Friday, January 7, 2011

Lustful Wilds

In the world of Civero, there are three major continents. On the two large continents, human civilization dominates, many post-industrial nations bring the convenience and power of technology to the masses, where only the rare mage or psychic is usually the only evidence of any supernatural goings on. But then, there is the Forbidden Continent, an island-continent where the ancient monsters of legend still walk, and where tribes of demihumans, human/monster hybrid races, live in savage conditions. Any humans who live there are considered forever lost to ordinary civilization.

The only officially recognized presence of humans in this area of the world are a handful of scientific and military outposts, based on several islands around the Forbidden Continent's coastal waters. From these outposts, scientists can conduct studies on the flora and fauna of the continent, and hold tenuous communication with the few Sapient demihuman tribes. However, military forces are also employed to ensure no monsters or bestial demihumans start migrating to other parts of the world.

Despite its savagery, however, the Forbidden Continent can hold some appeal to humans who perhaps wish to live away from normal civilization. It is estimated that in actually, as many as 100,000 people may live within the continent, having traveled there for various reasons. Some may be exiles from human society, rogue psychics or mages, or even mundane criminals whose crimes forced them to flee to uncivilized lands lest they face imprisonment or even execution. Some may be people simply seeking escape from the world. Others may be scientists or military originally stationed at the outposts, but drawn by whatever fantastic elements of the continent allure them. Some may even be slaves sold via black market arrangements to demihumans or rivals of criminal lords tossed onto the continent as a death sentence. Whatever the reason, despite, or perhaps because, of its name, the Forbidden Continent can draw people of all types. Whether their stay is all they expect it be, is another matter entirely.


With a shove, Mike was able to dislodge the door to the helicopter, and stumble out of the wreckage. He took a few deep breaths, and managed to steady himself, before standing up to survey the damage.

He winced. The small, two-person copter's tail rotor had suddenly gone out, and Mike, the only one on, had barely managed to keep the thing from slamming into a cliff face. Instead, he'd gotten the vehicle to crash into some trees, before falling straight down onto the floor of the forest. The copter was thoroughly trashed now, absolutely useless. Even the radio was smashed, having been jammed inward by a branch that Mike realized had narrowly missed skewering him through the ribs. Mike realized almost with a start how insanely lucky he was. Aside from a few bumps and scrapes, he had come out okay.

What concerned him, now, however, was that he was now 100 miles inland of the Forbidden Continent, in the middle of a forest, by himself, with no transportation. Mike had been trained for wilderness survival, and with the emergency supply pack in the copter, he was certain that, had this been a forest on any other continent, he'd be perfectly fine. But on this side of the world? This was the land where savage demihumans and the descendants of ancient monsters dwelled.

Fortunately, it seemed that even in such a fantastic land, civilization still existed. Pockets of humanity were not officially recognized, but did exist on this land, as did a few races of Sapient demihumans, who built their own tribal societies here.

Mike had actually been on a deep scouting mission, to help study and map terrain further inland. On his return, he had caught glimpses of a village which, to his knowledge, had not yet been charted. Checking that he had enough fuel left, he started heading towards it in the hopes of getting a few pictures and marking its location on their maps. Eventually, they might be able to send a few emissaries out to it to make contact, and see what they might be able to learn.

Then, his tail rotor went out. He still wasn't sure how that had happened. An electrical short? Had something hit it? Either way, he guessed he was maybe five miles from the village, and he had maybe two hours of daylight left. His helicopter would provide no protection, and with the radio smashed, he couldn't communicate with the outpost. His only real choice was to try and make it to the village he'd seen and hope the natives were friendly. He did know some basics of a few demihuman languages, and if he was lucky, the tribe would speak one of them. He pulled out the emergency supply pack and canteen, made sure his knife and gun were still on his person, and set off.

Once he got his bearings, Mike started headed north by northeast, straight towards where he'd seen the village. The way took him through some dense forest, the ground slightly damp from a recent rain, but otherwise, the terrain seemed fairly flat at traversable.

He'd been walking for about twenty minutes when his foot got snagged on something, and suddenly, he found himself flipping upside down and being yanked upwards. He flailed a bit, then reached for his knife, and yanked it out, just as a huge form came towards him. Mike suppressed a scream as he saw what appeared to be an enormous spider, with the upper body a woman where its head should be, walking towards him, upside down along the branches.

The spider-woman halted just before him, her body lining up with his, and her face nearly eyelevel with his. She eyes were solid crimson, and two very pronounced fangs curved down from her upper jaw, over her lips like some kind of vampire. She had her arms crossed as she regarded him.

"Well, well," she said in English, with a sort of clicking accent. "Not often a fresh piece of meat just stumbles right into my trap." She leaned forward a bit and sniffed at him. "Fully human, too, huh? And yet, not like those others over there."

Mike wasn't sure what that meant, but as she took a step closer, he swung at her with his knife, holding it underhanded. The spider-woman jerked back with unnatural speed, then swatted the knife out of his hand. "Feisty," she said. She bared her teeth, and her fangs glinted. "No time for talk." She lunged at him like a snake, and Mike flinched.

The sound of a gun went off, and Mike heard a choked gasp at the same time as a splattering sound. He opened his eyes to see the spider-woman was now missing part of her head. Miraculously, no blood seemed to have gotten on Mike himself. The spider woman fell to the ground, dropping fifty feet and hitting with a sickening crunch.

"You alright up there?"

Mike looked down, and to his surprised, saw a woman looking up at him, a revolver in her hand. She was dressed in boots, jeans, a rawhide jacket, and a wide brimmed hat, looking every bit a cowgirl. Mike had to admit, the clothes were probably much better suited for the environment than his tee-shirt, slacks, and sneakers. He opened his mouth to speak, but then felt a bit faint, as the blood rushing to his head got to him. He held out his hand in a thumbs up.

He tried to pull himself up by his leg, until he grasped the silky cord which had snagged his leg. To his surprise, it wasn't sticky, rather the silk formed a series of loops around his foot. He managed to grab some branches and haul himself onto them, unbind his foot, and climb his way down.

"Whew, thanks a lot," said Mike. "You just saved my life."

"Yeah, I know," said the woman. He was looking at him with either curiosity, caution, or a mixture there of, Mike couldn't tell which.

"I'm Mike, I'm a scientist from one of the outposts. Who are you?"

The woman shook her head a bit, as if to clear it from a daze, "Sorry, I'm Jane." The two shook hands. "I'm guessing that's your helicopter in the woods back there?"

"Yeah," said Mike. "I dunno what happened. I was flying and it just went out." He looked her over. He noticed how snugly her clothes fit her curves. He looked back up, and noticed how pretty her face was, lightly tanned with green eyes, framed by light brown, wavy hair. "So," he said. "What are you doing out here? Are you exploring the area?"

"No," she said. "I, uh, I was hunting."

"Hunting?" said Mike. He glanced towards the village. "I was heading towards a village. Are you from there?"

Jane gave him a hard look. "We should get going. It'll probably take us about five days to reach the coast if no one comes to get you." She bent down and picked up Mike's knife where it had fallen and handed it to him. She started walking.

"Wait, there's the village," said Mike. "We'd best see if we can make it there before nightfall first."

"No," she said. She stopped and turned, beckoning him. "Come along. That village is a very dangerous place."

"Really? You know the people there?"

"I know of them, yes."

"What are they like?"

"They are dangerous."

"In what sense?"

"Why do you need to know?" Jane started walking again. "I can guide you to the shore. Just come with me."

"I'm going to need a little more explanation than 'because I said so,' miss," said Mike.

Jane stopped and sighed. She then walked right up to Mike, put a hand on his shoulder, and looked intently at him. Mike was a little taken aback by the sudden, unexpected nearness. If he'd been so inclined, he could have embraced her. As she stepped up to him, Mike's nose twitched as a slight musky odor touched his nostrils. It was almost imperceptible, but he swore it smelled a bit like sweat and skin and a little something else, something he couldn't quite put his finger on. Before he could discern it, Jane interrupted his train of thought by speaking very firmly to him.

"They are a village of cannibals," she said. "I know that probably sounds crazy, but it's true. They usually eat demihumans, but the last time I went there, I barely escaped with my life. So, please, just trust me. You do not want to go there." She gave Mike's shoulder a slight squeeze, and stared right into his eyes.

Mike opened his mouth, then closed it, not sure how to respond. He wrestled with whether or not to believe the woman. He looked right back into Jane's eyes, and he felt that they were sincere. He also thought they were very striking and beautiful, now that he saw them up close. He nodded and said, "Alright."

Jane smiled, and let him go. "Alright. Good. Let's get going. We should try to get at least a few miles away from here. The crash no doubt attracted more than just that spider-woman." Jane motioned to the dead demihuman.

Mike jumped, having almost completely forgotten about her. He side stepped the body as he followed Jane. As he got in step behind her, he caught a whiff of that scent again, and determined it must be coming from Jane herself. Mike wondered when the last time she had showered was, and if maybe that explained the scent. Couldn't have been too long ago, because she certainly didn't smell bad, and didn't look dirty either. Just that odd odor. Still, it was light enough, and Mike didn't mind it. Eventually, the scent seemed to fade; he assumed he had gotten used to it, and forgot about it.


Jane was not much of a talker, it turned out. Over the next two days, she had guided Mike through the woods without saying much, answering his questions with short, clipped responses, or not at all. She asked him no questions, save to check if he needed a break every now and then. By the end off each day, Mike was too tired to talk much anyway. At first, Mike began to wonder if she might be leading him to a trap, but so far, nothing had happened to him. In fact, nothing at all had happened. They had not encountered any monsters, be they creatures or demihumans, of any sort. By the second night, Mike was thoroughly exhausted, but he felt confident that he was going to make it out of here.

"Listen," he said, pulling out a piece of hardtack, and offering her some. "I really can't thank you enough. You really have saved my life."

Jane declined the food, and instead pulled out some jerky, which she kept wrapped in a wax paper sleeve in her pocket. "I was really, really hoping they'd send someone to look for you by now."

"Well, at the rate we're going, we might even make shore in just another day and half," said Mike.

"Don't jinx it," was he got in response. Mike felt his eyes droop a bit as he watched the fire. He knew he should do his best to stay alert, but the seeming lack of danger had a bad way of lulling him into a false sense of security. And then, he noticed the smell again. Jane was sitting a few feet to his left on the same large rock he was leaning against. She watched the fire, paying him no mind, glancing about now and then, perhaps checking for danger. Mike knew he should held her look, but the scent coming off her seemed to draw him in.

It was stronger now, and the gentle breeze carried it right to him. As he unconsciously raised his head a bit, breathing it deeply through his nostrils, his eyes trailed up Jane's body to her face. His breath caught. She really was very pretty, and in the firelight, her features seemed to take on an exotic, almost romantic quality. Without even realizing he was doing it, Mike found himself reaching up to her, and touching her leg.

Jane glanced down at him, almost jumping at the touch. Mike paused, his fingertips still touching her leg, his eyes looking at her pretty face. Jane looked at his face, then his fingers, then looked at his face again. She jumped off the rock and moved to the other side of the fire. Mike shook his head, and realized he felt a little dazed. He also realized he had an erection. He shifted his pack to cover the bulge in his pants, and cleared his throat. "I, uh, sorry," he said.

Jane looked at him for a few moments, her face unreadable before saying, "It's alright."

"You're, um, you're quite beautiful," said Mike.

"Thank you." The way she said it seemed a little awkward.

Mike thought that perhaps she had trouble accepting the compliment. "I mean it," he said.

"I know you do." Jane looked away from him, scanning the surrounding area again.

Mike swallowed. His erection was being very stubborn, and he kept his gaze on her. Despite this, she did not look directly at him again. This irritated him a bit. He was getting tired of the cold shoulder routine, but he wasn't sure what to say to her do get her attention. She seemed to be making a point to stay mysterious. If he didn't know any better, he's say she seemed to trust him less than he trusted her. But then, why was she almost hell bent on getting him to shore? If she thought he was a threat, there was nothing stopping her from shooting him in the head. Anyone who went into the continent was considered practically as good as dead by the nations of Civero anyway, so it's not like she would have to own up to such an action.

He had already asked about her past, how she got to the continent, how long she'd been there. So far, all he'd learned was, she'd come to the continent a few years ago, and stuck around because she couldn't handle life back in human civilization. She wasn't a very good liar, however, and Mike could tell she was hiding something, even without such vague answers. He had kept pressing her, and she finally mentioned getting into trouble, but wouldn't explain what it was. He'd let it drop after that. It occurred to him that perhaps she had committed some kind of crime, and for some reason, got exiled to the continent as a punishment. Maybe she thought, if she rescued him, it would somehow help clear her name, or grant her a pardon, or something. Still, she didn't seem like a criminal, either. Cold as she was acting, there was no real cruelty to her. At least, not that he could see. But then, maybe he was too distracted by the fact that she was attractive.

Tonight though, he didn't want to stop talking to her. The more he looked at her, the more captivated he became, and he found himself wanting to catch another whiff of that scent coming off her. It seemed to nag at him the more he tried to put it out of his mind. He'd never smelled anything like it.

He shifted over a bit, as he noticed to wind shift so that he was downwind of her. It struck him as silly, but he really wanted to catch that scent again. He sniffed at the air a bit as the breeze wafted over him, and he thought he caught one or two hints. Suddenly a crazy idea came to him, and before he could stop himself, he blurted it out.

"I think we should sleep together," he said. Jane glanced at him again. "Wait, that came out wrong. I mean, we should sleep next to each other. For warmth."

"You've got the blanket in your pack," she said.

"Er, well, yeah, but, I mean, you don't have one."

"I have a jacket."

"Well, yeah, but..." Having already committed himself, Mike struggled to find a way to make the idea a reality.

"I'm afraid you'll have to tough it out." Jane stood and started walking away from the fire.

"Hey, wait, I'm sorry," said Mike. "Don't be offended, I just meant."

"I know what you meant," said Jane. She said it plainly, with neither accusation or degradation, which eased some of Mike's worry. "Just stay there, and keep quiet. I'm going to use the bathroom."

Mike's eyebrows raised. Jane disappeared behind a bush, and Mike tried very hard not to think about her slipping her pants off. Mike opened his canteen, took a swig of cool water. His erection pulsed beneath his pack, and he pressed the flat of his palm against himself. His eyes closed slightly as he almost unconsciously started masturbating, rhythmically pressing himself through his slacks. He let out a soft sigh, and before he knew it, he found himself nearing climax. It felt good, but part of his mind panicked just in time, reminding him that he probably didn't want to spend the next two or three days with a huge cum stain in his slacks. Mike forced himself to stop and opened his eyes.

He nearly jumped out of his skin. Jane was standing there, her mouth slightly open, staring at him. She had an odd look in her eye. He could only guess she'd been watching him for at least a minute. Mike felt a flush of embarrassment, which died halfway up as he kept looking in her eyes. There was a strange, almost hungry look to her expression. Suddenly, her eyes focused on his and she blinked. She closed her lips and snapped her head to the right, looking away from him.

Mike found his voice again. "Jeez, don't sneak up on a guy like that," he said, trying to sound more amused than spooked.

Jane swallowed hard, and said, "Sorry." The breeze picked up behind her again, and wafted towards Mike. He suddenly got a strong noseful of that scent. It snaked up his nostrils and seemed to clean within. For a moment, he felt heady, and then, a strong sensation of arousal seemed to flood him. His erection, temporarily spooked into shrinking slight, immediately throbbed to full mast.

"Oh," said Mike breathlessly. He started to get up, and walk around the fire to Jane, whose features seemed to positively glow in the firelight. Jane jerked back when he reached for her, and in a flash, her gun was in her hand, and pressed against the bottom of Mike's chin. This immediately sobered Mike up. Mostly.

"Keep your fucking hands to yourself," said Jane. However, her voice wavered a bit, and she said the words without as much conviction as it sounded like she intended.

Mike backed away, hands up. "Okay, okay, I'm sorry, I'm really sorry." He felt like an idiot. He wanted to smack himself. In fact, he did just that, smacking the sides of his face a bit and shaking his head as if to ward off some mental fogginess. "Jesus, I don't know what came over me. I guess it's just been a while since I did anything, and you're just so pretty, and I was just sitting there and—"

"Stop talking," said Jane. She holstered her gun and backed away from him. She sat down on another rock several feet away, where the shadows began to overtake the firelight. "Go to sleep."


"Just. Go. To. Sleep." Jane gazed at him in what he guessed was supposed to be a cold stare, but what ended up being closer to her previous unreadable expression again.

"I dunno if I can like this," he said. "Can I just, uh, can I just go take care of this?"

"What? No!" said Jane. Mike gawked at her. Jane sighed. "Look, I'm sorry, I know you're probably pretty frustrated right now, and I know as a guy it's probably driving you crazy, but try to hold it in, okay? If you spray your stuff around out here, you could attract danger. There's monsters that will catch the scent of it."

Mike cocked an eyebrow at her. "What, any more than our body odor already would? Any more than your urine?"

Jane opened her mouth, closed it, then closed her eyes and let out a breath. "Alright. Alright, fine. Go... go do it away from the fire."

"Well, of course," said Mike. He started going towards the bushes where Jane had urinated.

"Don't go over there!" she said.

"What? Why? If you're worried about scent, then, we may as well keep it in one place, rather than spread it around and increase the chances of getting caught."

"Just don't do it there!"

Mike was getting irritated with her, but also a little worried. In the past few days, she'd never acted anything like this. He could understand if his masturbating had perhaps sickened her; it had been rather lewd of him to just do that out of no where. But then, he hadn't expected her to come back without him noticing. And she seemed generally more concerned rather than angry.

He realized he no longer had an erection, and he let out an audible sigh. "You know, what, forget it, moment's passed." He did, however, go to the bathroom behind another tree, then returned to the camp, and lay down, putting the blanket over him and using the pack as a makeshift pillow. "Good night, Jane."

"Good night," he heard her say. And, then, he thought he heard her mutter, "sorry", but before he could respond, he fell asleep.


Mike was jostled roughly awake, and when he opened his eyes, he found himself staring into the face of a red-eyed, silver haired woman. Mike jumped, or at least tried to. He found he could barely move. He struggled, and found that he was coiled in a thick, muscular bands around his limbs and chest. The woman smiled as he woke up, and she revealed long, thin fangs. She rose up, and Mike saw that she was topless. He also saw that she was half-snake. He panicked and jerked again, trying to escape the woman's grasp, but her long, serpentine tail had him thoroughly bound.

"Jane!" he yelled, but the woman's tail constricted, and he felt the breath leave his lungs for a moment. His vision swam, until the coils loosened again, allowing him to breath.

The snake woman leaned down to his ear, and her long tongue tickled at his earlobe, causing an unwillingly sensual shiver to go down his spine. She whispered something in his ear he could not quite make out; she was speaking in a demihuman language, and she spoke it too fast for him to catch the words. When she pulled back, she looked at him as if waiting for a response. When Mike just gave her a confused look, she shrugged, and turned her attention to the side, watching something else. Mike noticed then, that she had some kind of clip pinching her nose shut.

There was some more talking, and this time a male voice, and Mike was swiveled so he could see what was going on. A huge, muscular man that looked like a minotaur, complete with horns, but with a man's face instead of a bulls, had Jane's arms pinned behind her back and was holding her bent forward. His hips motioned, and Mike realized with a start that the minotaur was fucking her from behind. He also realized Jane's shirt had been torn open and her jacket yanked back, freeing her breasts to sway with the minotaur's hip thrusts.

Another man, this one appearing to be some kind of bipedal cheetah, stepped up from behind the minotaur. His penis was out, and he wagged it in front of Jane's face. To Mike's surprise, Jane actually leaned towards it, extending her tongue out. But the cheetah man leaned back, so that she missed, then snapped her hips forward and slapped her across the face with his erection. Then he did it again. To Mike's horror, Jane seemed to actually lunge for the cock with her mouth, not even to bite it, but to clamp her lips around it. The minotaur, the cheetah man and the snake woman all roared with laughter seeing this.

"Jane!" gasped Mike. That's when he noticed the smell it struck him like a hammer, sweat and skin and something else, something organic with a deep rich musk, and it seemed to rush into Mike's nose and drive two giant railroad spikes of arousal through his brain. Mike's heart began to race, and his penis immediately strained against his slacks. The snake woman took notice, and looked down, blinking at the space between her coils where his cock bulged against the cloth. She looked at Mike, then to the others, then pointed at his face and at Jane, saying something Mike again could not recognize.

The three demihumans roared with laughter again. Mike could not understand what was so funny. Couldn't they smell that? How come they weren't going crazy? Ashamed of himself, Mike gazed now with envy at the minotaur, who was now grunting as his hip thrusts became steadier and firmer. Jane was letting out small cries as each thrust struck her. She let out a loud, almost wailing noise as she lunged for the cheetah man's cock, her tongue lashing out. The cheetah man sniggered and cock slapped her again.

Jesus, how could he do anything but ram his cock in her mouth? thought Mike. Even as his civilized mind protested, watching in horror as the two demihuman males raped and abused her, the primitive part of his brain which was greedily sucking away at the musky scent wanted nothing more than to make him do the same. Mike looked again at the demihumans, they're races sporting grins of cruel amusement. Then, he noticed that the two men wore clips on their nose as well. Mike opened his mouth to say something to Jane, but words became a shout as he felt the snake woman undo his pants. His cock popped out like a jack-in-the-box, and she seized it with her thin, but amazingly strong fingers. She gave his cock a squeeze that stole the breath from Mike, and then released the tension and began to stroke him.

Mike gasped, every intake of breath filling him with the maddening, arousing scent. The snake woman's hand would stroke him wit rapid, sinewy movements, then stop and squeeze him several times, then stroke again. Mike's mouth gaped and he writhed in the snake woman's grip as her hand worked him to ecstasy.

The cheetah man had begun to stroke himself, just as the minotaur began to make several loud grunts. He buried himself deeply into Jane and held himself there, letting out a loud, bone rattling groan. After a few more moments, he slid back, and dropped down onto his butt, his massive, slick cock slowly shrinking. Jane then, possessed by whatever madness had taken her, lunged for the cheetah man's cock, but the minotaur, even in his post-orgasmic stupor, still had a hold of her wrists, and he yanked her back, forcing her to kneel. The cheetah man continued to wank himself just a few inches shy of her face. He didn't take long, and within a few seconds, he came. The shots mostly hit Jane's chest, and Jane craned her head down trying to lick them up. The cheetah man, laughed and grabbed her by the hair, yanked her head back.

With a rippling, rolling motion of her tail, the snake woman shifted Mike forward, and propped him up until his cock was level with Jane's eyes. The smell of her musk, which Mike realized crazily was emanating from her pussy, was nearly overpowering. Mike looked into her face, and their eyes met. For a moment, the haze over Jane's lust stricken eyes seemed to clear, and she struggled to escape the grip of her captors.

Then, Mike's eyes rolled up and he let out a shout. He exploded, and the snake woman seemed to deliberately aim his cock so that every shot just barely missed Jane's mouth. Jane let out what could only have been called a wail of despair and she thrashed, tongue straining to reach the hot white spurts. The demihumans once again roared with laughter. Then, Mike was spent, and the snake woman loosened her coils. Too weak to resist her, Mike was tossed to the side. He watched, half-conscious, as the snake woman flaunted her bare pussy before Jane. Jane made a feeble attempt to reach it, but seemed to sag in defeat. The snake woman said something, then the tip of her tail lashed out, striking Jane in the face with a vicious slap. The minotaur then dropped her face down, and stood. His and the cheetah man's cocks were sheathed now, and the looks the gave Jane were no longer amused or lustful.

Mike, feeling some of his strength return, and feeling his head clear thanks to the orgasm, tried to look around without moving, lest he draw the creatures' attention. He noticed a black object a few feet from the top of his head. It was his own gun. Just as the minotaur was raising his cloven hoof to smash down on Jane's head, Mike thrust himself at the gun, grabbed it, and emptied the clip at the demihumans.

Most of the bullets missed, but one ripped open the snake woman's neck and two hit the cheetah man in the chest. One grazed the minotaur's left horn, snapping the tip off, and causing him to roar in pain, however, he was otherwise untouched. A look of pure rage on his face the minotaur charged at Mike, and aimed a kick right at his face.

However, there was another loud bang, and the minotaur's kick fell short, hitting the ground a few inches from Mike's nose. His body flipped forward over Mike's and he crashed to the ground. Mike rolled and saw the minotaur now had a bullet hole in the back of his head. Turning, Mike saw Jane, staggering to her feet, her revolver in hand.

She then turned and began limping away, yanking her pants up. Mike scrambled to his feet, pulled up his pants, and ran after her.


"Jane!" Mike shouted after her. Jane kept going, trying to pick up the pace, swaying almost drunkenly. She put her hand to her stomach and half-stumbled over to a tree, which she leaned heavily against. "Oh, no, come on, keep it together..." she hissed.

"Jane, stop! You're hurt!" Mike suddenly stopped as a bullet tore a chunk of ground out next to his feet. He hadn't even seen her draw the gun.

"Stay back!" yelled Jane. "Stay the fuck back!" She stumbled and leaned heavily against a tree. "Don't... don't come... any closer..." She trembled.

Mike waited a moment, then hesitantly stepped closer. He got about six feet away, before the scent tickled his nostrils again, and he felt himself flush. Despite his powerful release just minutes before, his cock shot up to attention. "Oh..." he gasped breathlessly.

Jane looked at him over her shoulder. "Oh, fuck. You idiot, I told you to stay back!" She took a breath to steady herself, and started to walk away again, still holding her stomach.

Mike almost listened, but the scent beckoned him further, and his eyes locked on her body. Her clothes were mostly intact, but her pants still hugged her curves, and her jacket still hung half off her top, the shirt beneath torn and baring her shoulder.

"Jane, just stop," he said. "I won't hurt you. You need to stop for a minute." The scent hit him again, stronger this time. "Jesus, what is that smell?" Every breath he took, the more aroused he became, and the more he found himself becoming less concerned with Jane, rather than the things he could do to her.

"For fucks sake, Mike, just back away!" her voice seemed slightly shaky. "Just stay where you are! Stay right here! You can't be near me right now!" She tried to walk faster, but then, a throb of pain hit her, and she stopped. She stiffly turned towards Mike, and looked at him.

Mike blinked in surprised. The look she gave him was one of absolute hunger, hunger to be with a man. In spite of everything that had just happened, she looked like she wanted nothing more than to fuck Mike senseless. Her eyes scoped his body even as his scoped hers. Mike stepped closer, the smell got stronger, and his arousal flared higher.

"No..." Jane said, her voice barely above a whisper. "Please, don't... please... I'm trying to... save you..." However, though her body trembled, she did not retreat. When Mike got close enough to reach out and touch, whatever was holding her back snapped, and she pounced on Mike like a tiger.

Mike landed flat on his back, and before he could react, Jane was ripping his pants and underwear off. His penis sprang with joy out of its cloth prison, and Jane's mouth immediately clamped over him. Mike let out a cry of shock as her hot, wet mouth sucked hard on him as she rapidly bobbed her head, and her tongue immediately found his sweet spots, lashing and writhing against them. The sensations were immediate and intense, sharp arrows of sexual pleasure spiking through his loins. The feeling was so great, and his arousal so intense, that despite having just climaxed, he felt as though he hadn't cum in a week. His desperation for another release was high, and Jane's skill with her mouth with nothing short of inhuman. He could only breathe in sharp gasps, and each draw of air sucked more of the maddening scent into his body, inflaming his lust even higher.

He lasted only seconds under this treatment, and he exploded into Jane's mouth. She greedily slurped and sucked his seed down like she was dying of thirst. His orgasm seemed to go forever, pumping shot after shot of cum down her throat, and still she continued to suck him even after he felt like he had nothing left to give. And yet, just when he thought he'd spent his last drop, he could feel another orgasm blooming within him, could feel more juices churning and rising to escape. What's more he still felt horny.

He clutched at her, and tried to pull her mouth away, but he suddenly felt weak. It was as though his strength had bled away with such an intense climax. And for a brief moment, a realization struck him. His eyes widened, and despite his arousal, and how good it felt, he tried, vainly to pry Jane's mouth off him. He tried to beg her to stop, but he could barely do more than moan between his desperate gasps for air. But then, just before he felt a third climax hit, she pulled herself away with a loud cry, as though the act of removing herself had physically hurt.

She shuffled away from him and curled into a ball, twitching. She looked at him with pained eyes, and had brought her fist to her mouth, which she bit. She seemed to focus on the pain of her fist, and her body gradually stopped twitching and relaxed. She dragged herself to her feet, wincing, and started walking away.

Mike felt sudden strength return to him as his latest climax had apparently done nothing to dull his arousal, and his next had been cut off. He got to his feet, caught up to her, and tackled her. She hit the ground, and he rolled her onto her back. His mind was a fog, his thoughts slurred with arousal. He yanked open her jacket and what was left of her shit, revealing her breasts. He nearly fainted at the sight. Soft, but firm, they beckoned to him, and he lowered himself towards her chest.

"Stop!" Jane cried. She tried to shove him off, but in his lust-fueled adrenaline, he grabbed her wrists and pinned her arms back. "Stop it!" Her struggles seemed half-hearted, however, as if her body was actively fighting her attempts to escape.

"Oh, fuck," said Mike, as he held both her wrists with one hand and yanked down her pants with the other. As he did, the arousing scent increased in intensity by a factor of ten, as her moist pussy, the scent's source, was exposed. All thoughts left Mike's head as the primitive drive for sex took over.

Jane, knowing he was too far gone for reason now, pried one hand free, and snatched the gun at her hip, and with a Herculean effort, slammed the butt of the gun against his head. Mike stiffened, his cock head pressing hard against her clit, causing her to gasp, and then he slumped on top of her.


Mike woke up, his head throbbing. He was lying against a fallen log, and a fire blazed a few feet in front of him. He looked around, and saw that he was in a small clear patch in the thick of the woods again. It was still nighttime, but the horizon was just starting to brighten with the coming of dawn. Across the fire sat Jane, poking idling at the blazing sticks. She noticed he was awake and gave him a concerned look.

"I'm sorry I hit you," she said. "And I'm sorry I violated you."

Mike winced as he shifted into a sitting position. He noticed his canteen was next to him, and he took a drink. "Well," he said, slowly. "I think if you hadn't, I would have raped you."

"Yes, you would have," said Jane. She paused. "And, I'm also sorry I, uh, that I fed on you."

Mike let out a long sigh. "So, I was right," he said. "It didn't even occur to me until you were on me. You're a Lust Walker."

Jane swallowed and said, softly, "Yes." She looked back into the fire. "I thought I could get you back to the port before I needed to feed again. I did my best to avoid all the monster nests and demihuman lairs. I didn't expect to get jumped like that. You have to believe me, I never intended to feed on you."

"I believe you," said Mike. He paused. "That scent, I kept smelling, that's your pheromones, right? You were trying to keep me from smelling them too much."

Jane nodded and said, "I was hungry. When a Lust Walker gets too hungry, their pheromones, or their lust aura, whichever they use, just starts to produce automatically. I kept trying to control it, but when those demihumans attacked us, they set me off. I was too hungry, I couldn't keep the scent in, and, well..." She looked at Mike again. "I'm sorry."

"You pulled yourself away," said Mike, after a few moments of silence. "You at least managed to do that before you totally drained me."

Jane smiled slightly. "Well, it helped that I got at least one load from you down my gullet."

"Still, I saw how completely out of it you were when they were taunting you," said Mike. "And when you pulled off me, you really looked like you were in pain. I guess, what I mean is, thank you."

Jane frowned at that. "If I was already well fed, a quick little burst from you would have been enough. But I had already gone several days without before I ran into you, and of course, I hadn't had anything since. So, I was pretty well starving, and when we're like that, stopping the feeding at the appetizer is pretty awful."

"Can't be as awful as waving it in front of you and not letting you have it," said Mike. He paused. "I noticed that they, um, had clips on their noses. I guess to keep your scent out so they wouldn't go crazy around you. How did they know to do that?"

Jane shrugged. "Demihumans aren't stupid."

"But what they were doing to you, it's like it was planned, like it was personal," said Mike. "And when they were done, they tried to kill you. Why were they after you?"

Jane sighed and shook her head. "It's the way of things here."

When Jane did not elaborate, Mike said, "Thank you. I mean it." Jane nodded. "Jane, for all you've done for me already, I think... um... well, I mean, if you wanted to feed from me, it's probably the least I could do for you in return. You can, um, you can drain some more from me, if you need to."

"That's the pheromone's talking," she said. She opened her eyes again. "If I fed from you fully, you'd never leave this place. You'd end up becoming a Lust Walker yourself. A lot of Lust Walkers can drain people fully several times before turning them, but I seem to have developed a particularly potent condition. I could have turned you in just one feeding."

Mike swallowed. "I see." There was an awkward silence. "So is that why you're here on the Forbidden Continent? You were deemed a danger, so they tossed you on here?"

Jane shook her head. "I came here of my own volition. I knew if I stayed in human civilization, I could easily be patient zero for a whole Lust Walker epidemic. I almost was, actually. So I exiled myself here." She shrugged. "It's not so bad, really. There's actually a whole village of Lust Walkers I stay with, we have a nice little town set up."

"That was the town you told me to stay away from, huh?" said Mike. "The town of 'cannibals.' I guess that describes it well enough."

Jane nodded. "You're damn lucky I happened to stumble across you first. Anyone else in that town would have drained you dry, possibly to the point of death. If not death, then you would have been passed around the town until you either turned or did finally die. Human energy is practically worth more than gold, diamonds, and platinum combined here."

"Wow," said Mike. "So, what do you all feed on otherwise?"

Jane glanced back towards the area where they left the bodies of their attackers. "Take a guess."

Mike's eyes widened in understanding. "Demihumans... so that's why they were after you."

Jane nodded. "We capture any that come into our town, and we sometimes make raids into neighboring tribes. We have agreements with some of the Sapient tribes to not go after them if they don't go after us, but those end up getting broken more often than not. It sort of works out; demihumans can't seem to contract the Lust Walker condition, no matter how many times you feed on them. However, they're energy isn't quite as nourishing or palatable as a human's. Again, hence why going into our town would have been a deathtrap for you."

"Seems I owe you even more than I thought," said Mike.

Jane just shrugged. A few moments of silence passed, before Mike couldn't resist asking, "So, I'm guessing you're the vampire type? I thought most Lust Walkers could just feed off arousal and sexual activity, but if you could do that, you wouldn't have needed to physically touch me. You could have just pumped me full of your pheromones and fed on me even in my sleep. Vampire types need to suck out the fluids, right?"

Jane nodded. "Yeah. We can feed a little bit off your sexual energy directly, but in order to gain any real nourishment, we have to drain the energy directly from your cum. So, it's actually harder to get a good feeding from a person, because a Medusa or a Siren could just flash you or sing at you, and you explode in orgasm they just soak the release of energy in, and go on their way. Us Vampires half to work you up with pheromones and seduction and then suck you off. And it has to be oral, if you cum in our pussies or asses, we only gain a bit of energy from your orgasm, but nothing from your seed. I suppose, to make up for the inconvenience, the Vampire type is one of the easier Lust Walker templates to contract, actually. "

"If I may ask, how did you get it?" said Mike. Jane frowned again. "Sorry," Mike said quickly. "I guess that was insensitive of me."

"No, it's okay," said Jane. "My husband and I used to sometimes get together with another couple, two very good friends of ours, and we would sometimes have little orgies together. Just once every couple of months or so. We might occasionally bring another friend or two into the mix, though we never usually had more than seven at a time. Well, one time, our friends brought a new person into the fold. I thought I felt an odd vibe off him, but our friends insisted he was cool, and he turned out to actually be very polite and friendly. He turned out to be a real oral fetishist, and when we got down to our festivities, he ate me out like no one had ever done before. I actually squirted into his mouth. He kept on going, until my husband practically had to pull him off. He apologized profusely, and for the rest of the night, he behaved. After his thorough treatment, though, I was completely exhausted, so my husband joined the other couple in a threesome. The new guy just sat with me, but he didn't do anything, just enjoyed the show, kind of looking a bit like he was in a trance. I noticed he paid more attention to the woman sucking off my husband, than her own husband fucking her from behind."

Mike swallowed, and Jane saw he was blushing a bit. She smiled a little. "Sorry, too much information?"

"Ah, well, I'm just picturing eating you out," said Mike.

Jane let out a soft chuckle. "Careful, my pheromones are still in your system," said Jane. She cleared her throat. "Well, anyway, as you could probably guess, the new guy was a Lust Walker, Vampire type. To be honest, I'm not sure he even realized it. He genuinely seemed surprised and apologetic that he had gotten so greedy with me.

"So, a couple days later, I suddenly got this incredibly strong urge to suck off my husband. I didn't mind oral, but I'd never specifically craved it before. As such, I wasn't really all that good at it. But when my husband came home, I treated him to a blow job that literally brought him to his knees. It was like that for the next couple weeks, I was sucking him off almost daily. Then, the other couple invited us to their cabin for the weekend, as they were unexpectedly freed up. So off we went."

Jane paused, and let out a sigh. "Well. After spending the day outside, we came back and we had a little sex party that night. And into the morning. And throughout the day, and into the next day, stopping only to grab snacks or some water or use the bathroom." She paused, and brought her finger to her mouth, biting lightly on the knuckle. "I sucked them all dry. I dunno if it was because I was newly turned and the transformation required a lot of feeding early on, or if I just got into some kind of groove and couldn't stop myself. But my pheromone power activated, and I flooded the cabin with it until the others couldn't even see straight. Then we fucked, and I sucked them and sucked them and sucked them, and when they tried to stop me or get away, I found some ties and bound them to the furniture, and sucked them some more, for something like two whole days before I passed out from gorging myself."

Jane swallowed. "Monday morning rolled around, and I woke up on the floor; my husband and our friends were pretty much in comas. I thought I'd killed them. I called the hospital, and they got taken in, and thankfully, they had only been exhausted. I didn't tell them what exactly had happened. I made some excuse like we'd gotten a hold of some really bad liquor and I couldn't remember what happened."

Mike waited, but Jane seemed lost in the memory for a moment, staring into the fire. "Jane?" he said. "What happened next?"

Jane blinked, and then cleared her throat. "Well, they woke up a few days later, and started going to town on the nurses and doctors. They flooded a wing of the hospital with pheromones and had half the place in a rabid sexual frenzy before anyone even knew what was going on. I went to try and stop them, but they were crazed. It wasn't like me, where I woke up one day and just felt like sucking some cock. They were practically feral. Apparently, that happens with a Lust Walker sometimes. Something either goes wrong in transition, or, they get so severely hungry something in them just snaps. I'm guessing when I was sucking them off at the cabin, I must have kept draining them well after the point at which they turned, and then spending the next few days in a coma, they had no way to recharge their energy. So, when they woke up, they did so as ravenous monsters. And you know what the usual policy is against monsters within the borders of human society, right?"

"Oh, my god," said Mike. He was indeed aware of the policy. Under most governments in Civero, any creature deemed a "monster" found outside the Forbidden Continent was to be destroyed on sight. In fact, the only reason the Forbidden Continent was so called was because the monster presence here was so thoroughly entrenched, that safe human habitation was impossible; the only way to wipe the place clean of monsters would be to totally destroy the entire continent, which would of course make it pointless for human habitation anyway. But any monster caught within the boundaries of human civilization? They were as good as dead, even if they had once been human.

Jane nodded. "They called in that specialist team who handles the weird sexual crime and disaster cases. Supernatural Operations Specialists, I think they were called. S.O.S. Well, a couple of them showed up and captured my husband and our friends, and did their best to disperse the pheromones and get everyone under control. Since I wasn't trying to feed on anyone at the time, I got overlooked, and shoved into the crowd with the innocent bystanders. Then, the SOS guys started checking people over for signs of contagion. They caught a few people who had already been infected, one of whom had already freshly turned. They carted them all off. I managed to slip out and escape before they got to me."

"So, did they kill them?" said Mike. "I mean, if they just carted them away, there's a chance they could still be alive."

Jane shrugged. "To be honest, I don't know. I imagine, at least, that my husband and friends were put down. They were like savage animals. I watched my husband bash a woman's head into a wall just so she'd stop struggling as he ate her out. I know this probably sounds sick, but in a way, I'd prefer to think he was dead, rather than living like that."

"No," said Mike softly. "No, I think I understand. So, I guess you came down here then?"

"I traveled around for a year," said Jane. "I tried feeding on people lightly and discreetly. But once or twice, I discovered my victims had turned into Lust Walkers, even though I never fed on anybody more than once. That's when I realized I was too dangerous. I met a few other Lust Walkers; they could drain their victims several times a year, and the victim would be fine, as long as they spaced it out. Me, though, I'm too virulent. I could end up spreading my condition rampantly if I wasn't careful. But I didn't want to die or get experimented on, or whatever it is they do to Lust Walkers and other monsters, so instead of turning myself in, I managed to sneak aboard one of the cargo ships and come here. I eventually found that town, and settled there."

Jane shrugged and poked at the fire again. "I don't mind it here, anymore. I've adapted pretty well. I'm friends with some of the other people in town, and I've even made a few friends with the Sapient demihumans. But it is dangerous here, and the fact of the matter is, I have to live like a predator trying to find food on a continent filled to the brim with predators. We Lust Walkers have it easier than the demihumans in some respects, as our powers keep us better protected than most from direct attack, but at the same time, we're mostly just human, and lack a lot of the more practical survival abilities of the demihumans. Living here is rough, and there's nights I still feel like crying myself to sleep, thinking about the life I used to have. I'd give anything to be back with my husband and friends again, everyone sane, everyone normal again.

"So, as much as I want to, as much as my pheromones are making you want to, I won't feed on you, even if you offer it to me in gratitude. Otherwise, you'll turn, and then you'll be stuck here, because your only other option would be getting killed."

Mike wasn't sure what to say to that, so after a moment, he just nodded, and said, "Okay."

Light was just coming over the horizon, and despite their aches and pains, they decided it was best to press on. Jane managed to lead them through another two days without incident. They slept apart, and took pains to make sure Mike didn't get hit with Jane's scent, which she still produced slightly, due to her hunger only being partially sated.

Then, after a few hours of travel on the morning of the fifth day, they reached the coast.


Mike and Jane made their way down to a beach at the base of a short cliff. In the distance, they could see a couple of islands, one of which held a large white building, one of the earliest built outposts. Mike knew that it, and most of the other near-shore islands still had cameras coming the edges of the island, to alert the military of any strange activity. Mike pulled out his flare gun, and launched his first flare. With any lucky, it would be seen, and someone would send out a rescue party.

Jane turned, and began to leave. Mike reached out and caught her arm. "Hey, don't take off," he said. "It might be awhile before they get here."

"It's best if I'm not here when they do," she said. "And I'm getting really hungry again."

Mike swallowed. "Jane, please, let me do something to thank you."

Jane shook her head, "We went over this already. If I drain you, I'll turn you."

Mike said, "What if you don't touch me?"

Jane looked at him curiously. "What do you mean."

"I mean, what if you don't touch me? And what if you aren't hitting me with your pheromones? Can you still get energy from my semen?"

"Well, I suppose," said Jane. "I mean, it won't be as much, but..."

Mike stepped back, laid the blanket from his pack on the sand, and pulled down his pants. Jane swallowed hard. "Sorry, I don't mean to make this awkward. But I owe you at least something."

Jane, eyes locked onto his cock, nodded slightly. "Okay, um, so what do you plan to do? What do you need me to do?"

"Just, sit down right where you are," said Mike. Jane did so, and Mike watched her as he stroked. "Could you, uh..."

Jane smiled, and slid her jacket and tattered shirt off, revealing her breasts. Taking it another step, Jane reached up and began to caress her breasts, running her fingertips over them invitingly, teasing the nipples. Mike's eyes widened a bit at the sight. Within a few minutes, his breath quickened and he cupped his hand beneath the penis head. He let out a gasp as he came into the palm of his hand, his eyes never leaving Jane's body. When he finished, he held out his hand and said, "H-here, come here."

Jane, eyes wide, practically drooling, nearly leaped at him. She snatched up his hand and jammed the cum filled palm to her lips, greedily sucking down the cooling fluid before the energy could dissipate. "Oh, more," she gasped. "More!"

"Okay," said Mike. "Back up." Again, she displayed herself for him, and he stroked until he came, catching his seed, and feeding it to her by hand. And then, he did it again. After the third time, she licked and sucked each finger as if each were his cock, making sure to get every single drop. "Th-that's all I got," said Mike breath a little heavy. Jane reluctantly pulled his hand away, and Mike tucked his cock away.

Jane slipped her top and jacket back on, and let out a contented sigh. "Well," she said. "It was a good snack." She smiled at Mike, who grinned back.

"Least I could do," he said. Then the two turned, as they heard the distant sound of a helicopter's blades. "Look's like my ride is finally coming."

Jane hugged him. "Be safe," she said.

"I think I should be telling you that," said Mike. "Are you going to be okay making it back?"

Jane nodded. "I'll be fine. I've lived here for a while already." She began heading back up the low cliff. "Fair well, Mike. Tell the world hello for me when you get back."

"Will do," said Mike. He watched her go as she disappeared over the cliff, then turned and waited as the helicopter came down to meet him.


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