Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cruelty and Power

I am oft times reminded why exactly my stories ends up being so niche in terms of audience appeal, when I post to a site like Literotica, and some of the comments I get actually seem pretty pissed off about what goes on my stories. Namely, the idea that my female characters are usually just so damned cruel. Sometimes, I touch on more romantic themes, but more often than not, the women in my stories are nothing short of sadistic; sometimes, they revel in it, laughing and giggling as the boys under their power scream and thrash like madmen; sometimes, they are simply indifferent, cold and merciless, giving the boy a look of bored tolerance as he shudders and cries. In my stories, often times the women don't even have to physically be there to torment the boy; she just sets the effects of her power in a loop, and can leave the man helplessly overstimulated indefinitely while she enjoys a night or weekend on the town.

Yes, often it is cruel, but is it the cruelty that really turns me on? In real life, I would not stand for this sort of treatment. Thankfully, I've yet to meet a woman with superhuman sex powers, so I at least do not have to contend with that, but while I like to be dominated and teased, real life does not operate the way fantasy does. In real life, I am not truly into such abuse, I am not some sniveling worm who craves to be destroyed.

And yet, I can't help it, but when it comes to the realm of fantasy, nothing revs my motor so hard as the idea of playfully cruel woman, using her power to render me as nothing more than a fuck toy she uses to get off with, or perhaps a bit of diversion if she is feeling bored. Even, perhaps, something to vent a bit of steam on after a bad day. But the cruelty itself is not what's arousing, I think, so much as what it symbolizes: the POWER.

What really gets me off about it is the sheer god-damned POWER on display. My stories take on a rather ludicrous version of this, what with the comic book style magic and psychic abilities. However, the real root of it all, what really draws me so much to my type of fantasy is the idea of being taken, truly [I]taken[/I], made helpless and bare, and then bathed in ecstasy you can't even imagine, because your mortal body and mind are too afraid, too limited to go to such heights. Anyone can punch someone in the face. Not everyone can touch someone in a way that brings them to their knees and brings tears to their eyes from just how damned good it feels.

I imagine it is very much what draws women to the idea of being taken by a strong Alpha male. The Alpha male causes the woman to swoon, and when he takes her, he ravishes her, and she is allowed to fully let go and experience nothing but the sheer rapture of sex, freed from the need to compose and control herself, freed to from hindering thoughts ruining her ability to enjoy the moment, allowing her to let go and be held and consumed by the male's power. That sort of thing is ultimately what my fantasies are about. Being completely, fully taken. And being shown that you are not necessarily weak, but you are simply playing out of your league, and you should accept the gift of such amazing experience, even if you are unworthy.

Yes, the women in my fantasies can sometimes be endlessly cruel, and in real life, it would be devastating. But in the fantasy, it is mainly just something to further emphasize the level of pleasures my overactive imagination craves to experience.

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