Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Little Spell

It happened just as Angie and Scott were about to go to bed on Thursday night. As they got under the covers and snuggled together, she snuck her hands between his legs and gave him a playful rub. Scott naturally reacted, growing erect, and when he did, Angie could suddenly hear a humming. Thinking her ears might have been ringing, she tensed her jaw to make it go away as she turned to the side. Scott hugged her from behind, and they lay there, spooning for a few minutes. Sandy could feel his cock pulsing against her backside, and as she wriggled a bit to tease him, the hum grew louder. She frowned and looked up.
“Scott? Do you hear that?”
“Hear what?” he said sleepily.
“That humming, that… there’s this weird sound…”
Scott listened. “I don’t hear anything.”
Angie looked around trying to trace the sound. It was very strange; the more she thought about it, the more it seemed like she wasn’t actually hearing it, but merely thought she was hearing it, the way one might sometimes still think they hear their ears ringing, even when the actual ringing had ceased. However, she could not push the sound out of her mind; it kept intruding in her thoughts, like a song stuck in her head.
“I can still hear it,” she said.
“I don’t hear anything babe,” he said, sleepily. He pulled her back onto the bed. “Come on,” he said, kissing her cheek. “Just ignore it, maybe it’ll go away.” He then dozed off.
Frowning, Angie decided to take his advice, and tried to ignore it. After a while, it did go down, slowly fading. She let herself drift off as well, and decided to forget it. She settled herself a bit more comfortably against Scott, and slid into that point halfway between sleep and consciousness, letting her thoughts drift. Drift away like the sound, like her husband’s erection…
Her eyes snapped open. She could feel Scott’s cock soften as he faded to sleep, and as it did, the sound lowered. Angie turned slightly, and looked at Scott. Then, she scooted her butt forward a bit, and reached behind to gently rub at Scott’s crotch again. His body reacted as before, his cock stiffening. As it did, the humming in her head rose.
“Scott!” she nearly shrieked, sitting bolt upright. “Scott, wake up!”
“Whuh-what?!” he said, bewildered. “What is it?!”
Angie reached forward and grasped at his crotch, taking him by surprise. She leaned forward and kissed him deeply, rubbing him some more. His cock hardened fully, and she broke the kiss just as suddenly, giving him the biggest grin he’d ever seen.
“I’ve got it, Scott! I’ve got the Sex Magic!” She nearly squealed in delight.

Still half-asleep, Scott looked at her like she was crazy. She gave his hard cock a squeeze through his pajama pants, and the realization hit him. Sex Magic, the strange, mysterious power that was awakening in women all across the country over the past few weeks; a strange power that supposedly let them psychically sense a man’s arousal and magically play with men’s bodies with just a thought. The magic had just started appearing here in the small town of Breezewood, Oregon. And now, it seemed, his wife had joined the ranks of the women called Sex Mages.
“Oh, um… cool, I guess?” he said. To be perfectly honest, the whole idea was rather absurd to him. A power that let women sense and play with men’s cocks with just a thought? It was like something out of a geeky porno.
“Cool?! This is fucking awesome!” she said, almost giddy with excitement. “God, the things I’m going to be able to do to you now!”
Scott gave her a nervous laugh. “Okay, okay, I get it,” he said. “But maybe this can wait until tomorrow? I’m really tired.”
Angie pouted. “Hmph,” she said. “I dunno. I’m certainly awake now!” She kissed Scott and snuggled into him. “Aw, baby, maybe we can fool around just a little?”
Scott smiled and gave a sigh of mock-exasperation. “Oh, alright,” he said. “What do you want to do?”
Angie frowned and tapped her chin. “Let’s see— I’ve been reading stuff on blogs—” She grasped him once more and watched as she saw, in her minds eye, a series of lines and glows light up around his organ. As she let her fingers trace the lines, she suddenly understood what they meant, as if some kind of instinct had been awakened inside her. The “glow” around his cock, the humming she heard, was his level of excitement, not just the hardness of his dick, but the psychological tension of his arousal. The lines and bright spots she could sense were pointing out the most sensitive parts of his organ, and showing the ideal manner in which to touch and rub those spots. Angie knew her husband’s cock quite well already, and she recognized several stroke patterns she had already mastered. But she then noticed one she’d never tried before. She touched her fingertips to the hotspots and then stroked him in this new way, an angled down stroke with a slight twist. She grinned in delight as Scott suddenly stiffened and let out a slight sigh. The glow around his cock and the hum it gave off increased.
“This is so cool!” she said again.
“Y-yeah,” said Scott, already squirming a bit. “Woah, babe, slow down!”
Angie laughed. “I am going slow, silly!” It was true, she was stroking him at a snail’s pace, but the way she touched him, in a grip he hadn’t felt before, was unexpectedly stimulating. She stroked him a little faster and he let out a gasp as he felt himself already starting to reach climax. Angie could sense it, the rising hum, the intensifying glow, a sense of phantom heat coming off his cock. She knew that he was fast nearing orgasm; even if she had not already been well familiar with Scott’s tell tale signs, this strange power somehow let her know just by some pure instinct.
In fact, it was more than just knowing he was going to cum. As she studied him, she could see the map of his nerves open wider as he got more excited. She could see precisely the point at which he would go over, precisely when she could back off. She could sense exactly what little touches and motions to make at just the right moments to make him cum twice, even thrice as hard. She could sense exactly what she needed to do to stop the climax if she desired, the exact split second to let go, or where to pinch to stave him off. Angie was amazed. Within mere minutes, the Sex Magic was teaching her more things about Scott’s cock than she’d learned in seven years of a very sexually active marriage.
Scott gripped the bed as her hands went faster, and moaned as he felt himself surging towards climax. Angie grinned as she stroked right up until the point of no return, her fingers working with surgical precision, then let go at just the right moment. Scott gasped and bucked for a moment, his cock jerking; but after a few tense seconds, he backed off.
“Jesus,” he said. “That was intense!”
“I’ll say!” Angie giggled. “I never knew you were such a pre-mature ejaculator!”
Scott blushed deeply, and frowned. “Angie! You know I’m not!”
Angie laughed, leaned down, and kissed the tip of his cock. “Oh, I know, dear, I’m just teasing. But these powers! This magic is incredible! It’s like having an instruction manual on your cock, hardwired into my brain!” She reached out and grasped him again, trying a different grip. Scott tensed and he shivered as she slowly stroked him again. His cock flared with the energy only she could see, as he began to rise quickly back to orgasm.
“Goddamn, babe,” he said lustfully.
“Now, let’s see here,” she said as she studiously worked his organ. “If I touch you here while I stroke you like this, then give you a little kiss…” she dragged a finger along a sensitive spot near the base, as she leaned down and took his cock head in her mouth, flicking the tip with her tongue.
“Fuck!” said Scott as he immediately shot straight to climax.
Angie pulled off, then pinched his cock hard just below the head. She watched him buck, grinning broadly as his orgasm was denied. “Oh, my god!” she laughed. “Look at you! One little touch, and you completely lose it!”
Scott breathed deep to get himself under control. “Okay, babe, I get it, you can turn me into a hairtrigger.”
Angie leaned forward and kissed him, letting go of his cock. “Come on,” she laughed. “Don’t be upset.”
Scott was still blushing, though. “Can we just go to bed?”
Angie gawked. “I just edged you twice in five minutes, and you want to go to bed?” Scott frowned and lowered his gaze. Angie gave him a sympathetic smile and cupped his chin in her hands. “I’m sorry. Did I hurt your pride?”
“I’m just really tired,” he said, not looking her in the eye. “I can’t wrap my head around this stuff right now.” He kissed her hand. “Please, can this wait until morning?”
Angie frowned. “Hmph. Okay,” she said. Then she grinned. “But! No touching yourself! And I’m not letting you cum tonight!”
Scott smiled ruefully. “So, that’s how it is, huh?”
Angie nodded and said, with mock sternness. “That’s how it is! I don’t get my fun, you don’t get any fun!”
“Okay, babe,” he said, kissing her. His cock had cooled down sufficiently to start shrinking, and the hum of his excitement lowered in tandem.
“Sheesh,” muttered Angie. “I get super sexy super powers, and you just want to go to sleep?”
“I’m sorry, babe,” said Scott.
“Yeah, you will be,” she teased, reaching down and giving his cock a small flick on the tip. He jumped and she giggled.
“Come on, babe.”
“Oh, fine. Good night. Love you!”
“Love you,” he mumbled as he turned and tried to sleep. He really was tired, and despite the quick rile up, he was quickly able to fall asleep.
Angie, however, lay there, mind whirling. Sex Magic. What a concept! A power that let women sense, excite, and play with men’s cocks just by thinking it! She had been imminently fascinated by the idea ever since she had first heard about it. Although the news in the papers and television didn’t come right out and say what the power was, the less restricted world of the internet had no qualms explaining exactly what it was and what it did.
A certain orgasm denial themed website Angie liked to frequent was where she had first heard of it all. The things the doms there had described; making men aroused to the point of going crazy, making them feel sensations all over their bodies, preventing them from achieving orgasm even as they hyper-stimulated their cocks. The mere idea had gotten Angie so wet every time she read them, she’d masturbated almost every day, and made love to Scott no less than twenty times the past couple of weeks!
Maybe that’s why Scott didn’t seem too excited tonight. Aside from being tired, he was probably getting a little sexed out by now. No wonder edging him hadn’t made much of an impact! Well, that would certainly change soon!
It was probably for the best right now though. She did need to go to work in the morning, as did Scott. There was no reason to force them both to stay awake all night playing around. Besides, she’d gone twenty-seven years without Sex Magic. She could wait another twenty-seven hours to test it out. Yeah, let it settle a bit more into her system. Then she’d really be able to test it out tomorrow night! Yeah, just go to sleep, and—
Oh, who the hell was she kidding? She glanced back at Scott, now sound asleep. She thought for a moment about what to try, then decided to go for the basics. She concentrated her new senses on his cock. It was fully soft now, and unless she deliberately listened, she could not hear the humming sound. Concentrating on him, though, she could just barely hear a faint hum. Well, that wouldn’t do. Let’s see now…
Harden, she thought, imagining the hum rising. Get stiff for me. After a moment, she felt his cock stir, hearing the hum rise. She smiled Yes, that’s right. Get bigger… bigger… Scott’s cock obeyed her, rising quickly to a full erection. Angie giggled softly. That the best you can do? Bigger! Harder! His cock grew stiffer, swelling to maximum tension. It twitched steadily as it reached the point of stiffness just before a climax. Keep going! thought Angie. Get hard as steel! Hard as diamonds! Impossibly, his cock grew even stiffer! The rigid cock was now quivering with tension. Angie realized she could see a perfect visual of him now, even though she was facing away from him. She could see the cock in her mind’s eye as if viewing it through some remote camera, sending images directly into her brain. His cock was turning a dark red, the head a deep plumb purple. His balls were dark and swollen. He was so hard, it had to hurt!
Scott groaned and squirmed in his sleep. Come on, baby, she thought. My little quickie handjob just wasn’t enough. You want more, don’t you? You’re feel hot and bothered. You’re craving to feel my fingers wrapped around your cock. Or maybe my lips. Or maybe my pussy. Angie giggled as she reached down and touched herself, slowly rubbing. She let out a soft sigh as she felt the arousal bloom within her. Yeah, she thought. Just like this. Feel that heat building… feeding into your cock… She could sense the arousal surging inside him. He would awaken at any moment. She forced herself to stop moving, closed her eyes and breathed slowly and evenly.
Scott lurched awake with a gasp. His heart was thundering in his chest as he felt the burning ache in his loins. He winced. His cock was so hard, it hurt! He turned to Angie, but she seemed asleep. “Angie?” he said, breath thick with lust. He couldn’t believe how turned on he was. “Sweetie?”
Angie gave a soft snore, and Scott frowned. Then he winced as he felt another surge of arousal float through him. This wasn’t normal. Was this some side effect of her power? Was she just throwing off waves of arousal in her sleep? Scott moved to wake her, but frowned. If this was due to Angie’s sudden new powers, she’d probably insist on staying up and playing around all night. Maybe if he just went into the bathroom and shot one off real quick…
Angie smiled as she watched him go, knowing full well what he was up to. She could see it plain in his thoughts, like a radio picking up a signal. He was going to try and masturbate. And, foolishly, he thought he was going to get away with it!
Scott slowly got out of bed, careful not to wake her. He then went to the bathroom, almost wincing as his cock waved comically in front of him. He slid off his boxers and sat down on the toilet, grabbing some tissues to clean up with. He flinched as he touched himself, noting how impossibly hard he was.
Scott stroked himself quickly, closing his eyes and picturing Angie on her knees, sucking him with her amazing mouth. He built up fast, overly excited as he was. Perhaps the little bit of edging he’d endured had him more riled up than he thought! He was about halfway there, when there was a knock on the door. He jumped. He thought his wife had left for work already.
“Scott?” said Angie, knocking on the bathroom door. “I thought we agreed you were going to wait.”
Scott paused in mid-stroke. “Wh-what?” he said.
“You’re masturbating,” she said. “I told you weren’t allowed.”
“No, I wasn’t!” said Scott, hastily pulling his hand away and biting his finger to try and will down his erection.
Angie laughed and opened the door, walking right in on him. She giggled some more as he sat there, a little red faced, his cock pointing straight up, looking all the world like a young boy caught red handed doing something naughty. “Oh, honey, I told you, I can sense you! In fact, I could even see what you were fantasizing about! I always was proud of my oral technique.” She winked and sat on the edge of the tub across from Scott.
Scott paused and swallowed. He wasn’t sure how to process the fact that she was completely serious. “You can? You can really sense that?”
“Yep! These powers are pretty incredible. I mean, as soon as you started getting hard, heck, as soon as you started feeling aroused, it was like a signal going off in my head. I just suddenly knew you had an erection. Then, I knew you were touching yourself, and when I focused on you, I saw the fantasy running through your head.” Angie couldn’t help but grin at Scott’s stunned look. “It’s all coming to me so easily! As though all this stuff is awakening some new kind of instinct, a new perception!”
“Wow, you… wow,” said Scott.
Angie leaned forward and gently flicked the tip of his still hard cock, smiling as it bounced back. “Now then, as I was saying. I thought I told you this was off limits.”
Scott grinned sheepishly. “Aw, come on, Angie. You know I can’t hold it in that long. Not when I’m like!”
Angie’s smile became sly. “I think you can, Scott. I really want you to try this time.”
Scott chuckled. “You always say that, but then it never happens.”
“Because you can’t keep your hands off yourself.”
Scott shrugged. “You never cared before.”
“Ah, but before I didn’t really have the means to enforce it.”
Scott paused, and his brow furrowed. “What do you mean?”
“Sex Magic let’s me do more than just sense when you pop a boner,” said Angie, grinning devilishly. “Like I said, I’ve been reading up on this stuff online. There’s all sort of things I should be able to do. All I have to do is concentrate, and… follow the signals…” She reached out and traced a fingertip down his length, causing his cock to jump. Scott was tense with anticipation and she smiled at his attention. She traced her fingertip from the tip to his balls, then circled around them to trail up his stomach.
“Yeah… if I trace what I’m sensing from your cock as the signals go back to your brain…” her fingertip slip up his chest and neck, causing him to jump a bit with ticklishness. She blinked and her grin got wider. “Wow! I can see this whole network of nerves and channels beaming signals to one another, back and forth…” her finger settled on his right temple and she squinted a bit, “There. I think I can see the central hub of your sex drive…” she placed the palm of her hand on his head, and concentrated.
Scott flinched as he felt something, like a presence inside his mind. Like a niggling sensation in the back of his head, worming its way through his skull. It didn’t hurt, in fact, there was an almost pleasant tingle to the sensation, but it unnerved him. He reached up to grab Angie’s arm, but her other hand caught his, and held him back. “Angie… what are you doing…?”
“Ssshh, let me concentrate… I think I found… yeah, there it is.”
Scott felt the mental tendrils settle onto something in his mind. He couldn’t really tell what, but it felt like they had looped around something. “There… there what is?” he asked softly, fascinated.
“The part of your mind that enables you to masturbate.” Scott’s eyes widened as Angie fixed him with a devilish grin. “And if I just tug right here…” Scott jumped as he felt something inside his mind shift for just a second. “And there we go! Now, I don’t need to worry about you cheating.” She pulled away.
“What did you do?” said Scott.
“Try to touch yourself.”
Scott blinked, then looked down at his cock and tried to reach for it. He couldn’t. He looked at his arm, bewildered, and willed it to move to touch his cock. Nothing happened. Again and again, he tried to touch his cock, but his arm refused to move. He looked up at Angie shocked. “What the hell? I can’t touch my cock!” He grunted in frustration as he tried yet again. “How the fuck did you do that?”
Angie giggled. “Magic!”
“Okay, real funny, now put me back,” said Scott.
“No!” she said a triumphant look on her face.
“I’m serious, how am I supposed to pee straight?”
“Oh, you can still touch yourself to pee or shower, or whatever. You just can’t masturbate.”
“But… but…”
“Oh, honey, chill out. I told you, I just want to try the orgasm denial thing for real for once. And this is the perfect way to do it! No need for a chastity belt or anything!”
“You’ll change it back, though, right?” said Scott. “I mean, this isn’t permanent or anything, right?”
“We’ll see,” said Angie. “But there’s one more thing I want to try.” She reached for Scott, but he quickly snatched up her hands.
“Please don’t,” he said. “Please, you’re freaking me out.”
Angie frowned, then leaned forward and kissed him. “Baby, it’s alright. I just want to have a little fun. You can trust me, I would never hurt you. The magic is safe, I promise. And just think of how amazing sex is going to be from here on out!”
Scott swallowed nervously and then after a long pause, nodded. Angie smiled. “Good. Now then.” She reached down and cupped his balls. His cock had shrunk halfway as his fear overcame his lust, but at her touch, he immediately grew back to full mast.
He felt the invisible tendrils reach into him again, only this time, they seemed to reach into his groin. Scott gripped the sink and the window sill that flanked the toilet as he felt the tingles ripple through his body. “Of course,” continued Angie, “even if you can’t masturbate, you might still end up shooting your spunk, say, in your sleep. Or perhaps accidentally brushing up against me.” She winked. “So, I’m going to make a little adjustment down here as well…” Scott jerked as he felt something shift deep inside his loins. Again, not unpleasant, but strange. “There now.”
“Wh-what was that?” said Scott.
Angie smiled. “Want me to tell you or show you?” She glanced at his cock, then back at him, her smiling indicating her intent. Scott glanced at himself and nodded.
Angie leaned down and kissed his penis tip, then slowly took him in. Scott gasped, surprised at how intense it felt. He realized, despite being scared of his wife’s power, that he was still incredibly turned on; his cock was still almost painfully stiff, and his balls felt pent up with unspent sperm.
Angie’s head bobbed as she sucked him, her tempo going from slow to vigorous. Scott threw his head back and squeezed his eyes shut as felt himself spiraling to climax with incredible speed. “Did you… did you make me more sensitive?” he gasped out.
“Among other things,” said Angie. It didn’t even registered that she had spoken while still sucking him. Then, he reached his climax, and his whole body tensed as he moaned.
Nothing happened. Scott’s hips bucked and he grunted with lustful passion, but instead of ejaculating, his cock merely jerked. He tried to grasp at Angie’s head, to push himself deeper into her mouth, but he gripped nothing. His eyes flew open, and he saw that Angie was sitting up, grinning wider than ever, eyes twinkling with delight as she watched him squirm.
But the sensations of her mouth were still there! Scott looked down, eyes wide, seeing nothing but his desperately clenching cock, even as his every tactile sense told him his wife was right there between his legs, going to town on him. He tried to grip himself to be sure, but the masturbation denial kicked in, and he could not get his hands to move.
“Angie, what the fuck?” said Scott. “H-how are you…?”
“I can’t fucking believe it! I’m just thinking of you feeling my mouth and you do!” Angie laughed, clapping her hands. “Oh, this is fucking incredible!”
Scott shuddered as his body tried to cum again, but was unable to, blocked by Angie’s magic. His balls were starting to ache. “Angie, please, stop! It hurts!”
Angie pouted, then reached down and tickled his balls. The pain faded slowly, and then, all he could feel was the incredible need to cum. “Better?” she said.
“N-no!” gasped Scott. “Okay, I give, I give, let me cum!”
“Say please!” giggled Angie.
“Say please Angie, let me cum!”
Scott was having a hard time forming words as the phantom mouth worked him more vigorously. “P-please Angie, l-l-let me cum!”
Angie stood with a “hmph.” “No,” she said. “As I recall, you wanted to sleep. So that’s what we shall do.”
Scott’s eyes widened. “Angie, please! Come on, I’m sorry, don’t leave me like this!”
Angie smiled and concentrated, then laughed as Scott’s eyes widened in shock. Layered over the sensations of the phantom mouth as a second mouth! Two hot, wet, sucking sensations, two wriggling, lashing tongues assaulted his painfully hard, incredibly sensitive cock, weaving in and out of synch as they pleasured him. Scott slid off the toilet to kneel in front of his wife. His eyes rolled up, and his mouth opened in an O as his hips bucked into the air. He was trying to cum again, his body determined to push past her magic barrier. But it was for naught as he stayed right on the edge. Scott moaned loudly as Angie watched, utterly entranced at the scene of her husband, helplessly gasping and writhing obscenely under her mere thoughts. The energy she sensed coming off of him was nearly intoxicating.
“Oh, Scott,” she said softly. She reached down and touched herself, finding her pussy and thighs soaked with her juices. She masturbated as she watched him, and when he pitched forward onto his hands, he grasped her leg, clutching her in desperation, begging her for a release. She came right then and there, shaking, but still keeping herself standing, as her husband shuddered with need.
Finally, she forced herself to stop, releasing Scott from her power. Scott collapsed onto the floor, gasping, his teased cock twitching rapidly as he heaved. Angie kneeled down over him and kissed him deeply. She reached inside with her magic and matched the throbbing hum in his body, willing it down. Scott, tired and overwhelmed, was too stunned to resist as Angie guided him back to bed. He slipped back into a fitful sleep, his balls still aching with the need to cum. Angie lay there, pressed against him, basking in his need, soaking in his energies like the rays of the sun. She felt warm and fuzzy and energized and powerful. Her pussy still ached for more, tingling with desire as she replayed the scene of Scott writhing under her power. God, she wanted nothing more than to roll on top of him and fuck him blind right now.
However, she forced herself to resist the temptation. This power was coming to her so fast and so strong; even now, the hum of his cock filled her head like a sensual song, tempting her to do more. But she’d damn near given him a heart attack already! If she overdid it now, she might break the poor man. No, no, rein it in, cool down, don’t get too caught up for the moment. Better to take it slow and learn how to do this properly. After all, now that she had the magic, she had all the time in the world to practice it.

Scott awoke to the sensations of the twin mouths sucking him once more. He awoke with a gasp, his hard cock twitching crazily. He bucked into the sensation for a few seconds, before fully awakening, and turning to look at Angie. Only, she wasn’t there. Once again, she was using her powers to stimulate him without even touching him! And she was stimulating him quite intensely, too!
“Angie!” he called. “Angie, I’m up!” He stumbled out of bed as the sensations increased. He staggered to the door as his knees shook from the pleasure. His balls and his cock ached as they swung lewdly before him. “Angie, where are you?” He went carefully down the stairs, and when he reached the bottom, he couldn’t take it. He collapsed onto his hands and knees, shaking and moaning.
“Good morning dear!” she said. She was fully dressed, eating some toast and sipping her coffee. “Sleep well?” Scott let out a shuddering gasp as his hips bucked obscenely. Angie chewed her lip. “God, I’m so bad. I really should stop. If I don’t, I might just have to pounce on you, and I really need to go to work.” With a Herculean effort, she stopped playing with him. Scott lay there, gasping for a moment, before he carefully stood up. He stood, cock thrust angrily into the air as he got his bearings. He sat down heavily at the dining room table. Angie slid the rest of her toast towards him, as well as a fresh cup of coffee, already sugared and creamed just as he liked it.
“Jesus Christ,” he said, after he caught his breath.
“One hell of an alarm clock, huh?” she giggled.
“Please finish me,” he said. “Please?”
“Nah,” she said. “You’re just too gosh darn cute like this! All naked and hard and helpless!” She laughed as Scott blushed, then blushed deeper as he suddenly realized he was still fully nude, while she was fully dressed. Here he was, cock and balls throbbing, while she sat, casual as could be, sipping her morning coffee.
“Well, then,” she said, getting up and giving Scott a kiss. “I’ve gotta go to work. You stay out of trouble now!” She giggled and ducked down, giving his penis tip a quick kiss. A jolt of pleasure shot through his loins and he stiffened with a loud gasp.
“Angie, please…!”
She gave his penis a light flick and giggled as she watched it bounce. “No, Scott! Bad! You behave yourself!”
Scott blushed at this, at a loss for words. She was completely serious about this, and he had no idea how to convince her otherwise. She giggled once more, gave him a kiss on the mouth, and all but dashed out of the house before he could get his wits about him.
Scott stood there as if in a daze. Naked, his cock still twitching, balls aching, he had no idea how to respond to this. Swallowing hard, he decided all he could do was go to work and try to take his mind off his cock. He dressed in a pair of shorts and tee-shirt and headed downstairs to his studio. He had another piece of commercial art to complete within the next two weeks, and he was already almost done. Finishing it up would help ease his nerves. However, as he started to go down the steps and his cock began to finally shrink, he thought he felt a long, wet lick along the shaft. Scott shivered at the touch and his cock grew hard again.
Was that Angie? Was she using her power again? How the hell was she using it when she was this far away? He waited for another touch, but it didn’t come. Finally, he went down the rest of the steps and opened the door to the studio. Just as his cock was going soft again, he felt the lick. Scott grit his teeth. She wouldn’t! Would she? Scott waited for his cock to go down, hard to do when he was anticipating whatever else might happen, but eventually, it started to wilt. Before it even got a quarter of the way down, he felt the lick again, and this time, it kept going, tracing several times up and down the shaft. Scott let out a breath and sat heavily on the chair against the wall. He tried to reach for himself, but Angie’s spell kicked in once more.
“Damn it!” he gasped. He all but ran upstairs and picked up his cell phone, dialing Angie’s number. She picked up, giggling. “Angie! Cut it out!”
“Sorry, baby, I can’t help it! It’s just so fun!” she giggled again. “Can you believe I’m able to do it from this far away? I’m all the way over at work, and I can still sense your cock as though it were right next to me. As though I could just reach over and give you a nice quick tug!”
Scott let out a gasp and jumped as he felt a hand lovingly grab and squeeze his cock, giving it a few quick strokes. Scott shuddered as he felt himself shoot near the edge! “Scott!” she said, almost scolding. “Did you almost spurt already?” He winced as he felt a light flick to his penis tip. “Bad! You’re really going to have to work on your stamina.”
“Please, honey, I need to do some work today,” he said. “Please don’t tease me anymore. It’s distracting.”
“That’s the point, Scott,” she said with another giggle. “I want you thinking all day about me, and all the fun I’m going to have with you when I get back home!”
He felt another few phantom strokes, and he shuddered. “Angie, please!”
“Aw, come on, you have more than enough time to finish. Skip painting for today. Just enjoy my thoughts!”
Scott had to back up and sit down on one of the living room chairs as he felt the double-mouth return to his cock. “Oh, fuck…” he gasped.
“Yeah, no shit,” said Angie, her voice getting husky. “Whew, I think I’m going to have to make a few trips to the bathroom today! And maybe take a half-day, at that!” The mouth’s moved faster on him. “Mmmm, yeah… god, I hear your cock screaming from across town!”
“Please, Angie, it’s too much! Let me cum!”
“In time, sweetie, in time,” she said. “But I’ll cut you a small break for now.” He felt one of the mouths fade, and the other slowed its sucks and licks. “Better?”
“Y-yes,” he said, as the mouth teased him at a more relaxing pace. It was still maddening, but at least he could keep his breath steady.
“Good,” she said. “See you tonight, hon!” She laughed as she hung up, leaving Scott to jump and moan as the mouth blew him with loving precision. Seeing no other recourse, he tried to get back to work, but it wasn’t an option. Soon enough, even the lesser stimulation made his cock twitch every few minutes, trying to cum, but never succeeding. He tried calling Angie again, but her phone was off. All he could eventually do was strip his clothes off and try to endure the hours until she came home.


When Angie came home, she smiled as she all but sauntered into the living room, where Scott was bucking his hips, helplessly swooning from the phantom mouth. When Scott saw her, he tried to crawl to her, gasping her name, but she held out her hand. Scott found himself frozen in place for a second. She flicked her hand, then spread her fingers, and Scott found himself flipped onto his back, his limbs spread eagle. He felt an invisible force holding him down, binding his arms and legs in place.
Angie slipped off her heels and stood over Scott, her feet on either side of his chest. She smiled down lovingly at him as he looked up at her with a desperate expression. “Please… Angie… no more… teasing… please… finish me!” he gasped.
Angie visibly shivered. “Fuck, you have no idea how wet this makes me.” She reached up under her skirt, and pulled down her thong, stepping out of it slowly. It was thoroughly soaked in her juices. Scott’s eyes widened, and she could see in his thoughts that he was fully expecting her to fuck him. She laughed. “Not quite yet, love,” she said. She kneeled down, lifting her skirt and straddling his face. She planted her soaking wet pussy on his mouth, then dropped her skirt down over his head, trapping him in a hot, wet, fragrant darkness. She pressed her pussy to his mouth, and he moaned loudly, his hips bucking. She squeezed her thighs around his head and said, “Come on, baby. Fair is fair.” She giggled and with a flick of her finger, the phantom mouth on his cock slowed to a maddening pace, but seemed to suck him deeper.
Scott nearly fainted as he felt the sensation. It was as if the mouth were sucking him clear to some root deep within. He couldn’t describe it, but it was almost like the phantom mouth extended straight into him, sucking him inside and out, all the way back to his prostate. It was a deeply terrifying, yet mind blowing experience. He opened his mouth in a loud gasp, and Angie slipped herself so that her sex was forced between his lips.
Scott immediately began to suckle and lick at her, and Angie moaned softly. She rocked her hips against him, and as he licked her, she reached the magic deep into herself. She opened up her own sexual signals and tweaked her channels, making herself super sensitive and receptive. She nearly screamed as the licking continued, every pass of Scott’s tongue becoming increasingly overwhelming. She spiraled towards orgasm faster than she ever had before! She let out a harsh growl and gripped at Scott’s head through her skirt, pressing herself harder against him. Scott could barely breathe, even as he frantically tried to please his suddenly ravenous wife. When she came, she reached into herself and locked her body at that peak; now every pass of Scott’s tongue would induce another orgasm. She thrashed and screamed atop him as his licks now kept her in a constant state of climax.
Even as she did, she willed the phantom mouth on his cock to reach even deeper, to touch his body in ways he couldn’t even imagine, sucking him physically and mentally, enveloping his body and mind entirely in the pleasurable sensation of an overwhelming mouth, a feminine force that crushed him utterly. Light headed, barely able to breathe, Scott could only shudder and lick and moan and cry and soon, there was no thought in his head any more, no thought at all…
Then suddenly, Angie had enough, and she collapsed forward, blacking out. Her spells all ceased, even the phantom mouth on Scott, and he, too slipped into unconsciousness. A few minutes later, Angie groaned awake, stretched, and smiled. She felt incredible, like she’d just come back from a relaxing vacation and a vigorous, strengthening exorcize at the same time. She stood and stretched, and noticed Scott, curled up on the floor, sleeping fitfully. Angie smiled and kneeled down, kissing him on the cheek. She smiled as she could smell herself on him, and felt a tremor of pleasure went through her, remembering the feeling of his head trapped between her legs. He moaned softly and stirred, his cock twitching. Angie raised a hand, intent on resuming the pleasurable mouth on his cock. After such wonderful tongue working, waking him up with the most mind blowing orgasm of his life was only fitting.
However, she hesitated. The signals coming off his cock, the mental hum and glow and heat radiating from his member, was absolutely wonderful. It was like bathing in gentle sunlight, while listening to the sound of the waves, like the most natural thing in the world. She wanted to keep feeling it. Angie chewed her lip in thought. She really shouldn’t. She couldn’t. It would be too mean.
But good God, sensing his cock like this, so hard, so tense, his balls so full. She didn’t want it to end. Not just yet. So instead, she used a little flow of power into him, and instead of letting him cum, she just eased his tension a bit, letting his painfully hard cock finally shrink. Even that felt a little off putting to her, but she at least owed him a break. Scott’s breathing eased, and he curled up a little more, getting more comfortable. She smiled and with a wave of her hand, raised him up off the floor. She set him down on the couch and slipped the throw blanket over him, kissing him on the cheek again. He mumbled something and smiled slightly.
Then the doorbell rang. Angie, still almost completely dressed, went right for the door. She pulled it open to reveal Jackie, her neighbor. “Hi, Angie,” said Jackie. “Sorry to be a bother, but Scott was supposed to return Todd’s tools this morning…”
“Oh!” said Angie. She giggled. “Shoot, I’m sorry. I kind of distracted him a little.”
Jackie nodded knowingly. “Yeah, I could kind of see that.”
“Come on in, I’ll ask Scott where he left them,” she said.
Scott had been awoken by the voices, and was slowly sitting up, stretching. He felt oddly rejuvenated, despite what he’d just gone through. He winced, however, at the ache in his balls. Angie came over to him, putting a hand on his shoulder and leaning over him. Scott could only look at her in wonder. She kissed him lightly on the lips. “Hey,” she said. “Jackie wants to know where Todd’s tools are.”
“Tools?” said Scott. “Oh, um, the garage. I’ll, uh, I’ll go get…” He stood, and the throw blanket fell off his shoulders. He turned and nearly froze like a deer in headlights as he almost ran into Jackie. The older woman’s eyes widened, then she gave him an amused smile. Scott glanced down at himself, then back up at Jackie, eye’s wide. He was completely naked in front of his neighbor. He moved to cup himself, but instantly, Angie’s anti-masturbation limiter prevented it.
“Oh, god!” said Scott, turned red as a tomato. He quickly jumped behind the couch, and ducked down behind it, grabbing the blanket to cover himself. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were right there!”
Jackie laughed good naturedly. “Oh, don’t apologize, I guess I shouldn’t have just come in like that.” She shrugged. “Of course, I can see your naked body anyway, so I guess I didn’t think of it.”
Scott looked at her in shock. “You… you can?”
“You two were putting on one hell of a show,” said Jackie. “I’m pretty sure every woman in a five block radius could see you going at it.”
Angie put a hand to her mouth, and even she blushed a bit. Scott, however, just hung his head, his blush deepening. “Oh, my god,” he grumbled.
“I guess I got pretty carried away,” laughed Angie.
“I’ll say,” said Jackie. She looked a little closer at Scott and winced slightly. “Ooph. Cripes, Angie, are you trying to torture the poor guy? His balls are going off like a siren!”
Angie grinned devilishly. “Pretty awesome, huh?”
Jackie glanced her over for a moment, but then smiled knowingly. “Well, just don’t be too hard on him. You gotta let him pop sometime or he’ll go crazy.”
“Come on, I’m right here!” said Scott. “Stop talking about my balls like they’re on display!”
Angie laughed and leaned down, patting his head. “Oh, but they are, baby! With these powers, any woman can see your nuts as they throb away in your pants!”
“Or lack thereof,” said Jackie. The two women laughed as Scott’s blush deepened. He frowned deeply, but was too humiliated to say anything more. “Okay, well, really, I need to get Todd’s tools.”
“Oh, right,” said Angie, sheepishly. “I’m sorry. I’ll get them. Garage you said, Scott?”
Scott nodded. “Third shelf, next to the lawnmower,” he muttered.
Angie practically skipped off to get them. Jackie’s smile faded as she went. She looked to Scott with a slight frown. “You okay?” she said.
“Don’t look at me,” he muttered. He sat on the couch, his back to her. He shifted a pillow over to cover himself.
“That isn’t hiding you,” said Jackie. She came around to the front, and crouched down in front of him, looking up at his flushed face. “Scott? Are you okay? I could sense you earlier. I figured Angie was just giving you a test drive of her powers, but it went on for a while. I was going to come over, but then she came home, and, well…” She glanced directly at Scott’s crotch. “Do they hurt?”
“A little,” Scott said, his blush fading slightly. “She’s just playing around. I just…”
“Didn’t expect it to be that intense, huh?” said Jackie.
Scott swallowed. “No,” he said softly, averting his eyes from Jackie’s gaze.
“Well, first time I tried my powers with Todd, it wasn’t as intense as that, but woo, let me tell you, neither of us had cum that hard in like twenty years.” Scott’s mouth twitched into a frown. Jackie smiled reassuringly. “Come on, it’ll be okay.” She pat Scott’s bare knee, and he blushed again, shifting uncomfortably. He was hardening beneath the pillow, and Jackie could see an image, a rather intense one, of Scott shooting his load down Angie’s throat. The image resonated acutely with the ache in his balls.
“Scott, stop being a perv! We have guests!” laughed Angie as she came in from the garage. Jackie stood, and her amused smile resumed. “Sorry, Jackie, you know how a gu gets when his balls are all full!”
“Angie!” hissed Scott.
“Oh, baby, I’m just teasing,” Angie giggled as she came over and gave him another kiss on the cheek.
“Now, now, go easy on the poor boy,” said Jackie with a chuckle. “You don’t want to traumatize him!”
Angie handed her the toolbox. “Yes, mother.” The two ladies chuckled, and Angie saw Jackie to the door.
Jackie glanced back at Scott. “Seriously, go easy on him,” she said. “I know you two always had a kinky side, but don’t just nosedive into the deep end right off.”
“Oh, relax,” said Angie. “I know what I’m doing.”
“Alright then,” said Jackie. “Bye, Scott!”
Scott mumbled a good bye, and she left. Angie turned to her embarrassed husband, and hugged him from behind. “God, you reek of pussy,” said Angie. “Let’s get you cleaned up.”
Scott sighed and nodded. “So, are you going to let me cum any time soon?”
Angie smiled. “We’ll just have to see, won’t we?” She extended a tendril of power, and Scott jumped as he felt an invisible hand grasp his cock. The organ twitched and grew fully erect again almost immediately. Angie giggled. “I think I like it that way,” she said. She concentrated, and Scott felt something else shift inside him.
“What was that?” he said, looking at her warily.
“I just made your erection permanent,” said Angie, laughing.
“Angie! Stop it! If I stay hard for too long—”
Angie pat him on the cheek. “Oh, babe, you worry too much. You were already hard like, all morning long, and you’re fine right?” Scott paused, then nodded as he realized he wasn’t in any pain. “See? It’s the magic, it keeps everything safe.”
“Well, okay, but you’re not really going to leave me like this, are you?”
“You bet your ass I am!” she said, laughing.
“Angie! How am I supposed to go out with a constant boner?”
“Oh, don’t worry, it’ll only activate when you’re in the house.”
Scott grabbed her by the shoulders and looked her closely in the eye. “Angie, please, don’t do anything else to me. This is freaking me out.”
Angie cupped his face with her hands and kissed him. “Baby, there’s nothing to be scared of. I’m just having a little fun, okay?” Scott frowned, but her eyes, suddenly wide and innocent, implored him to play along. And when he still hesitated, the phantom hand on his cock tried to coax him another way, gently stroking up and down.
Scott let out a breath. “Okay,” he said.
“Good,” she said. Then she giggled. “Actually, there’s just one more teensy little thing I want to do.”
“Angie, please—”
“Come on, baby, just one more thing?” she said. “I’m even asking nicely this time!” She made the phantom hand stroke him more insistently. Scott shivered at the sensations. “Well?”
“Wh-what? What is it?” he said as his cock jumped.
She giggled, and he felt something else shift inside of him. Suddenly, he let go of the throw blanket, letting it drop off his shoulders again. “No clothes when you’re in the house!”
Scott’s eyes widened. “Angie! No! That’s embarrassing!”
“What’s to be embarrassed about, baby? You’re my husband. I’ve seen you naked almost every day!”
“But… but… what about when there’s people over?”
“I dunno,” said Angie. “We’ll have to see, won’t we?”
“Angie!” he said, and he gasped as the hand squeezed him.
Angie laughed. “Come on, silly boy,” she said. “Let’s take that shower, hmm? I’ll let you scrub my back!” She swayed a bit as she walked, making sure Scott got a good view of her ass, the skirt swishing below it threatening to reveal her sex as she went up the stairs before him. She pulled him, gently but firmly, by his cock, her magic forming an invisible leash. Unable to resist, and unwilling as the hand stroked him faster, Scott stumbled after her, his cock twitching like an over-excitable puppy, his face red as a beet.

She slowly stripped once they went into the bedroom, deliberately drawing it out for his anticipation. He’d seen his wife naked a thousand times before, of course, but with the way she was taking control, the removal of every piece made his cock twitch with anticipation. As she finally slid off her skirt, the last piece, Scott moved to embrace her. He tried to catch her by surprise, think about something else, but her nude body and the psychic hand on his cock made it impossible to focus on anything other than a plan to grab her, push her onto the bed, and enter her. She still had her back to him as she took her clothes and placed them in the hamper.
He was just a few inches from her when he suddenly froze. The psychic hand squeezed him tightly and he gasped as he felt his body enveloped in a tingling sensation, her magic working its way through his muscles. She turned to him and smiled, and the site of her entranced him. She giggled and said, “Ah, ah, ah. It’s shower time now, naughty boy.” She flicked the tip of his cock again, and giggled once more as his blush returned. She went to the bathroom and turned on the water, only then releasing Scott from her magic bonds. The phantom hand had stopped stroking him, and was now slowly, rhythmically squeezing him, every squeeze making his breath catch for a moment. He all but stumbled into the bathroom. The water was quick to heat up, and she was already giving herself a first rinse.
Scott joined her, and she handed him the shower sponge. “You scrub me first, then I’ll scrub you.” Scott nodded, and soaped up the sponge, then began to rub it over her body. She sighed softly as he washed her every nook and curve, front and back. Numerous times, he tried to press himself against her, but her magic stopped him from getting just close enough. She chided him when he uncontrollably thrust his hips whenever he got too close.
She even leaned forward more dramatically than she needed to for him to scrub her back, forcing his cock to come within a hairsbreadth of her ass. She arched herself, raising her ass a bit so that, if he could have just thrust a half an inch closer, he would have entered her sex. Even as he washed her back, he trembled with desire, his cock twitching crazily, less than an inch from her pussy, which was dripping with her juices once again.
And when he did wash between her legs, she made him take her time, with tender strokes between her legs, which of course, only coaxed more wetness from her. “Oh, you bad boy,” she said as she leaned into his touches. “I’m trying to get clean, and you keep forcing me to make a mess! Naughty, naughty thing!” She reached down and flicked him twice, a little harder this time, and Scott blushed furiously. It didn’t hurt, but he felt like a puppy being batted on the nose with a newspaper.
Then it was her turn to wash him. She made him stand outside the flow of water, kissing down his body just before she soaped each part, until he was completely covered drenched in suds, with the exception of his cock, which she avoided completely. Even the phantom hand simply held him, not stroking or squeezing. Then, she removed the detachable shower head and aimed it at him, switching it to a rapid-burst pulse. She giggled at him as she hosed him down, especially when he jumped as she made the spray shoot right between his ass cheeks.
Then, she reattached the shower head, and soaped up her hands. “Now its time to clean that naughty thing,” she said, nodding to his cock, which lurched at the thought.
Scott swallowed hard. “Angie…” he said softly. “Please… let me—”
Angie silenced him with a finger to his lips. “Turn around,” she said. Scott obeyed, and she pressed her wet body fully against his. Scott let out a lustful breath, feeling her soft, firm skin against him, her breasts pressing to his back, her chin resting on his shoulder. Then, she reached around and grasped his cock with her slick hands. Scott’s hips bucked immediately, and he reached out to grab the wall. “Easy now,” said Angie, and Scott felt her magic seizing his body once more. It did not hold him tightly, he could still squirm and buck, but he could tell from the way it held him that it would keep him from falling over in the shower.
As Angie slowly soaped up his cock, he could feel the phantom hand return. No, not one hand, but two. As Angie’s own hands slid up the shaft, the phantom pair slid down. Scott let out a shuddering groan as the overlapping handjobs drove him quickly to the brink. His already overly teased cock and aching balls, combined with the enhanced sensitivity his wife had given him, made it take only seconds before he was ready to cum. But even as he tried, he was denied by her magic, forcing him to endure as she stroked him with loving attention, her fingers seeming to find every single hotspot and special stroke.
His hands clenched into fists and he shuddered, hips bucking. “Angie!” he gasped. Angie just kissed the back his neck, finding that hidden erogenous zone that always made him swoon with pleasure, and flush with embarrassment at how easily she could make him melt with the right touch there. He all but mewed, face crimson, as he shivered from her kiss and her hands, and all the while, his sweet ache in his balls throbbed intensely.
Finally, she stopped, and made him turn around. He was shaking like a leaf, but her magic kept him from slipping as she turned the water on his cock, using a gentle spray this time. When they got out of the shower, she toweled him off before drying herself, giving him time to try and cool down. She lingered on his cock once more, and he thrust into her cloth covered hand instinctively. Pre-cum collected on the towel and she giggled. “So much for staying clean!” she said, and flicked him gently again.
When he could finally catch his breath, she had already gone into the bedroom and changed into a pair of pants and a tee-shirt. He went over to the dresser and opened it, but when he tried to put on some of his clothes, he found he couldn’t. He cursed as it took a couple of tries before he remembered Angie had made it so he was compelled to be naked around the house.
Angie chuckled and kissed him as he turned to her, blushing again. His cock twitched happily for her to see, oblivious to Scott’s shame. “Oh, baby,” she said. “You look so adorable like that.” She kissed him again.
Scott tried to compose himself. “So, now what?” he said.
Angie tapped her chin. “Hmm… I guess you didn’t get a chance to do your morning walk, huh?” Scott shook his head. “Alright, then, how about we hit the trail for a bit? And then, maybe we can get something to eat, say, at that grill you like?”
Scott brightened at that. Some fresh air and food sounded nice about now. “Sounds good.” He paused and looked down at himself though. “Um… so, can I get dressed now.”
Angie laughed. “Not in the house, silly!”
Scott looked at her wide eyed. “Angie! You mean…”
“Yep, you’ll have to get dressed outside,” she said.
“Angie, for fuck’s sake,” he said. “There’s got to be a limit to this.”
Angie frowned, and kissed him. She reached down, and lightly traced a fingertip along his length, teasingly up and down. “Come on, baby. You’ll just have to grab some clothes, go outside, and jump into them real quick. You’re a guy, it’ll only take you a couple seconds to get dressed.”
Scott swallowed hard, his cock jumping at her touch. “Can’t we, uh, compromise or something? Make, like, the garage a clothes-safe zone?”
Angie smiled. “Now, where’s the fun in that?” She reached around and gave his ass a light spank. “Just go on out there real quick.” She grabbed her purse and headed out the door. “Don’t keep me waiting!”
Scott hesitated, trembling with nervousness. Good Christ, this was getting to be too much! Still, she was right, when he was in a hurry, he could throw on some clothes in ten seconds flat. He grabbed everything he needed, then came down the stairs, even as he felt the phantom hand return to his cock, tugging him insistently.
He started for the back door, intending to use the privacy of the backyard, but the hand tugged him towards the front. He let out a groan. Was Angie going to cut him any slack? It didn’t appear so, as the hand guided him to the front, where the door was already open, Angie smiling at him through the storm door. Swallowing once more, Scott came outside, then hurriedly started pulling his clothes on. To his great relief, he found he actually could!
Even as he did so, however, he heard a couple whistles as two female joggers ran by the house and saw him. Angie laughed and gave the two an appreciative wave, even as Scott flushed with humiliation. When he’d finally dressed, he buried his face in his hands.
“I can’t believe you made me do that!” he said.
Angie giggled again and kissed him deeply. “Hey, you got complimented,” she said. “Don’t feel so bad. Now, come along.”
“Um, Angie, I’m still hard,” he said.
“Hey, that’s not my fault,” she said. “Maybe you just like being caught naked!” She laughed.
“What? No!” he said. However, as they stood there, his cock began to slowly shrink. It seemed that spell really did turn off once he left the house.
“See?” said Angie. “You were just still excited. Still, it’s no fun for me like this.”
Scott felt a gentle tickling of fingertips along his balls, and immediately, his teased cock responded, jutting straight up.
“Angie!” he hissed, trying to cover himself.
Angie laughed, and the fingertips became a hand, which cupped his sac and gently rolled it. “Come along, puppy, we’re going for a walk.”
“No! Not like this!” he said, trying to back to the house.
“Well, alright,” said Angie. “I guess I can just go to the diner by myself. But it’ll be rather lonely. I don’t know what I’ll do to pass the time.” Scott suddenly stiffened and his eyes went wide as he felt a hot, wet mouth suddenly envelop his cock head. “I might find myself thinking idle, wicked thoughts.” The mouth began to move on his cock, and Scott hissed. “And who knows what may happen as a result? These powers could take a life of there own!”
Shaking, Scott leaned against the wall of the house for support. “Okay! Okay!” The mouth slowly left him with a long, final draw, leaving his cock head with a smooch he could almost hear. Angie laughed, and she had the phantom hand cup him again.
“Excellent,” she said. “Now, come along, my pet.” She started walking and Scott, blushing brightly, quickly came up to walk alongside her, his cock pointing the way.

Scott kept his eyes to the ground as he walked, not daring to look up and risk eye contact with anyone they passed. It was only four blocks to the entrance of a long nature trail that wound through their town, but it felt like four miles as Scott felt like every passerby noticed his erection. Angie kept giggling as she saw him wince every time they passed someone.
“Oh, honey, stop being so bashful,” said Angie, kissing him on the cheek.
“You’re not the one with your cock practically ripping out your pants!” said Scott. “Please, just stop playing with me, alright?”
“Oh, alright,” said Angie, and the phantom hand cupping his balls released him. By this point, though, they had reached the relative privacy of the trail and its wall of trees, so this was hardly any comfort. Nonetheless, Angie waited patiently for Scott to try and will down his erect, before moving on. It was another mile before they reached the point where they could exit onto the block where the diner was located.
As they walked, Scott let himself get more absorbed into their surroundings. This helped calm him down some, as did Angie hooking her arm around his and leaning into him a bit as they walked. For a moment, Scott was able to forget about the strange powers his wife now had and relax. He even gave her a kiss in return and she smiled warmly at him.
Of course, Angie wasn’t the only woman who had developed the strange powers that the internet was calling Sex Magic. They said that by now, almost every woman in North America had gotten the magic, even out here on the West Coast, and it was spreading rapidly across the other continents. Scott and Angie’s small town was, thankfully, spared the riots and protests and weird cult gatherings the major cities were dealing with, but it was already apparent most of the women of the town were eager to embrace the gifts.
Even as Angie gave him a break for a bit, evidence of the magic was clear with every couple they passed on the trail. One pair of joggers had stopped to rest on a bench. The woman had her feet propped up on her man’s lap, and he was massaging them lovingly. His erection was very evident in his tight running shorts, and from the dreamy look on his face, she was probably giving him a psychic footjob even as he massaged her feet. She smiled knowingly at Angie as they passed, and Scott swallowed hard, watching the scene, his cock twitching at the thought of Angie doing the same to him. Angie giggled, and winked at him, and for a brief instant, he felt the trace of a fingertip, or perhaps a toe tip, coax his cock to full erection again.
Another couple they passed were sucking on popsicles, the woman in particular seeming to be really enjoying hers. The guy seemed barely able to walk straight, and he, too, had a massive erection. Scott realized with a start that the way the guy was twitching, it had to be in response to what the woman was doing to the popsicle. “Oo, that looks fun!” said Angie giggling as they passed the couple, she and the woman sharing a wink. “Hey, baby, you want to get a popsicle after lunch?” She giggled as Scott said nothing.
The craziest group they passed, however, was a trio of young women who came flying down the trail. Literally flying, or at least hovering, standing on a trio of nearly naked boys! Scott and even Angie gawked as they watched. The boys were all hovering a foot of their ground, their bodies seemingly locked in a rigid, ramrod straight state. They wore nothing but speedos, all tented lewdly by their erections. The girls, dressed in rather skimpy skater gear, stood barefoot atop them. As the girls leaned forward, the boys beneath moved forward, and likewise to any direction the girls turned, riding the boys like hovering surfboards. The girls had calm, rather disaffected expressions, typical of wannabe rebellious teens, but the young men beneath them looked completely lost in hazes of pleasure. The girls zipped by fairly quickly, however, so there wasn’t much time for a more thorough examination.
“What the fuck was that?” said Scott, actually stunned more than anything.
“Oh, wow,” said Angie. “I think I read an article online about it. Some surfer group in L.A. created it. They call it boyboarding or boysurfing. I thought it was a joke article.” She laughed. “Wow, that looks fucking awesome!”
“Unbelievable! You can use your magic to float?” said Scott.
“Apparently,” said Angie. She concentrated on Scott, and he felt his cock go erect as the phantom hands closed around his shaft and balls. Then he felt many more grasp all over his body. She raised her hand up and Scott, to his amazement, began to float off the ground. He felt as though he was being held aloft by dozens of hands gently lifting him.
“Holy cow!” said Angie. “I didn’t even think of this!”
“Put me down!” said Scott, wriggling, even though he was only a few inches off the ground.
Angie laughed. “Oh, I am so boysurfing you back home!”
Scott’s brow furrowed. “Good god, no! Do you even know how to surf?”
Angie kept laughing, but flicked her hand at Scott, and he dropped back down. She leaned against him, shoulders shaking. “Oh, my lord,” she gasped. “I’m sorry, the image is just so funny!”
Scott suddenly saw an image of himself, totally naked, Angie standing on top on him in a swimsuit. She was riding him as the girls did, only this was over the water, and one foot was pressed onto his cock, as if using it to steer a rudder. Scott shook his head and looked in wonder at Angie. “Did you just put that image in my head?”
Angie, composing herself, said, “Yeah, whew, sorry, I couldn’t describe it in words well enough.”
Scott swallowed hard. Was their no end to the things she could do, so long as he was hot and horny for her? A sudden horrified thought occurred to him. Was this why she wasn’t letting him cum? Would she never let him cum, just so he’d always stay horny and provide her with energy?
“Come on, Scott,” she said. “I’m hungry!” She tugged gently on his arm, while another phantom hand gently tugged his still hard cock. She frowned as she looked at his morose expression. “Aw, come on, honey, I’m just kidding. I wouldn’t use you like that.”
“Are you sure?” said Scott. “You don’t seem like your ready to stop any time soon.”
Angie caressed his cheek. “Well, I’m not, not by a long shot,” she said. “But I’m not going to terrorize you like that. Okay?”
Scott looked into her eyes, and he couldn’t help but believe her sincerity. He hugged her. “Okay,” he said. “But seriously, can you please stop messing with my cock in public? Please?”
Angie mock-sighed. “Oh, alright,” she said, and the phantom hand vanished. “For now.”
“Thank you,” he said. He waited a moment for his cock to go down. Teased as he was, it seemed to take longer each time. Finally, he no longer had a humiliating bulge in his pants, however, and he let out a sigh of relief. “Okay, let’s go.”
“Okay!” said Angie. She linked her arm around his again, and they continued on.

They entered the diner, Angie smiling, Scott trying to keep himself composed. Since it was mid-afternoon, there weren’t too many people at least. Susan was behind the counter, and she smiled at the couple. “Hey, guys! Been a little while. You want your usual, Scott?”
“That’d be swell,” he said.
“How about you, hun?” she asked of Angie.
“Oh, I’ll just have what he’s having,” she said.
“Angie? Hey, Angie!” The two looked up to see Angie’s friend, Sandra. She waved at them from a booth in the back. Angie brightened, waved back, and led Scott over towards her. “I just got here myself,” said Sandra. “You guys want to join me?”
“Love to!” Angie guided Scott over to their table.
“Long time no see, Scott,” said Sandra, smiling at him. The tall brunette wore a rather open top, and her cleavage was quite visible. Scott averted his eyes as best he could, without being rude.
“Hey, Sandra. How are things?” He sat on in the inner side of the booth, Angie sliding in next to him. She snuggled against him as Sandra looked him over.
“Things are great!” said Sandra. She chuckled a bit. “You seem a little pent up there, yourself, though.”
Scott blushed, knowing exactly what she meant. “You, uh, you have the Sex Magic, too, then?” he said.
Sandra nodded. “Had it a couple weeks now, actually,” she said.
Angie pouted. “Aw, and I just got it this weekend, I have a lot of catching up to do!”
“I’ll say,” said Sandra. She winked at Scott. “By the way, did you know your husband thinks about me when he masturbates?”
Angie’s eyes went wide and her jaw dropped in mock horror. “You’re lying, you hussy!”
“See for yourself!”
Angie turned to Scott and fixed him with a concentrated, firm gaze. Scott raised his hands and opened his mouth in protest, but Angie again made a face of mock horror. “Scott!” she said. “You cheating pervert!” She lightly punched him on the arm. Scott looked down ashamed.
“It was only a couple times!” he said. “I swear!”
“That’s what they all say,” said Susan as she brought waters over for the couple. “As if once isn’t already bad enough!”
Scott looked between the three women who affixed him with hard, judging stares. Scott just hung his hand, red faced. Then, all three laughed. Angie hugged him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “It’s okay, baby, I know I’m the one you really love.”
Scott sighed, and kissed her back. “I’m sorry,” he said. “Really, it was just a couple times, and—”
“And usually, you’re involved, too,” said Sandy, winking at Angie. Scott looked at her incredulously. She could really just pluck his dirty thoughts out of his head, just like that?
“Oh, that does sound pretty hot!” said Angie. They laughed at his wide eyed expression. “What do you think, Scott? Think you could handle two ladies at once?” She grinned wickedly. “Especially when they have Magic?”
Scott gawked at her. “Are you serious?” She had to be joking. That, or all this Sex Magic was making her drunk with energy.
Sandra frowned. “Don’t like the idea, Scott? I think I’m hurt.”
“No, no, I do, I mean…” he paused as Angie gave him a fierce look. “I mean, no! I mean… oh, fuck… girls, come on…”
The two laughed again. “God, you are just so easy,” said Angie, giving him another kiss on the cheek.
“Aw, look at you,” said Sandra. “I haven’t seen you this cuddly in a while.”
“I guess the magic’s just reminding me how much I love my hubby,” said Angie. Scott smiled a bit at that, even though he was still becoming rather intimidated by his wife’s power over him.
“Seriously, though,” said Sandra, eyeing the two knowingly. “I could teach you a couple things, Angie.”
Scott swallowed hard. “Th-that’s okay,” he said. “I think it’s more, um, more fun for us to figure it out on our own.”
Angie smiled brightly. “Aw, baby, I knew there was an adventurous spirit in there!” she giggled. “But I dunno. I seem to be picking things up pretty quickly, but I wouldn’t mind a few pointers.” She winked at Sandra, who smiled. “You doing anything this afternoon?” asked Angie.
“No, I’m good for the day, totally free,” said Sandra.
“So, you can come over?” said Angie.
“Angie, come on,” said Scott, knowing exactly where this was going.
“You don’t want me over, Scott?” said Sandra.
“Well, it’s just… things are a little, um…”
Sandra laughed. “You’re just scared of what I might teach your wife.” She winked. “And about me seeing you naked. Which I can already do anyway.”
Scott swallowed. Embarrassingly, he felt himself becoming hard again. Not from any obvious touch; he was simply becoming erect. He thought he was too embarrassed to get hard, but, good lord, maybe he really was aroused by the idea of being seen! Oh, god… had he always been like this? Had Angie implanted the notion into him? Or was she making him hard without using any phantom touches, just to screw with this head? How could he even tell anymore?
“Oh, my, I think you like the idea after all!” Sandra and Angie laughed.
Susan brought over their food, turkey club sandwiches with fries, and she gave Scott a knowing smirk. “You digging yourself into a hole again?” she teased.
“You have no idea,” he said.
“I might have some,” she said with a wink to Angie, and they all laughed again. 
Incredibly, Scott’s cock got harder, reaching full mast, and throbbing. He looked to Angie pleadingly. “I thought you said you’d quit!”
“It isn’t me,” she giggled. Scott looked at Sandra, who just put her hands up in a shrug, and Susan, who did likewise, before going over to another couple. The woman of said couple gave Scott a curious look.
“Oh, god,” he said. “Everyone can see!” He looked to Angie. “Make it go down!”
“Hey, you’re the one doing it, you make it go down!” she said.
Scott bit the inside of his cheeks, but it did no good. As other women in the diner gave him knowing glances, he just seemed to get even harder! He hung his head, and decided to just eat. He practically wolfed down his meal, wanting to leave as quickly as possible. Angie, however, ate slowly, chatting with Sandra. The two paid Scott no mind as he squirmed in his seat, wanting to go, but unable to with Angie blocking him. She would occasionally pat him on the leg and smile at him. His erection, meanwhile, was in no hurry to leave, content to throb away in his shorts, announcing to every woman around his aroused state. Even without being directly attended to, his cock just seemed to stay that way, unable to quell its excitement.
Finally, Sandra turned to Scott again. “Goodness, Angie, you better do something about that, or he might make a mess right here in the diner!”
“Hey, now, none of that!” called Susan. “You make a mess, you clean it up!” The ladies laughed. Angie paid for lunch, then got up, and let Scott out. He kept his gaze down. Sandra got up with them.
“So, what do you say, Scott?” she said. “Mind if I come over? I’ll give you guys a ride back.”
“You better say yes, if you know what’s good for you!” said Susan, with a wink.
Angie grinned. “If you don’t, I really am going to boysurf you back home!”
Scott looked at her helplessly, then hung his head in defeat. “Yeah, okay,” he said. The two giggled, and led Scott to Sandra’s car. He hesitated to enter, but the phantom hands suddenly returned, grasping his balls and shaft. Angie smiled at him, and the hands began to caress him, lightly rolling his balls and stroking him. Scott let out a long breath and got in the back.
Angie and Sandra exchanged grins as they got in the front, and Sandra drove them home. When they got there, Scott stumbled as he got out of the car. The hands picked up their pace, stroking him steadily. A second pair settled on his cock, one hand cupping the head, while the other also stroked along the shift, just out of synch with the other. He was gasping as the two women had to guide him to the front door.
When he was inside, he felt his cock become even harder as the forced-erection spell added to his already excited state. And then, to his horror, he found himself frantically pulling his clothes off as the nudity condition kicked in a second later!
“Why, Scott!” said Sandra. “I had no idea you were so eager!”
Scott hung his head, red with shame, as his nude body was helplessly exposed to her. Angie and Sandra laughed as they saw his cock jump at the psychic touches, his hips twitching. The sensations suddenly increased, and Scott let out a quaky groan, falling to his knees in front of the fully dressed, smiling women. He moaned loudly as his overly teased cock tried to cum right then and there, but failed.
“Oh fuck,” he gasped. “Please, please let me cum!”
The two women laughed again, and Angie pat him on the head. “Now, now, dear, no need to be so pushy. We have all day.” She looked to Sandra. “Want something to drink?” she said. “Some tea, perhaps?”
“That would be lovely.” The two women went to the kitchen, leaving Scott to jerk and gasp. He crawled over to the couch and drug himself on top of it. He felt more psychic hands suddenly clamp down on his limbs, pinning him in place, legs spread, arms propped up along the back of the couch. He could do nothing but grip the couch and writhed. Angie and Sandra came in and sat on either side of him, leaning against the arm rests, sipping waters as they watched him.
Sandra said, “Poor guy. We probably really should let him go. He looks like he couldn’t take another moment!” Scott let out a pleading moan.
Angie giggle. “Yeah, we definitely shouldn’t keep increasing the stimulation. I really don’t think his poor dick can handle it.” Scott’s eyes went wide and he groaned as the sensations on his cock nearly tripled.
Sandra said, “And we definitely shouldn’t do something wicked, like feed pure arousal into his system on top of that.” She grinned as Scott writhed and moaned even louder, his eyes both pleading with them as he gave them hungry looks.
Angie said, “Oh yeah, definitely not.” The sensations tripled again.
“So, we should probably stop.”
“Which? The arousal or the stimulation?”
“Both, obviously. Either is clearly too much for him, both at once is just cruel.”
“Oh, I agree. Very cruel.”
“And it would be so easy to stop. Just a quick thought, and all the torment would end.”
“Yeah, it would really take no effort at all for us to just turn off the sensations. We could totally do it right now.”
“Yeah. Totally could. Know what else we could do?”
“What’s that?”
“Make him cum.”
“Now you’re just talking crazy.”
The two women laughed, the sensations tripled yet again, and Scott let out a near scream, thrashing in place. He could not even form words as the two women tormented his cock with their thoughts. They basked in the sexual energies his body was radiating, tasting his frustration, and the power it gave them.
“So, what do you want to learn first?” said Sandra.

“Well, let’s see,” said Angie, tapping her chin, as she watched her husband writhe in sensual torment. “I think I’ve got the basics figured out pretty well, and I can tinker with his body to keep him from cumming and jerking off and all that. And I can bind him, of course.”
“You seem pretty accomplished already,” said Sandra. “Especially for so short a time!”
“What can I say?” laughed Angie. She reached over and lightly flicked the tip of Scott’s jerking cock. “I’m a natural cock controller.”
Sandra laughed. “Honestly, looking through your hubby’s thoughts, you’ve already got a lot figured out. I’m not sure how much I can teach you.”
“That’s okay, I really just wanted to fuck with him some more,” said Angie, winking. “Look at him. He’s so ashamed.”
“As he should be, bucking and whimpering like a virgin in heat like that,” said Sandra.
Between them, Scott could not even follow their conversation, so overwhelmed with pleasure as he was. He thrashed and writhed and moaned and whined, pinned down and hyper-stimulated by their wicked magic. His body tried to cum, needed so badly to release, but it could not, the magic likewise overriding his needs. There was no escaping this, no escaping at all. He could only let the sensations take him, and pray it sent him into unconsciousness. So he let go, and let the tidal wave wash over him, and his vision darkened.
“Ah, ah, ah!” said Sandra. She reached over and touched his forehead, then raised her hand. “No blacking out for you!”
Angie carefully watched the play of energy as Sandra cupped Scott’s consciousness and held it aloft, creating a mystical prop to prevent him from blacking out. “Oh, that’s evil!” she laughed.
“Figured that out eventually after a couple guys I was with kept passing out when I played with them. I mean, so rude, right? I’d only been teasing them for a couple hours!”
Angie shook her head and tsked. “Men, right? Just can’t take their time with anything.”
Scott was whimpering quite pathetically now, half-formed words carried along his gasps, pleading for mercy. Angie smiled, leaned down, and kissed the tip of his cock. The sensations finally began to fade, albeit slowly. Eventually, Scott stopped twitching, and his breathing started to ease.
Too exhausted to squirm, he whispered in a hoarse voice. “Stop… please… I’m begging you… please stop… just stop…”
Angie frowned. She leaned over to her husband and kissed him deeply. “Shhh, it’s okay, baby. I’ve got you. Don’t worry.”
“Angie, it’s enough, please…” He looked at her with a pleading, terrified gaze.
Angie sighed, and looked to Sandra. “I think we’ve really scared him.”
“That’s normal,” she said. “Guy’s don’t know how to handle it at first. I suppose we chucked him a little close to the deep end, though.” She leaned over, looking Scott in the eyes. “You just relax, Scott. Everything will be okay. We’re not going to hurt you.”
“Can you let me go? Please?”
Sandra cut Angie off, “I’m afraid not. Not until you learn to embrace this power as we have.”
“Maybe we should let him go for a bit,” said Angie.
Sandra tapped her chin. “Now, now, don’t spoil him. If we let him run away, he won’t come back.” She stroked Scott’s cheek, smiling. “You have to learn to trust us, Scott. If you trust us and let yourself open fully to us, we’ll make you experience things you can’t even imagine.”
“But… but I don’t…” Scott began, then he gasped as he felt a hot, wet pressure squeeze around his cock until his eyes bulged, before releasing him. Then it squeezed again. “Please… I just want to cum…”
“You will Scott, I promise,” said Sandra. “You will cum soon enough. But you must trust us.”
Scott shuddered as the rhythmic squeezing pressed him, wicking away his resistance. “Oh, god, yes… yes, please, anything…”
Angie smiled. “Anything at all?”
“Anything, baby, you can do anything!” His cock jumped as arousal flared higher within him, all by itself. She could see that he realized how helpless he truly was. She could see how much he was turned on, just by that fact alone. And she could see his secret shame at this realization, plain as day to both her and Sandra. A heat ignited in her core, and she let out a lustful breath.
She turned to Sandra, who smiled back. They held the gaze for a few moments, as Angie felt herself becoming more and more aroused, feeling her husband’s own arousal build. Suddenly, she reached forward, and Sandra did the same, and the two women kissed fiercely. They clutched at one another as they did so, pulling off one another’s shirts until their breasts spilled free, and they clutched even harder at their bare flesh.
“Open to me,” gasped Sandra between kisses. “Open yourself to me.”
“I don’t know how,” said Angie, breathlessly.
“Just wish it. Just wish for my touch.” Angie paused only a moment, and then Sandra boldly reached down, slipping her fingers into Angie’s pants. A moment later, Angie stiffened, and her body arced, head snapping back, as her mouth formed an O in a silent scream.
Angie wished for Sandra to touch her, and so the woman did. Angie felt Sandra’s magic reach into her body and light up her every nerve. Angie shuddered and let out a series of high pitched moans. Desperate to grab something before she lost herself in the wave, she clutched at Sandra’s arm, and at the same time, reached out with her power.
Sandra had also dropped her defenses, and Angie’s mystic tendrils reached deep into Sandra’s own systems, threading into her nerves and thoughts. The two women became a circuit of sexual energy, stimulating and feeding off one another, radiating sexual magic like a furnace. The two began to float in the air, where they all but ripped each others’ pants and underwear off, then came together, naked bodies entwined in a sensual knot. As they moved together, they each poured raw pleasure and arousal in one another, flooding each other’s minds with lust and striking every pleasure center with intense stimulation. Soon, they could do nothing but hold one another and scream as they convulsed violently in constant orgasm.
Beneath them, Scott was gasping, moaning, and writhing. The raw sexual energy radiating from the two women, soaking him in superhuman levels of passion as they fucked above him in ways no man could ever comprehend. The energy drove deep into his very core, and he shook as violently as they did. Arousal coursed through him so intensely, his cock was so hard it hurt, his balls swollen to maximum capacity. He could do nothing but helplessly thrash and beg and plead until he was breathless, unable to pass out, unable to cum, unable to escape the immense sexual pressure emanating from the two women as they drove themselves to elemental ecstasy.
The pressure, the need, the soul-burning ache was worse than anything they had done to him so far. And were he of sound mind to consider it, the scariest thing, he might realize, was that what he was feeling was just an unintended side-effect of their love making, the power of Sex Magic, undirected, and unchained.

Several hours had gone by, and now, Angie was sleeping like a baby on the floor, Sandra holding her and stroking her hair. She looked over to Scott, who could only look back with half-focused eyes; he still hadn’t passed out, but he was now all but shell shocked. He’d given up completely on trying to break free of the magic bondage. His cock no longer hurt, but it was still fully hard and throbbing.
Sandra smiled and slid out of Angie’s grasp, grabbing a pillow to set under her head. She stood and stepped up to Scott, then boldly, she straddled and mounted him. His cock slid into her smoothly, and she squeezed her pussy muscles around him. Scott jerked to full consciousness with a shuddering cry. Sandra cupped the back of his head and pressed his face to her bare chest as she stroked his hair. He began to sob against her, making muffled, barely intelligible pleas, even as his hips bucked against her with what little slack they were afforded.
Sandra gave out a pleased sigh. Even just a month ago, the amount of orgasms she’d just had would have left her body sore for days, her pussy rubbed raw. But the healing powers of the magic kept her fresh as a daisy.
“You poor, poor thing,” said Sandra. “Well, all you men, really. Already slaves to your cocks, you don’t stand a chance in hell against the Magic. We own you, we control you, utterly and completely now. Do you understand? We women are all powerful, and you men, no, you boys, cannot resist us. You’re our playthings now, our pets, at best.”
“N-n-no,” whispered Scott, the tears flowing faster. “Not… not true… can’t be… true.”
“Shhh,” Sandra pet him soothingly. “It’s okay. Cry it out. Take as long as you need.” Her hips began to motion on his cock and he shook in both pleasure and sobs. As she rode him, slowly fucking all resistance out of him, she held him to her breast like a mother soothing her baby. She let the energy flow over him, bathing his body in gentle warmth, her psychic fingers slipping into the folds of his mind.
It took a few minutes for his sobs to stop, as he let himself drift in the loving energy Sandra provided for him. He felt his heart flutter as he looked up into her smiling face. Then it hit him.
“No! I won’t… betray my wife…!” He tried to steel himself against her, but it was no use. Her psychic tendrils seized the very root of his mind.
“I’ve no intention of stealing you from her,” said Sandra. “I would never hurt her like that. Just know that you are now mine, as surely as you are hers.” She grinned. “And as surely as she is also now mine.”
“Wh-what do you mean?”
Sandra giggled. “Na├»ve, trusting girl, such a virgin in some ways. I love her, Scott. I’ve wanted her for some time, but until now, the opportunity never arose to entice her. If it means having to play with you, just to have my chance with her, then so be it. I mean, you’re not my type, but you’re not a bad specimen, I must say.
“Either way, my dear little cock toy, your wife opened herself to me. And while she could barely think straight from the pleasure, I was able to hang on just enough to set my influence.”
Scott’s eyes went wide. “Wh-what did you do to her?!”
“Not too much,” said Sandra. “I just made sure her attraction to me sticks. I also made sure she will open herself to me on command. But don’t worry, Scott, I won’t take her from you, either. I’m not that cruel.”
“She’ll know,” said Scott. “She’ll see my mind and know—” He let out a gasp as Sandra moved her hips faster on him.
“Ah, but that’s the beauty of it,” said Sandra, her breath getting heavy. “I can erase the knowledge from your mind, easily. I’m just telling you now, so I can enjoy the… the look on your f-face as I… as I… oh! AS I CUM!” She let out a cry and clutched him tightly, biting his shoulder in her passion. Her pussy clenched around his horribly teased cock, causing pleasure to spike through his loins once more. He bucked instinctively into her, but of course, it was no use.
Angie stirred from the noise, awakening with a soft moan. Sandra slid off of Scott, and mentally adjusted his thoughts, taking away the knowledge of what she’d just told him. She leaned close as she sat down on the couch next to him, and settled a fingertip on his length. As he squirmed and jerked and gasped, she whispered into his ear, “Some part of you will be somehow aware of this still, just enough to know something is up, but like a name on the tip of your tongue, you’ll drive yourself crazy trying to figure it out.”
“Whew,” said Angie as she sat up and stretched. “That was… wow…” she looked at Sandra in wonder, blushing. Her heart skipped a beat as she watched her nude friend, almost ignoring for a moment that said friend was touching her husband. Sandra smiled at her lovingly.
“Welcome back to the land of the living,” said Sandra. She motioned to the other side of Scott, and Angie sat down, putting an arm around Scott. She reached over and settled a finger on Scott’s tip, tracing the ridge of the head gently as Sandra traced the shaft.
“Hey now,” said Angie. “Did I say you could touch my husband?”
“Sorry, Angie,” said Sandra. “But he was fantasizing about me again, and I thought I’d teach him a lesson for being a cheater.”
“I see. Well, I can clearly see in his thoughts he was thinking about you fucking him. Now where could he have come up with that idea?”
“I haven’t the foggiest. Boys can be so imaginative. If only they’d apply that imagination to pleasing us women better.”
“I know, right? Such greedy little things, men and their cocks. It’s all ‘touch me, touch me, make cum now!’ It’s exhausting, I tell you.”
Scott moaned pitifully beneath them, and the two women laughed and winked at one another. “So, did you enjoy what we did?” Sandra asked. Angie blushed and nodded. Sandra smiled. “Would you like to do it again?”
“Right now, you mean?”
“Oh, no, I mean in the future,” said Sandra. “I would love to experience that with you again.”
Angie’s face lit up, and she smiled brightly. Scott couldn’t recall the last time she looked so happy. “Yes,” said Angie. “I would like that very much.” She leaned forward, and Sandra met her in a deep kiss. For a moment, Scott’s cock was ignored.
“Well, I’m thinking it’s getting close to dinner time,” said Sandra. “You want to grab something, and bring it back?” She pat Scott on the penis head. “Although we should probably let Scott simmer here for a bit.”
“Works for me,” said Angie. The two women got up and dressed.
“W-w-wait,” gasped Scott. “You said you’d let me cum… before you left the house…” He gazed pleadingly at Sandra. “You p-promised!”
“True,” said Sandra. “Still, I’m coming right back, so I don’t think I’ll count this time. I meant more like when the session was over. But we’re not done with you yet.”
“You… but… you can’t…” he looked helplessly at the two women, who gazed back with stern looks. “PLEASE!”
“Now, now, honey,” said Angie. She wriggled her fingers at Scott, and he suddenly bucked and cried out as he felt numerous phantom feathers flick across his genitals, from balls to head. “There will be no fussing from you, got that?”
Scott moaned. Angie flicked a finger at him, and the sensations tripled. “Got that?” Scott moaned a consent, nodding. The two women smiled, leaned down and kissed him on either cheek, then went out the door, leaving Scott to writhe and cry until they came back.

Only a few minutes passed before the front door opened again. Scott, having resigned himself to his helplessness, didn’t even bother turning to look who it was. The phantom feathers on his cock assaulted his body with pleasure, and with his state of extreme need for release, he had lost his sense of time.
“Scott?” Scott’s eyes fluttered open, a confused look on his face. That voice was…
“Jackie!” he gasped, when his eyes came into focus. For a moment, he forgot he was bound and tried to move to cover himself. Of course, it didn’t work, and so he hung his head, blushing horribly in shame, as Jackie got a full body view of him, naked, sweating and gasping, hard as diamond, and pinned lewdly spread eagle.
Jackie gave him a sympathetic frown, then concentrated as she held her hand over him. Scott felt the feathers slowly cease on his cock, and he let out a low breath. “Oh, fuck, thank you,” he breathed. “Now, get me out of here.”
“I’m trying,” said Jackie. Scott could feel something tugging at the invisible, psychic ropes that held him, but even though it gave him a little slack to move, he couldn’t seem to get free. Jackie let out a short breath, as though she’d just set down something heavy. “Good lord, those are strong.”
“Come on, Jacks, let’s hurry,” came a voice. Todd, Jackie’s younger husband, came into view. “Oh, wow,” he said, quickly turning around to give Scott some semblance of privacy. “Sorry, man.”
“Forget it,” he said. “I’m getting used to it.”
“I don’t know if it’s because two women bound you down, or if Sandra’s just that strong, but I don’t think I can get you loose.”
“Um, well, the bonds are fueled by his, you know, by his arousal,” said Todd. “Maybe try and lessen it?”
Jackie frowned, then reached forward and tried to grasp Scott’s psyche. She couldn’t seem to get a grip, as if a barrier had been placed over it. She could still sense him and read his thoughts perfectly, but she could not influence his mind. “I can’t lower his libido,” said Jackie.
Todd sighed. “Look, do you really want to get involved in this?”
“They’re torturing him, Todd,” said Jackie. “If this keeps up, he’s going to go insane.”
“Angie… Angie won’t let…” said Scott.
Jackie frowned and said, “I think Sandra’s got her hooks into your wife a lot more than you realize. I don’t think Angie would take it that far, but Sandra would. I know. She was one of the first people in town to get her powers, and she hospitalized a man on her first attempt using them.”
Scott’s eyes widened.
“Okay, I can’t believe I’m suggesting this, but, maybe if you make him cum?” said Todd.
Jackie’s eyes widened. “You… you want me to…?”
“I’m not happy about it, okay?” said Todd, grimacing. “But if you can, maybe that’ll slacken the bonds, and we can get him out of here.”
“Well, I don’t know…”
“You’re the one who insisted we not call the cops.”
“Because all the cops in this town are men.” Jackie shook her head. “That’s going to have to change very, very soon.”
Scott swallowed hard, then looked at Jackie, red faced. “Please, get me out of this.” His cock jumped, and Jackie could sense the desperate flare of energy, his balls shrieking like a banshee in their need to release.
Jackie concentrated once more, and tried to locate the mystical barrier holding his release in check. She clutched it and tried to remove it, but it was stuck fast. She could sense a dual-layer on the spell, and realized Sandra had greatly bolstered Angie’s original bind. Jackie might have been able to remove Angie’s limiter, but not Sandra’s, and certainly not both.
“Oh, dear,” said Jackie. “I don’t think I can. Sandra’s magic is too strong.”
“You bet your ass it is,” said a voice. Jackie and Todd jumped as they looked up and saw Sandra standing there, hands on hips, glaring at them. Angie was behind her, looking a little confused.
“Jackie? What are you doing here?” Angie said. She glanced to Scott. “Were you trying to mess with Scott?”
You’re the one messing with him, Angie,” said Jackie. “You need to stop. You’re going to seriously hurt him.”
Angie frowned and went over to Scott, putting a hand on his shoulder. “I would never! He’s just a little overwhelmed, is all, but I’m taking care of him. The magic makes sure he’s okay!”
“Yes, the magic can keep his body injury free, and can help him hold on mentally for a while, but eventually, he’s going to snap.” She pointed at Sandra. “Just ask your friend over there. Her first playmate when she got the magic was in a coma for a week!”
“That was an accident,” said Sandra, her demeanor having turned to one of cool control. “I was even the one to help bring him back out of it, once I got my powers under better control. I know what I’m doing here.”
“Oh, I’m sure you know what you’re doing,” said Jackie.
Sandra smiled slightly. “Go home, Jackie. Take your boy with you.”
“He’s my husband, not my boy,” said Jackie. “And Scott is Angie’s husband, not her boy. And he’s certainly not yours.”
“That’s not really up to you, is it?” said Sandra.
“It’s okay,” said Angie, trying to give Jackie a reassuring smile. “I want to share. I like Sandra, a lot. I, uh, I want her. I didn’t realize how much until today. But I love Scott, and I would never hurt him. I want him to enjoy this as well.”
“I don’t want your bitch friend!” yelled Scott. “She’s not—”
“Scott!” said Angie, her tone harsh. “That was uncalled for.”
“It’s alright, Angie,” said Sandra. “He’s understandably threatened. After all, two women in full magic bloom can connect in ways a man can’t even conceive of.”
“Angie, she’s controlling you,” said Jackie. “You don’t even know it.”
“Maybe I like her being in control!” Angie snapped.
Jackie’s jaw dropped in surprise. She looked to Sandra, who smiled devilishly.
“Come on, Jacks,” said Todd, taking her hand. “Let’s just get out of here.”
“No, wait,” said Scott. “You can’t just leave me here!”
Angie snapped her fingers and Scott let out a cry as he felt the feathers return with a vengeance, accompanied by several phantom mouths. In seconds, he was writhing and bucking again.
“Well, Jackie?” said Sandra. “What’s it going to be? You do not want to fight me on this, I assure you.”
“You can’t just do this to them!” said Jackie.
“Jacks, come on,” said Todd, tugging at her hand. He looked nervously between the three women, suddenly acutely aware of how completely out of his depth he was. He’d never actually felt threatened by the idea of Sex Magic until this very moment.
“Todd, you go home,” said Jackie.
“They can’t do anything to me, alright? I’ll be okay.” She gave Todd a kiss. “Just go home.”
“Oh, no, by all means,” said Sandra. She flicked a finger at Todd, and he was suddenly flung into a chair, where he was pinned. “Stick around. This should be entertaining.”
Jackie looked furiously at Sandra, and she made a yanking motion at Todd. To her dismay, however, Todd was stuck fast, and she couldn’t get a grip on him, nor dispel Sandra’s bonds. Sandra tsked, wagging her finger. “You haven’t practiced much, have you?”
Jackie swallowed nervously. “Let him go,” she said. “Right now.”
“Not if you keep threatening me,” said Sandra.
Jackie sighed. “Alright. We’ll leave you alone. I promise. Just let him go.”
Sandra smiled. “Not good enough. Angie, if you would be so kind?”
Angie went up to Todd, who looked at her wide eyed. “Wait, what are you doing?” Angie smiled warmly at him, then kissed him, deeply. Todd struggled at first, but suddenly stiffened. His cock became almost instantly erect, and Jackie could sense his mind being flooded with arousal. She reached out to shield Todd from Angie’s erotic assault, but her efforts were deflected easily by Sandra.
“Stop it!” said Jackie. She whirled at Sandra. “Stop it now!”
“Jackie, relax,” said Sandra, walking up to her. “We’re just going to give your husband a good time.”
Angie broke the kiss, and Todd gasped, squirming in his seat. Angie lifted her hand and Todd stood. “Strip,” she commanded, and Todd, helplessly, took his clothes off. He stood, naked and blushing, in front of all three women. His cock was already twitching and starting to leak pre-cum as Angie pumped pure, uncut lust into his system. Jackie had just made love to Todd that morning, thoroughly satisfying him, but she could already sense his balls tightening, his body filling with need. In moments, it was as if he hadn’t cum for weeks.
“Stop it, please,” said Jackie. She continued to try and break Angie’s hold over him, but every attempt was for naught.
“Very well,” said Sandra. “We’ll stop. But on one condition.”
“What?” said Jackie, softly.
“Open yourself to me,” said Sandra. She stepped intimately close to Jackie.
The older woman shoved her back. “No! I won’t become your puppet!”
Sandra frowned, recovering from the shove by floating into the air for a moment, then setting back down on her feat. She gave Jackie a sly grin, then turned to Angie. “Say, my dear, you remember that one trick I was talking about on the way back?”
“The time-warp?” said Angie. Her eyes widened and she glanced at Todd. “You really think we should?”
“It’s alright, if you use it in small doses,” said Sandra. She smiled at Jackie. “You might want to pay attention yourself. It’s quite a trick.”
“Okay,” said Angie. “Um, I’m not sure how.”
“Open to me, and I’ll guide you.” Angie let out a shudder of pleasure as she lowered her defenses, and Sandra’s psychic tendrils caressed her inner being.
“What the hell is the time warp?” said Jackie, looking fearfully at Todd.
“It will alter his perspective of time,” said Sandra. “With this little technique, one second for us can feel like a whole minute for him, or a minute feel like an hour, or an hour feel like a whole day!” She smirked. “You’ve got to be really careful with how you skew the proportions, though. You could make a second feel like a whole week or a month or even a year, and then you’re talking some serious damage potential.”
“So, what does that mean, exactly?” said Jackie.
“It means if you set the skew to one minute equals one hour, then give him a blow job for five minutes, it’ll still seem like five hours for him. Like, literally, it will be five hours, as far as his mind is telling him. And he’ll still feel everything you do to him, stretched out to maddening slowness, but just as intense as real time.”
Angie concentrated on Todd. Todd’s breathing eased and Jackie could sense him falling into a state of trance, lost in the waves of arousal. At the same time, she sensed a barrier being erected to block his orgasm. Her eyes widened. “No, don’t!” she said. Angie then got down on her knees, and took Todd into her mouth. She slowly bobbed her head up and down on his cock.
Jackie grit her teeth. Angie could have just used her magic to stimulate him, but Sandra was no doubt directing Angie’s actions now. She made Angie physically suck him, just to hurt Jackie. Angie herself was probably too far into Sandra’s control to realize what she was doing.
“Set the skew for one second to, say five minutes,” said Sandra. Angie complied, and Jackie could see Todd’s sexual responses react with incredible swiftness. Angie took a full second to bob her head up and down once, and she did not appear to be using magic to enhance her touch. Nonetheless, Todd was shaking and bucking his hips with the need to cum after only three bobs from Angie. Three seconds, and for him, he’d been getting sucked for fifteen minutes! Five seconds, and he was well past the point of orgasm, but the block cruelly inhibited him.
“Stop!” said Jackie.
“Open yourself to me,” said Sandra, stepping back up to Jackie. She reached up and softly caressed Jackie’s cheek.
“No!” said Jackie, pushing her away again. This time, however, Sandra grabbed Jackie, spun her around and held her from behind, forcing her to watch Angie torment Todd.
Sandra leaned close, whispering into Jackie’s ear. “Let’s shift it to one second equals and hour, then.”
Jackie sensed the perspective shift in Todd, and his desperation spiked even faster! Angie held up a hand to bind Todd in place, standing up, just so he wouldn’t throw himself to the floor from thrashing too much. Trapped upright in an invisible rack, Todd could only shudder and cry out, as Angie sucked him for another thirty seconds, which felt like over a day of solid stimulation for Todd.
“Stop! Please, I’m begging you!” said Jackie. Desperately, she tried to free her husband from Angie’s torment, but again, Sandra suppressed her every attempt.
“You know what you have to do,” said Sandra.
“No! I won’t! You’ll just make me torture them like this anyway!”
“Maybe a little,” said Sandra. “But not this bad, I promise. I won’t come between you and Todd. I don’t want either of you. I just want to love Angie and play with Scott, and not worry about you interfering. And I can’t be sure of that, unless you let me in. So, please, just open yourself.”
“No!” said Jackie. Tears were forming in her eyes.
“Alright, then. Angie? Set one second to two days.”
Angie complied, and began to suck Todd more vigorously, her head bobbing faster, her mouth drawing harder upon him. Todd moaned and let fly a series of gibberish pleas, but these were nearly drowned out by the screaming of his cock as every passing second assaulted him with forty-eight solid hours of sensual torment.
“Alright!” said Jackie. She shook as tears fell down her cheeks. “Alright, you win, you fucking bitch!”
Sandra smiled, as she slipped her hand beneath Jackie’s pants. “Let him go, Angie,” said Sandra. Angie pulled back, and Jackie sensed Todd being pulled up from the limbo of mind-rending pleasure.
Jackie heard a growl of frustration to her left, and knew Scott had witnessed the whole thing as well. Ashamed, she didn’t look at him, just lowered her head as she lowered her defenses to Sandra’s touch. Immediately, she felt a series of psychic tendrils squirm their way into her mind, even as phantom feathers and hands began to caress her entire body. She flushed, despite herself, as she felt a heat bloom in her core. She let out a gasp as Sandra slipped her fingers into her, and lovingly stroked her inner walls.
Jackie felt Sandra’s influence dig into her mind and begin to pluck away at certain notions and memories. It felt strange, disturbing, but strangely, yes, it suddenly felt right. After a few moments, she didn’t even want to fight Sandra. Her mind felt so good, just as her hands felt so good. Jackie let out a soft sigh of pleasure. Oh, goodness, why hadn’t she wanted to do this before? Sandra was so beautiful, so delicious, she didn’t deserve her attentions. Jackie was lucky, so lucky, that Sandra wanted to be her friend.
Her friend? That didn’t seem… no, wait… that was… yes, that was right. Why shouldn’t she be Sandra’s friend? She certainly had a charisma to her, a certain something that made Jackie wet just thinking about her. She’d never realized before how much she had secretly wanted Sandra. Before, she’d thought it was contempt, but she realized now, it was desire, desire she had kept hidden from herself out of shame. Why had she fought it for so long.
Jackie let out a cry as Sandra dug deeply one more time, and Jackie’s body shuddered intensely in orgasm, soaking the crotch of her pants. When it finally subsided, Sandra withdrew her hand and held it up to Jackie’s mouth. Jackie loving licked Sandra’s fingers clean, tasting herself on them, thankful for such a gift from her new mistress.
Sandra guided Jackie to another of the chairs, even as Angie eased Todd back into his. Sandra kneeled in front of Jackie, smiling. “That wasn’t so bad now, was it?”
“Oh, Sandra,” said Jackie breathlessly. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to interfere. Please, let me join you? I want to play with you, too, like Angie does.”
Sandra mock-frowned. “Well, Angie is special. She is my favorite, and I wouldn’t want to make her jealous.”
“No, no, I would never try to replace her,” said Jackie. “I just want to have fun with you two. You know, I want to play along.”
“J-jackie,” gasped Todd, coming to his senses. “What are you saying?”
Jackie smiled at Todd. “Oh, baby, you’ll see. I’ll show you pleasures you didn’t think were possible!” Todd’s eyes widened in horror.
Sandra tapped her chin. “Well, I suppose it would be alright,” she said. “The more the merrier, after all. But you do realize that means your husband now belongs to all of us.”
Jackie nodded enthusiastically. “Of course!”
“Jackie!” said Todd.
Jackie flicked a finger at him, and suddenly, the sensations of being sucked returned to him. Todd gasped, and clutched at the chair in a death grip as his cock jumped. He’d just felt like he’d been teased for days on end, and this sensation was all it took to reduce him to a thrashing, pleading mess.
Sandra laughed. “Oh, you’ll fit right in, Jackie. You’ll fit right in.”

Jackie smiled at Sandra, gazing at her with adoration.

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