transformation enzyme. This usually only takes a couple minutes, at best, and some Taurians will masturbate themselves in order to complete the ejaculation as quickly as possible. Once done, the Taurian will pull out and immediately shift to another form. Due to the form’s vulnerability, Taurians naturally hate staying in it any longer than they have to.

Once the enzyme is inside the human, it immediately begins to eat away at her from the inside. As it breaks down her cells, her body begins to partially shift into a chaotic roil of limbs and body structures. While it appears to be an unbelievably painful process, the enzyme rewires the woman’s nerves so that pain becomes pleasure. She will often orgasm several times while the transformation occurs. Over the course of an hour, the woman’s body will adapt to its possible new forms, before finally settling on one, which is usually their favored default.

Once the enzyme is inside her, there is no saving the woman from the transformation. Even immediate attempts to wash out the chemical will be too late. The best means to prevent it, then, is to kill the Taurian while she is in the Mating Form.

On that note, another reason Taurians are uncommon compared to other Monster Women is that, due to the highly mutagenic nature of their powers, it is also much easier for the transformation process to fail and go awry. At least half of the existing Abominations in the world are failed Taurians. The chance of an Abomination being created is about 40%, compared to the 1% of nearly all other Monster Women.

Description: Witches are not Monster Women, but rather human women who have pledged allegiance to Jahi in exchange for powerful magic abilities.

Powers and Abilities: The magic used by Witches usually revolve around creating curses, summoning elemental spirits, creating potions with a variety of health effects or temporary transformations, and using alchemy to alter the properties of basic elements. Witches will usually need reagents and rituals to cast their spells, but can enchant items such as wands or talismans with specific effects for immediate use.

Habits: Witches generally operate autonomously in small Covens, busying themselves with their own agendas, but will often work with Monster Women to take down human strongholds. Other than their allegiance to Jahi, they otherwise have no common habits, as they retain their personalities from when they were normally human.

That said, women who choose to become witches are usually linked by a common motivation: the lust for power. Whatever else one can say about them, they are opportunistic and readily make and break alliances for their own gain. Rarely, a woman will attempt to become a Witch with the intention of gaining super powers to help defend her people, but unfortunately, the nature of the empowerment ritual ensures she cannot go against Jahi herself.

Exaltation: Witches obviously lack an Infection Cycle. Instead, to become a Witch, a woman must undergo an hours-long ritual in which she prostrates herself and pledges allegiance to Jahi, spills her own blood, and engages in a sexual act within an array of magic circles. After the first handful of Witches were empowered by Jahi herself during the ritual, later women were empowered by other Witches; Jahi hears the “prayers” of the ritual and lends her blessing from afar when it is complete, but otherwise, doesn’t engage in the act herself.

Jahi is not stupid, of course. Aside from imbuing the woman with demon magic, the ritual also implants powerful, seemingly unbreakable allegiance to Jahi herself. This way, regardless of any other ambitions a new Witch may have, she is physically and mentally incapable of attacking Jahi herself or hindering Jahi’s ultimate goal of Earth’s conquest. If by some miracle a Witch is able to turn on Jahi, then the demon goddess can easily take away the magic, rendering the Witch powerless.

Jahi does not imbue her Monster Women with Witch powers, but many are quite resistant to their spells, ensuring Witches don’t just take over her armies. By contrast, Witches are rendered immune to Monster Woman transformations.

Description: Jahi despises the undead, but doesn’t necessarily mind copying some of their forms for her own means. Vampires appear as human women with ash-grey skin and glowing red eyes.

Powers and Abilities: Vampires in Jahi’s armies feed on human sexual fluids, particularly semen, for nourishment. Through a combination of psychic and mild toxin influences, they can force a man to orgasm every possible drop of semen, draining their life force in the process. Vampires are fully capable of killing a man by literally sucking the life out of him through his dick. However, they are as loathe to kill their targets as any of Jahi’s army, and thus will only drain them until they are weak.

A human, especially a man, fed upon by a vampire is also enthralled by her, readily following her orders and becoming very protective of her. The latter is rarely needed, as vampires already have three times human strength, speed, agility, and durability, as well as low-light vision and heightened smell. Unlike undead vampires, found in other worlds, Jahi’s model do not possess the typical vampire weaknesses against sunlight or holy objects.

Habits: Vampires are not particularly noteworthy among Jahi’s armies, being pretty rank and file soldiers. They know their place in the pecking order. Only rarely will a Vampire break off to form her own little group, or be put in charge of her own squad. Vampires who show good potential for leadership may be converted into Azure Elves.

Infection Cycle: The vampire infection cycle involves licking a woman to orgasm until she is likewise enthralled, then making the women eat her out as well. Vampire vaginal fluids contain the transformation chemical, and a human woman becomes a vampire several hours after ingesting the fluids.

Description: Gorgons always appear as exceptionally beautiful women who possess tentacle-like hair of any possible color. They also have viper-like eyes and have thin, retractable fangs.

Powers and Abilities: The hair of the Gorgon, which forms into thick, tendril-like cords, can extend up to twenty five feet and manipulate objects with great strength and dexterity.

However, the Gorgon’s most dangerous power is the ability to project an invisible aura of magic from their body that hyper-arouses and paralyzes anyone who looks at them, including most other Monster Women. This is more effective the more naked the Gorgon is, so many are known to wear only a robe or skimpy clothes which can be easily thrown off. The aura rapidly brings the observer to orgasm, and the moment they begin to cum, they are frozen that way, trapped in a mystical binding spell.

They remain unmoving and their body seems as hard as stone. (They don’t actually petrify, unlike with the Gorgons of myth). The victim remains frozen anywhere from several minutes to several years (depending on the Gorgon’s will), during which time, the victim’s biological functions, including aging and the need for sustenance, are frozen in time. However, they are still conscious, and still trapped in the sensations of climax.

While the victim is frozen, the Gorgon who froze them can manipulate their body easily; while they are otherwise numb to the world, they can still see, hear, and feel the touch of the Gorgon if she chooses to further engage the victim physically. If the Gorgon decides to stimulate the victim further, anything she does is continuously felt by the victim on top of their orgasm, meaning if she gives a frozen male a blowjob, he will feel every suck, every lick, every up and down motion of her head, stacking together on top of already being at the edge. Trapping a person for months in the orgasmic state is already a strain of their sanity; adding more stimulation to that is a sure way to fry their mind with sexual tension, leaving them almost permanently stupefied and traumatized when the freeze spell finally wears off, and weeks or months or years of constant stimulation suddenly ends.

The only defense against this power, other than through the use of specific protection spells, is to refuse to look at the Gorgon, but this is more difficult the longer a person remains within range of her aura, which is effective at nearly one hundred feet. Even attempting to view the Gorgon through visual filters (x-ray or infrared spectrums only), will not protect the person from succumbing into the freeze state.

Habits: Gorgons by nature are sly and crafty, rivaling Azure Elves and Witches in their ambitions and head games. The beauty and freezing power of the Gorgon is mighty indeed, and this makes them arrogant. A Gorgon who acts humble is only doing so to trick you in some way. Gorgons are quite uncommon, and usually don’t work well with other leaders, even other Gorgons, though the latter might be because Gorgons are immune to one another.

Infection Cycle: The Gorgon infection cycle is one of the longest, as she must freeze a human woman with her aura, then use specialized fangs to bite and inject the transforming enzyme. The chemical spreads through the woman’s system, slowly transforming her despite being frozen by the spell, which seemingly fuels the transformation. A woman must be frozen for at least a month for the chemical to take full effect, after which, she is unfrozen as a Gorgon. Thus far, only certain special powers of humans, and certain Witch spells can break the freezing spell of a Gorgon, but if this is done within two weeks of the chemical injection, the woman can be freed from turning.

Description: Beast Women are the most common form of Monster Woman, and come in a variety of types. Werewolves, werecats, werebirds, weresharks, werewasps, if there is an animal out there, chances are there’s a Beast Woman equivalent.

Powers and Abilities: Beast Women can shift from human to animal form, or various hybrid states between. Their human forms are several times stronger than normal, and have the enhanced senses of their animal form. They’re animal forms have the peak abilities of whatever animal they become, and the act of shape shifting allows them to rapidly heal any injury. The rarely get sick, but strong toxins will stay within their body despite shape-shifting.

Werebeasts do not have any of the weaknesses, or extra magical skills, demonstrated by similar creatures in other worlds.

Habits: Beast Women comprise the bulk of Jahi’s armies. The transformation creates a notable drop in intelligence, creating simple-minded troops who are easily ordered around. While they retain their original knowledge and language skills, they don’t pick up new skills easily, and their priorities tend to simplify. They are interested in play, food, sex, fighting, and pleasing their masters.

For a brief period near the beginning of Jahi’s invasion, dozens of Beast Women were captured and brought into human strongholds in an attempt to “rehabilitate” them, thinking that if they were presented with an “alpha human” master, their pack-animal instincts would take over, and they could be convinced to betray Jahi. Unfortunately, a Monster Woman’s loyalty to Jahi is absolute; even if it pained them, the captured Beast Women would never betray their goddess. The strongholds who attempted these experiments were easily overrun from the inside once the women broke free, and their intended human masters instead became their new pets or fellow soldiers.

Infection Cycle: All Beast Women use either fangs or stingers to inject the transforming chemical straight into their partner’s bloodstream. The human woman is transformed within a few hours, an event which usually leaves them shaken and uncoordinated as they get used to their new body. The siring Beast Woman will usually then have sex with their new comrade, establishing both dominance, and an intimate bond. Most Beast Women are submissive to the others who sired them, with few exceptions. However, all Beast Women follow the orders of their Commanders and unit Masters.

Description: Cummies are blobs of semen that reshape themselves into the form of human women. Even a huge load will result in a figure only about 1 inch tall. Cummies are actually a sort of short-lived Elemental spirit, created by a Witch curse in the early years of Jahi’s Invasion. The curse is contained to only a couple nearby strongholds, but has been known to crop up elsewhere, indicating the curse is being spread by other Witches.

Powers and Abilities: Cummies are created when the Animate Ejaculate Curse secures itself onto a man. Every time he ejaculates, the curse triggers. After a few seconds, the semen he just shot out will run together into a single blob that takes the form of a tiny woman. The woman appears to have a rudimentary intelligence, but is really just following programming from the curse.

The Cummie attempts to able run back to the man’s penis, which she always knows the location of. If she can reach it, she then slithers back down his urethra. Once she reaches past the base, the Cummie is able to thread microscopic tendrils of itself into his inner flesh and touch off the nervous system. The moment she does this, she seizes control of the man’s body, piloting him like a puppet. Because his nerves are being hijacked, he cannot resist this control, no matter how strong he is, and very few special powers can counter this. At best, he can make his movements jerky and stiff and try to moan to tip off his fellows to help him. Because of this, some men in the possession of a Cummie are referred to as “Cum Zombies.”

Forcing the man to orgasm a second time, will expel the Cummie from his body. Unfortunately, the second orgasm will add to her seminal mass, making her bigger. Or, worse, the second load will become another Cummie, necessitating a very quick clean up.

Habits: Cummie’s have a singular mission, which is to take physical control of the man who made them. Once this is done, the man is compelled to leave the stronghold and return to the Witch who cast the curse. In the process, the man is compelled to leave an opening in his stronghold’s defenses.

While the originator of the curse is long dead, the Curse doesn’t know that, and it will just default to making the man leave his stronghold in whatever direction the closest exit is. While it won’t let him stumble into dangerous terrain, it will make the man keep walking away from human civilization. A man caught shambling around outside his stronghold is rather easily prayed upon by other Monster Women.

A Cummie will usually “live” for only twenty-four hours, though, so if a man somehow manages to miss running into trouble, or is contained for that period of time, he will return to normal. He will also have an incredible feeling of blue ball tension, though, coaxing him to try and cum again to start the process over.

The Curse is two-fold in effectiveness, not only able to hijack and kidnap men at their most vulnerable, but also prompting a practice of frequent orgasm denial, which tends to just make them that much more hornier, and thus more vulnerable, to the sexual powers of other Monster Women.

Infection Cycle: The Animate Ejaculate Curse is not a real Monster Woman strain, but it does act as a magical STD. Men who have the curse pass it on to women they’ve had sex with, who act as carries that further infects other men they sleep with.

The best way to manage this curse (aside from killing those who have it, which is a loathsome solution), is to very quickly clean up any semen spilled, and immediately burn it with fire or chemicals or flush it with water. The Cummie dissolves easily in water, and will “die” if it stays broken up too long. Likewise, stomach acid will kill it on contact and saliva will help dissolve it, so swallowing the load immediately is a good way to keep it from activating. Blowjobs are ideal for a man with the Cummie Curse. Unfortunately, even if given a blowjob, the man can still pass the curse on to the woman, or man, giving him one.

Alternatively, cumming into a jar and sealing the lid won’t stop the Curse, but will at least keep the Cummie contained until it dies. If that isn’t possible, wiping up the semen and running away from it might help, although an experiment showed the Cummie will relentlessly track down the man, even if she never manages to catch him before her time is up.

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