Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Overnight in Civero

NOTE: Found this in my incomplete writings pile. Not sure if anything was supposed to come of it, but the scene seemed nice enough on its own. Basically, the characters are interdimensional travelers having a sojourn in the world of Civero.


As Kess slid into bed next to Zane, she smiled slyly. Zane kissed her and the two made out for a few minutes. Travel through the highly erotic world of Civero had certainly sparked up the two young lovers’ lusts. Since their stay, they had had several rounds of intense sex, but Kess wanted to do something a little different tonight.

Kess leaned into Zane’s ear and whispered huskily, “I’m in the mood to be a little naughty. Want me to tie you up?”

Zane leaned back a bit, a look of surprise on his face. “You never like tying me up,” he said. This was true, even though he loved it, bondage just wasn’t Kess’s thing. She humored him from time to time, and of course, Zane paid her back well each time, but it had been a while. Here in Civero, however, Zane was often reminded of his kinks, and had been bursting to try something kinkier than normal.

“Well, maybe this world’s getting to me a bit,” said Kess with a wink. She slipped out of the bed, and started undressing. Zane stayed in bed, but hastily followed suit. Kess went to their things and pulled out four cloths of varying length. They didn’t have actual ties, so Kess had to improvise with belts and scarves, but it would do the trick. She went back over and gave Zane a kiss, then proceeded to tie him, hand and foot, spread eagle to the bed, kissing him again after each tie was made. Zane’s penis was fully erect and twitched excitedly.

“Oh, by the way,” said Kess.

“Yes?” said Zane, anticipation building, wondering what she was pausing for. While Kess wasn’t against foreplay, once things started, she rarely paused.

“There’s a little trick I learned from a sort of shop in town, a bit of magic I wanted to try,” she said. She lifted her hand, whispered something, and a small cluster of little lights appeared, the tiny dots of light circling around an invisible center, creating the illusion of a ball of woven lights. Kess lowered the little “ball” towards Zane’s penis and he flinched as it rolled off her hand and landed on his member. It hovered for a few seconds over his member, and then sank a bit so that the dots of light revolved around his shaft, and flitted just over his penis head. A dim glow then sheathed his penis, and Zane jumped slightly as he felt a thrumming of pleasure begin to course along his length.

“Feel anything?” asked Kess, already knowing the answer.

“That feels… wow,” said Zane. It was a pleasant sensation, unlike anything he’d felt down there, but the pleasure seemed comparable to a very nice blow job. Although even a blow job couldn’t stimulate him as efficiently as this little magic spell seemed able to. “That feels nice,” said Zane. He lay back a moment and let himself enjoy the sensations. He assumed Kess was going to ride him, and maybe they’d share the sensations of the spell, but to his surprise, Kess climbed up onto the bed, and straddled his face. She smiled down at him, and rubbed herself a bit before shifting her hips to press her sex to his lips.

“I’m glad you like it,” she said, huskily again. “Cuz now I can let it do its thing while I fully enjoy this.” Zane immediately understood, and part of him thrilled to the eroticism. Zane’s mouth immediately began to kiss Kess’s pussy lips, his tongue seeking out her clitoris. Kess let out a pleased sigh. Zane was very good at oral, and Kess meant to get the most out of his tongue tonight.

Lost in the pleasant sensations on his member, and enraptured by the sensation of being between Kess’s legs, he administered his technique with full enthusiasm. Kess gasped with pleasant surprise at how quickly he set into the rhythm that pleased her best. He didn’t tease her this time like he sometimes did to rile her up, he was fully devoted to pleasing her.

Lost in their pleasures, the two lost track of time, Zane moaning lightly into Kess’s sex, both from his own pleasure, and the pleasure of performing oral on his lover. Kess’s gasps increased intensity, and she moaned deeply. Since Zane’s hands were tied, she caressed and squeezed her breasts herself, occasionally needing to steady herself against the headboard. Soon enough, Kess felt the wave of a powerful orgasm hit her, and she came. Thrilled by the beauty of his lover’s orgasm, Zane intensified his ministrations, forcing Kess to ride even higher peaks of pleasure. Kess wailed, calling Zane’s name adoringly. Zane started to slow his licks and sucks and kisses, meaning to ease her down. But to his surprise, Kess pressed her sex a bit more forcefully against his mouth and gasped, “More, Zane, more, please…” Zane, dizzy pleasure and the musk and heat of Kess’s sex, obeyed joyfully, continuing to lick her.

Soon, a second orgasm blossomed in Kess’s sex, and she cried out. Zane was again awash in the beauty of Kess’s climax, but he was becoming aware of a steadily growing pressure around his own sex. The sensations of pleasure on his penis had not ceased this entire time, and though he had been focused on Kess’s pleasure, he realized he was now perilously close to orgasm himself, and the pleasure and pressure continued to build. He tried to hold back, knowing Kess would want to bring him to climax herself. Gasping out from between her legs, he said, “Oh, Kess… I’m so close…”

“I know,” Kess moaned, her voice thick with lust. “It’s okay. One more, Zane, please, just one more.”

            Zane’s eyes widened, but he had no time to protest as Kess reached down and pressed him to her sex. She was still riding her high. Zane could hardly deny her; he couldn’t remember the last time Kess was this into it. Usually, after he got her off orally once, she immediately either reciprocated or they had sex. But here she was, twice climaxing on his face, while he was tied no less, and even as he felt himself nearing the point of no return, she continued to plead for more. Zane had fantasized about this sort of thing, but now it was actually happening!

Kess squirmed her hips against his mouth, her hands working her breasts excitedly, her body flush with sexual fever. She moaned Zane’s name rapturously, saying, “Yes! Yes, oh, Zane, yes! Once more, please, oh, yes…” This time, she screamed when she came, and she practically thrashed atop him. Finally, finally, she released him, collapsing back and to the side, stretching her legs out towards the head board, and rubbing herself gently to ease herself down from her high. She looked to Zane, and smiled, saying, “Thank you… oh, thank you…”

Zane’s face was beet red, covered in sweat and Kess’s juices. Normally, he would simply be basking in the glow of Kess’s post-release bliss, but the sensations on his own sex now had his undivided attention. The sensations were more intense, either because they had increased, or simply because of his now greatly excited state. He still felt like he was on the brink of climax, and he realized, suddenly, that he should have cum somewhere around Kess’s second orgasm. Zane twisted in his restrains, and he began to breathe in rapid gasps. “Kess…” he gasped. “Kess make it stop! S-s-something’s wrong.”

Kess let out a contented sigh, and watched him squirm, glancing at the spell-encased cock. “No, seems to be working perfectly,” she said, her tone and look quite sly.

Zane’s eyes went wide. “Kess! What did you do to me?!”

Kess said, “Well, you’ve told me about those fantasies of yours where you get stimulated magically, but can’t release, so…” she idly motioned to Zane’s glowing cock, which was now iron hard, fully swollen, and leaking precum. Kess reached over, caught a drop of precum as it dripped from the ridge of his penis head, and brought to her lips. She licked her finger slowly, accentuating the motion with an “mmmm…”

“Oh my god…” Zane gasped, eyes still wide, and staring at Kess in awe.

There was a knock of the door, startling them both. Mogi’s voice came through. “Um, if you kids are finished, there’s some stuff we need to go over. I can come back later if you want.”

Zane was about to say, “Yes!” but Kess’s foot clamped over his mouth. “No, it’s alright. Just give me a minute!” Kess winked to Zane, and put a finger to her lips. She then stood, swayed a bit, and let out a giggle. “Oh, god, I’m not gunna be able to walk straight.” Even still, she managed to get to their bags, pull out two more cloths, and go over to Zane.

“You’re not gunna just leave me like this?!” Zane gasped.

Kess shrugged. “I’m in no hurry,” she said. She kissed him deeply, then wrapped one cloth around Zane’s eyes, kissed him again, then wrapped the other around his mouth.

Zane struggled a bit, moaning through the gag, till Kess held his head still, and tied it firm. Zane moaned again, but Kess kissed him once more, this time on each exposed cheek. She leaned to Zane’s ear. “Love you.”

She then walked over, cleaned herself up a bit in the washroom, and slipped on her pants and shirt, sans underwear. Grabbing the key card, she opened the door just enough to slip out. There, Mogi, the head of their little traveling group, was waiting in the hall.

“Um… is Zane coming?” said Mogi.

Kess couldn’t hold back a small laugh as she said, “No.” Mogi gave her a look. Kess cleared her throat and composed herself. “Ah… he’s a little… indisposed. I can fill him in later, if that’s alright?”

Mogi glanced to the door, then at Kess. The way she leaned against the wall for support did not go unnoticed. Nodding once, knowingly, he smiled slightly. “You wild kids. Uh, if you need to recuperate, I mean, we can go over this tomorrow.”

“No, that’s alright,” said Kess, stepping off from the wall. She swayed a bit. “Damn.”

Mogi raised an eyebrow again. “Okay, seriously. Just go back and get in bed with your cuddlebug.”

Kess sighed, a little sheepishly. “Nah, not just yet. Gunna let him sweat it out a bit.” She winked at Mogi. Then she looked around. “Which way to the vending machines?” Mogi pointed down the hall. “Awesome,” said Kess, and she made her way towards them, taking her sweet time.

Mogi glanced at the door, and thought he heard a faint moan. He closed his eyes and thought for a moment, sensing the auras within the room. He opened his eyes surprised, and shook his head, before turning. He blinked as he bumped into the Dreamer, their groups mage, who was standing as if he had always been there. “So, she’s using that spell already?”

“Poor Zane, huh?” said Mogi with good natured sarcasm. “I wonder if he’ll think some fantasies should probably stay fantasy.”

“Another learning experience for the two,” said the Dreamer with a slight smirk. “Who says they can’t be fun?” The two went off to the other room, to mind their own business as Kess only just reached the vending machines.

Ten minutes later, Zane heard the door open, and hard Kess walk in, plastic bags crinkling, and the thunk of two plastic bottles on the nightstand. Zane was writhing in his bonds; this stimulation continued and he still could not cum. His penis jerked almost comically as it clenched repeatedly, trying to force an orgasm that the spell wouldn’t allow. Zane was moaning, whimpering really, through the gag. Kess leaned to his ear again and whispered, “Miss me?” She purred into one ear, then the other, delighting as it tickled him madly.

Kess stripped down again, pulled up a chair next to the bed. She traced a toe along Zane’s side from his shoulder to his knee. Zane shivered at the touch, jumping as it tickled his side. “You look like you’re just dying to pop,” said Kess. Zane let out a heart wrenching cry through the gag. “Aww. Hey, now, take it easy. We got all night.” Kess grabbed one of the bags, a packet of hostess cupcakes, and made a point to noisily open it. “I brought snacks!” She laughed as Zane let out an almost pitiful whimper. Kess frowned a bit as she ate the two cupcakes. This had gone on far enough; Zane was clearly starting to really suffer at this point. She finished her snack more hastily then she had initially planned. Quickly washing them down with some water from one of the bottles, she stood, scooted the chair back and then crawled onto the bed, between his outstretched legs. She had to pin his legs down to keep his knees from striking her. Zane let out what sounded like a desperate plea as he felt her presence nearing his sex.

Kess leaned down and let her warm breath caress the teased penis. It was red and furiously hard, the head purple with pent up sexual pressure. “Now, just so you know Zane, there’s a good reason I had to tie you up. There’s two ways to turn off the spell. One is to repeat the activating phrase backwards. And the other… well… the other you more than earned earlier.” Zane was too far gone to really pay attention to her words, all he knew was that she was hovering over his cock, his desperate, raging hard cock, which had been on the brink of release but unable to go over for what seemed like forever, though in truth the spell had been cast only two hours ago.

Kess grasped his penis in her hand, and the light flared brightly. The second way the spell could be deactivated was the physically stimulate someone to climax. And as pent up as Zane was already, the mere touch of Kess’s hand was enough to tip him over. Zane’s penis clenched hard, so hard, that a small bit of semen forced its way out before his orgasm truly began. But before even this errant drop could drip to Zane’s chest, Kess’s mouth closed over the penis head. The light from the spell flashed and faded away, and then Zane came. Kess nearly choked, but managed to keep herself under control as Zane’s penis shot cum into her mouth with incredible force. Kess wondered how far the shots would have gone had she not chosen to suckle him, but wickedly, she knew she could always find out again another time. For now, though, she simply enjoyed the prize she had earned. Zane’s climax was glorious, feeling him thrash beneath her, bucking into her mouth, though she moved with him, so that only the head was truly wrapped in her lips. She could make out him trying to scream her name through the gag. Finally, he began to relax, and she gently milked every last drop from him, swallowing the entire load. Her tongue made one last pass over the head, which caused him to flinch, but she would not be so mean as to torture him post-orgasm. She released his penis, letting its now semi-hard length plop onto Zane’s stomach.

Kess’s bonds were actually easily undone, a simple tug at the right end, and the knot came undone. She quickly freed Zane’s limbs and undid the blindfold and gag. Zane looked at Kess as though she were his goddess. “Oh, Kess,” he gasped when he could speak again. “Oh, thank you, thank you, Kess.” He pulled her close to him, kissing her deeply. “Thank you,” he said. “I love you.”
“I love you too,” said Kess, snuggling into Zane’s grip, feeling warm and happy. “But you owe me huge for this, you know.” She giggled. “Or next time, I’m leaving you like that over night!”

Zane shuddered slightly at the thought, but laughed along with her. With another mutual “I love you,” the two drifted into an easy sleep.


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