Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Erotic Misadventures of Jamin Frey: The Golden Hook

This is a series I started a while ago, and has been slow to progress, mainly because I keep hitting points where I don't know where to go, and eventually, I can't come up with anything, so I just throw my hands up and belt something out at random.

Jamin Frey was basically the starting point of the SOS concept; originally, the idea of a modern fantasy erotica adventure series was just to have this one guy, Jamin, and maybe a random partner, go on wacky adventures wherein Jamin would try to solve a crime, or perform a rescue, or hunt a monster, and would inevitably get captured, then femdommed for a while, before somehow figuring out a way to escape his predicament and win the day.

Well, this was the first (and so far only) actual Jamin Frey story I did, before moving on to other things when I got stuck. I eventually expanded to the full SOS concept, and they've been mentioned or cameod in other works since. So, if I continue this series, it may instead be a full on SOS Adventures, rather than just Jamin Frey.

Anyway, here's the story so far. I have no idea when/if I'll get this finished, but I hope to wrap it up in no more than two more parts. I know some readers would prefer I keep going with the concept (this story does seem to be the most popular of my work), but frankly, I get bored with stories that go on and on and on.


Welcome to the land of Civero. At first glance, it looks pretty similar to ours. Modern day technology, cities, roads, broken by stretches of wilderness. But this is just one world in a vast collection of realities, clusters of dimensions, universes, and planes which drift in the infinite megaverse. And just as some worlds bare striking resemblance to ours, so are some incredibly alien and fantastic. Worlds that seem mundane, but have altered histories from what we know. Worlds where costumed heroes and villains battle for the fate of the universe. Worlds which resemble the mythical and fictional lands humans have dreamed of since before language existed. Worlds so unfathomably alien, that any human mind catching the merest glimpse of them would instantly disintegrate into raw insanity.

These worlds, as they rub together and their barriers occasionally blur, sometimes influence one another. On the cosmological map, Civero hovers in the same “neighborhood” as what could only be described as the Elemental Plane of Lust. The supernatural does exist in Civero, despite the apparent mundane setting. Magic and psychic powers exist to some degree, as do mythical monsters. And despite entering an age of “enlightenment” and technologies a step ahead of our own, where humanity has largely left magic behind to embrace the progress of science, the supernatural still exists albeit it in a rather subdued state. And thanks to the influence of its near neighbor, the supernatural often comes with a distinctly sexual influence.

In the modern day, supernatural problems are handled by supernatural experts, independent contractors who usually hunt down monsters, but can also be called in to deal with trouble making mages and psychics. Experts are called in to handle these cases, which the mundane authorities can’t handle or which stay so deep in the shadows that its impossible for them to fix the problem.

One such person is a man by the name of Jamin Frey. An “aura mage” who combines post-human combat skill with basic magics, his lack of power is compensated by his jack of all trades status. Jamin Frey is resourceful and quick thinking, and is fairly confident he can handle your case, even if his division is too understaffed to regularly afford giving him a partner. He doesn’t need back up anyway, right? After all, what’s the worst that could happen?


The Assignment
We have been receiving reports of a new brand of sex toys appearing on the black market, which have been determined to be mystically enhanced. These new toys have been reported in association with sexual torture crimes and extortion. As with previous sexual device cases, most reports are of mundane people buying these toys and using them for their own ends, but some have actually found their way into sex shops, where unsuspecting parties purchase them, and find out too late that the devices far exceed safety limitations.

The devices include various chastity devices which cannot be removed by any means, cock rings which leave the penis permanently erect even if removed, lubrications which alter the a person into the opposite sex during intercourse or masturbation, aphrodisiacs which turn a person in a mindless zombie craving only sex.

Authorities have tracked down a possible warehouse where these devices might be getting made, but attempts to breach the warehouse have resulted in several officers coming back out with no recollection of anything unusual going on. However, several by standers who made sure not to enter to premises swear up and down that there is some activity going on in the warehouse.

We recommend agent Jamin Frey take the case, due to his successful busts of similar operations in the past.

Jamin groaned. The tall, lithe, red-headed man shook his head and looked around, his vision focusing quickly. He was in what appeared to be a cell. Four concrete walls lit by halogen lights imbedded into the ceiling and a think metal door. The only furnishings in the cell were the mattress he had been laying on and the non-reflective toilet and sink in the far corner. The air was cool and fresh, filtered despite no obvious ventilation slats.

He realized he was completely naked, which of course meant he was also completely weaponless. He sighed with annoyance. He stood, stretched, and took a breath. Breaking out of here was going to be a pain in the ass, but Jamin had found himself in worse situations. It wouldn’t be too hard as long as they hadn’t found a way to block his…

God fucking damn it.

Jamin had attempted to “flex” his magic, pressing outward with his aura. Nothing happened. Just to be sure, he held out his hand and willed a fireball to form. Nothing. Just to be absolutely sure, he actually went through the hand motions and chantings, spell casting “training wheels” he had long outgrown the need for, but which sometimes worked when he otherwise couldn’t directly tap into his aura. Nothing. Jamin looked over himself, and, with the almost unnatural twisting of his superbly trained body, was able to see, just between the shoulder blades, and faintly glowing sigil. A very strong anti-magical seal.

Jamin straightened himself, took a breath, and let his senses expand. It was very faint, like looking through a barely-translucent screen, but they hadn’t completely cut off his mystic senses yet. However, they were so dulled as to be effectively useless. All he could pick up was the obvious hum of ambient magic and the wards on the doors and walls to supplement their physical durability.

“Shit,” said Jamin. “I fucking hate it when they actually know what their doing.”

They certainly had. They had apparently been prepared for Jamin’s appearance at the warehouse. The moment he arrived on the premises, cloaked in invisibility and silence spells no less, he’d found himself attacked. Four battle mages had leaped out of the shadows. Like Jamin, they were all skilled in the art of combat as well as quick spell slinging. And, Jamin noticed, they were all female. The fight had been quick and furious, but Jamin was outnumbered, and one of the battle mages, a tall black haired woman, had proved his equal in both swordsmanship and attack magic. Jamin had proven superior in defensive spells, but then, the other three battle mages had proven to be a healer, another attack spell users, and a freaking summoner. One who wasn’t afraid to unleash three powerful monster women (a half-spider, a half-snake, and some kind of minotaur-like thing). Seven on one, Jamin found himself very quickly subdued.

And now, here he was. Jamin couldn’t believe that a normal operation like this had that much security. But then again, maybe Jamin’s success at breaking up such facilities had given him a reputation that preceded him. Still, he wondered if perhaps there wasn’t more to it. Could someone have tipped them off at his arrival? As ready as they had been, there was no way they’d just been there to be cautious.

Well, fretting on it now would get him no where, best to try and find a way to escape. Jamin frowned looking for something, anything, that might prove useful. He looked at the futon mattress. He saw that it had a zipper along the side, and the small metal tab stuck out. Jamin went over and with a quick flick, snapped the zipper tab off.

He then walked over to the door and frowned at it for a moment. There was no vulnerable spot he could find, not even a hint of where the lock actually was, and of course, the hinges were outside the room. He couldn’t even tell which side was the hinged one. He idly finger the zipper tab. Though the magic seal on his back did nothing to hamper his post-human physical attributes, such attributes were not going to be useful against a warded wall and door unless he could find a weak point.

Jamin was about to look around more thoroughly, if only to pass the time, when his senses tipped him off that someone was coming just a half-second before her heard the door locks release. The seal really had dulled his senses. Quickly, Jamin tucked the zipper tab into his mouth, letting it rest in the slight gap between two of his back teeth, where it fit snug.

The door came open and two women stepped through. They were both attractive, even modestly dressed in slacks and blouses. The one on the left was Asian, with chin-length hair died a dark red. The other was Caucasian, with sharp, Eastern European features. Her hair was also pitch black and slightly wavy. They looked to be in their mid to early twenties. They were unmistakably physically fit and moved with the easy, fluid grace of battle mages; clearly, they were two of the women who took him down last night.

“Alright, ladies,” Jamin said. “You’ve got me at a disadvantage. May I please at least have a pair of shorts?”

“I don’t think our boss would appreciate that much,” said the Caucasian. “Besides, why ruin the view? A couple of scars here and there, but otherwise a rather handsome body and cute face.”

“Boss, huh?” said Jamin. “Anyone in particular?”

“They’re talking about me, lover boy,” said a very familiar voice.

“Mother fucker,” muttered Jamin.

In stepped another woman, dressed in a woman’s business suit, with thin black rimmed glasses, and blond hair tied up in a tight bun. She smiled pleasantly as she entered the room and her eyes gave Jamin a thorough once over.

“Rebecca,” said Jamin flatly.

“Is that any way to treat an old lover?” she said, and laughed. “I must say, it’s rather good to see you after all these years. You haven’t changed much.”

“So, went from blackmailing rapist, to selling devices to help other people be blackmailing rapists,” said Jamin. “Does your parole officer know about this?”

“Of course not,” said Rebecca. Her eyes narrowed slightly. “He’s rather indisposed at the moment.”

Jamin winced, then as he felt the tingle of psychic tendrils touching his mind. Normally, his aura magic would be able to block such powers, but his magic was now sealed, and the seal didn’t do anything to block psychic abilities. On the one hand, this meant the psychic shields which his colleague Michael had installed in his mind would probably hold strong, preventing Rebecca from reading his deep thoughts or doing any psychic rewiring, it also meant he couldn’t actively resist Rebecca’s efforts.

So all he could do is grit his teeth as he felt Rebecca’s mental probing flit through his mind. “Dear, oh dear,” she said. “You have some very, very strong psychic shields. You always did come very prepared. Still, I might not be able to take anything from you, but I can certainly send you a thing or two.”

Jamin had time to cock an eyebrow, before he felt Rebecca’s mind come to rest on a certain part of his psyche. He then felt something tingle in the back of his brain and then shoot along his spine, travel between his ass cheeks, and come to rest on his testicles. Jamin jumped as felt a pleasurable tingle fill his scrotum, then slither up the length of his shaft. Despite himself, Jamin found his penis beginning to erect.

“Pretty cool, huh?” said Rebecca, grinning. “I’ve been practicing. My psychic influencing abilities are stronger than ever. I may not be able to screw around with your mind, but I’ve learned to influence people’s nervous systems directly.” Jamin felt the pleasurable tingling begin to run up and down his length like a steady stroke of raw pleasure. Jamin just steeled himself and gave Rebecca a hard look, though he had to admit it did feel rather pleasant. But he wasn’t backing down.

Rebecca sighed with exasperation. “Tough guy as usual,” she said. Then she narrowed her eyes again, and Jamin jerked back, staggering a bit. An explosion of pain rippled through his groin, as though he had just taken a hammer and a taser to his balls. Still, he didn’t cry out and he just glared at Rebecca. Rebecca hit him with the sensation again. Then a third time, this time keeping the sensations continuous until Jamin finally sank to one knee and gave out a pained gasp. Rebecca then relented.

“Okay, believe it or not, I didn’t come here to psycho-shock your balls to oblivion,” she said. “But I do need you out of my way. So, I’m going to use you as my little guinea pig to test out my latest little device.” Rebecca slipped a hand into her blazer, and pulled out a small, golden hook.

The device was two-inches long, with the ‘barb” ending smoothly rounded off, and the end of the neck having a small, bow-tie shaped flat piece. Rebecca took a step forward. Jamin leaped back, but the two battle mages jumped him, grabbing him by the arms and pulling him up, pinning him to the wall. They each trapped one of his legs between their own in order to pin them as well. Jamin struggled, but it was no use. He had no leverage, and the two together were stronger than him. Rebecca stepped up to Jamin and smiled wickedly.

“So far, I just call it the Golden Hook,” she said. “A sex mage forged this little number for me, and if it tests well on you, we may go into production.” So saying, she leaned down and slipped the hook onto the tip of Jamin’s penis, still hard thanks to Rebecca’s influence despite the pain he’d felt earlier. Once the hook was on, the “bard” slipping into the slit and the flat piece touching the spot just below the frenulum, Jamin felt it grow hot for just a moment, and then it almost felt like it wasn’t there at all. Rebecca pulled back and Jamin felt her psychic presence leave his nerves. His penis immediately began to shrivel; however, the hook remained where it was, snuggly following the curve of the penis tip. Then, suddenly, Jamin felt a very slight tingle come from it, and his penis erected again, swelling to maximum hardness. The tingling then stopped, but his penis remained erect. Despite no apparent stimulation, and with Jamin not at all aroused, his penis stayed at the maximum point of tension.

Rebecca backed up, and the two battle mages also jumped back a bit, making sure they were beyond the reach of his grip. Jamin’s feet touched the ground and he stayed standing, his back still to the wall. He looked down at his cock, then up at Rebecca.

“Okay, so you’ve given me a case of priapism,” said Jamin Frey. “Really? That’s it? I’ve had the Permanent Erection spell cast on me more times than I can count. That’s like the most basic spell in the Sex Mage arsenal.”

“Try and masturbate,” said Rebecca. Jamin just rolled his eyes. “Do it or I will go for you balls again.”

Jamin scowled, but moved his hand towards his penis. When he got within a couple inches, he felt a sudden jolt that forced his hand away. “The hell?” said Jamin. He tried again with the same result.

“Excellent!” said Rebecca. “Now walk forward.” Jamin, still scowling, took a step. He jumped as he did, for as he moved forward, he felt a stroke of raw pleasure trace along the length of his cock. He paused. “I didn’t tell you to stop,” said Rebecca. Jamin took another few steps towards them, the women backing up a bit. Every step came with a stroke of pleasure along his penis. And, despite himself, he found he was getting aroused. It was just a bit, and his own iron will, not to mention the situation, kept the sensation well repressed, but Jamin noticed with alarm that the niggling bit of arousal didn’t go away, just stayed where it was at first. It took a while to actually fade away.

“What is this?” said Jamin.

“I could tell you felt something,” said Rebecca. “Pleasurable?”

“I suppose,” said Jamin, guardedly.

Rebecca laughed. “That’s a yes, then. And I could sense you getting aroused, even though you’re not really in the mood.” She looked two the two battle mages. “Hmm… Jamin here enjoys smaller busts. A nice handful, he always said, was the most delicious. You two look like you fit. Would you be dears and kindly take your tops off?”

Jamin backed up a bit and felt another stroke of pleasure. He started to watch, feeling rather compelled despite himself, to see the two women, but suspecting something was up, he closed his eyes, looked down, and put his arm in front of his face. “What are you up to?” said Jamin.

“We’re just testing the various features of the Golden Hook,” said Rebecca. “Firstly, once attached, the penis (or clitoris), becomes fully and permanently erect. Secondly, it will prevent you from masturbating, shocking you if you try to touch yourself, or even if you try to hump the wall or your mattress. Thirdly, when you try to walk or otherwise travel under your own power, the hook will send jolts of pleasure along your genitals. The sensations will intensify the long and faster you try to walk, run, crawl, etc. Fourthly, it will cause you to become aroused by anything that would arouse you, even if the situation would normally dissuade you from arousal. For example…”

Jamin hissed and jumped as he felt another of Rebecca’s psychic shocks, which forced his hands to move to his balls, which thusly resulted in them getting shocked by the hook. Jamin opened his eyes and turned to face Rebecca, ready to let fly a curse, but found the words die on his lips as he found himself faced with two lovely pairs of breasts. Jamin, who was a breast man through and through, found himself mesmerized by the sight of them, and felt himself becoming rapidly aroused. He tried to fight the sensation, but despite his iron will pushing back with all its might, the arousal blossomed anyway, and he felt his penis twitching with excitement. Jamin tried to look away and with Herculean effort, managed to, but the arousal stubbornly tried to stay where it was.

Jamin saw the feet of the two mages step forward, and he backed up, each step again stroking his cock, which did not help at all. However, his back hit the wall again, and the two mages walked right up, pressing themselves against him. Their skin was smooth, even with their battle hardened muscles, and their breasts were firm but soft. Jamin tried to shove them back, but the two grabbed his arms and legs and pinned them again. Jamin squeezed eyes shut, but the feeling of their naked skin against his seemed to be enough to do the job.

He heard Rebecca step up to him, and soon, she was close enough, he could smell the sweetness of mint on her breath. Rebecca leaned close, in between the two mages, and Jamin felt her breath on his left ear. She purred into it and Jamin shivered, still gritting his teeth. “Fifthly,” she said, delight clear on her voice. Jamin suddenly let out a loud gasp, eyes flying open as Rebecca unceremoniously grabbed his cock. His penis was suddenly alive with sensual fireworks, pleasure rippling all along his organ, up and down the shift, whirling around the penis head, even tickling his balls. Then she started stroking him, and the sensations nearly tripled. Caught completely unprepared, Jamin let out a ragged gasp of surprise. Rebecca purred again into his ear and continued, “Fifthly, the hook makes you incredibly sensitive down there, and just touching your genitals is enough to make a normal man blow his load in under a minute.”

Jamin could certainly believe it. He’d been on the receiving end of sex mage and psychic stimulation to his genitals before, and this was something like that; a continuous current of raw, sexual pleasure, more pure than even an electrical stimulation device could bring. This is what that felt like, and while Jamin had built up incredible stamina in that regard, he had all his defenses knocked out from under him this time. He grit his teeth and tried to get himself under control, but it was too much too fast. Indeed, in under a minute, he felt his hips buck forward in Rebecca’s hand.

Rebecca just laughed and the this time, the battle mages pinning him joined in.

“Did I forget to mention, Jamin, that sixthly, the hook makes it impossible for you to orgasm unless the one who put it on you grants permission?” Rebecca just grinned at Jamin’s strained expression.

“Bitch,” he hissed at her.

“You know, you really shouldn’t be giving me crap, Jamin,” said Rebecca. “I could just go back to using pain to keep you in place. But its much more fun to torment you with pleasure.” Rebecca crouched down and licked her lips, eyeing Jamin with a wicked look.

Jamin gasped out a “No, don’t…” but it was no use. Rebecca’s mouth closed around the head of his penis, and her tongue writhed against him. The pleasure nearly tripled yet again, and Jamin’s vision went white as pleasure so intense it nearly was painful wracked his body. Despite his willpower and post-human stamina, he couldn’t take much more. He felt himself passing out. But then, with a jolt, he realized he never crossed the threshold. Even as the sensations overwhelmed him, he realized he could not pass out.

Jamin felt Rebecca’s mouth leave him briefly enough to here her say, “Oh, wow, how wonderful! The hook won’t let you pass out while I stimulate you either! This thing is truly amazing!” And then, her mouth was upon him again, and the two mages pinning him had to really work to keep his thrashing from breaking him free. Rebecca realized by that point that if she stopped and let go of him, he would probably pass out from exhaustion right there.

She decided to continue sucking him for another ten minutes anyway.

Jamin wasn’t sure how long he’d been out. When Rebecca’s mouth had left him, he had mercifully been allowed to pass out. Now he was back on the mattress and the cell was empty. He looked down, and sure enough, he was still hard as a rock, the Golden Hook still attached. His penis, despite remaining hard this whole time and undergoing such intense stimulation, hadn’t become sore. At least the hook maker had been considerate in that regard, so that the effects did no permanent damage.

Jamin tried to stand up and winced as he felt a bolt of pleasure shoot through his cock once again. Calmly, slowly, Jamin shifted to sitting position, then stood up. The pleasure thrummed through him the whole time, but as low as he moved slowly, it was light enough to be ignorable. Still, this was going to be a problem. The cell was pretty solid, but the hook was a bigger restraint. He couldn’t move very fast, or far, at all without the pleasure overtaking him. That was to say nothing of trying to fight. Iron willed as he was, the mystical mechanisms of the hook would have him on his knees pretty quickly.

With no magic or equipment, and every movement only making travel harder with every step, he was effectively pinned. Jamin reached for his penis again, tentatively. The jolt knocked his hand away. He took another breath, concentrated for a few moments, sat down on the floor, and, gritting his teeth against the jolting sensation, forced his hands to reach for his penis. It was like trying to physically grip a lightning elemental, and the shocking sensation quickly turned to pain. But Jamin was able to get one hand on his shaft to hold his cock steady, and another on the hook. Digging with his fingers, he tried to pry it off. It wouldn’t budge. He pulled harder, pulled until he felt like he would tear the foreskin right off, but the damn hook refused to part with his flesh. Finally, realizing it was useless, Jamin released himself and with a sigh of relief, yanked his hands away from now painful storm of shocks.

His dick and hands ached for a bit from his efforts, but the pain subsided eventually. Jamin shook his head. The hook probably couldn’t come off, unless the person who put it on in the first place removed it.

The door to the cell came open, and Jamin jumped to his jump, jerking as the movement send a powerful bolt of pleasure through him. The black haired battle mage stepped into the room and the door shut, relocking. The woman had several metal rings in her hands, but these she set down on the floor near the door.

“Ah, you’re awake,” she said. “How was your rest?”

“A little forced,” Jamin said.

The woman smiled with bemusement. “Yes, I suppose,” she said. “That’s very fascinating little device, isn’t it? There’s a few people I can think of who I’d like to slip one of those onto.”

“Well, it works splendidly,” said Jamin. “Satisfied?”

“Not quite,” said the woman. “Oh, the boss is satisfied the hook works well enough so far, but she’s not nearly done with you. She wants us to run more tests. She said we can do anything we want to test you.”

Jamin tensed. “What kinds of tests?”

The woman shifted into a fighting stance. “When we fought with swords, we were pretty even. I suspect you’re actually a fair degree stronger than me, but alas, we never got to go true hand to hand to see who was more skilled in that department. Still, now seems like as good a time as any.”

“I don’t suppose I could appeal to your warrior’s virtue to maybe not challenge me when you clearly have all the cards stacked in your favor?” said Jamin, dryly.

The woman smirked. “Tell you what. We’ll make this a challenge. If you can pin me for a ten count, we’ll declare you the winner. If you win, we’ll call it a day, and I’ll leave.”

“And if you win?” said Jamin.

“Oh, you’ll know when I win,” said the woman. “I won’t need a ten-count.”

“Guess I don’t have much choice, huh,” said Jamin, shifting slightly, but not taking an obvious battle stance.

“Nope,” said the woman. “By the way, my name is Therin.”

“Jamin,” he said. “Shall we begin?”

“Oh, wait,” she said. Quickly, she kicked off her shoes then stripped off her pants and top, followed by her bra and panties. She gathered them up, and tossed them into a corner of the cell. She resumed her fighting stance, which did nothing to lessen the sexiness of her exposed body. “There,” she said, a sly tone in her voice. “Now we’re more even.”

Jamin muttered a curse, and forced himself to glance away, looking at her from his peripheral vision. The more Jamin got a look at her, the more he realized that in the looks department, she was exactly his type. He was finding himself aroused, even without looking at her directly. She gave him to time to get his bearers. She lunged right at him, fist shooting for his head. Jamin had to jump back and bring his arm up in a sweeping block. The Golden Hook sent flashes of pleasure through him, and his penis wagged as he moved. Therin didn’t let up, continuing to strike at him. Jamin blocked and parried each hit, but each swift movement, like he had predicted, sent increasingly intense jolts of pleasure through his penis.

He made a few attempts to attack, but one wide kick had left him exposed, and Therin’s hand had shot straight for his cock. Jamin barely managed to deflect the grab with his knee and then shove her away. Therin sprang back at him. Jamin dodged a few more times, but he found himself quickly stumbling as the jolts of pleasure began to make his knees tremble. He had to end this fast.

As Therin lunged at him again, he let her fist just barely graze his cheek as he spun with the blow. Continuing the spin, gritting his teeth despite the continuous pleasure jolt it sent through him, he was able to slip his arm around hers, jerk her off balance, and swiftly had her in an arm lock, forcing her arms up and back. This, however, had the effect of pressing her back to his front, and she immediately thrust her ass back again him. Twisting at the last second, Jamin was able to cause her ass to press to his right hip. With a heave, Jamin threw Therin to the ground, and land on top of her, keeping her pinned. She writhed beneath him, and Jamin’s cock swayed dangerously close to touching her flesh. Feeling her body move under him was still enough to drive Jamin to distraction.

“Ten count,” he said firmly, mainly to focus himself. “One. Two. Three. Four. Fi-“ He let out a gasp, and he jumped so hard he nearly let go of her. He looked down as he felt something tickling his ballsack, and saw that Therin had bent back her leg, and her toes were tickling the underside of the scrotum. Pleasure rippled up his organ.

“Give up, stud?” said Therin as she felt Jamin tremble on top of her.

“F-f-five. S-six,” Jamin hissed defiantly. Therin brought her other leg back and used her other foot to give Jamin a swift push on his butt, forcing his hips to swivel and cause his penis to touch her ass check. Jamin let out a loud gasp. “Sev-s-seven,” he said.

“Hmm?” said Therin. “Didn’t quite make that one out.” She wiggled beneath him, and Jamin found the shaft of his penis nestling in the crack of her ass. Jamin stiffened and his next word became a mumble. The pleasure surged through his organ. Therin flexed her ass cheeks to squeeze the hot, hard member some more, and then felt Jamin’s hips thrust.

“Oh, fuck,” said Jamin. He couldn’t help himself. The pleasure from the hook was too much and the haze of arousal was too thick. His hips began to buck instinctively against her ass and he lost his hold on her. Therin freed her arms, but didn’t yet shove Jamin off. She rather enjoyed felling him hump her ass.

With a Herculean effort, Jamin shoved himself up and off of her, rolling onto his back. But before he could even orient himself, Therin was straddling him, sitting on his chest. Her gorgeous nude body practically loomed over him, her breasts filling his vision as she bent forward a bit.

Therin snapped her fingers, and the metal rings she had left on the floor flew straight to her hands. Quickly, Therin grabbed Jamin’s arms and slipped two of the rings on. Jamin tried to snap his arms away, but he was still too shaken, and Therin caught them easily. As soon as the rings, were over his hands, they shrank and snugly gripped his wrists, then immediately pulled his arms to the floor.

Binding rings. Like the Golden Hook, as magical devices, they weren’t canceled by the anti-magic seal still holding strong to Jamin’s back. Therin got up, took the last two rings and, despite Jamin’s kicking (which only zapped him further), managed to slip a ring onto each ankle, and they again fit snugly to him and forced his limbs to the ground. Now, Jamin was bound spread eagle to the floor by iron rings which could hold a giant.

“Well,” said Therin, sitting on his chest again. “That was rather exciting. Watching your penis flop around helpless while you tried to fight me? I didn’t know it would be such a turn on.” Jamin felt a warm dampness grow on his chest, in the spot between her legs.

Jamin strained against the rings, putting his all into it. The rings actually lifted a few inches off the ground, but he couldn’t budge them any further. His arms shook with the effort, and the rings snapped back sharply to the floor. Therin just watched him calmly, a slight smile playing on her lips. Jamin looked away from her; her body was too arousing, he couldn’t focus while her filling his vision like this.

“What’s the longest you’ve ever had sex, Jamin?” said Therin.

“I can’t remember,” he said. “You know how it is with sex mages. Can fuck you for days on end and you lose all sense of time. It’s really kind of annoying.”

“Ah,” said Therin. “Well, I don’t think we’ll take it that far. But it has been a while since I’ve been with a man. I intend to take my time” She scooted back, leaving a moist trail on his chest. The curve of her ass lightly touched the tip, right on the hook, and Jamin shuddered as a brief ripple went through his loins.

“Please don’t,” said Jamin. Briefly, he tongued the zipper tab nestled in the gap in his back teeth. He was tempted to use it now, but that wouldn’t help anything, bound as he was.

“Begging will only making it worse, hun,” said Therin. She lifted her hips. “I hate it when I man gets all wussy on me. So the more you beg, the more I’m just going to work you. Got that?”

Jamin nodded, then tried to brace himself as Therin lowered herself to him. Without even using her hands to guide his member, she slid onto him perfectly, now thoroughly wet. Jamin let out a choked gasp. The moment her lips touched his organ, the hook blasted him with surges of pleasure. And as she took in his length, surrounding his super sensitive organ with warm, wet bliss, the sensations just become more and more intense. She took her time too, slowly letting him enter, and watching his face closely. Jamin kept as close to a poker face as he could, only half way succeeding.

Therin grinned just sitting on his cock, feeling it pulse inside her, waiting for Jamin, to try and get himself under control. Just when it looked like he was about to succeed, her hips moved.

Jamin shuddered. Every movement of her body was pure ecstasy shot straight into every nerve. And Therin didn’t just pump him, oh no. A battle mage could control the muscles of their body in ways no ordinary person could imagine. As her hips gyrated on his penis, he felt her vaginal walls seem to ripple, creating a continuous downward stroking effect even when she wasn’t moving directly up and down. Jamin grit his teeth and strained at his bonds once more, and Therin fucked him with a catgirl’s sinewy grace and vigor.

Therin was amazed. Jamin felt good, of course, he was the perfect size for her, the penis head pressing her g-spot when fully inside. The hot pulsing of his cock sent thrills through her all on its own. But she swore she could feel a tingling wherever the hook touched her inner walls, and as she moved on Jamin, the pleasure was more intense than usual, especially just starting out. A rhythmic pulse of pleasure emanated from the hook in time with the pulse of Jamin’s cock, on top of the natural stimulation. Therin let out a soft moan. She reached down, and put her hands on his chest, and her hips moved up and down, twisting as they went to maximize the sensations in her walls, which of course only made things even more intense for Jamin.

Jamin’s attempt to keep himself under control was futile, and as Therin lost himself to the pleasure, Jamin gave up trying to stay as physically stoic as possible. He found his hips bucking up in time to her gyrations, as though his cock had decided it was going to take over from here. The pleasure surged through him intensely. Within minutes, he knew he was at the point of no return, and Jamin grit his teeth and hissed with frustration as his cock refused to release. Like an overloaded circuit with a breaker that couldn’t break, his dick was alive with sensations that even his superhuman resilience found overwhelming.

Therin was amazed at how good it felt. Within mere minutes of taking him inside her, she felt the rush an orgasm blossoming between her legs. She rode it out, her hips loosing their rhythm for a moment, as intense waves of pleasure crashed through her. Letting out a cry, her hands clutched his chest tightly, her nails digging, and she practically snarled the word, “Oh fuck yeah…”

A good appetizer, but now, she could take her time. She slowed the movement of her hips. Bringing her hands up, she cupped her breasts and squeezed them, rolling the nipples between her thumb and forefingers. She looked at Jamin with a pleased smile as his eyes widened at the sight of this. She swiveled her hips to the synch with the pinching and rolling of her nipples and Jamin let out a shuddering gasp.

The next build up took much longer, even though the hook seemed to enhance Therin’s sensations at least a little bit as well. There was no real way to tell, but it felt to Jamin like at least an hour. Therin was writhing on top of him by that point, one hand again on his chest to steady her, the other working her breasts. Jamin by now was thrashing and moaning constantly. His cock feeling like it would burn to ash from the amount of sheer energy coursing through it. His cock clenched spastically, the organ constantly straining for a release that wouldn’t come, but slave to its own biological wiring, it would ceaselessly try, too stupid to realize it was hopeless. Jamin couldn’t pass out thanks to the hook, but he could feel his mind trying to, as desperate to escape the sensual torment as his cock was to release it. A few phrases of “oh please” escaped his lips, which he was barely aware of, but which he hoped Therin was too swept up in her own pleasure to notice.

Therin let out a scream, which Jamin matched as another orgasm ripped through her, causing her to convulse in ways that would make a contortionist wince. Jamin thrashed and bucked so hard, as her orgasm sent an explosion of immense pleasure through him. Powered by raw adrenalin, his limbs lifted the rings half a foot off the ground for a few, tenuous moments, before they yanked him back down.

It took a good few minutes for Therin’s orgasm, stronger than any she’d had in her life, to finally spend, and she collapsed onto Jamin. She slid off of him and rolled onto her side next to him, her body twitching with the aftershocks.

Jamin let out a gasp of relief. His cock and balls screaming with frustration, he nevertheless felt the cool relief of unconsciousness washing over him, and he welcomed it. Alas, it was not to be, as before he could go under, he felt a hand cup his balls, and tingling pleasure tickled his organ once more, wrenching him back to consciousness.

“Ah, ah,” said Therin. “I’m not done with you yet. I thought I heard a couple of ‘oh please’s’ somewhere in there. What did I tell you about begging.”

“Jesus, no, don’t,” said Jamin, trying to catch his breath.

“Wow, did you not just hear me?” said Therin. She brought herself up to a kneeling position, her hand still cupping and gently rolling his testicles.

“N-not begging,” gasped Jamin. “Just telling.”

Therin gave him a look, then laughed. “Man, I can’t believe you’re even cognizant of anything. I’d heard you gotten worked over pretty severely by sex mages in the past. I suppose its given you a pretty high tolerance, huh?”

Jamin’s hips bucked trying to escape her grasp, and he strained once more to escape the rings. But he was pretty thoroughly spent, and he couldn’t even budge them now. Therin leaned down and gave the tip of his penis a kiss, and licked slowly along the length of the hook. Jamin’s hips jerked and his cock spasmed fiercely. Therin laughed and moved down to take him in her mouth. Despite himself, Jamin found his body eagerly anticipating this touch. You would think his cock would have learned by now, but like a puppy that just never got the hint, his organ quivered and jumped as her lips neared him.

Sudden Therin stopped, and sat up. Her hand stopped moving on his testicles, but squeezed them gently. Therin was looking off the side, head slightly cocked. She must was receiving a telepathic message. She turned to Jamin. “Well, well. Looks like your organization caught wind of your absence.”

Jamin only looked at her curiously. Her hand resumed its caress and Jamin winced. He tried to focus on gathering his wits again; the minor stimulation made it difficult, but not impossible. Therin snapped her fingers, and the rings suddenly expanded, slipped off Jamin’s wrists and ankles and flew to Therin’s hand again. He was too weak to put up any effective struggle now. Therin leaned down and gave his penis tip a final peck with her lips, then she let go of him and stood.

“Looks like you might be getting a cell mate soon,” she said. And waited for Jamin’s eyes to close and for his breathing to ease as he fell unconscious. When he seemed out, Therin took a small cloth from her pants pocket, wiped the fluids from between her legs, and got dressed. Pausing, she went over and lay the cloth out of Jamin’s face. He didn’t rouse, but she saw his penis lurch as the scent of her pussy filled his nostrils. She was sure that would inspire a few erotic dreams to make up for the interruption of their session. She then left.

Jamin let out a breath and weakly yanked the pussy-juice soaked cloth from his face. He had managed to collect enough of his wits and cool down while she had her hand on his balls to keep himself from simply passing out when she left. His muscles ached, but he forced himself to roll over, stretch, and stand. Taking a breath, he stood, a little shaky and leaned against the wall for support. His penis continued to twitch insistently as if to tell him, “Well, what the fuck are you waiting for? We’ve got some unresolved business here!” Jamin reached slowly for his penis, and let the hook shock him a few times. It stung, but it cleared his senses, and with another deep breath, he felt his strength returning.

He really hoped that whoever had come for back-up would get him out of here. He already sick of this goddamned hook.

Jamin had spent the next few hours meditating, during which time the ache in his balls and the nagging arousal were fully suppressed. He was now slowly pacing the cell for about the dozenth time. His aura senses were still ridiculously dulled, but as he ran his fingers along the walls, he did find several spots where one ward cut off and another began, which formed a nearly imperceptible seam. It wasn’t much as weak spots went, considering that even without the ward enhancements it was still at least eight inches thick of solid concrete he would have to bore through, but it was something anyway. And if he traced the lining of the seam, he found the ward made a nice six foot wide, five foot tall arch. If he could manage to slip a mystic edge, thin enough to slip through the seam, he might be able to just cut the whole section of wall out. Without his magic, though, that meant cutting it physically.

Suddenly, he sensed people at the door, once again just half a second before it opened. In came Therin and the Asian red head, dragging another woman, this one naked and unconscious, behind them. At least one of them kept their eyes on Jamin at a time, incase he tried anything, and Jamin could tell from the shadow that fell on the floor that someone was standing just outside the door, in case he made an attempt to bolt.

Jamin kept his eyes on the two battle mages as they lay the new woman on the mattress. “Now behave you two,” said Asian red head. “We’ll be back soon, but we have to make sure our other guest is secured.”

Therin reached out and gave Jamin’s penis head a flick as she walked by. Jamin twitched, but otherwise kept his cool. He waited until they were out the door before turning to the woman they had left. His brow furrowed. “Rags?”

The young woman on the mattress was petite, very thin, and with practically no bust to speak of. Her head was topped with a the scraggliest mop of hair Jamin had ever seen, black, shoulder length, and peppered with white and golden strands. Her skin was tanned and wrinkle free, but her body was crisscrossed with numerous scars, some made by weapons, others by beasts, others by attack spells. Her right eye was missing, leaving a scarred socket in its place. He also noticed the gleam of gold that peeked out from between her pussy lips, which were moist. Jamin was certain if he felt her down there, her clit would be taught.

Jamin kneeled down next to her and put a hand on her shoulder. He gently shook her. “Hey. Rags. Wake up.”

Maggie “Rags” Ceno groaned softly and her good eye fluttered open, instantly coming to focus. The grey-blue eye was sharp and alert. “Oh, Jamin,” she said, her voice as ragged as her appearance. She sat up a bit, Jamin helping support her. Despite how scarred her body was, she moved smooth and easy. “There you are. So, found a way out of here yet?”

“If I did do you think I’d still be here?” said Jamin.

“Well, I figured you were just enjoying the hospitality,” said Rags, nodding to his penis, which was ever so eager to say hello. It even waved a little.

“Well, I got to get my jollies somehow, I guess,” said Jamin. “But what are you even doing here? This isn’t your field.”

“Your department called mine, said they were all booked up, and wanted to know if we had anyone to spare,” said Rags. “So I volunteered. Been a while since we worked together, and besides, I owe you one for that time in the Bad Lands.”

“Ah,” said Jamin. “I guess you didn’t expect to get jumped by their little mercenary crew, huh?”

“Have I mentioned how much I fucking hate fighting summoners?” said Rags. Her grin was humorless, and Jamin just nodded.

Rags’ expertise was monster hunter, and not the kind that just wanted to fuck you until either they were sated or you were broken (or both), but the kind that saw something living and did everything in its power to tear it to pieces. Jamin had fought monsters before, but his field of expertise might lead him to flush a harem of succubi out of the red light district. Rags was the person who went down into the sewers to confront the swarm of flesh-eating ghouls and their pet hell hounds. Rags’ numerous scars attested to her ability to get into the most savage of fights and come out alive. Then she’d get healed and jump right back into the fray. Eventually, of course, you could only heal someone so many times before the spells just couldn’t completely repair the damage.

“Okay, let’s get you out of here,” said Rags. She stood up and started walking to the door, then stumbled a bit. She looked down. “What the fuck?” She reached towards her sex, but was jolted by the hook, causing her to leap back, and stumble again. “What the hell is going on?”

“You got hooked,” said Jamin. He pointed to his own cock, and explained how the hook worked. Rags just looked at him incredulously.

“So, you can’t even walk right with one of these things on you?” Rags shook her head and plopped down into a cross legged position. “God, what is it with these sex freaks? Can’t they just kill people like a normal criminal?”

“All things considered, I think I’ll take getting raped over getting killed,” said Jamin.

“You’re a very disturbed man,” said Rags. “Must be why you specialize in this sort of thing. Do you get off on it or something?”

Jamin shrugged. “I dunno. You just kinda get used to it after awhile.”

Rags shook her head again, then paused. She suddenly stiffened, and opened her mouth wide, then bent over as if she were about to vomit. Jamin cocked an eyebrow as he suddenly saw two long, thin antennae poke out from her mouth. They twitched around a bit, then, slowly, a three inch wide centipede began to descend from her mouth. Its mandibles glinted dully in the light as they clacked.

Jamin turned his head. “You still let a monster centipede nest in your stomach and you call me disturbed.” Rags just waved him off. The centipede extended itself down towards Rags’ sex, the end of it still not leaving her mouth, prompting Jamin to wonder how long it was. The creature fit its mandibles around the golden hook and tugged. Rags trembled as the effort clearly caused a bit of pleasure to spike through her clit, but she maintained her cool enough to not gag or clamp down on the centipede. After a few more sharp tugs, the creature gave up and slid back into her mouth. Rags let out a gasp and a cough, then let out a low grunt of frustration.

“Celia has her uses,” she said. “Unfortunately, looks like she can’t get the hook off either.” Rags thought for a moment. “Guess she could try chewing it off…”

Jamin blanched. “Let’s try for something less drastic that castrating ourselves.”

Rags shrugged. “I haven’t felt anything down there for years. I’ve gotten sliced up and burnt on my lower half a few too many times that my nether regions just gave up eventually. One more slice off won’t kill me.”

“That’s awful,” said Jamin.

Rags shrugged again. “I dunno. You kinda get used to it after a while.”


Just then, the door opened once more, and Therin, Rebecca, and the Asian woman entered. “Ah, good, she’s awake,” said Rebecca. She turned to the Asian. “Lin, grab her.”

“Keep your hands off me, bitch,” said Rags, standing up and backing away. She winced a little. Jamin frowned as he watched her; if she had been telling the truth, then her sex was supposed to be pretty much numb. But the hook still seemed to affect her, distracting her with sensations she hadn’t felt in years.

Lin pulled a thin purple ribbon out from her pocket, and flicked it upwards. Then with another flick, the ribbon lashed forward quick as a snake. Rags blocked it with her hand, dodging to the side, but she stumbled. The ribbon, moving as if of its own will, extended in length, and snagged Rag’s leg. Before she could unbind herself, the ribbon started wrapping around her, snagging her limbs and joints. With a final tug from Lin, the ribbon pulled taught, forcing Rags into a hogtied, kneeling position. She muttered a string of profanities, causing the other women to laugh.

Jamin stood and slowly inched his way towards the door. He got about three feet before Therin whirled and tossed her rings at him. Jamin curses, snatched one ring right out of the air and used it to bat the other three aside. Ignoring the pulsing of his cock, he tried to bolt for the door, but the ring in his hand snapped back, yanking him towards the ground. The other rings flew back around and snagged his other wrist and ankles, and before he knew it, he was caught again. He hit the floor face down, with and let out a tremendous breath as the wind was knocked out of him.

“Cripes, you just never learn, do you?” said Therin. “I’m starting to think you like being caught.” She made a motion with her hands, and the rings flipped Jamin over, binding him face up. His cock bobbed with the motion, bringing an amused smile to Therin’s lips.

Rags, meanwhile, was thrashing in the grip of Lin’s ribbon, but the more she thrashed, the more her body trembled and her breath was cut short by little gasps of pleasure. “Oh, fuck,” said Rags.

“You’re just defeating yourself like that, you know,” said Lin. “I mean, if you want to keep at it, by all means, less work for us. But the more you struggle, the more the hook jolts you.”

Rags forced herself to quit struggling, but by that point, Rebecca had stepped up behind her. She leaned down and reached around to Rag’s chest. Running her hands slowly over Rag’s breasts her fingers began to rub the small nipples. Rags let out a gasp. The touch was pleasing, and the sensations seemed to trigger a response in the hook, sending pulsing pleasure straight through her clit and g-spot. “You poor dear,” said Rebecca. “It’s been ages since you felt good like this. I can see it in your thoughts quite clearly.”

Rags grit her teeth and let out a groan of defiance, but it quickly became one of pleasure. “G-get out of my head, you cunt,” said Rags, even as moisture quickly collected on her pussy lips. “I’ve got… defenses…”

Rebecca chuckled. “These crude little things? They may stop a cut-rate psychic, but I’m a little more advanced than that. Lin?” Lin nodded and kneeled down in front of Rags, then reached out and touched her clit, right on the hook. Rags let out a gasp, and Lin began rubbing in slow circles. The effect was immediate, and Rags began to squirm in Lin’s binding ribbon like a worm on a fishhook. Rebecca smiled and grabbed Rags head from either side. Closing her eyes, she concentrated. Rags let out a loud wail as Rebecca tore at the psychic barriers in her mind, then started rooting around in her thoughts.

“Now, let’s see,” said Rebecca. “Good god, that’s the sort of thing you do in your job? You have it rough, girl. No wonder your body is such a wreck. Now, let’s see if we can’t put something more pleasant in there. Oh, I know. We haven’t tested how the golden hooks work when you put two people together with them on yet. Maybe I should make you fall head over heels in lust with Jamin, unable to think of anything but fucking him. Doesn’t that sound like fun?”

“Fuck off!” shouted Rags. Then, she let out a near scream as Lin inserted two fingers into her, and worked them slowly in and out. Lin leaned forward, lightly kissing and suckling Rags’ breasts. “Oooooh, god…” She squirmed her hips to match Lin’s movements.

“You have a tough will, but I’m afraid you won’t hold out long. Once you start teasing a person’s sex, you find all that resolve and tough guy training of theirs just melts away. There we go, I think I found the little node I’m looking for. The spot where all you’re dirty little fetishes lay.” Rebecca took a moment to peak inside there, then nearly jumped. “Holy god. You’re into that?! How is that even physically possible?” Rebecca looked up to Jamin and grinned. “You wouldn’t believe the things your little partner here has slept with.”

“Whatever gets you off,” said Jamin. Therin laughed. She kneeled down next to Jamin and grasped his cock, slowly stroking it. Jamin let out a gasp.

“Supposedly, if two people with the hooks on start fucking, they won’t be able to stop until someone else pulls them off,” said Therin. “Think maybe we’ll leave the two of you in here together, see how long you can fight off Rags’ amorous advances.”

“Jamiiiiin…” said Rags breathlessly.

“Th-thhen what?” said Jamin, squirming under Therin’s touch.

“Guess maybe then we’ll see how long it takes for you two to fuck each other to death,” said Therin.

“The sight of Jamin’s hard cock brings you to your knees with lust,” said Rebecca as she tinkered around with Rags fetishes. “When you see him naked, you can’t think of anything but having him inside you.”

“Keep it together Rags!” said Jamin. “Keep her out of your head!”

“Thfuck dya think I’m t-trying to… oh!” Lin’s fingers worked more quickly, and her kisses trailed up Rags’ chest, up her neck, and to her lips. As Rebecca’s mental manipulations began to take hold, Lin kissed Rags passionately, using the pleasure of intimacy to undermine any last defense she could rally. Suddenly, however, Lin jerked back with a yelp.

Rebecca paused and Therin looked over. Lin got shakily to her feet, holding out her tongue. It was slightly bleeding.

“Did she bite you?” said Therin. “She’s a vicious one.”

“N-no, not her…” said Lin softly, bringing a trembling hand to her face. “N-not…” Then she collapsed, looking pale as a ghost.

“What the hell?” said Rebecca. “What the hell did you do?!” In response, Celia darted halway out of Rags’ mouth and bit her on the hand. “Ah! Fuck!”

Therin was already on her feet, but before she could get another step, Jamin dislodged the zipper tab from the gap in his teeth, and spat it at her with as much force as he could muster. The tab struck Therin’s left temple with the force of a low caliber bullet. Not enough to cause permanent damage to physically enhance battle mage, but enough to knock her out cold.

As Therin slumped to the ground, Rebecca was reeling backwards, holding her hand. She lashed out with her mind at Rags in an attempt to knock her out, but the effort was feeble, and Rags just shuddered. Rebecca let out a choked gasp and likewise fell to the floor.

Jamin breathed deeply a few times to calm himself. Then he said, “Rags? You okay there?” Rags was struggling her way out of the ribbon, which was now slack, but had so thoroughly bound her, it was a pain in the ass getting the ties loose. After a minute, she was free, and she crawled over to Jamin. She looked a little haggard. When she glanced over his body, her gaze seemed to catch on his cock, which still twitched with excitement from Therin’s touch. “Rags!”

Rags shook her head. “S-sorry,” she said. “What’s the plan?”

“Pffft, plan,” said Jamin. “I dunno, go grab Rebecca and drag her over here. Actually, no wait. I assume Celia poisoned them, right?” Rags nodded. “How long does that stuff last?”

“Couple hours,” said Rags. She glanced to Therin. “Want me to do her to?”

“You’d better,” said Jamin. “Should could wake up any second.”

“Got it,” said Rags. She let Celia drop onto Therin and bite her, then went over to Rebecca and pulled the unconscious woman’s body over to Jamin’s. Rags had to stop and collect her breath from the hook’s ministrations. She forced herself not to look at Jamin as she did. “Okay… now what?”

“Grab Rebecca’s hand, see if you can pry the hook off with her fingers or something,” said Jamin.

Rags swallowed. “Okay…” she manipulated Rebecca’s hand to clasp around Jamin’s cock head and tried to position her fingers to pull on the hook. Jamin let out a breath, and Rags flushed. She bite her tongue until she tasted blood to resist the urge to stroke him. Instead, she pulled Rebecca’s hand up, which in turn pulled the hook. For a tenuous moment, the hook stayed attached. Then, it slipped off.

Jamin let out a sigh of relief. “Well, what do you know, it actually worked! Okay, now let’s get these rings off me.” He paused as Rags grasped his cock again, this time directly. Jamin stiffened. “Rags, stop.” Rags didn’t stop, but began to stroke. “Rags, stop!”

Rags shook her head. “You need to cum,” she said. “You need to cum, and I want to see you cum. I have to see you cum for me!”

“Oh, man, Rebecca got you bad, didn’t she,” said Jamin.

“You think I like this any more than you do?” said Rags. She lowered her mouth to his cock and licked it. “Oh…” she sighed. “Nothing against you…” she kissed his cock “I just don’t…” she licked it again, “get into …” (kiss) “human men…” (lick) “Very much…” (kiss) “but I just…” (kiss) “can’t seem to…” (lick) “help myself…” (kiss) “Just let me…” (lick) “do this…” She took his cock all the way into her mouth and began to bob her head up and down. Crazily, he swore he could feel Celia’s antenna tickling his cock head as it reached the back of her throat.

“Fine,” said Jamin, a little shakily. “H-happy to oblige…” He let out a loud gasp. The pleasure, while no longer enhanced by the hook, was very intense due to the sheer amount of teasing and edge riding he’d been through. It took only seconds for him to cum. With a shout, he exploded into Rag’s mouth, pumping burst after burst of his seed down her throat. Then, even when he was spent, she didn’t stop, just continued to suck him and move her tongue against him, completely caught up in her oral service. Unfortunately, this only tormented his now too-sensitive penis post orgasm. “St-stop! Rags, that’s enough, stop!”

Rags somehow found it in her to tear herself away. She closed her eyes, breath heavy, and took a moment to compose herself. “There,” she said. “I think I’m okay. For now.”

“I’ll give you a good long fuck when we’re done here, if you need it,” said Jamin. “Now, get me out of these rings.”

Rags checked him over. “I’m not really sure how.”

“That woman there snaps her fingers to activate them,” said Jamin. “Try that.”

“Try what?” said Rags.

“Snapping her fingers,” said Jamin.

“I don’t think that’s going to work,” said Rags.

“Why not?” said Jamin.

“I can’t just snap her fingers for her, that takes some precise muscle control,” said Rags.

“Have you ever tried it?”

“Well, no, but… look, you’re a mage, don’t you know counter spells for these sort of things?”

“Yes, but I have an anti-magic sigil tattooed onto my back.”

“Sigils only work if they’re intact. Roll over.”

“Rags, I can’t roll over till I get these rings off.”

“Stop being such a pussy and roll over.” Jamin took an annoyed breath, then concentrated all his remaining strength into lifting his left arm. He managed to get it a few inches off the ground. Rags reached over and put her strength into lifting him up. The effort send pleasure thrumming through her body, and she could only help for a few moments. It was enough to shift Jamin’s arm back, so he could twist himself, revealing enough of his back to expose the sigil.

Rags, breathing heavily, looked at the circular design, swallowed, and said, “Okay, bare with me, this is going to hurt.”

“What are you going to do, cut me or somethi—OW! Jesus fuck!”

Rags came up, blood dripping from her mouth. “Sorry,” she said. She watched as the sigil, now broken by the bite she’d made, dissolved away. “Okay, that should do it.”

“God damn it!” his Jamin. He concentrated for a moment, and felt the power of his aura returning. He flexed outward with it, focusing it on the binding rings, feeling their mystic structure. Then, he sensed the tripping points in their mechanism and with another flex of his aura, snapped the binding spell. The rings expanded enough for him to slip out of them, and they clattered uselessly to the ground.

Jamin stood and stretched, and noticed with some relief as his cock slowly shrank down. He used his power again to cast a small heal spell on his back, closing the wound of Rags’ bite. He turned to Rags, who was eyeing him rather intently. She caught his glance, and she looked away. “God, this is so annoying,” she said. “Just looking at you is getting me crazy wet.”

“Yeah, I have that effect,” he said with a wry smile.

“Can we get this damned thing off me?” said Rags. Jamin had her kneel down next to Rebecca, and maneuvered the psychic’s hand to grasp the golden hook in Rags pussy. As his fingers brushed her sex, Rags clutched at Jamin’s arm and gasped. She squirmed a bit, clearly fighting not to buck her hips. “H-hurry it up!”

“Sorry,” said Jamin. He pinched the golden hook between Rebecca’s fingers and tried to pull. Her fingers slipped off. Jamin frowned and tried again, then again, making sure he had a firm grip each time.

“Quit fucking around, you ass!” cursed Rags.

“Rebecca said only the one who put it on can take it off,” said Jamin. “It must not be her.” He looked to the other two unconscious women. “Lin sure seemed to get into it with you. Maybe it was her?” Jamin dragged Lin over, but that failed to work as well. He tried Therin and still, nothing.

Rags was trembling and had broken out into a sweat from all the touching by then, and she pounced on Jamin. “Oh, god, please…” she gasped. “Please, just fuck me, I can’t take it anymore!” She tried impaling herself on his cock, but he was still soft, and so she settled for humping against his right thigh. Jamin was knocked back. Rags, gasping a gyrating against his legs, clutched at him desperately. “Please, Jamin, just fuck me.”

“I’d love to, Rags, but remember, only the person who put it on you can will you cum,” said Jamin. “If I fucked you, it would just drive you crazier. Now get off me.”

Rags balled her hands into fists and pounded the wall, but couldn’t seem to stop herself. Jamin sighed, and knew he couldn’t be gentle to snap her out of it. He shoved her off hard enough to hit the far wall. She was tough enough, that wouldn’t really hurt her, but it did knock the wind out of her. Slightly dazed, her hands instinctively reached for her pussy, but the hook jolted her with a series of shocks. This, combined with the throw, seemed to knock her somewhat back to her senses. Rags, catching her breath, slowly stood. “God, is this what it’s like for you all the time with these missions?”

“Sometimes,” said Jamin. “Sometimes, I’m lucky and I can get everything done without getting captured and raped. Sometimes, though it’s worse. I appreciate you coming to get me. Last time I got this thoroughly captured, I ended up trapped in a monster girl maze for a month.” Jamin stood and grabbed the sleeve of Rebecca’s shirt, and wiped his leg off with it. He went up to the door, finding the edge, and extending his aura through the crack to pull it slightly open. He thought for a moment, trying to figure out his next move.

“How are we going to get out of here?” said Rags.

“I dunno,” said Jamin. “No offense, but you’re going to really slow me down as you are. And we don’t know who hooked you; until we do, we can’t get you free, and we can’t even get you off to clear your head.” He paused. “I may have to stash you somewhere.”

“Jesus, just let me cut this damn thing off,” said Rags. “Then you can heal me with your magic, and we can go.”

“We don’t even know if that’s going to work,” said Jamin. “And my healing magic isn’t that great. It supplements my own healing factor, it’s not so good for rebuilding other people’s organs.”

Rags cursed. “I’ll take what I can get. Then I’ll get some better help later.”

Jamin let out a sigh. “There’s no guarantee we’ll make it out of here to even get you better help.” He turned. “Can you really not just tough it out?”

Rags bit her lip. “Jamin, that psychic bitch has made it so I look at you, and I can barely think straight, and the hook keeps responding to that, and I haven’t felt sensations like this in I don’t know how long…”

Jamin nodded. “Okay, okay. I get it. But you know, getting the hook off isn’t going to erase what Rebecca did.”

“It should make it barable.” Rags gave him a fierce look. “Well? You going to help me, or do I have to make Celia chew it off?”

Jamin blanched. “God,” he said. He crouched down and held out the palm of his hand. From the palm formed a blade of thin white light. “I say again: and you call me disturbed.” He grasped the small blade like a scalpel. “You can bite down on me if you need to.”

Rags grabbed Jamin’s arm and guided it to her. She leaned forward and clamped her teeth down on Jamin’s shoulder. Jamin took a breath to steady himself and began the make shift surgery…

“Huh. This doesn’t seem to be working.” Jamin tried pressing the blade of light to Rags’ skin, but it was stopped as soon as it touched. There was not even an indentation, the blade just stopped. “Crap. I’m betting the hook is designed so you can’t cut it off.”

“Then let’s find your sword and try that,” said Rags, pulling back from his shoulder.

Jamin rolled his eyes. “I get the feeling the same thing will happen,” he said. He stood up and his cock was at Rags’ eye level. Rags swallowed and immediately began leaning her face towards it. Jamin jumped back a bit, and Rags shook her head. “There’s no way you can tough it out?”

“Not when I’m around you, no,” said Rags. “Cripes. You’re going to have to get out of here. Maybe I can stay here and watch these guys while you fetch our equipment.”

“I dunno,” said Jamin. “What if someone comes to check on them?”

“If I get caught again, I’m not going to be able to outrun anybody, so you may as well just leave me here. I’ve still got Celia, if nothing else.”

“Alright,” said Jamin. He reached down and picked up Therin’s rings and Lin’s ribbon. He also picked up the Golden Hook that had formally been his. He thought about slipping it onto one of the unconscious women, but decided they were accounted for well enough. “Make sure they stay out of it.” So saying, he went over the door, pried it open with his aura, took a peek outside, and stepped out.

The hallway was grey and lined with three doors on each side. At the far end of the hall, however, he could hear commotion. Jamin made his way to the end of the hall, where another door was propped open. He stepped through and his eyes widened at what he saw.

The area could best be described as a rather large “dungeon.” Jamin could see myriad people, mostly men, but some women as well, strapped down to racks, tables, chairs, all naked, all writhing and moaning. Many had some kind of device attached to them. Men had cock rings or leather harnesses attached to their cocks, some had urethral sounds inserted, some were attached by to small electrical devices. The fewer women captives had all manner of dildo’s inserted, though Jamin saw some had clamps attached to their nipples, clits, or pussy lips. Jamin extended his mystical senses and saw that each of the devices had some sort of enchantment on them, no doubt causing extended sensual suffering for the captives.

Other men and women, mostly clothed, went back and forth between the captives, taking notes, or sometimes touching them to increase the torment. Jamin noticed one particular “lucky” guy being sucked by two women at once, while another man dangled his erect penis over the guy’s face. The guy was thrashing in ecstasy from the ministrations of the women, even as he strained his utmost to try and reach the man’s cock with his mouth. In between the brief moments the man’s penis head flitted between the two women’s mouth, Jamin could see a glint of gold. He was hooked.

Finally, the two women ceased their sucking, and pulled away. The man withdrew his cock from the guy’s field of view, and the guy seemed to finally calm down some. “Now,” said the man, reaching over and plucking the golden hook from the guy’s penis. “Perhaps we can move on to the other tests without you being unnecessarily violet, hmmm?” The guy let out a string of pleas that sounded agreeable to his tormentor, who nodded, then turned to a table behind him.

As this happened, one of the captive women, who had a U-shaped device that went into her pussy and her ass, went unconscious, and two of the captors took notice. They removed the device and slipped one of the golden hooks into her, then unchained her, and carried her off to another door. Jamin positioned himself to look past the door, and saw a much larger hallway with more cell doors, these sporting small window slots. Jamin’s senses told him that none of the captors were either mages, psychics, or otherwise that he could tell, and he realized that particular stretch of cells was probably for holding normal people.

This was clearly a testing facility for whoever created the devices. Jamin figured they probably had hooks for all of their captives, but removed them for the tests. Pretty clever, actually, Jamin mused; if he could barely handle the hook for too long, no doubt a normal person would buckle before they even made it outside if they tried to escape. And with so many “staff” on hand, they could keep swapping around who hooked who, so the captors couldn’t even keep track of who they might be able to force to remove the hook.

Fortunately, like the captives, none of the staff appeared to be empowered either. Jamin understood now, why such seemingly heavy duty security was probably needed. The facility was probably larger than he’d guessed from the outside, with at least thirty workers, probably close to fifty “test subjects”, and who knows how many illegal devices. That was a lot of people and goods to keep track of, and easily lose if only one or two superhuman guards were employed. No doubt there were normal guards as well, but in a world of mages and psychics and monsters, “normal” guards didn’t amount to shit. It was likely whoever was “funding” this facility had rivals, and such rivals had superhumans of their own to mess up the place. Jamin realized he had simply been unfortunate enough to just be one guy showing up when no other threats were available, and thus found himself getting the beat down from the entire security group.

This also made Rags’ situation a lot more difficult to fix. Any one of the captors here could have hooked her. Rebecca had probably only wanted to hook Jamin personally because she wanted to gloat at him, but he doubted Rags had any personal enemies among this group.

Suddenly, his senses detected the approach of two mages, and he ducked into a corner. None of the normal people had seen or heard him, but he wasn’t taking chances with the remaining mages.

The summoner and healer walked in. Both were black women, fit, but lacking the muscle Therin and Lin had. They were dressed in simple robes, white and blue for the healer, green and gold for the summoner. They looked around the room, the summoner smirking and the healer shaking her head with a bemused smile on her face.

“Makes me want to pull out my beasties and let them have some fun,” said the summoner.

“You may do so if you like, Miss Ava,” said one of the other women. She pointed to a man who had just been moved to a set of chains, dangling him from the ceiling. His hook had just been removed, but no one had yet attached anything else to him.

Ava, the summoner, smiled. “I suppose I shall.” She paused, then turned to the healer. “You should go check on the others. Then they can keep ready while you can have some fun.”

“Where are the others?” said the healer.

Ava cocked a thumb towards the door that led to the corridor Jamin had come from. “Where do you think?”

“Rebecca really hates that guy, huh?”

Ava shrugged. “Therin seems to have taken a liking to him, too. Notice how she nearly jumped at first dibs on him?”

“Ha. I think maybe I’d like to take a crack at him myself. I hear he’s hellaciously resilient. I wonder if he could possibly outlast me?”

Ava rolled her eyes. “Go on, then,” she said.

The healer stepped towards the corridor. Jamin withheld a curse; he’d only just gotten out, and already he was going to be caught. Still, this could prove to be a good opportunity. Jamin carefully made his way towards the corridor, quickly following the healer, praying she couldn’t sense him. Even attempting to suppress his aura, it was difficult for mages to hide from one another. Fortunately, she didn’t seem to notice.

As the healer reached the door to his former cell, Jamin tensed. Just as she opened the door, he leapt forward, catching up to her in three strides, faster than she could blink. He shoved her into the room, followed, and shut the door before she could cry out. Rags, still sitting to the side, jumped as the healer hit the floor, rolled, and was on her feet, just in time to see Jamin’s hand before it grabbed her by the face and slammed the back of her skull into the wall. The healer let out a choked gasp, which was cut off as Jamin charged up a ball of pure mystic force into the hand that held her, and blasted her clear across the room. The healer hit the far wall and crumpled to the floor.

“Sheesh,” said Rags, as Jamin dropped his cloaking spells. “You took a level in vicious since we last met.”

“Healer mage,” said Jamin, as he grabbed the unconscious woman and dragged her over to Rags. “You either take them down with your first shot, or you settle in for a war of attrition. And we don’t want to spend any more time than we have to.”

“Right,” said Rags, only half paying attention as she eyed Jamin’s still nude form. She closed her eye and clutched Jamin’s arm as the man tried to use the healer mage’s hand to remove Rags’ hook. As with the other three, it didn’t work.

“Shit,” said Jamin, dropped the woman’s form.

“Want Celia to bite her?” asked Rags.

“I doubt that’ll work,” said Jamin. “Most healer mages are immune to every sort of toxin or disease known.”

“Well, don’t the also heal really fast? She’ll probably be awake any second.” As if on cue, the healer moaned. “Christ, what do we do? We can’t just keep punching her unconscious every other minute.”

Jamin let out a sigh, and then held up the Golden Hook he had been wearing. “Well, if nothing else we can maybe get some answers.” He reached down and used a blade of light to slice open her clothing, stripping her in two quick swipes. He then placed the hook snug into the healer’s entrance, so that one end curved into her pussy, and the other touched just below her clit. Just as Jamin pulled his hands away, the healer woke up with a gasp. Quickly, Jamin rolled her over, activated the rings, and bound her to the floor.

“What the hell?” gasped the healer.

Jamin knelt down and touched the hook. The healer gasped again, and tugged at the rings. However, she was no where near strong enough to move them, and was helpless as Jamin massaged her clit. The hook did its cruel work, quickly heightening the sensations, until the healer was squirming, and a moan escaped her lips.

“First things first,” said Jamin. “What’s your name?”

“Cher,” said the healer. “And that’s all you’re getting from me.” Jamin pinched her clit between two fingers and began a light rolling motion. Cher stiffened, then squirmed some more.

“Like that, do ya?” said Jamin. Cher grit her teeth. Jamin leaned down and kissed her clit, causing Cher to jerk. He continued his rolling motion with his fingers, and her breath started to come in rapid gasps. She let out a loud cry, and shook. However, even though her pussy muscles clenched reflexively from the sensations, Jamin could tell from how she moved that she was not reaching orgasm. The hook was holding her climax back

“Damn, girl,” said Rags. “You must be a hair trigger. He’s barely even touched you.”

“Fuck you, you troll!” hissed Cher.

“Troll, wow, haven’t heard that one before,” said Rags, she was turned to the side, her missing eye towards the other two, forcing herself not to watch Jamin work on the woman. Despite this, she could not help but feel lustful jealousy towards Cher. “Look, bitch, we don’t have time for you lame attempts at sass. Tell me who put this hook on me.”

Cher tried to laugh between her gasps, but Jamin cut her off as he kissed her clit again, then made a long, sensual lick across it. “No!” cried Cher, but Jamin ignored her pleas, taking her clit between his lips. He licked and sucked her, exploring every nook of her folds with his tongue, and rapidly flicking her sensitive clit. He made long licks over the hook, sending explosions of pleasure rippling through her core. Soon, she was bucking against him, and nearly screaming.

“He’s not going to stop until you tell him,” said Rags.

“Ava!” Cher suddenly gasped. “It was Ava! Oh, god, please, I can’t stand it!”

Jamin lifted his mouth off her and went straight for the door. “Keep her occupied, if you want,” said Jamin, recloaking. He quickly ducked out of the room, before Rags could protest. He made his way back to the testing area. The sounds of sensual agony were even louder now, mixed with shrieks that sounded slightly terrified. Jamin cautiously entered and hugged the wall again. His eyes widened. He hadn’t seen anything like this outside of a feral demihuman nest before, but here it was.

The summoner Ava was standing there grinning as she watched her creatures have their way with the “test subjects.” Half-woman, half-snakes had some wrapped in their coils as the fucked them, half-spider women had others bound in webbing, fucking them in improbably bondage positions. Jamin fought the urge to have an erection as he saw three catgirls using their fuzzy tails to idly tease one poor saps cock as they tickled his legs and sides.

This was crazy. There was no way he was going to be able to take Ava down with all her creatures summoned. Even if he knocked her out, the creatures would immediately try to dogpile him in defense of their mistress. He wasn’t sure how long the creatures would remain active after their summoning, but even if it was only for a few seconds after Ava was taken down, there were enough to overwhelm him quickly. Jamin couldn’t get to them now.

He retreated back to the corridor. What to do? If he just escaped by himself, he’d be dooming Rags to their clutches; by the time he managed to mount a rescue team, Rebecca could easily relocate the entire operation. And waiting for help again seemed unlikely. After all, who else was going to be able to find…

Suddenly, Jamin recalled Therin saying something about “another guest.” Had another SOS operative been captured? Jamin looked around the hall. Perhaps some of these other cells were like his, designed to contain mages or espers, or whatever else.

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