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Sex Mage World: Megami now Available!

Sex Mage World: Megami is now complete, and available as an ebook through Smashwords! At over 32,000 words, this is the longest single erotica story I've written thus far!

Hikaru, Umiko, and Fumi have just returned to Japan from a trip to America, just as Sex Magic has begun to appear. They become the first women in Japan to have the power, and quickly start testing their abilities, having a grand time casually playing with boys. However, very soon, they discover the not-so-fun consequences of such powers. Then, they discover the magic is contagious. As the Sex Magic spreads across Japan, the three girls must decide how they will use their new found abilities and what it means for their future...

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Summer break was coming to an end, and for Hikaru, Umiko, and Fumi, that meant they had only a couple days left before they had to return to Japan. They had just spent a month with Fumi’s uncle in America, a big adventure together before the three friends had to knuckle down and begin their first year of college in just another couple of weeks. The trip had been a blast; Fumi’s uncle lived in Boston, and had taken them all around New England and even down to Washington, D.C. to see the sights and absorb the quirky culture of the United States of America. Naturally, with all the time they’d had to shop for souvenirs, they waited until the last couple of days to start buying gifts for their families back home.

Their second to last day was a long shopping day, which culminated in a trip to the bookstore, as Hikaru insisted on buying some American comics for her brothers back home. As they reached the shelves of graphic novels, they heard a young couple in the aisle behind them talking about something strange.
“No, seriously, it’s just like in the comics!” said the boy, a tall redhead. He was handing the blond girl next to him a comic book. “See? Telepathy, telekinesis, you’re like some kind of superhero!”
“I dunno,” said the blond, “What kind of superhero power is the ability to sense hard dicks? That’s even more useless than talking to fish! And how would I stop bad guys, by giving them psychic hand jobs till they surrendered?”
“Okay, first of all,” said the red head, “you laugh about the fish, but when you’re in the middle of the ocean, and you’re fighting a guy who can command every shark in a twenty mile radius to go at you like a guided missile, suddenly, he doesn’t seem so lame. And second of all,” the red head nudged her in the ribs and grinned, “I know for a fact your hand jobs could bring any guy to his knees.”
“Sure,” said the blond girl with a smirk. “Just call me Boner Girl.” She snapped her fingers, and suddenly, the red headed boy jumped. He turned and covered his crotch with a book, blushing.
“Hey!” he said, “Cut that out!” The blond girl giggled.
Hikaru, Umiko, and Fumi turned away, blushing a bit, when it became clear the red head was now sporting a sizable erection. “I mean it!” he said, looking around and noticing the trio of Japanese girls that had just been watching them. “Make it go down!”
“Nuh-uh!” said the blond girl, laughing. “You’re being mean, so I’m bringing you to justice! Hard justice!” She snapped her fingers again, and the boy gasped, eyes widening. He hastily dashed off to the bathroom and she laughed.
Hikaru and Umiko decided it was best to just leave the crazy Americans to their weird hobbies. Fumi, though, was intrigued. She came around to the other aisle, and went up to the blond girl. “Hi,” she said in her still shaky English. “Sorry to bother, but, may ask what you talking about?”
The blond blinked, then grinned. “Oh, um, it’s nothing really,” she said. She giggled again. “Did you, uh, did you see that?”
“Hai, yes,” said Fumi. “You, uh, you do something with your fingers?” She snapped her own fingers for emphasis.
The blond giggled and blushed. “Oh, um, well, it’s really hard to explain, but— ah, forget it, you’d think I was crazy.”
“No, no,” said Fumi, smiling reassuringly. “Promise, I not think crazy! Just really, uh, interested in, you know, psychic.”
Umiko popped her head up over the bookshelf. “Leave her alone, Fumi,” she said in Japanese. “You shouldn’t talk with perverts, even if they’re girls!”
“Don’t be insulting,” said Fumi. “I’m just asking what she did.”
The blond shifted a bit uncomfortably, not understanding a word. She then said, “Look, I, uh, I gotta go. My boyfriend is coming back, so…” She trailed off and left.
Fumi watched her go over to the redheaded boy, who was coming out of the bathroom, looking a little flushed, but no longer tenting his shorts. Fumi frowned. “Gee thanks,” she muttered to Umiko.
The other girl rolled her eyes. “Come on,” she said. “I think Hikaru’s ready, and we need to head back.”
Fumi nodded and came back around, blinking at the rather impressive stack of graphic novels Hikaru was hefting; she held no less than ten volumes of The Centurions. “Jeez, are you buying the whole run?”
“Just half!” Hikaru laughed. “Keisuke and Daisuke love this stuff, and it’ll help him with their English studies.” Then, she grinned sheepishly. “Besides, um, it’ll give me something to read on the way back home.”
“Yeah, but jeez, how much is that gunna cost you?” said Umiko.
“Don’t worry, it’s a two for one special!” As the three went to the register, Fumi cast a glance back to the couple, who were sharing a kiss. Fumi turned away, wishing she could have asked the girl more about what she’d seen.


Two days later, Hikaru was pressing her face to the airplane’s window, eyes wide as she watched the ground fall away. “Wow,” she said softly. “So cool!”
“You would think she’s never been in a plane before,” said Umiko, shaking her head in amusement. “Honestly, the twelve hour trip at the beginning of our vacation wasn’t enough?”
“Well, it’s another twelve hours back,” said Fumi, smiling. “I admire her ability to be so easily entertained.”
Hikaru frowned and glared back at the two. “Stop making fun!” she chided. Her two friends laughed, and Umiko patted her on the head. With a “hmph” Hikaru dropped back into her seat, crossed her arms, and pouted.
The two chuckled, and Fumi pulled out her ebook reader once the okay was given to use electronics. Umiko was content to sit back and listen to her mp3 player. Hikaru decided to start reading the Centurions comics. She could only understand half the words, but she got the gist of the story, thanks to the art.
A couple hours into the flight, Hikaru suddenly looked up from her reading. She cocked her head to side, as if listening for something. She could swear she heard some kind of humming noise, almost like a tuning fork going off. She looked over to the others. “Hey, you guys hear that?”
Umiko had apparently dozed off while listening to her music. Fumi, however, gave her a curious look. “Hear what?”
Hikaru shook her head. “I don’t… know… I think I hear someone humming, but…” She looked around, trying to pin point the origin of the sound. As she listened more closely, she thought she could actually hear several low hums.
Fumi listened, but shook her head. “I don’t hear anything.”
“Hmm,” Hikaru said, tapping her chin.
“What are you up to?” said Fumi, cocking an eyebrow at her.
“I’m gunno go to the bathroom,” she said. She got up and nimbly stepped around Umiko’s legs. Fumi pulled her legs up to let Hikaru pass. As she did so, her skirt slid up her thigh some, and Hikaru suddenly heard another hum start up quite close to them. She traced the sound to an older man sitting across the aisle from them, staring at Fumi’s legs out of the corner of his eyes. Hikaru frowned, and deliberately stepped in front of his view. The man’s eyes slid up to meet Hikaru’s and then snapped forward. He pretended to be very focused on the back of the seat in front of him.
Hikaru’s eyes narrowed and she leaned down to Fumi’s ear. “Pervert on your three o’clock.” Fumi’s eyes widened a bit as she glanced at the man, who was pulling out a magazine to bury his nose in. The humming seemed to fade as he did.
Fumi pulled her skirt down over her knees. “Thanks,” she said. “But I’m sure he didn’t mean it.”
“Yeah, right,” said Hikaru. “I know if I was a guy, I’d be looking.” She winked and grinned at her friend.
“Oh, get out of here!” Fumi said quietly, though she gave a shy smile.
Hikaru giggled and headed off to the bathroom. She walked slowly to the back, glancing right and left. She could detect a few more soft hums around her; it was the strangest thing. She didn’t really seem to be “hearing” it with her ears, so much as it was like a tune playing in her head. And yet, she wasn’t the one causing it. She kept trying to trace the hums as she went by, but most were too faint to pin point. The few she could, however, seemed to be coming from the men she passed by. She also noticed each of these men seemed to be enjoying the view of some pretty lady; actually, a couple seemed to be enjoying the view of a hot guy.
However, as she neared the bathrooms, she was suddenly aware of a very loud humming, coming from the man’s stall. She narrowed her eyes towards it. It was a very distinct hum; unlike the others, this seemed to be semi-melody of sorts, not just a random note going off. Too curious to be ignored, Hikaru came around the aisle and stood a few feet from the men’s bathroom. She was nearly entranced by the humming, wondering what could possibly be causing it. She tentatively reached a hand out towards the door; as her fingertips touched its surface, she suddenly jumped back with a small gasp. No way!
Hikaru noticed her little outburst had drawn some attention, and she quickly waved it off, giving a nervous laugh. Rubbing the back of her head, she said, “Whoops! Wrong door!” She quickly went over to the girl’s bathroom, thankfully unoccupied. She secured the door and sat down on the toilet, thinking hard.
What the hell was that? Just as she had touched the men’s room door, she got a flash of an image, something she certainly hadn’t been prepared to see. Without even opening the door, she had caught a perfect view of a young man masturbating in the bathroom. How had that happened?
As she tried to recall the event, she noticed the humming getting louder. Swallowing nervously, she focused on the humming, trying to block out every other sound and thought in her head. As she did so, she felt something extend from her, as though her vision was zooming in like a lens. Then, in her mind’s eye, she saw him again, a young man sitting on the toilet, pants around his ankles, with a photograph in his hand. Hikaru couldn’t see the picture directly, but somehow, she knew the picture was of a nude woman, a naked blond with her legs splayed wide open. Hikaru blinked; how could she tell that?
A little disgusted at first but very quickly becoming fascinated, she watched as this young man stroked himself, despite two walls and several yards separating them. The humming got louder as the man stroked himself faster. As Hikaru focused, she now realized she could also see a strange sort of aura, a faint sheath of light, around his body, brightest around his cock. If she shifted her attention to focus on the aura, it came into better view, and she could see the light growing brighter around his genitals. Then, the hum reached a crescendo, and the aura flashed brightly. He was spurting! Hikaru jumped in her seat, amazed at the sight. It was not as though she’d never seen a boy ejaculating before; she had access the internet, after all, but she’d never seen it in person, and certainly not with this kind of strength. He came so hard, a few shots hit him on the chin!
As the man finished his climax and calmed down, the view of him faded, as did the humming. No longer able to enjoy the show, Hikaru quickly did her business and cleaned up. She came out of the bathroom just as he did, and he looked around a little nervously. He caught Hikaru’s gaze, and swallowed hard. Hikaru quickly put on a smile, and waved merrily. The man waved back, giving her a smile that looked more relieved than friendly. He then went back to his seat.
Hikaru had to stop herself from running back to hers. What the hell had just happened?


Umiko had been lightly dozing, catching little bits and pieces of dreams as her thoughts floated in and out of consciousness. Suddenly, she jerked awake as she heard a burst of noise, like a high-pitched hum, pierce her random thoughts. She sat up and looked around, pulling her ear-bud headphones out. She listened closely for what the noise could have been.
She looked over to Fumi, who was craning around in her seat, looking down the aisle. Umiko tapped her shoulder. “What was that?” she said. “Did you hear that?”
“I sure heard something,” said Fumi, glancing back at her. Umiko turned to Hikaru, only to find an empty seat. “Hey, where’d Hikaru go?”
“Bathroom,” said Fumi. Suddenly, she and Umiko both heard a hum start up near them. They both looked over to see the man across the aisle, not so discretely looking at their legs. The two girls shared a glance, then looked at the man. He met their eyes and paled, then, jerked his head to the right, blushing.
Umiko scowled. “Oh, lord, why did we have to sit next to a pervert?”
Fumi turned to her. “Did you… hear that?” she said. She nodded back to the man.
“I don’t—”
Umiko did, concentrating on the humming sound. She traced it directly to the man who had been looking at them; however, as he averted his gaze, the hum lowered until it stopped.
“Hey!” said Hikaru, suddenly appearing in the aisle, and causing Umiko and Fumi to jump. “You guys aren’t gunna believe this!”
“Geez, gimme a heart attack!” said Umiko, clutching her chest.
“Sorry!” said Hikaru. She laughed nervously again as she noticed some other people turning to see the commotion. “Sorry, sorry!” she sheepishly grinned and slid back into her seat.
“Hikaru, what were you saying earlier, that you heard something?” said Fumi.
Hikaru’s eyes lit up and she nodded vigorously. “Yeah! Yeah, that’s just it! I think I know what it is!” She blinked. “Wait, can you guys hear it, too?”
The other two nodded. “There was this quick burst of noise, it woke me up,” said Umiko.
Fumi nodded. “I heard it, too. And then I heard like a humming just now from over there.” She nodded back towards the man across the aisle.
Hikaru’s eyes widened and she nodded again. “I know where it’s coming from. It’s coming from the guys!”
The other two girl’s eyes widened. “What does that mean?” said Umiko.
“That humming! It’s coming from the guys’ … um…” Hikaru felt suddenly shy saying what she knew out loud. She made a vague up and down motion with her hand. “From their… you know…”
The other two shared a glance. “Just say it,” said Umiko. “From their what?”
Hikaru glanced around and then leaned over to Umiko’s ear, cupping her hands over her mouth. She whispered, “From their… penises!”
“Wha—” Umiko began to shriek, but she caught herself and slapped a hand over her mouth. Realizing she’d already drawn attention, she proceeded to fake a loud sneeze. “Whew,” she said. “Sorry, excuse me.” The three were given odd looks.
“What? What did she say?” said Fumi. Umiko leaned over and relayed the information. Fumi’s jaw dropped and her hand went up to her mouth. “Oh, my!” she said softly.
Keeping their voices low, Hikaru said, “So you heard that really loud one?” The other two nodded. “Okay, that was some guy touching himself in the bathroom. The hum got really loud when he, uh, spurted. I could see it!”
Umiko blanched. “Ew! Hikaru! Since when did you become a Peeping Tom?”
“No, no it’s not that!” she said. Then she giggled. “Heh, well, I guess I am one now! But, no, I could hear the humming coming from the bathroom, and I just sort of focused on it. And then, suddenly, I could see him! Right through the wall!”
“That’s incredible,” said Fumi. She glanced around. “But, really? It’s coming from their… from their privates? Are you sure?”
“Well, when he stopped, you know, touching, his thing went down, and so did the hum,” said Hikaru.
Umiko tapped her chin in thought. “Hey,” she told. “Don’t look at him. Just stay calm and keep talking. She looked to Fumi. “Extend your leg out a bit.”
Fumi understood. After a moment’s hesitation, she leaned back a bit and stretched out her legs, letting her right leg slide into the aisle a bit. She even slid her skirt up a few inches. Immediately, they heard a hum coming from their right, low at first, but steadily rising. Casting very quick glances over, the three confirmed that the man across the aisle was unable to keep himself from looking at Fumi’s smooth legs. Fascinated, Fumi reached down and pretended to scratch an itch on her calf, then slowly withdrew her hand, tracing it up to her thigh. The humming got louder, and out of the corner of their eyes, they saw the man shift in his seat.
The girls looked at one another, jaws dropped. Then, they all grinned and giggled. Fumi withdrew her legs, sliding her skirt back down. “Here, I want to try something,” she said. She raised her hand and snapped her fingers. She waited a few seconds, then frowned as nothing happened.
“What are you doing?” said Umiko.
“Remember that girl at the bookstore? The one you called a pervert?”
Umiko’s eyes widened. “You think…?”
Fumi nodded. She snapped her fingers again, but nothing happened. “Hmm… I don’t know how she did it.”
“Maybe it’s not the snap that does it,” said Hikaru. “Maybe she just did that for effect, but it’s something else?”
The three glanced at the man, whose erection was starting to wilt without Fumi’s legs on display. They shared a glance with one another. “Okay,” said Umiko. “On the count of three, think hard. One, two, three!”
The girls concentrated, not looking at the man, but focusing on him with their thoughts. They imagined a penis growing erect, stretching and stiffening. The girls’ eyes snapped open as they heard the hum picking up. The man sat up in his seat suddenly. The girls grinned and kept going. Harder, they thought, unknowingly in unison. Harder! Hard as a rock! Hard as steel!
The man suddenly gasped out and jumped in his seat. The girls could not help but look now and their eyes widened as they saw the man’s cock was straining fiercely in his pants. Another man sitting next to him looked at him, saying, “Are you alright?”
“I’m fine!” he muttered.
The girls glanced at one another and grinned. “Make him want to touch it,” Umiko said. The three girls all thought Play with yourself, and before they even finished the second word, the man’s hand flew to his crotch, clutching it.
“Dude!” said the guy next to him. “What the fuck are you doing?”
“I, uh, it hurts!” the man blurted out. “Ow, Jesus!” he said, laying it on a little thick. He stood up, pulling off his light jacket and covering himself with it. “I, uh, I must have eaten something bad! I’ve gotta go! Oh, god, the pain!” He quickly rushed to the bathroom.
The girls had to bite down on their tongues not to erupt into giggles. “Oh, my god!” said Hikaru, barely able to keep her voice at a whisper. “Did we really do that?”
“I think so!” said Umiko.
“That was a little mean,” said Fumi, but she too, had mirth in her eyes.
“Everything alright here?” said a stewardess, coming over to their section. The man still in his seat was about to speak, when Umiko interrupted him.
“The guy sitting here just ran to the bathroom, complaining about stomach cramps,” she said. There was no reason to get the man in any trouble.
“Oh, dear,” said the stewardess. “I’ll go see if he’s alright.”
“But, but, I saw him touch himself!” the other man blurted out. “I want to change seats!”
“Sir!” said Fumi, giving him a serious look. “From what I saw, it looked like he was trying to prevent himself from making a mess due to stomach pain! Have some compassion.”
The man looked at her confused, then at the empty seat, then down the aisle. “Yeah…” he said. “Yeah, I guess so. Sorry. I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions.”
“I can still move you if you like, sir,” said the stewardess.
The man was about to say something, but he suddenly stiffened. He shifted his book over his crotch and said, “N-no! That’s okay!”
Fumi and Umiko looked back at Hikaru, who winked and grinned at them. Less than a minute later, all three of them flinched as they heard a high pitched hum sound off like a gunshot from the back of the plane. Another minute later, and the man from before came out, breathing heavily, trudging back to his seat. He was red as a beet, both from embarrassment, and his very powerful climax, which only the three girls had been aware of.
“Are you okay sir?” said the stewardess. “Do you require any assistance?”
“N-no…” said the man. “I’m fine, I just… I think I had… um, just some bad…” He cleared his throat. “I got out what I needed to get out.”
The stewardess smiled with some amusement. “Okay, then,” she said. “If you need anything else, just call.”
The man nodded, not looking at her, and buried his face in his magazine. The man beside him did likewise with his book.
The three girls next to them were shaking in their efforts not to laugh out loud.

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