Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Year 100 Story

This story was intended to be the cap off of the Sex Mage World timeline series I planned to write, but which has ultimately stalled out for now. I started writing it, and even made an outline for it, but once realized how it was going to turn out and just how mentally disturbed the main character was, I decided I didn't want to go there. Ergo, this story is likely never going to get written. Still, I’ve been asked about it, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to post a summary.

In brief, there's this kid in Year 100, we’ll call him Joe for now, who grows up near-traumatized by the knowledge of how Sex Magic lets utterly dominate and violate men at their whim. He doesn't actually get on the recieving end of this, his mother and older sisters are all perfectly loving and fair to him. But he just can't get over the imbalance, despite their assurances that most women aren't psychos like that. About the time he turns 18, he ends up unknowingly becoming host to a spirit that renders him immune to Sex Magic, and also seems to grant him superhuman powers (increasing durability, strength, flight, and even energy blasts), whenever violence or violent intent occurs to or near him. Joe is at first glad to finally be free of Sex Magic influence, but in a heartbeat, he becomes despondent again because he realizes being the one man alive who can overcome Sex Magic is going to make him target number one for the women, whom he believes will try to capture him and experiment on him to ensure he doesn’t somehow spread the power to the other men.

At around the same time, these mysterious men who have some kind of squid-like entities attached to their backs start appearing in random places in public and start gunning down as many women as they can. Turns out they are also immune to Sex Magic, and can similarly increase their physical strength and durability by absorbing the “death energies” of things that die near them. Ergo, they get stronger the more people they kill, and when they start machine-gunning whole crowds of people, they can quickly get to a point where even a tank isn’t going to be able to scratch them.

Somehow or another, Joe gets discovered by the police, and then the military, and he is more or less pushed to cooperate with a platoon of highly trained Sex Mage special ops to battle the “Death Spirits.” The boy confronts and ultimately kills one of them, not knowing his own strength. However, the next one they capture, and it is revealed that the Death Spirit men are males who were abused by women so badly, that they sought out some means of countering the Sex Magic. By some miracle, they performed a ritual which summoned the Death Eater Parasites, which are the creatures attached to them. He then explains the origin of Sex Magic, how it comes from a creature summoned 100 years ago from the Elemental Plane of Lust. The Death Eater Parasites are spawned from a creature that feeds on the Sex Magic creature. Ergo, the Death Spirit Men plan to summon the Death Creature so that it can, theoretically, consume all the Sex Magic on Earth, and take away all the women’s powers.

This, of course, ignores the very real threat that the Death Creature will also either slaughter all life on Earth in the process and feed off the death energies, or the summoning will end up tearing a hole between dimensions, and unleash a torrent of similar creatures upon the world.

Joe and the Sex Mage squadron then hunt down the remaining three or four Death Spirit Men to stop them before they can complete the ritual. In the process, Joe starts becoming close to one of the Special Ops women, and the leader of the team also takes Joe under her wing somewhat, acting as a mentor. Still, Joe is forever wary of the women, and despite attempts to get him to open up, he remains a bitter and sullen individual. He cannot condone the way the Death Spirit Men are going about it, but were it not for the fatal consequences of their plan, he would probably be helping them, instead of the women.

Ultimately, they beat the other Death Spirit Men until finally, only Mr. Vargas, the leader of the DSMs, and the strongest, remains. He has managed to complete the ritual, and he stands atop a sky scraper in a crowded city, attempting to use the magic he’s absorbed to rip open the portal and summon the Death Creature. Joe confronts him directly, empowered by every attempt Mr. Vargas uses to stop him, but Mr. Vargas remains too strong for Joe to defeat directly. The two have a talk, Joe stalling for time while the Special Ops team decides whether or not to enact a desperate option: dropping a powerful bomb on two of them, sacrificing Joe and possibly hundreds of civilians to take out Vargas.

Mr. Vargas reveals that Joe is not possessed by a spirit of violence, but instead a Spirit of Justice. Turns out, however, that Justice is subjective: the spirit is empowered when someone performs an action they truly believe is Just. Joe kept being empowered by acts of violence, because in every situation, someone was doing what they believed was right, even the Death Eater Men slaughtering dozens if not hundreds of women, believing they were saving everyone. Even now, Joe is empowered more than ever before, because Mr. Vargas believes he is performing a Just action, as do Joe and the Special Ops women. Vargas tries to tempt Joe to join him, and that the ritual will not just kill everybody. Ultimately, Joe decides the risk of global genocide is too great.

The two fight some more, and the portal begins to appear in the sky. The Death Creature begins to manifest. The Special Ops team drops the bomb, destroying the sky scraer they are on, and Mr. Vargas and Joe are both empowered by the action, to the point that they both survive and keep fighting. Vargas is powered by the deaths cause by the bomb, Joe by the intent of the action to protect the world. The portal is still opening, however, since Vargas is still there. A second bomb as dropped, and Joe grabs Vargas and flies them both straight into it. Vargas, with no more deaths in the area left for him to draw strength from, burns out his magic protection and is vaporized, the portal closing in the process. Joe, however, is still empowered just enough, and he manages to survive the blast, just barely.

Joe wakes up in a hospital, and the Special Ops leader comes in to debrief him. He learns that the world was saved, and no more Death Spirit men have appeared, nor did any creatures come through the portal. However, Joe’s magic has been burnt out, the Justice Spirit dissipated. He is now vulnerable to Sex Magic, like before. Joe, ultimately, has not gotten over his trauma and phobia of Sex Magic, and bitterly comments on how, even though he helped saved the world, his “reward” is that he gets to go back to being just another slave to the women’s power. Despite assurances that the Special Ops women will try to install the strongest shields they can on him to make his as resistant to Sex Magic as possible, Joe says it won’t make a difference. The SO leader then pulls out a gun, loads a single bullet into it, and sets it on the nightstand, telling Joe that he can either face reality and try to find happiness, or if he truly has no hope, he can opt out. She leaves the room, and its implied that Joe shoots himself.


  1. Hm. Sounds pretty interesting, well all but the end, that seems kinda Joss Whedon-ish / Stephen King-ish pointless ending. Nothing overshadows and epic story worse than an "Abandon all Hope" outcome.

    Still little dissappointing to see none of this will see the light of day. Been enjoying the SM Universe since I picked up on it a little while ago. All I've read has been pretty amazing, but overall a little overly loopsided. But thats to my taste for balance.

    Even with you saying this particular musing is DOA, it would be great to see something along that line showing the day to day of a world where things even themselves out in some shape or form. The setting of 100 years in the future seems to thrust things further into the Sci-Fi side of things, but what of the world prior to the Year 0 of the SM event? I assumed there were mystical abilities shared by both men and women alike before that. And if so, wouldn't those same people exist after the event?

    Either way looking forward to you're next whim of digitally written words.

  2. I normally strive for balance in most settings of mine, but in this one, the imbalance is the entire point that drives the conflict, and, well, makes it hot for me.

    For a more balanced world, you'd want to look at the World of Civero, where men and women can be either Mages (wizards/witches) or Espers (psychics), and you have male and female Demihumans and Lust Walkers.

    I also hate the ending for the Year 100 Story, but its honestly the only one that makes sense for the character. He is literally just that fucked up in the head. The other option is he decides to live, and has a cliche happy ending, hooking up with the one chick on the squad he was getting close to, and that just rang hollow.

    To answer your question, no, there were no mystical abilities or magical people prior to this. The SMW is essentially our world, with the Sex Magic appearing at the beginning of the 21st Century.

    As far as "magic" works in this universe, only once in a vast great while, a random spell might actually work, just due to literal "cosmic coincidence." The Sex Magic itself would never have appeared if the ritual hadn't been done exactly so, timed to the nanosecond with a shift in the dimensional barriers, and them just happening to catch the attention of a Lust Elemental (as opposed to, say, an Eldritch Horror that would have instantly annihilated all life on Earth). In the 100 Years since Sex Magic appeared, thousands of people, including government agencies, have tried every form of magic they could uncover and try, and none of it worked, even once, until the Death Spirit Men once again just happened upon success by complete and total coincidence.

  3. Okay, I'll assume the first story I've seen from you was set in the World of Civero, "Violet vs Sara." Originally, found this place when web searching for any other stories from that.

    As for what makes them hot, I agree the imbalance is what drives the conflict. Which is a good thing for keeping your stories interesting. I still hold to the bulk of the stories being lopsided, but that's not necessarily a bad thing, that's just what you write. A good example of one of your more well balanced stories was Nikki's Struggle. While in contrast, I can't remember the name of it, but you had a story where a guy from a one night stand ends up being turned into a mute, blind, quadraplegic because his tormentor just felt like doing it.

    Like I said, I find your style both interesting and alluring, but with examples like that latter story - - its understandable that for a few readers like myself its a bit rough finishing some.

  4. Pretty much every story prior to "Amy's Trepidation" takes place in Civero or the Centurions Universe, while almost everything after that takes place in the SMW.

    Yeah, point, even in Civero, the stories tend to be lopsided, featuring powered women and non-powered men, and that's unlikely to change, given that's just my focus. The Centurions features powered men and women pretty evenly, but there's only a couple of those stories by contrast.

    Yeah, that mutilation story isn't one of my favorites either; it was fun to write for the most part, and main character ended up being more resourceful than I thought, but the ending is a hell of a downer. To be fair, I kept the ending that way to keep it thematically sound with the story it was based on, so that's the reason the guy ended up as physically jacked up in the end as he did. Of course, one could argue the men in my stories go through mental trauma that's just as bad or worse, so take from that what you will.

  5. I like it, and it doesn't have to be the last in the series, either. In fact, it could be the first in a series of struggles for freedom.

    The soldier who gave him the bullet could then discover something else as her team is used to do preserve increasingly flagrant abuses of power, and finds herself waiting, hoping there will be someone who could use it.

    Meanwhile... small little acts of turnabout. Introducing a very cruel and non-consensual sex mage and then have her taken by two to five people (both men and women) who can overpower her and give her some of her own medicine.

    Reaction varies in different countries. Some countries take a harsh crackdown, and other more progressive countries start protecting men's rights more... maybe even setting up sting oprations. In a twist on the you could have one story where a misguided guy tries to be a vigilante by intentionally wearing a remote vibe on his cock and edges himself in crowded, public places in order to bait a sex mage into doing something illegal to him.

    In the end, it turns out that males are slowly starting to receive the sex mage powers. Also, a drug is discovered to help permanently boost powers (of either sex) but it is kept extremely expensive and only works on a minority of the population, thereby shifting power from "women" to an "upper class" who have one hell of an upper hand. Rich couples have "weaker minds" enslaved to serve any and all functions, etc.

  6. I wouldn't necessarily be opposed to more things "piercing the veil" and bringing more magic into the world eventually, especially as rampant use of Sex Magic over a long enough period of time could actually weaken the dimensional barriers, which is basically why the Death Spirit Men got any success in the first place, as the Death Creature was drawn to Earth by the Sex Magic.

    However, again, the entire point of the setting is that the women have the power, and the men do not, so any story that involves the men gaining power, the women losing power, or some other equalizer/shift coming about, would end the setting for me, so it really would have to be the final story. You're right though, this story leaves open the possibility of future similar events occurring, so this wouldn't really have to be the final story itself.

    1. That would be an interesting final story if you decide to do it

  7. Is the "Slashing the Veil" story no longer available? I coudnt find it in the directory.
    Its my faivorite story.