Sunday, January 8, 2012

Kat's Boytoy: Summer Visit

Note: This story is set in the world of Civero, and is a sequel to Kat’s First Boytoy.

The semester was over, and Ben and I were enjoying the last few days of Finals Week. We’d been studying so much, sex hadn’t really been on either of our minds for the past couple weeks, but we were one of the lucky ones who got all their tests out of the way early. The last thing we had to do was the finishing touches of a collaborative writing project for our Creative Writing class, and we’d pretty much finished it already. So, we were now having fun being frisky for a few days before we had to part ways for summer. As we lay in bed, cuddling and kissing, Ben finally asked the question I’d been anticipating.

“So, how’s this going to work?” he said. “Summer, I mean. Are you going to let me play with my cock again?”

“Whose cock?” I teased, teasing a fingertip down his chest.

He grinned sheepishly. “Sorry, your cock. Are you going to let me play with it?”

I tapped my chin, pretending to think it over, even though I already had it planned. Ever since we had first hooked up as lovers the previous semester, I had used my psychic powers to enforce several restrictions onto him. He could not masturbate, initiate sex, or even have an orgasm, unless I reached into his head, and flipped those options back “on” in his mind. He literally could not physically move his hand to touch his cock if he intended to pleasure himself, nor could he even hump against something. It had been a fun way of exercising my control over him, but I’d never let him go longer than a week without making him spurt. It certainly fueled our kinky relationship, and inspired some pretty intense sex, though I still considered our first encounter to be the best.

“I don’t think so,” I said, smiling slyly. “If I let you play with him, you’d spoil him way too much.” I reached down and gently pet his cock like it was a puppy. He very quickly grew erect at my words, and I heard his heartbeat increase.

“Come on,” he said. “You wouldn’t really, would you? Make me wait all summer? That’s three whole months!”

“Yes, and just think, how horny will you be after three months?” I grinned. “I mean, how awesome of a fuck would that be? And just think how much you’ll shoot!”

“Kat!” he said, half-grinning. “Seriously…” He was never sure how serious I was about such things, which is just the way I liked it. He didn’t really think I’d do that to him, but some part of him just couldn’t be sure, and that both made him nervous and riled him up at the same time. I loved it!

I grasped his cock and started stroking it, gently. “Well, you could always call me, of course, and see if I’m feeling generous. But, I dunno, it’s not the same if I can’t see you in person.”

“You could watch with your powers,” he said softly, watching my hand on his cock.

“Ho-hum,” I said. “Still not as fun.”

He looked back up at me and nervously said, “Well… um… you could always, I dunno… come visit me…? I think it’s only two hundred miles between our towns…”

I smiled and stroked him a little faster. “Getting better,” I said. “But, I hate to say, I don’t have a car yet, and I’m pretty sure my folks wouldn’t let me take theirs. So, if you want to get off at all this summer, you’ll just have to visit me.”

I increased my speed again, and this time, began feeding a little extra sensation, psychically inducing tingles of pleasure to play along his cock. He closed his eyes, leaning his head back a bit. “Yeah… yeah, I can… I think I can swing that…” Suddenly, his brow furrowed. “Wait, you’re an esper, though… doesn’t that mean your parents are espers?” His eyes widened. “That means, they’ll know what we’re up to!”

I let go of his cock, and let my psychic “fingers” continue their work. He still felt like I was stroking him fully, despite not touching him. The tingles increased as well, and he began to breathe more heavily. “They’re not actually psychic,” I explained. “Oh, they have some psychic shielding or something like that. I can’t read their minds or use my powers on them. I dunno, I guess they’re basically espers who just didn’t have enough oomph in their genes to fully manifest powers, but they still have mental defenses or something. I dunno how it works.” I increased the sensations again, and Ben’s hands clutched at the bedsheets. I sat up, sitting crosslegged, and watched him squirm under my psychic ministrations with a smile on my face.

“Anyway,” I continued, “The one you’d have to watch out for is my brother.”

Ben’s eyes fluttered open. “W-wait,” he said, breathlessly. “You have a brother? You never mentioned that.”

“Yeah,” I said. “Bobby. He’s an Esper as well, just as powerful as me.” I shrugged. “Don’t worry though, he’s going to be out of the country for most of the summer with some friends, so we won’t have to worry about him catching us.”

“O-okay,” said Ben. “G-good.” He was close to gasping now. “Oh, Kat, can I cum? Please, can I cum?” I watched as his sexual excitement peaked, and his climax started to rise within him. But then, my psychic barrier kicked in, and though his hips bucked and he let out a loud moan, he failed to orgasm. “Kat, please!” he gasped.

I leaned down, placing my hands on his thighs to steady him. I kissed the tip of his penis, causing him to lurch, and the psychic hands shifted into a phantom mouth, blowing him with loving, wicked precision. He let out a cry and his knuckles went white as he clutched to edges of the bed. “Silly boy,” I said. “I just let you pop a couple days ago.”

“But, but, I dunno how soon I’ll… I’ll be able to come see you!”

“Well, then I guess, for added incentive, I should make sure you have plenty of motivation for the trip!” I crawled over on top of him as I felt myself get very wet, thinking of sending him back home with a set of full, tight balls. “But, I suppose you’re right, it could be a while. So I’d better make use of my cock while I can.” I slid his throbbing penis inside me before he could brace himself, and the sensation took his breath away. He reached up and clutched me tightly as I shuddered, feeling his pulsing need filling me. I held his head to my breasts, encouraging him to lick and kiss them as I slid slowly up and down his cock. I increased the sensations of the psychic mouth, even as I fucked him.

It was three hours and twenty orgasms later before I finally exhausted myself on him. Feeling utterly satisfied, but still very deliciously mean, I let the psychic mouth continue coaxing him to an orgasm he couldn’t reach until long into the night.

As things panned out, my parents decided they were going on a vacation as well, for two whole weeks, at the end of the month. Ben managed to get some time off from his summer job to spend a whole five days with me. Unfortunately for him, it would take him three weeks before he could get here. True to my word, I didn’t let him cum that whole time, but the more I thought about how much fun I could have with just the two of us in the house, the more wicked I got. Thrice a week, as we talked on the phone, I would give him a psychic blowjob or handjob, and even once a psychic fuck, teasing his cock mercilessly. By the time he was finally able to make the trip, the poor guy was almost constantly hard as a rock, and he all but sped the whole two hundred miles to meet me.

I’d spent the morning tidying the place up as I awaited his arrival, ideas whizzing through my head of what I could do to him. My parents’ house was a large two-story with a finished basement, with fairly big rooms, and lots of comfy furniture and shag carpet. I would probably have to be careful where we fucked so as to not leave stains, but I could also see some good possibilities for kinky positions. Then, as I checked the place over one more time, an idea spontaneously came to mind.

When Ben pulled into my driveway, I sent a telepathic message to him. <The front door is open. As soon as you come inside, you must strip naked. Then, you have to come find me.> I then sent a series of psychic strokes along his cock, causing him to shiver. Just sensing how hard he was made me instantly wet, and I was tempted to run down and yank him through the door and take him right there.

Somehow, I managed to restrain myself. Ben, however, ran for the door, and threw it open, almost slamming it closed again as he tore his clothes off. For every article of clothing he lost, I increased the sensations in his cock, until he could barely stand. He was gasping and moaning already, cock dripping precum as he stumbled through the house. His first inclination was to come upstairs and check the bedrooms. I was not in any of them. I telepathically giggled at him, as he grew more frustrated and desperate, seeking me out. As he came downstairs, I increased the sensations more, beaming raw pleasure straight into his genitals. He fell to his hands and knees, gasping.

<Come on, lover> I teased. <What’s taking you so long? Bring me my cock at once!>

He could barely draw breath to respond, but his thoughts were a chaotic whirl of need and desperation. His cock was so hard, I could practically feel it pulsing as I watched his body crawl around upstairs. Still, he could not find me, and I kept increasing the sensations, slowly but steadily. He was nearly crying when he finally found the door to the basement. I used my powers to steady his motor functions long enough that he wouldn’t fall down the stairs and break his neck, but as soon as he reached the bottom, I sent him back on his knees with a searing bolt of pleasure through his loins. He cried out and shook violently as his body tried to cum, but my psychic block still held his release in check. Then he looked up and saw me.

I was sitting on a futon, naked, slowly rubbing my wet pussy. I was half-addled by lust at this point as well, and I beckoned him forward. Ben immediately crawled to me, jerking and shaking and gasping the whole way.

“K-k-kat,” he gasped, barely able to form words. “Please… please g-god!”

“Soon,” I said in a hushed, sultry tone as I cupped his face in my hands. “But there’s one more thing you need to do for me.” Before he could ask what, I pulled him close and thrust my hips forward, burying his face between my legs. I closed my legs around his head and ran my fingers through his hair, trapping him in place. “Lick me, Ben. Make me cum with your mouth.”

I let out a sharp cry as his tongue immediately drove itself inside me. His arms came up and clutched at my legs, holding us both steady as he eat me out with such gusto, I found myself almost immediately shaking. With my own lusts boiling and sensing Ben’s own desperate state, I was quickly overwhelmed with sensation as he alternated between roughly sucked and licking my clit, and then driving his tongue as deep as he could in long, passionate thrusts. My legs shifted up, and I hooked my calves around his back, digging my heels into him. Soon, I was shaking and screaming in pleasure as my first orgasm hit me faster than I had anticipated.

Not to be outdone, I reached into Ben and nearly tripled the sensations he was feeling. Ben all but screamed between my legs and he thrashed beneath me, hips jerking mightily as his overheated cock tried desperately to cum. But all he could do was ride the soul-crushing edge until he went mad, even as I came again and again and again against his face, multiple orgasms bleeding together into one super long climax. I hadn’t had a climax this intense since our first night together.

And then, finally, I couldn’t take anymore, and I fell back, body exhausted, releasing Ben from my hold. I managed to scoot back fully onto the mattress, and brought my legs up, spreading them for him. Blind with rapture, Ben literally pounced on me like a tiger, driving his cock into me like a jackhammer. I found myself clutching him tightly, being shaken like a ragdoll in his desperation to fuck me to make me grant him release. My pussy, already sore from my massive string of climaxes, helplessly clenched around his throbbing cock, and I was helplessly climaxing again. In his desire, he growled my name in my ear and begged me in partial words to let him cum. I clutched him even tighter to myself and bit his shoulder as his passion overwhelmed me.

Then I reached inside and finally, finally released the block. Ben’s body froze for a moment, then began to shiver. The shivering soon became a quaking as his every muscle clenched, and then I felt his seed shoot into me so hard, I yelped in surprise. His hips kicked into overdrive again, bucking jerkily as he rode out his climax. He didn’t stop after his first either, one cum not being nearly enough. He kept thrusting until he released at least twice more, experiencing a multiple orgasm of his own. I ended up cumming once more myself somewhere in there. And then, our climaxes finally started to subside, and we both blacked out as exhaustion hit us like a freight train.

We woke up about three hours later, both of us feeling like we’d been through a threshing machine. “Holy fuck,” I said, still breathless, but grinning. “I think I’m turning into a monster.” Ben just moaned and snuggled against me. I caressed his cheek. “You okay?”

“That was…” he smiled weakly, looking at me with awe. “I have no words.”

I smirked. “Really? None at all?”

“Um… please don’t ever make me wait that long again?” he said. “Seriously, you were killing me.”

I laughed. “Are you kidding? I’m gunna ring so much cum out of you in the next five days, you won’t need to orgasm for the whole rest of the summer!”


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