Monday, January 3, 2011

My General Style

I'm very much a "get to the goddamn point" sort of writer. While I grew up on novels, I gravitated to comic books, and as a kid, I used to draw my own comics. Even factoring in decompression techniques to tell a story over a larger number of pages, comic books tend to read quickly. I can knock out a whole TPB or graphic novel in one sitting. Of course, with comics, you have the benefit of the art conveying in a few simple panels what could take paragraphs and paragraphs to cover in plain text. But regardless, picking up from that, my writing style is one that probably feels a little comic booky, fast paced and to the point, without much filler.

When it comes to reading erotica, I admit I'm the type that skips straight to the sex scenes. If the sex scene does not interest me, then I don't usually read the rest of the story. Heck, even if it does interest me, it may be weeks later before I actually do read the rest of the tale, as I go back to the scene and get more curious as to how the characters got there.

Thusly, when I write sexual stories, I do so usually with initial intent to get to and focus on the sex, since that is what I as a reader am after, and what I think a lot of other readers are probably after. The sorts of stories that successfully stick with that goal, I call my "porn."

Sometimes, though, a story will develop a bit beyond that. Sometimes, things like actual character, some non-sexual action/adventure, or a plot beyond "I'm here to fix the cable", will develop, and I find myself with what feels like a genuine "story" rather than just a stroke-off piece. These I call my "erotica". Mainly because its a fancy word that makes the stories sound more sophisticated and literary than just "a stroke off piece with plot." :-P

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