Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Witch's Castle, now available for purchase!

Presented for your enjoyment, is a sample of my new story, The Witch's Castle! This is a story I've been meaning to write for a long time, but never quite coalesced until now. The rest of the work is available for purchase here, at:

This is a World of Civero story. It has Magic! Thieves! Tease and Denial! Golden Hooks! A Castle! There might even be Witch in there somewhere!

You can read a sample at the Smashwords site, but for further tempation, I shall post a blurb here:

She settled her hand on his exposed thigh instead, and began to trace her fingertips lightly and slowly, up and down. Hawk squirmed at her touch. It was enough to keep him excited, but she did not directly touch his genitals, which was frustrating. After only a few minutes of this, his cock was starting to ache with the desire for her to touch him.

But Hawk reminded himself he was now in the clutches of a strange woman in a very strange castle, and this was not just a kinky dream he was just having. For one thing, a kinky wet dream would have had her on her knees sucking him off by now. He kept waiting for her to say something, but she didn’t, she just watched him react.

“Um…” he said, then yelped as she immediately flicked him hard on the ball sac. He sucked in a breath again, and held his tongue.

She switched hands, and thighs, and he squirmed even more. She continued to do this, and kept watching his face for his reactions, occasionally stealing a glance at his cock to watch it twitch in frustrated anticipation. It soon grew quite maddening. Finally, he couldn’t take it anymore, and said, “Lady, come on, what are—” he immediately silenced and braced himself as she withdrew her hand again. This time she did not inflict any pain, however.

“You are quite virile,” she said. “You shall satisfy.”

“Um, satisfy what,” he said.

“My needs,” she said.

Hawk grinned. “Well, far be it from me to turn down a gorgeous lady, but I don’t even know your name yet.”

“I am Lady Aislinn, mistress of this castle.”

“Charmed. I am Lucas Robin. Most people call me Hawk. I’m a treasure hunter.”

“Ah,” she said. “That would explain it. It has been quite some time since we have seen any of those.”

“Indeed. Look, if you have needs that need satisfying, I would not mind being your man. In fact, I can satisfy quite well, as many a girl would attest to, were they here. However, I did come here for treasure. If it does not insult the Lady, might I offer you a deal? Say, perhaps, I give you your needed service, in exchange for a trinket or three. Or ten.” He flashed her a charming grin.

“Interesting,” she said. “I’ve never had a guest offer to whore themselves to me. But I needn’t pay for your services when I can simply take them.” She reached over, and lightly traced a fingertip up the length of his still hard cock.

Hawk jerked and his cock clenched as the simple touch send a rather impressive jolt of pleasure along his length. He must have been even more riled up than he thought, to be so sensitive! She repeated the light trace several times more, and each time, he felt his whole groin light up with pleasure. After the fifth stroke, he gasped as he felt himself nearly about to orgasm!

She stopped right then, however, and backed off, and Hawk let out a sigh of relief. Shooting off like a premature virgin was no way to impress a woman. Still, his balls were already aching. He supposed it had been at least a week since he last enjoyed female company, and the unexpectedly strong arousal combined with that, he was more pent up than he thought. Or perhaps that strangely perfumed smoke was still affecting his system.

“W-well, by all means, take away,” said Hawk. “Just let me out of these bonds.”

“Not just yet,” said Aislinn. She reached into the pocket of her robe, and slipped out a small, golden piece of metal. It was vague hook shape, though both ends were rounded. The longer side flattened out, forming a small disc at the end. She reached over to his cock, and brazenly slipped the smooth tip of the short part into the slit, while pressing the flat end of the longer part to the spot just below the frenulum. Hawk jumped, not expecting this. After a moment, however, he jumped again as he felt the hook gently pinch his organ. Aislinn removed her hand, and the hook was stuck fast.

As soon as it was secure, he felt a gentle tingle run through his organ, and his cock became even more stiff. Already hard, it swelled to maximum tension, until Jack winced. He was almost so hard it hurt. Then, the woman reached forward and traced her fingertip, just once, along his length again. Hawk let out a cry as a searing bolt of pleasure shot through his loins, and his body shook as he instantly attempted to orgasm!

But then, something strange happened. Even as he could feel his body trying to cum, it couldn’t. Hawk looked down at himself, watching his cock flex as it tried to force an ejaculation, but none was forthcoming. He couldn’t understand why. The hook only blocked maybe a third of the slit, and only went in a few millimeters at best, so he wasn’t plugged up. But somehow, he couldn’t cum! Just when he was starting to calm down, she traced her finger on his length again. This time she made sure her fingertip lingered on the hook itself, and Hawk thrashed in his bonds, moaning. She withdrew her finger and watched him calm down again. Then, just when he caught his breath, she touched him again. This time, after tracing her finger along the length, she firmly pressed her fingertip to the hook. Hawk bucked and cried out. “Enough!” he gasped. “Enough, please!”

Aislinn frowned. “Well, that didn’t take long.” She seemed disappointed, as if expecting more of a fight.

“Oh, fuck, what is this thing?” said Hawk.

“It is called the Golden Hook,” said Aislinn. “I invented it myself. I will let you discover the rest of its affects at your leisure.” She waved her hand, and suddenly, Hawk dropped down from the ring, falling through it and landing on his butt on the bare floor. “Now, then. Shall we proceed to my chamber?”

“Lady, hold up,” said Hawk. “I’m not going anywhere but out. I’m not interested in your freaky sex kinks. You want to get down, fine, but I’m not doing it with this—” Hawk jumped as he reached to remove the hook. When his hands got within six inches of himself, he felt a sharp electric shock. “What the hell?” He tried again, and again, his hand was shocked. “Hey!” He tried a few more times, even attempting to move his hand quickly, but the closer he got, the more painful the shock. He whirled on Aislinn. “Alright, take this damn thing off!”

“Now, if I did that, you might try to escape from here, and I can’t have that,” said Aislinn.

“Screw you! You think I can’t find another mage to get this removed? I’m out of here!”

Aislinn smiled, amused. “That right? Well, I suppose it would be easiest to just show you the futility of escape.” She motioned to the door. “Go ahead and try to leave.”

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