Thursday, January 17, 2013

Prize Student

James trudged up to his dorm room, letting out a dejected sigh as he came to the door. Soon, he knew, he’d be leaving this place, before he’d even settled in. For the past three weeks, he’d studied at Callaxus University, specifically their branch of Magic Studies. In High School, James had seen several specialists who had all told him that he had a tremendous potential for magic. Even though his parents were not users of magic themselves, it seemed as though the genetic code had aligned just right in his conception to allow him access to the Mage gene which lay buried in certain human bloodlines.
It was a rare gift; in the world of Civero, only one out of a million people had the potential to become Mages, and only a fraction of those had enough potential to actually do anything significant with the magic. As such, anyone with James’ supposed level of potential was a hot commodity for future employers. Depending on the type of magic he manifested, he could easily become a high-priced doctor, scientist, engineer, special ops soldier, or even entertainer.
And yet, after three weeks at Callaxus, taking a battery of tests to discover his aptitude, his would be teachers could find nothing. He had the potential, they said, they could all sense the mana simmering in his body, but there seemed to be no way for him to direct it. He had tried Biomancy, the art of healing, and couldn’t even mend a papercut. He tried Auramancy, the art of bodily enhancement, but could not lift even an extra pound more than usual. He tried Geomany, the art of elemental manipulation, and couldn’t even make a pile of sand move. Likewise, Kinetomancy (energy manipulation), Shadowmancy (illusions), Ectomany (spirit manipulation), and Summoning (calling and controlling monsters) proved fruitless.
For James, each failure made his hopes sink a little more. Coming from a less well-to-do family, the discovery of his magic potential had been like winning the lottery. The prestige and wealth afforded to a powerful Mage was an almost instant ticket to an affluent lifestyle. Not the James himself wanted for much, exactly, but such wealth would allow him to easily support his parents in their old age, help his siblings through college, and certainly help in raising a family of his own. However, all those future plans were evaporating as time after time, James failed to perform even the most basic magical techniques. This next week, they were going to test his potential for learning the quasi-scientific magics of Enchantment and Alchemy, but James already knew in his gut those would be failures as well. By the end of next week, he’d be packing his things and heading back home. Without the scholarship provided for those with exceptional magic talents, he had no way of affording college.
James plopped down on his bed and glanced around at his accommodations. His room was sparsely decorated, since he had it all to himself, and didn’t have much he’d brought from home aside from his clothes and discount laptop. Aside from the furniture, which came with the room, he had a couple posters of swimsuit models taped to the wall, and a calendar featuring comic book characters on the monthly picture. It wasn’t much, but he’d already gotten used to living here. Another reason getting a scholarship to Callaxus had been a blessing; it had finally gotten him out of the house.
To top it off, housing for those who qualified for the Mage and Esper scholarship was a step above the regular dorms. They were allowed to come to this Mage and Esper exclusive building, a refurbish former sorority house. This particular house was quite large, four stories tall, with six bedrooms on each floor, which shared a common room, a kitchenette, and two bathrooms. However, the rarity of Mages and Espers of James’ (supposed) caliber meant that James only had to share the top floor with one other person, who was always away anyway. Ergo, he practically had a whole floor to himself.
James had gotten to know the other residents somewhat, hanging out on other floors the first week, but as had been the case lately, he just didn’t feel up to socializing today. Kicking off his shoes, he got up and went into his floor’s common room, where he proceeded to flip through channels on the TV. Since he hadn’t been placed in any classes yet, he had no homework other than a few prep articles on the magic he’d be trying next week. However, the weekend was starting, and that meant it was time to procrastinate.
Thirty minutes later, a young woman entered the room. This was Holly, a woman with long, black hair, a shock of bright pink running in a stripe down the middle. Holly smiled at James and came over to him, ruffling his own shaggy red hair.
“Hey, sugar,” she said in her honeyed voice. “How’d it go?”
“Well, they have concluded that I’m definitely not cut out to be a Summoner,” he said. He sighed once more. “Gunna try a couple things next week, and when that fails, I’m probably out of here. Even if they didn’t cut my scholarship off, it’s too late to get started on any other classes.”
Holly frowned deeply, and sat down next to him, putting a hand on his shoulder. “Oh, hun, I’m so sorry. That really sucks.” She gave him another smile. “But hey, maybe this next try will be the one that works! What are they gunna have you do next?”
“Alchemy,” said James. “And maybe some Enchanting. If those don’t take, that’s pretty much it. Nothing else works.” James threw his hands up in frustration. “I don’t get it! I just don’t fucking get it. They keep telling me I’ve got this huge potential for magic, that I’ve got the mana in me, and yet…” he made a flippant motion with his hands. “Either I’m just to dumbest Mage who ever lived, or I’ve got some brand of magic so completely out there, it has no logical application.”
“Now, now, don’t get so down on yourself,” said Holly. “These are professionals, if they say you’ve got the magic, you’ve got the magic.” She paused, thinking. “Unless, maybe you’re actually an Esper? I don’t see how they’d make that mistake, but—”
“Nah, I’ve been checked for that, too,” said James. He changed the channel on the TV a few more times, not really paying attention to what was on.
“Hmm… well, I dunno, then,” she said. She sat back on the couch. “Hey, some of us are gunna go see a movie and get dinner after. You should come with.”
“Nah,” said James. “I feel like sulking.”
She ruffled his hair again. “Gunna just be a little brat, huh?”
James frowned and paused his channel surfing to push his hair back, giving her a scowl. “Maybe tomorrow, or something.”
“Alright, then, sugar,” said Holly. She was about to stand up, when suddenly, a very sexual moan filled the room. Both she and James jumped, and turned there attention to the TV. James had apparently landed on a porn channel, somehow. On the screen, two gorgeous women were rubbing against each other, the bottom one kissing the top one’s breasts, while the top one ground her thigh against the bottom one’s pussy.
“Holy crap!” said James, as he tried to change the channel. As luck would have it, though, that’s right when the batteries in the remote decided to give out. He clicked a few times to no avail.
“Oh, my!” said Holly. She turned and winked at him. “Sulk, huh? I see what you’re really up to!”
James turned red as a beet. “I didn’t mean it!” he said. “How the heck do we even get this channel?” He started to get up, but Holly put a hand on his thigh and pushed him down in his seat. She turned to look at the lesbian love scene with a smile both amused and a little genuinely interested. James gulped, glancing at her and then the screen.
“Rodger from the first floor cut a deal with the Dean,” said Holly. “We get the expanded cable package. Apparently that includes the Skinema channel.” She looked at James with a smirk. “You didn’t know that?”
“Uh, no,” said James, with a small gulp. He watched as the women changed positions, the top woman lying down, while the bottom got up and turned around. She then lowered her pussy towards the other woman’s face, even as she lowered her face to the other woman’s pussy. James gulped as he watched. He felt himself growing hard at the scene, despite Holly being right there next to him.
Actually, it didn’t help that Holly’s hand was still on his thigh. And that her fingers were now making little back and forth motions on said thigh. James gave her a look, and Holly smiled, sliding her fingertips upwards, until they traced the bulge of his erection. “I think I know what’ll cheer you up,” she said.
James, a little bewildered, nodded dumbly as her fingertips ran from the tip to the base, lightly tracing him through his jeans. He could barely feel the touch through the clothes, but just the fact that she was doing it made him go fully hard in seconds.
“Well, then, better leave you to it,” she said, and giggled. She gave him a kiss on the cheek and got up, pulling her hand away him with one last, slightly firmer rub. “Don’t leave too much of a mess now.”
James blinked and shook his head slightly to snap out of the daze. He frowned. “Come on, that was mean.”
Holly laughed. “Sorry,” she said. “But seriously, I gotta go before the others leave without me.” She glanced at his still throbbing erection. “You sure you don’t want to come along?”
James smirked. “I dunno,” he said in a mock-cocky tone. “What’s in it for me?”
Holly smirked back. “Not sure,” she said. “Might depend on how drunk you get me at dinner.”
James thought it over. He liked Holly, she was probably his best friend here, which is to say, she was his only real friend here. Mainly because James had felt so awkward about not being able to do magic, he just felt completely out of place hanging out with other the Mages. Not that magic was something they talked about much, but he’d always see them doing some trick or another, like it was second nature. Grabbing a book from the other end of the room with just a wave of their hand or pulling water from the sink to refill their glass from across the room or using lightning magic to recharge their cell phones. James tried hanging out with the others the first week or so, but as his failures kept piling up, he’d withdrawn himself for the most part, if only to avoid getting asked “so, has anything clicked yet?” several times a day.
Holly, however, had insisted on checking up with him. At first he thought maybe she really liked him, but ultimately, she just seemed to be that kind of person, the one who’d hang out with the cool kids at the party, but always took the time to say hello to the wallflower.
She was also “open” in other ways, too. James knew she’d already slept with two other guys and one of the girls in this building, and probably a few others on campus. She’d actually tried sleeping with him that first week. James, however, hadn’t been prepared for that, so he’d turned her down. Maybe that was why she kept hanging out with him. She never missed an opportunity to flash her long legs, or show off her cleavage, or give him a touch that made his cock take notice, as if to tease him over what he was missing. She wasn’t outright mean about it, just some good natured ribbing. Still, flirtations aside, he had reservations about doing anything sexual with such a loose young woman, even if she was a Biomancer, and could use her magic to both keep herself from getting pregnant and instantly cure any STD she might catch.
And so, James considered. Sit here and jerk off to some porn, or go out on a group date with Holly and some others, and no doubt she’d be making sure he was thinking about banging her by the end of the night, and he probably still wouldn’t. It didn’t help that he was working on about two weeks of blue balls right now, since he’d been so focused on his studies and bogged down with his failures to be in the mood to even jerk off, much less get laid. James sighed. This would probably be the last time he could really have fun as a college student before he was sent home. So, really, teasing or not, he should take advantage of the opportunity. He was snapped out of his thoughts by a particularly loud cry of passion from the TV. Blushing, he quickly ran over and turned the TV off, causing Holly to giggle.
“Yeah, okay, I’m coming,” he said.
“We’ll see,” she said with a naughty wink.
James rolled his eyes, “Cut it out. Let me grab my wallet, I’ll meet you downstairs.”
Holly smiled brightly. “Great!” she said, and practically skipped off to join the others. James swallowed and tried to think about baseball or video games. He already had his wallet on him, he just wanted to get his erection under control before he went downstairs. Blast it, if only they weren’t leaving right now, he’d be able to stroke one off first. Oh, well. He went to the bathroom, splashed some cold water on his face and combed his hair. A minute later, he was on the ground floor, where nine others were gathered, including Holly.
He noticed, to some annoyance, that at least three of the boys and three of the girls were coupled together. A nice reminder of who was probably getting laid tonight, and who wasn’t. Sheesh, maybe he should just do it with Holly and get the tension over with. Assuming she would actually let him at this point.
“Hey, James!” said one of the boys, a tall brown haired man named Hank. Hank clapped a hand on his shoulder. “We were beginning to think you’d just been a figment of our imaginations!”
“Yeah, sorry, been busy guys,” James replied, trying to sound nonchalant.
“Don’t sweat it,” said a blond girl named Penny, Hank’s girl from the way they were clustered together. “But, you know what they say, all work and no play...”
James grinned sheepishly. “Yeah.”
“So,” said another guy, whose name James couldn’t remember. “Anything click yet?”
James resisted the mighty urge to cringe. “Ah… no…”
Holly stepped up next to James and put an arm around his shoulder. “Now, now, don’t start sulking, you’re here to get your mind off that. Right, Robert?”
Robert blanched, but said, “Yeah, yeah, sorry. I was honestly curious. Be nice to have another Summoner in the house.”
“Okay!” said a redheaded girl standing at the door. “Movie! Now! Before we miss out on the matinee price! Let’s go!” The group proceeded out the door, Holly sticking with James.
The theater was only four blocks away, so it was a nice little walk. The three obvious couples held hands the whole way down, and Holly insisted on mimicking this. James didn’t mind, and even brought her hand up to give it a kiss, though more in a mock-romantic gesture. Holly still smiled brightly.
“So, uh, what movie we seeing?” he said.
“Dusklight,” said Hank, the closest guy to them. “Part 3.”
James paused. “Wait, you mean that cheesy Lust Walker movie?”
“Yup!” said Penny, grinning back at them. “The guys in it are totally hot!”
Inwardly, James groaned. Dusklight. Based on an inexplicably popular novel series for young women, the movies had been a tremendous hit. James had never bothered watching or reading the series, but he understood the basics: it was a love triangle story about two Lust Walkers trying to retain their humanity while winning the affections of a human girl who could somehow resist their powers. Being as that Lust Walkers were the equivalent of vampiric succubi, this of course meant lots and lots of fucking was present in the novels. Presented as romantically as possible, of course.
The movies, however, for general audience consumption didn’t show nearly as much sex or outright nudity, but definitely laid the sexual tension on thick. And embarrassingly saccharine. And hilariously badly acted. Girls loved it though, and guys only tolerated it because a movie night to the Dusklight series meant a guaranteed lay afterwards, or at least a blowjob. James gave Holly an annoyed look. She just grinned and winked. She whispered in his ear. “If the movie’s real good, you don’t even have to get me drunk.” James swallowed nervously, and desperately thought of sports and homework to keep his erection from exuberantly saying “hello!” to every passerby.
“Well, this one is supposed to have some cool action scenes,” said Hank, trying his best to not admit the only real reason he was going along. “Like, the Lust Walkers get discovered by the S.O.S. Organization, and so they have to fight off some of their Agents. Like, the one guy with the voodoo powers gets to actually kick some ass, like they’ve been promising since Part 1.”
“Sounds fascinating,” said James, attempting to picture one of the main characters fighting ninjas, and not fucking the brains out of his sexy, sexy co-star.
The redhead leading their little pack did a little victory dance when she discovered they could just make it in with the lower price, but that meant taking seats on a screening that had already started. The group rushed in, and discovered that while they had only just missed the previews, the place was already packed as hell. They couldn’t sit together as a group, and so had to scatter to find seats.
Holly led James to an open pair of seats in the very backmost corner. These particular seats were actually cut off from the rest of the row, thanks to a protruding part of the wall forming a little barrier. This provided an extra bit of privacy, although between the darkness of the theater, and everyone’s eyes being riveted on the screen, James was certain no one was going to see them anyway.
James gulped a bit. This was a little too private. And so he was not in the least bit surprised when he felt Holly’s hand settle on his thigh, and she gave him a sly smile when he looked at her. She then leaned over, cuddling up to him, resting her head on his shoulder as she watched the movie. James just decided to roll with it, and put his arm around her shoulder. She didn’t do anything yet, however, just kept her hand in his thigh. Nonetheless, James’ cock was hard with anticipation.
Ten minutes later, the movie was already boring him, and Holly hadn’t made a move, so his anticipation waned. His cock went only half-hard, and he shifted slightly to get more comfortable. However, at this, he felt Holly’s finger lightly rub his thigh. Her hand slipped up a bit more on his thigh, and her finger came within a perilous inch of his balls. She repeated her little rub, and the nearness of her hand made the light sensation send of a spark of ticklishness to his balls. His cock immediately went hard again. James held his breath, waiting for her to move closer, but she didn’t. After a minute of teasing his inner thigh, her finger stopped, and she resumed watching the movie.
James swallowed hard, perplexed. Was she going to touch him or not? Or did she want him to make the next move? James resisted the temptation. He didn’t want to get caught doing something naughty in the theater. So, he sat there, for another ten minutes, until his cock went down again, trying to focus on the inane “romantic” angst playing on the movie screen. Seeing these pouty twenty-somethings fail at being dramatic almost took his mind off of Holly’s wicked fingers.
Until she started up again, this time drawing lazy little circles just half an inch away from his balls. And this time, he felt something else. A strange little tingling sensation. Not a tickle, but a sort of light prickling, like goosebumps, going back and forth around his balls. He realized the cycle matched the turn of her finger. His cock once again rose to attention. As Holly’s finger switched from a circling, back to a back and forth rubbing, James almost jumped as he felt the tingling rise up from his balls to play along his shaft! It was still a light sensation, but he’d never felt anything like it, and after two false starts, he was rather sensitive. James looked down. Holly’s finger was still just on his inner thigh, but he could feel the tingle tracing along his penis. He squinted, and he could just barely make out a soft white glow on her fingertip.
Magic. She was using her magic to tease him! James swallowed again, and opened his mouth to say something, when Holly ceased her motions. The tingle faded. James was left with his cock throbbing in anticipation of a real touch, but she did not accommodate him. James took a breath and tried to calm down.
As if on cue, right when his cock shrank to half hardness, Holly began again. This time, she blatantly placed her hand on his crotch, and the tingles started up immediately. They were more intense this time, feeling like a million tiny fingers stroking him. This time, the tingles traveled in a downward pulse, going from tip to base. Holly didn’t move her hand, the magic stimulation doing all the work.
It started slowly at first, taking several seconds to travel the length of him. However, with each little “stroke”, James noticed it getting faster, just by a little bit. Soon it was only a couple seconds. Then one. Then half a second. And as the strokes sped up, so too did the intensity of the tingles. Within a few minutes, he was feeling a very rapid pulsing of tingling pleasure shooting through his cock.
James gasped and gripped the armrest of his chair, and Holly’s shoulder tightly. His body stiffened as the tingles became too much, and his hips started to buck. Fortunately, some sort of action scene was finally happening in the movie, and the loud noise drowned out his gasps. However, he was still going to mess his pants!
“H-h-holly!” he hissed.
And then she stopped. James took a moment to concentrate and force himself to calm down, before he stained his jeans even without the stimulation. After a moment, he was able to, sagging in his seat and catching his breath.
He swore he heard Holly giggle between the shouts of the movie, and he looked down at her. She ignored him, keeping her gaze on the screen. He didn’t want to draw unwanted attention to them, so he kept silent. However, as before, when he finally started to go soft, the tingling strokes started up again. As before, they started slow, then got faster and faster until he nearly came in his pants. Then, they stopped short before he could.
It was too much this time. He tried to stand up, but some force suddenly seized him, pushing him back into his seat. Holly’s magic again. He looked to her, and this time, she looked up, and smiled. Winking, she raised her hand off his crotch to wag a finger at him, before turning to the screen, snuggling closer, and placing her hand back on his crotch, giving it a firm squeeze. A few minutes later, her magic played with him again. Only this time, instead of tingles, he felt the incredibly vivid sensation of a hot, wet tongue sliding up and down his length. James nearly leaped out of his chair at that, but Holly’s magic kept him pinned. All he could do was shiver and shudder and try not to cry out as her magic simulated the sensations of a perfect mouth lovingly tending to his genitals. And, as before, it stopped before he could achieve climax.
She wasn’t stopping to spare him humiliation, he realized. She was punishing him, in her own playful way. If this really was going to be his last weekend here, she wanted to make sure he regretted not sleeping with her. So she was going to cocktease him for the entire movie! How long was this thing? Almost three hours, he’d heard. He checked his watch. Still two-thirds of the movie to go! And they hadn’t even gotten to the sex scenes yet!
The rest of the movie, Holly alternated between the phantom mouth and the stroking tingles, having to shorten each sensation as the teases brought him to the brink of orgasm quicker and quicker. His balls were aching with pent up tension, especially once the movie’s sex scenes kicked in. The movie showed the two male love interests give into the lead female’s request that they all finally learn to share one another’s joy, and proceeded to seduce both of them into a threesome. All throughout, Holly didn’t even let him go soft, just kept giving him little pleasure zaps every couple of seconds to keep him hanging on edge.
By that point, James could barely keep himself from crying out, and was gasping and whimpering. Worse still, he could hear other gasps, male and female, and even one fairly loud moan, from other people in the theater. It seemed Holly wasn’t the only minx having her fun, but it was obvious from the other gasps that at least those couples were finishing one another off! Holly was cruelly tormenting him, and she wouldn’t let him do anything about it! Her magic kept him fully pinned the whole time, so he couldn’t even play with her back!
James was half-drunk with lust by the time the movie ended. As the lights came up, Holly finally released him. James sat through the credits as she leaned back and stretched, pulling out her cell phone. She quickly started texting.
“You bitch,” said James, shakily.
Holly giggled. “You know you loved it!” She leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek, then checked her phone, and looked up. She waved to Hank and Penny, who waved back, and exited the theater with the others.
James, who wasn’t prepared to stand up yet, said, “So, you going to do that all through dinner?”
Holly turned to him. “Actually,” she said, holding up her phone. “I just told the others to go ahead without us. Now, here’s the deal. Once you get your thing under control, we either can run after them and join them, and I promise I won’t mess with you again. Or, we can go back to the House right now, and we can take care of this like we should have a couple weeks ago. What do you say?”
James gulped, and his cock twitched at the thought. After nearly three hours of cock teasing and his balls already well overdo for an emptying, there was really no choice. “Come on,” he said, knowing his cock wasn’t going to get any softer by the time the credits ended. “Let’s do it.” Holly beamed and gave an elated clap, jumping to her feet. The two practically ran the whole way back to the House.
They barely made it to Holly’s room before they were ripping each other’s clothes off. Kissing fiercely, the two fell onto the bed, still kicking their pants off their ankles, and James still struggling with her bra hook. Holly finally just yanked the bra down, ripping the straps, and tossing it to the floor. James loomed over her, flushed with need. He buried his face in her neck, kissing and nibbling, working his way down to her breasts. He suckled the left nipple as he squeezed the right one with his fingers. With his free hand, he reached down and rubbed her moist pussy, making sure her vaginal lips were thoroughly slick.
Then with a single swift motion, he buried himself inside her. Holly let out a shriek and clutched him tightly, and he thrust quickly into her. Already way overheated, James let out a moan as his orgasm struck him within seconds!
But Holly wasn’t done tormenting him, it seemed. Just before he could shoot inside her, her magic flared up, coating him in white light. The light then funneled straight into his cock and James let out a shout out as he felt himself hit the edge of climax… and he didn’t go over! James looked at her wild eyed, confused, but too in the moment to stop thrusting. Holly reached up and pulled his face to her chest again, and between gasps and cries, said, “Not so… fast! Me first… me first!”
James redoubled his efforts, slowing to steadier, but deeper thrust, causing the bed to rock, the headboard rhythmically striking the wall. James’ cock felt as though it was on fire, clenched in an almost painful hardness, but any pain was washed away by the hot, tight, slick grip of her pussy. And then, the tingles started up again, enveloping his entire organ, as Holly squeezed him with her pussy muscles. James lost control of his muscles, stiffening and jerking as he was crushed against the edge of release. With a burst of strength, Holly flipped them both over, digging her nails into his shoulders as she sat up on him. She brought her legs up so that she was crouching on him, and rapidly slid herself up and down on his cock. This seemed to be the stimulation she needed, and her gasps and cries became outright screams as she writhed atop him. She shuddered violently as her first climax took her, snarling as she raked her nails down his chest.
James could only hang on for dear life as she rode him fiercely, fucking him like a piece of meat, climaxing ten times before she finally slowed. Shuffling back into a kneeling position upon him, she slowed her thrusts to a gentle rocking, and looked down at him. James was in a daze, looking up at her, entranced by the feeling of her body and the sight of her swaying breasts and wild hair.
Holly leaned forward, laying atop him, and kissed him deeply. “Oh, James,” she said with breathless sweetness. “You tease. Making me wait was so worth it! Was it good for you?”
James clutched at her. “Please… cum… whatever you did… please release it!”
Holly smiled, kissing him deeply again. As she did, the white light flowed over him, and then into his cock. James let out a howl as he felt something deep in his loins shift, and then he was exploding into her. Hips bucking with sudden renewed energy, he unleashed torrent after torrent of cum deep into her womb. And right when he felt his climax ending, the spell’s secondary function kicked in; the same spell that undid his orgasm block unleashed another burst of magic inside him, and he was cumming again, one tremendous climax immediately following the first. And then, she did it again, even though James had blacked out halfway through the second.
But it wasn’t just semen that James unloaded into her. Right as his first orgasm struck, Holly suddenly sat up on him, mouth agape. Her eyes went wide and then glazed as she felt a torrent of energy, the heady sensation of raw, uncut mana flooding into her system. It was the first time she’d every felt it herself, but she instinctively knew what was happening. Somehow, James was generating the mana, the fuel that powered the spells of all Mages. Somehow, his climax was filling her body with more magical energy than she’d ever stored in her life! The rush was so incredible, she more or less blacked out right when James did, though her body stayed up upon him.
And then, her climax spell wore off, and James collapsed, settling into the bed like a carelessly tossed ragdoll. As he shot the last drops of cum he could give into her, the rush of mana energy abated, and Holly collapsed atop him, sliding off to rest against his side.
It was nearly an hour before the two roused again. They blinked awake and all but gawked at each other for a minute, before James finally broke the silence. “That was… holy fucking shit…” He took a moment to compose his thoughts, and gave her a sheepish grin. “I’m so sorry I didn’t take up your offer earlier.”
“Me too… but James… what did you do to me?”
James gave her a perplexed look. He sat up, wincing as the aches of their intense encounter made themselves known. Holly sat up as well, wincing. With a wave of her hand, however, a soft glow caressed them both, soothing away the stiff muscles from the awkward positions they’d landed in, but leaving the sweet afterglow of sensations where it counted.
“What do you mean?” said James.
Holly held up her hand, and in the palm, a dazzling ball of light flickered into being. It was almost too bright to look at. Holly stared at it for a moment, but turning the light off. “I feel… I’ve never felt this rejuvenated before!” She leaped out of the bed, shameless in baring her fully nude body to him. She stretched tall, then crouched down, and somehow did a standing back flip without hitting the ceiling or any furniture. “I feel fuckingincredible!” With a flick of her hand, she was suddenly floating in the air. “Hahaha! Wow!”
She hovered over to James, “lying” on her stomach in mid-air while she propped her chin on her folded hands. “How about you, stud? How are feeling?”
James let out a breath, but grinned. “Exhausted! In a good way though.” He really did feel tired, drained, but at the same time warm and fuzzy. He reached up and pulled Holly towards him, giving her a quick kiss. “Wanna cuddle for a bit?”
Holly smiled and ruffled his hair. “Actually, I feel like I could run ten marathons! Seriously, what did you do?”
James shook his head. “I dunno. I’m not sure what you’re talking about.”
“When you came. It was like you were shooting off mana like a fire hose! I think I soaked it all up, that’s why I have so much energy right now!”
James scratched his head in confusion. “I don’t know,” he said. “That’s never happened before.”
“Never? Not once?” said Holly. She blinked and her eyes widened. “Was I your first?” she said.
“Um… no,” said James, then he grinned sheepishly. “You were my first good one, though.”
Holly grinned and kissed his cheek. “Aaw, you’re sweet.” She let herself land, sitting on the bed. “But seriously, what the heck happened?”
James paused and closed his eyes. He tried to see if he actually felt any different. He did feel drained, true, certainly a lot more than he usually did after masturbating. But he didn’t feel ill or too weak to move or anything.
There was a sudden knock on the door. The two jumped, and Holly quickly grabbed a robe off her closet door, while James made sure to cover himself with the bed sheets. Holly opened the door a crack. “Yeah?” She blinked in surprise. “Professor Gemma!”
“Oh, good you two are awake,” said the Professor, a middle-aged woman with stylish glasses, dressed in a business suit, her hair done up in a tight bun. She had been the Auramancer James had seen earlier this week, to test his abilities in that field. “Another few minutes, and I was going to start getting worried.”
“Um, what’s up?” said Holly.
The Professor glanced past Holly through the slightly open door and saw James, who blushed. “I would like to speak to you two. I’ll give you a minute.”
Holly glanced to James as she shut the door, a wary look on her face. “I think we might be in trouble,” she said, grabbing her clothes, and a new bra.
James grabbed his things and the two quickly dressed, Holly tying her hair back in a ponytail. They came out into the common room of Holly’s floor, where they saw Pr. Gemma sitting on one of the three couches, her legs crossed. James tried not to look at her luxuriously long legs into their dark stockings, ending in high heels.
“I was in my office a few blocks away when I sensed the flash energy,” she said. “I’m pretty sure every Mage and possibly Esper in a ten block radius sensed it at that, but I seemed to be the only one with quick enough reflexes to reliably track the source. My trace led me here. You were asleep when I got here, so I waited.” She motioned to the couch opposite her.
Holly and James shared a glance, then sat down. “What’s this about?” said James.
“It’s about you, my dear,” the Professor said with a slim smile. “I think we’ve finally discovered your particular brand of magic. You’re not a Mage, James. You’re a Mana Fount.”
James’ brow furrowed. “What does that mean?”
“Mana Founts are usually objects from which unusually high quantities of mana can be derived. In extremely rare cases, this can sometimes manifest inside people. In that case, the person in question requires certain conditions to generate the mana.” The Professor smiled with amusement. “And it would seem, young man, that the condition you require is sex. Particularly, if I’m not mistaken, the act of orgasm releases the energy you build up during sex.” She looked at Holly. “And I’m guessing, from the strength of that outburst, that Holly here was building you up quite a bit.”
James was stunned, not certain what to say to that. “So, what does that mean?”
The Professor grinned. “It means, James, that you’re not being sent home any time soon. And that your time here is going to be very, very interesting.”

Professor Gemma didn’t have much else to say after that, but insisted that James meet her in her office at nine o’clock the next morning, despite it being a weekend. His tests for Alchemy and Enchantment next week were all cancelled, and Gemma herself would be handling James’ Mana Fount tests.
James insisted Holly not tell anyone about this yet, and Holly was fine with that. He hung out with the group from the movie, and aside from a few knowing grins from Hank and Penny, no one mentioned anything anyway.
So, the next morning, James found himself standing in front of the locked door to the Magic Department of the school. None of the staff was coming in today, it seemed, so it would be just him and the Professor. Or so he had thought.
When Professor Gemma arrived a couple minutes later, she had an older gentleman with her. He recognized this man as Professor Dorian, the resident Geomancer teacher, and also current head of the Magic Department.
“James!” said Dorian, reaching out and shaking the young man’s hand vigorously. “Nice to see you again. Gemma has told me you have stumbled upon an amazing discovery in regards to you magic!”
“Uh, yeah, I’m a Mana Fount, apparently,” said James. He gave Gemma a wary look.
Gemma smiled. She was dressed for the part of the sexy librarian again, only this time, if James’ eyes didn’t deceive him, her top was a little more open and her skirt a little shorter than yesterday. “Don’t worry, James. I haven’t spread it around just yet. But I wasn’t sure if you’d be a bit more comfortable with another man to talk to about this. You seemed a bit shy.”
James’ wary look turned to Pr. Dorian. Dorian chuckled. “Relax, we don’t want to force you into anything your not comfortable with.”
“Okay,” said James.
“Even still,” said Professor Dorian, eyebrows raised as he gave James a thorough once-over. “A Mana Fount! I should have seen it sooner.” He stroked his greying goatee thoughtfully, appraising James with a new sense of appreciation.
Pr. Gemma smiled. “And a very strong one at that, if my senses were correct!”
Dorian nodded. “I’ve only ever met one other living Fount in my life, a friend of my grandmother. She was a singer, beautiful voice even into her 90’s. Singing was her mechanism for releasing mana, and as a professional singer, she was discovered very quickly. As for you, James, well, you’re lucky your lady friend managed to seduce you when she did, eh?” He gave James a knowing wink.
James blushed, and shifted nervously. He had to admit the two made him a little wary at the moment. While neither had been outright rude or condescending to him, it was clear when they’d tested him in their respective fields, they hadn’t given him much thought when they realized he wasn’t in their purview. Dorian had been friendly enough, wishing him luck after the standard two days of testing, but hurrying him along when their time was up. Gemma, however, hadn’t even given James the requisite two days. After the first day, she’d just written off James as hopeless in her field, and sent him off to the next teacher early. Now, however, they were acting all friendly. James supposed he was more interesting now that he was potentially useful.
“So,” said James. “What exactly are we going to do?”
“Well,” said Gemma. “We would like to see a demonstration of your release mechanism.” Her smile turned sly. “If you like, I can assist you with it.”
James gulped and glanced quickly between the two. “Um… well, I…”
“It’s alright,” said Gemma. “I’ll be gentle.”  She took a step forward, and arching her back slightly to emphasize her cleavage. For a middle-aged woman, she had a fantastic body, one of the benefits of being an Auramancer. And as an Auramancer, she was able to do things like bend a two-inch thick, solid iron bar into a pretzel shape as easily as James might do to a paperclip. Even with a promise of being gentle, James dreaded the idea of what her fingers might do to his delicate parts.
“Oh, don’t scare him off, Gemma,” said Dorian. He gave James a more serious look. “Do you mind if I have a private word with James?”
Gemma smirked knowingly. “Oh, alright. I’ll let you have your man-talk. Just don’t let him sneak out the window or anything, I want him right back!”
Dorian laughed and waved her off. “Sure, sure.” They entered the Magic Department’s offices, and Dorian led James down the hall, while Gemma went to check some files at the other end. Dorian led James into a cramped office filled with books and a couple filing cabinets. There was barely room for the desk and two chairs, but Dorian offered him a seat.
“So,” said Dorian. “How do you feel about all this James?”
James considered for a moment, still nervous. “Um, well, sir, I… I dunno. I’ve never even heard of a Mana Fount before yesterday. And, um, well, honestly, it seems kind of ridiculous. You know, I mean, recharging other Mages through, uh… um…”
“Through sex,” said Dorian, sounding matter-of-fact as could be.”
“Yeah.” James fidgeted a bit in his seat.
Dorian let out a short chuckle. “Nothing to be ashamed of. And in a way, quite lucky for you.”
“You really think so?”
“Yes, but, not just in the way you think. Yes, you are lucky that the release mechanism for you mana is sex. It’s a much more pleasant mechanism, than, say, self-mutilation or using psychosis-inducing drugs. I’ve read cases of those before.”
James nodded at the wisdom in that.
Dorian continued, “But also, your mechanism is a lot easier to hide. You can simply choose to either not have sex, or simply have sex with non-Mages. Even sex with Espers would be fine, since they don’t use mana. Nor do Demihumans, if you’re into that.”
James blushed and blanched. “Um, all do respect, sir, can we quit talking about me having sex?”
Dorian smiled sympathetically. “Well, no. I apologize, I really don’t want this to be uncomfortable for you. But this is something you will have to deal with. We Mages are rare, but we’re out there. There’s a chance you will run into a Mage, and she, or perhaps he, will figure out what you are, and they will decide to claim you.”
“Claim me? Like…”
“As in, make you their servant.” Dorian let out a sigh. “That other woman I mentioned, the singer. Well, like I said, she was discovered very quickly by other Mages. Her professional singing career was over within just a couple years, because some of her fans were Mages who wanted her voice all for themselves. The singer was eventually forced to marry a powerful and wealthy Mage whom she didn’t love, but was at least willing to protect her from more predatory Mages. Even then, she was never able to safely do live performances again. I believe she eventually went into voice work for cartoons just for something to do, but becoming a famous singer was always her passion, and she couldn’t let herself do it.”
James frowned. “That’s pretty awful.”
Dorian nodded. “Indeed. With you, though, James, you have the option of keeping it a secret. Unless you have some fetish for public masturbation or sex, it’s highly unlikely your condition will be discovered. You just need to watch who you sleep with. And blab to.” Dorian stroked his chin. “Of course, moreso than Mages, you’d have to watch out for Lust Walkers. You would be like some sort of holy treasure for them.”
“Great,” said James wryly. “So I could live a real life version of the Dusklight movies.”
Dorian frowned. “That’s not something to joke about. Lust Walkers are very real and very dangerous, especially for Mages. Honestly, I’m disgusted a movie like that even got greenlit.”
“Sorry,” said James. He frowned and looked at the floor, dejected. “Great, so, I’m a Mana Fount, and apparently the only thing I can do with that is hide it. Well. So much for getting my hopes up.”
It was Dorian’s turn to give a wry smile. “Well, if you really wanted to make a career out of it, you could become a Mage-exclusive gigolo. You’d probably want to hire some body-guards, though.”
James made a laugh. “No, seriously. I was hoping to get a real career out of my time here. Is there something—”
Dorian held up a hand and said, “Sorry, I’m being glib about it, but I’m actually completely serious.”
James paused and his brow furrowed. “But…”
“See, the thing about Mana Founts is that they cannot use the mana they create. They can only generate it and release it. Not to belittle you, but the only thing a Fount is good for is providing fuel for Mages, or rechargeable enchanted items, to absorb for their own use. And given the way you ‘release’ your mana, if you want to actually turn that gift into a viable career, you’ve really only got two options: become a Mage-exclusive gigolo (and believe me, you can make some good money that way if you got the right clients). Or, probably the safer option, you find yourself a rich female Mage and make her your sugar momma.”
James swallowed nervously at the thought. He pictured himself being the “pet boy” of a female Mage. Perhaps Holly, even. Or maybe Professor Gemma. He had to admit, the thought had some surface appeal, but…
“Are you sure?” said James.
Dorian thought some more. “Well... let’s see… I guess if you could figure out some way to customize your technique, you could potentially try the art of Enchanting. Or maybe open up a shop where you recharge enchanted items on the side. You might not want to tell people exactly how you do it though…”
James blanched at the implications. He was about to say something else, when a knock interrupted them.
“Well, have you thoroughly put the fear of the gods in him?” said Gemma, looking a little irritated at being made to wait so long.
“Just giving him some sagely advice,” said Dorian with a wry smile. He looked to James. “It’s up to you if you want to continue your schooling here. If you do, we can arrange to continue your scholarship, whilst allowing you to pursue another, non-magical major.”
James looked at him with surprise. “Really? You’d do that?”
“You’d still need to do some magical study,” said Gemma. “Perhaps we can still sign you up for the basic Enchantment course. And you’d have some major catching up to do for regular classes.”
“No, that would be great!” said James, smiling brightly. “Thank you so much!”
Gemma held up a hand. “Well, there’s just one other teensy condition.”
Dorian leaned over to James’ ear. “It begins,” he said in a haunting voice.
Gemma pursed her lips in annoyance and narrowed her eyes at Dorian, who chuckled and leaned back. Rolling her eyes, she gave James another wide smile. “We are making some generous exceptions for you, James. In return, I would like you to be of some assistance to us.”
“Assistance?” said James, swallowing hard as Gemma leaned forward. Was he crazy, or had she undone another button on her top?
“For study, of course,” said Gemma. “Aside from Dorian here, I don’t think any of us have ever met a live Mana Fount. We would like to examine how you tick, so to speak. For educational purposes of course.” She stood tall again. “Starting now, if you please.”
James glanced nervously at Dorian, who just shrugged. James turned back to Gemma, and couldn’t help but let his eyes give her a once over. That somewhat helped his decision making. “Well, anything in the name of science, as they say.”
The three shared a chuckle. “Now, then, Mr. Dorian, would you care to observe?”
James jumped at the suggestion, and gave the older man a nervous glance. Dorian shook his head, holding up a hand. “I think I’ve terrorized our new apprentice enough today.”
“Alright, then,” said Gemma. “Just let me know if you end up sensing anything. Come along, James.”
James stood, giving Dorian a thank you, and then followed Gemma down the hall. He wasn’t sure if her hips were swaying a bit more sensually than usual or if the anticipation of what was to come was just making him more aware of her ass. Her tight, curvaceous ass, which he’d been tempted to jack off to the thought of before, even after she’d kicked him out of her class a day earlier than normal.
Then came into Gemma’s office, which was less crammed than Dorians, and actually had room for three chairs and a desk. Nonetheless, Gemma motioned for James to sit upon the desk, once she sat down on the chair behind it. Once he was in place, Gemma undid another button on her top, and pulled the collar of her shirt a bit wider, to five James a full view of her cleavage. James eyes locked onto the sight, blinking in surprise, but instantly entranced.
Gemma smiled. “Now, that I have your attention,” she said, pushing James’ legs open a scooting her chair forward so that she was planted firmly between them. She smirked and boldly lay a hand on James’ crotch.
James jumped. “Um… what are you…?” His cock was already half hard from scoping her out, and now it erected fully as her hand gently massaged his crotch. Despite his tremendous orgasm yesterday, he was already fully recovered and ready for another round, it seemed.
“I’m just giving you some assistance,” Gemma teased. “Unless you want to jerk off for me?” She looked up at him from over the rim of her glasses, and gave him a sultry smile.
Images of naughty teacher pornos flashed through his head. “Uh, no, go right ahead,” said James, his voice shaking slightly.
Gemma took her time, making a show of removing her three rings, and slowly unzipping his fly. Briefly, James wondered if Gemma was married, but then, her fingers slipped into the opening of his boxers, and she felt her fingers brush against his cock. James jumped at the sudden jolt of sensation. She slowly slid his cock out through the opening, rather than pull his boxers down, and revealed his hard, twitching penis. Gemma gave it a studious look, then indirectly confirmed James’ suspicions.
“Not as long as my husbands, but a bit thicker,” she said. She wrapped her fingers delicately around his cock, somehow knowing exactly where to place her fingertips to emulate his preferred method of stroking. She started light and slow, easing him into it.
James gasped nonetheless. There was something about her touch that by itself was just intense. He wasn’t sure if it was her grip, or if she was somehow using magic on him the way Holly had. Or, heck, it could just be the excitement of the moment. Even still, he had to ask.
“You’re married?” said James.
Her hand moved a little bit faster. “Does that bother you?”
“Well, I mean, uh…”
“Don’t worry. My husband and I have an understanding.” She smirked knowingly. James had no idea what that meant, but it did make him worry, slightly. “Besides. This is for educational purposes.”
Before he could respond, her hand moved faster, her grip getting firmer. James leaned back on the desk a bit, as if to give her better access. Gemma smiled, and then suddenly switched her technique. James let out a gasp as he felt a deep vibration begin on his cock. He looked down and to his amazement, Gemma’s fingers were actually vibrating, like little electric dildos. As they did, her hand switched a fully encompassing grip, and she gave him a full tip to base stroke. The grip was just loose enough that the vibration allowed his cock to slide through her hand without lube, even though her grip still felt snug. And just as her hand reached the base of his cock, her other hand came up, also vibrating, performed the same downward stroke. Just as that hand reached the base, her other hand came up to repeat the action.
James felt as though he was perpetually sliding into a warm, vibrating tunnel. And then she began to undulate her grip slightly, somehow striking his every hotspot in perfect sequence, even as she stroked him with the full grip. James’ breathing increased rapidly as he felt an orgasm welling up inside him. This technique was intense, and he couldn’t hold out much longer.
Then, just as he was about to spurt all over her, she let go. James gasped and shuddered as he teetered on the edge of release. But it wasn’t quite enough, and he began to fall from the plateau, without releasing a single drop. James had just enough time to catch his breath, before Gemma gripped him again with her vibrating hands.
“Oh, no, come on,” said James. “Please don’t tease me!”
Gemma smiled in her sultry way again. “Aw, why not? I used to do this to my husband for hours, back when we were still dating. When I finally let him cum, he’d hit the ceiling!”
“Please… just not again…”
“Did Holly work you over that bad yesterday?”
“H-how did you know about—?”
 “Let’s just say she has a reputation,” said Gemma with a grin. “Although I might have given her a couple pointers last year. From what I hear, she’s certainly got very creative lately. And to think, she was such a shy girl when she started.”
James couldn’t respond, now gasping and moaning as Gemma brought him to the brink again. She let go of him. This time, he was a little too far gone, and Gemma’s mystic aura sense told her, before any normal woman could be aware of it, that he was about to have a ruined orgasm. With cat-like reflexes, she ensnared his cock in her non-vibrating grip, and squeezed just below the penis head. She also gripped his balls, pulling them slightly away from his body. James bucked a few times in her grip, but her fingers cut off his attempt to cum.
James sagged, and had to catch himself before he fell back off the desk. That last edge had been so intense, it almost hurt. “Gemma, please…”
“Shush,” she said. “I can sense the mana already building in you. I want to see how big of a load I can coax up this soon after your last one.” She grinned. “I won’t take too long. Just be a good boy and hold on for me, okay?”
James, his most delicate parts being gently held by a sexy older woman who could crush a car with her bare hands, being teased to the brink of orgasm with such skill it made Holly look like a clumsy virgin, had little choice in the matter. He nodded.
Gemma resumed her stroking. This time, her hands no longer vibrated, and she went back to a fingertip grip, each finger targeting a hotspot. But this time, as she stroked him, she went for a quick, rapid jerking, and she pressed her fingertips firmly against his cock in a strange sort of sequence. Almost like playing a flute, she used an undulating rhythmic pressing, in time to her rapid strokes. James couldn’t even describe it. All he knew was it shot him straight to the edge of orgasm faster than the vibrating hand trick! But this time, she didn’t stop when he hit the edge. Somehow, the pressing of certain fingertips did something that kept cutting off his release at the last second, even as she continued to stroke him.
James writhed on her desk, gasping and now whimpering. His balls ached with a rapidly growing need for relief, and his cock was on fire with intense pleasure. He leaned forward and brought his legs up, trying to curl up instinctively. But, even with restricted space, Gemma’s strokes got more intense.
“Gemma please!” James cried.
“Just a little bit longer,” said Gemma in a near whisper. She was staring at his body in a near trance herself, looking deep into his aura, where she saw the mana blooming. It was growing faster than she’d expected! At this rate, in just a couple more minutes, he’d have produced enough mana to fuel Gemma’s spells for a solid week! She couldn’t imagine how much energy Holly had absorbed. That girl probably had reserves enough to last her a month!
“Gemmaaaaa!” James wailed.
“That’s Professor Gemma to you,” she scolded lightly. But she could see James was in real sexual agony. The poor boy wasn’t used to this level of intense sexual play. Well, that was alright. She’d seen enough for now. And now, it was time to enjoy her prize.
She leaned forward and popped James’ penis head, slick with overflowing precum, into her mouth. She let go of his cock and then sucked his full length in, deep throating him straight to the root. As she did, she undulated her tongue and throat in ways that would have even an impotent man hard and bursting in seconds.
James let out a tremendous shout as he exploded into her mouth, hips bucking fiercely. Gemma planted her hands on his thighs and forced him down onto the desk so he wouldn’t thrust himself clear off it. James curled over her, clutching her shoulders as he all but wailed in pleasure and relief. And then, after cumming so hard he was seeing stars, he thrashed and wailed anew as Gemma continued her oral assault, well past the point of climax.
“Gemma stop!” he gasped. “Please, its enough, no more!” He tried to push her away, but it was useless. After such an intense release, James was too shaken and weak to resist a normal woman, much less an Auramancer. Gemma took another minute to inflict post orgasm torture on him, greedily sucking down every drop he could give. Finally, she pulled away, leaving James a shivering wreck. She had to hold onto him to keep him from collapsing and falling off the back of her desk.
“Whew!” said Gemma, flushed and nearly breathless herself. “That was… informative!” She shook her head to clear the daze. She had never felt such an intense rush of energy before, not even when she had drawn from a normal Mana Fount. That had just been like pulling a stream of energy into her. James’ climax was like having a giant wave smash into you. Gemma took a moment to orient herself, and realized she felt wet between her legs. She didn’t react outwardly, but almost chuckled when she realized she had just had a mini climax of her own, just from the rush.
Gemma got up and let James lay flat on her desk. She zipped up his pants and let him catch his breath. He was too dazed to do anything but lie there for a few minutes, and she felt a bit of pride at that.
As she collected her rings, there was a knock on the door. She looked up to see Dorian. “Well, that was quite a show.”
“Were you just sensing, or actually watching?” said Gemma with a smirk, heading to the bathroom to clean up.
“Just sensing, I assure you,” said Dorian, pausing at the bathroom door while Gemma washed her hands. He kept an eye on the door to Gemma’s office. “I’ve never seen a Fount produce so much energy at one time. Not even the singer.” He gave Gemma a knowing look. “Of course, your technique has always been rather intense.”
“Honestly, I don’t think I even managed to absorb the full charge, there was so much rushing out of him at once,” said Gemma. She removed her skirt and grabbed a few tissues to clean up between her legs.
“You didn’t,” said Dorian. “I was able to absorb some of the overspill.” He stroked his goatee thoughtfully. “I’m not sure we should let him stay here.”
Gemma blinked in surprise. “Why not?”
“Too much potential for abuse,” said Dorian. He gave Gemma a serious look. “For just doing a ‘quick appraisal,’ you certainly made sure to get your fill.”
Gemma gave him a sly smile, then slowly slid her panties down. She replaced her skirt, and as she came out the door, she tossed the soaked undergarment right at Dorian’s face. Dorian, still focused on the door, didn’t see it coming, and thus was unprepared for the sudden intense scent of Gemma’s juices. Dorian flushed and before he could stop himself, he inhaled again, catching a lungful of her heady scent. Dorian’s cock immediately grew hard, and he catch the garment as it fell from his face.
Dorian looked wide-eyed at Gemma, who stood with her hands on her hips, an condescendingly amused look on her face. “You’re just jealous, old man,” she said. Dorian swallowed, trying to fight the urge to start jacking off right then and there. He wanted to throw the panties back at her and give her a piece of his mind, but the conditioning Gemma had instilled in him back when she was still an undergrad, and he was her teacher, held as strong as ever.
Gemma turned and twiddled her fingers at him in a shooing motion. “Go amuse yourself for a couple hours, while I check up on our newest protégé. Try not to have a heart attack.”
Dorian swallowed hard, wanting to say something, but his cock was draining all the blood from his brain. He hadn’t had an erection this intense in years. He was so hard it hurt! If he didn’t take care of this right now… oh, god… with shaking hands, he brought her panties up for another full sniff. Then, he dashed off to his office and slammed the door shut.
Gemma smiled wickedly as she returned to her office, where James was just starting to rouse.

James blinked awake and shook his head, sitting up and swinging his legs over the side of the desk, careful to avoid spilling stuff. He was just getting to his feet when Gemma appeared in the doorway.
“Was it good for you?” she teased.
James jumped, and blushed deeply. He couldn’t get the image of the sexy older woman sucking him like a porn starlet out of his mind. James nodded. “That was, uh, pretty amazing.”
Gemma chuckled. “Flatterer. But, I believe I have gathered sufficient data for now.”
“So, is there anything else?” said James.
“No,” she said. “Not today. You can go home. However, I would like to recommend something.” She went over to her purse, which she’d placed on one of her seats. She fished around in it for a moment. “It would seem the more, ‘pent up’ you are, the more energy you produce. Teasing you will cause you to generate more energy. But, I believe a stronger dose can be generated if teasing is combined with a period of denial.” She paused. “Ah, here it is.” She then pulled out a small, silver ring, too large for a finger, but too small to be a bracelet.
James gave her a wary look. “So, uh, what are you saying?”
Gemma smiled at him. “With your permission, I would like to test your output after certain periods of orgasm denial.”
“So, you don’t want me to masturbate, or have sex?” said James.
Gemma chuckled. “On the contrary, I’d encourage you to do that as often as you like. However, you are not to cum.” She held up the silver ring. “This can help you prevent that.”
“What is it?”
“A cockring, of course. A very special cockring. It will stay snug around the base of your penis, but shouldn’t interfere with using the bathroom or having sex. It won’t hurt, either. What it will do, however, is prevent you from having an orgasm, no matter what you try, unless a special release phrase is used. Speak this phrase, and you will have a two minute window to cum, before the orgasm block resets.”
James swallowed nervously. “Are you going to give me the phrase?”
“We wouldn’t want you, or your frisky friend, or some other girl, accidentally ruining the experiment, would we?”
James glanced to the door. “Can I speak with Dorian?”
Gemma’s smile faltered slightly, but she forced it to look reassuring. “Dorian is busy at the moment. Look, I know what this probably looks like. And I confess, I would love to have my own little pet Mana Fount at my beck and call. But this really is for educational purposes. Over the decades, a scant few Mana Founts have submitted themselves for testing and study, but I don’t think I’ve ever quite had a case like yours. You could help us out a lot.”
James glanced at the cockring she was still holding up. James pointed to it. “Do I really have to wear that?” he said.
“I’m afraid I must insist,” said Gemma.
James fidgeted. “I dunno…”
Gemma sighed. “Let me put this a little more succinctly. Do you want your scholarship?”
James’ eyes widened a bit. He glanced at Gemma, then the ring, then back. Slowly, he nodded.
“Alright, then. Open up your pants.”
“I can, um, put it on myself,” he said.
“There’s no need to be shy. We’ll be seeing lots of your penis, rest assured. Besides, I need to put it on for the spell to work.”
James, blushing again, undid his pants. His cock was thoroughly satisfied and in no condition to harden, but nonetheless twitched when Gemma leaned over, giving him a full view of her fantastic cleavage again. Her nimble fingers slid the ring over his soft genitals, first the shaft, then sliding one testicle through, then the other, until the ring pressed against the root of him. Then, Gemma whispered something unintelligible, and James felt a small jolt. He felt the ring shink a bit, and bend slightly, molding itself to the contours of his groin. Then Gemma stood, and looked him over.
James looked down and saw the ring hugging the base of his genitals, staying on, even though he was soft. He reached down and tried to pull it off, but it stuck fast. He looked up at Gemma.
“How do I—?”
“You can’t remove it, of course, not without the release code,” she said.
“What is it?”
“I’m not telling you, obviously. Again, we want to avoid ruining the experiment.”
“I’m… I’m not sure I’m comfortable with this,” said James.
Gemma smiled reassuringly, putting a hand on his shoulder. Then she reached down and zipped up his pants. “Tell you what. I was going to make you wait a week before your next release. Let’s do that. And if you really, truly can’t handle it, I will take the ring off then. Do we have a deal?”
James found it difficult to disagree when her gorgeous chest was staring him right in the face. A little entranced, James nodded.
“Excellent,” said Gemma. “Now, then, Dorian and I will pull some strings to get you into some basic gen ed courses, and we’ll see about the Enchantment class. It’ll be slim pickings, but we’ll try to fit you into some easier stuff. For now, just enjoy the rest of your weekend.” She smiled, and gave his crotch a light pat. “Might want to go easy on your little friend there, though. You don’t want to start the week off with a set of blue balls.”
James nodded. “Y-yeah, thanks. I mean, thank you very much for this chance.”
“Sure thing,” said Gemma. She walked him to the exit of the offices, and watched him walk off. Then, she turned and walked towards Dorian’s office. James wasn’t her type, really, but she was still a little wet from the rush of sexual energy.
As she approached her older colleague’s office, she could hear him moaning pitifully from behind his door. By now, he was stroking furiously, deeply sniffing her soaked panties, and driving himself wild with every inhale. However, no matter how excited he got, no matter how much he jerked it, he would not achieve relief until she gave the word. Orgasm denial was an old game for her, one she had mastered long ago. Dorian had been her first real “test subject” when it came to that kind of play, along with many other tricks. She was pleased that her hypnotic triggers were still thoroughly burned into Dorian’s psyche. She stood for a few minutes outside Dorian’s door, listening to him whimper and curse her name. She smiled wickedly again.
She would let him go soon, of course. She didn’t want to actually hurt him. But before that, she felt like having a little more fun. It had been a while since she and Dorian had truly played together. She wondered if he was still as skilled with his tongue as she’d taught him.


When James returned to the House, it was mostly empty. He checked to see if Holly was in, but she was already out with a few other friends. Hank was present, though, watching a rerun of last nights’ baseball game in the second floor common room. James joined him in the common of the second floor.
“So, how’d it go?” said Hank. “She rock your world?”
“Heh, yeah,” said James, a little sheepishly.
“Well, good,” said Hank. “She’s been itching for your cock since she met you. Course, now that she’s had it, your probably old news.”
James’ brow furrowed. “Is she really like that?”
“Oh, she’ll still be your friend and all. But she usually doesn’t screw a guy more than a couple times.”
“Ah.” James frowned at that, but considering his current predicament, he felt that was probably for the best.
“Sorry, man.” Hank paused. “But I guess you might not be sticking around anyway.” He paused again. “Wow, I’m kinda coming off as a dick, aren’t I? Sorry.”
James shrugged. “Ah, it’s fine. We’ll, uh, we’ll see how the next couple tests go, and if it’s not meant to be, it’s not meant to be.”
Hank nodded sagely. “It’s good to see you taking a more relaxed attitude. Still, good luck next week.”
“Sure.” The two sat and watched the game for a while, Hank getting more into it than James. Then, suddenly, James felt someone sit right on his lap. James would have jumped, but the weight held him down. He brought his hands up to shove the person off, but two hands grabbed him by the wrist and pinned him. “What the he—” He was cut off by a kiss. A very deep, sensual kiss, a tongue pushing its way in to explore his mouth. He felt long hair brush against his face, and the swell of a pair of breasts press against his chest. The invisible woman rubbed herself against him a little, and James felt her crotch press against his. He winced as his cock responded, sore from his immense orgasm barely an hour ago.
Hank seemed not to notice, and James couldn’t see how. But then, he realized, the invisible person atop him had to be a Shadowmancer, one who used the magic of illusions. Whoever this was probably not only made herself invisible, but was producing a visual illusion that made it seem like nothing was out of the ordinary. If Hank looked at James, he’d probably just see James sitting there, eyes on the TV, even though James was really squirming in his seat, struggling against the woman. But not struggling too much. Her body did feel quite nice against his. He wondered what it would feel like if they were both nude…
The kiss finally broke, leaving James breathless. James felt warm breath tickle his left ear as the woman leaned forward, and whispered, “Second bedroom on the right, third floor. Now.”
Then, she was gone, lifting off of James, and presumably leaving the room. James didn’t even hear footsteps of her leaving. James lay on the couch, a little stunned. Hank finally seemed to notice something was up. He cocked an eyebrow at James. “What’s up?”
“I, uh…” James floundered for a description. “Is there a Shadowmancer on the third floor?”
“Yeah, Rita. Why?”
“Just curious,” he said. He stood. “I’m gunna head upstairs, I got some prep reading to do.”
Hank glanced him over, then gave him a smartassed grin. “Yeah, I bet you’ve got some ‘reading’ to do.” He made a crude gesture to accentuate his words.
James glanced down and jumped when he realized his erection was tenting his pants. Blushing, he nearly bolted out of the room, leaving Hank to shake his head.
 As James came up to the third floor, he considered following his invisible kisser’s advice. But he decided he had enough magic for today. He turned to go up to the fourth floor. Before he could put his foot on the first step, though, the word STOP suddenly popped up in the air in front of him in bright, glowing letters. They just floated there, as though someone had clicked on a neon sign, hanging from the ceiling with invisible wires. The letters then melted, and the light molded itself into an arrow. The arrow flew towards the entrance to the third floors’ common room, then curved off to the right, leaving a glowing, pencil thin trail.
James gulped, and followed the line to a bedroom, the second one on that side. The light trail vanished, and the letters ENTER appeared on the door. James paused to collect himself, then opened the door.
The room was absolutely pitch black. Even the door itself disappeared as it swung into an inky black void. James took a step back, but then found himself getting shoved inside by someone from behind. He fell into the inky blackness, stumbling to the floor. He heard the door shut behind him.
“R-rita?” he said, turning onto his back on the floor.
He felt the woman sit on him again, and two hands pushed him on the chest so that he was forced flat on the floor. She began to grind against his crotch, which was still hard. James winced. He really was sore, and despite his erection, didn’t think he had it in him to enjoy even a normal hand job, much less sex. His hands found purchase on her thighs, in an attempt to make her stop moving. But then his fingers contacted bare flesh, smooth and warm, and suddenly, the ache in his genitals didn’t seem quite so bad. His hands drifted up further, and he could feel she was only wearing a thong.
“Rita, come on,” he said. “It is Rita, right?”
“Yes,” came the response. “Funny, I didn’t expect you to know my name. I don’t think we’ve ever actually met. I’ve seen you around, but I didn’t think you’ve ever noticed me.”
“I asked Hank,” said James.
“Ah. Well, that’s alright, though. I like being mysterious.” She had a rather exotic accent to her voice, which he couldn’t quite place.
“Can you please turn the lights on?” said James.
“No,” she said. “Only my boyfriends get to see me.”
“You’ve got a boyfriend?”
“Not at the moment. Why, you interested?” Another grind of her hips, and this time, James shivered a bit as he felt a tremor of pleasure travel down his cock.
“Um… maybe we should go on a date first?”
“Suit yourself,” she said. She leaned forward, sliding her hands under his shirt, then pulling it up. She then kissed along his chest, passed over his rolled up shirt, and lay atop him as she fastened her mouth on his neck. Her bare breasts pressed against him chest, and James let out a breath. He couldn’t help but bring his hands up and caress her back, sides, and butt. Her skin was so soft and smooth…
Suddenly, she lifted off of him, just when he was about to try and return her affections. “Strip,” she said. James started to stand up, but a foot pressed on his chest and pushed him down. “You can disrobe from down there.”
James started pulling his clothes off, lifting his butt only to slide his pants and underwear past it. As he bared himself fully, he heard her say, “Nice. I can see why Holly wanted you.”
James blushed slightly. He wasn’t an underwear model by any means, but he did stay in shape. Then he blinked. “Wait, you can see me?”
“Of course.”
“Well, that hardly seems fair.”
There was a chuckle. She then sat on his stomach, her butt just a half-inch from the twitching tip of his cock. She was definitely not wearing underwear now. She leaned forward and kissed him, then began to scoot herself back. Just before she made contact with his cock, he stopped her. “Hold on, wait. Why are you doing this? I don’t even know you.”
“You look delicious,” she said. “And Holly said you were the best fuck she’d ever had. So, I want a taste.”
“Wait…” he said, stopping her again with his hands on her thighs. At this point, his libido was kicking him, but he had to know. “Did Holly say anything last night?”
“About what?”
“I dunno, like, did she mention anything… weird… or…”
“Like that you blast mana like a bomb when you cum?” she said.
He sighed. “Damn it. I told her not to tell anyone!”
“She didn’t. She didn’t have to. My room’s right below yours, you know.”
He blinked. “Wait, so you mean you…?”
“I was right beneath you guys when you started going at it. I got hit with the mana right when you were screaming your head off. Got a pretty hefty dose, too. I probably won’t need to recharge for a week.” She pulled his hands away, and then scooted back fully. Her hot, wet pussy pressed against his straining cock. “I wanna know what it feels like to get hit point blank!” She then slid her hips up, until his penistip slid between her lips, and plunged herself down.
“Wai—ah!” James gasped as she moved upon him, no patience for foreplay, just going right into the steady fucking. “Wait! Wait, I can’t!”
“Can’t what?” said Rita, her breath getting heavier as she bounced on top of him.
“The ring! The ring I’m wearing! It won’t let me cum!”
Rita stopped riding him, settling down fully on his cock. James had to catch his breath as her pussy squeezed him tightly. “Really?” she said. “I wondered what that was for. Why would you wear something like that?”
“A teacher… wants to do some experiment… I have to hold it in,” said James.
“Damn. I was really wanting another shot.” Rita sighed. Then, she started moving on him again. “Oh, well.”
James gasped and found himself helplessly thrusting into her. “What are you doing? I said I can’t recharge you!”
“Well, I’m already fucking you, may as well make the most of it, huh? If you can’t cum, that means you’ll last a while, right?”
“Oh, no, please don’t,” he said, trying to push her off.
“Come on…” said Rita, moving faster on him. “Just a couple orgasms? Pleeeease?”
James grit his teeth, resisting the temptation to let her ride him like a stallion. He knew, however, that a very blue week was ahead of him. “N-no! Just stop! Please!”
Rita let out an irritated sigh, and stopped. She kept him inside her a moment longer, and squeezed him tightly with her pussy muscles, just to emphasize what he was missing. He fought mightily to not just thrust into her. She waited a few tense moments for him to give in, then let out another sigh and finally lifted off of him. James let out a breath, and there was a rustling of clothes. He heard the door open, and footsteps leading away.
“Rita?” he said, getting to his feet. He reached forward and tried to feel for the exit. “Rita, come on, don’t leave me like this.” Then, he felt someone grab his arm and pull him along. A finally shove, and he was stumbling out the door, buck naked. Blinking in the sudden light, he turned to face the dark room. “Rita, hand me my clothes at least!”
“They’re in front of your room,” came her reply. “Go fetch.” The door slammed shut.
James shook his head. Seriously? Was this what he was going to have to put up with from now on? He froze as he heard a couple giggles. He slowly looked to his left, to see a couple of young women standing at the stairwell door, eyeing him with amusement.
“What happened, slick?” one of them said. “Shoot off too soon?”
James scowled and quickly stepped past them as he cupped his still-hard cock with his hands. “Not soon enough,” he muttered, stomping up to his room. His clothes were indeed in a rumpled pile in front of his door. And on top of them was a damp thing, with a note attached. The note read: “In case you change your mind, you know where to return these. ;-)”
James sighed, fished his key out of his pants, and let himself in. He started to wonder if maybe taking Gemma’s “offer” was really a good idea.

There was a knock on the door an hour later. James, sitting on his bed, fully dressed and reading over some papers, called for the person to enter. Holly bound into the room.
“Can I see it?” she said.
James looked at her confused. “See what?”
“You’re little ring thing, of course!” she said.
He gawked at her. “How the hell do you know about that?”
“Rita told me!” said Holly, smiling. “Come on, let me see! Does it actually work?”
“I haven’t been keen to test it,” he said. Holly sat down on the side of the bed and eyed his crotch eagerly.
“Oh, I so want to try it! I wanna see if it’s as good as my spell!”
“Did you know Rita knew what I was?”
Holly paused. “Not until she texted me just now. Come on! Please?” She adjusted her top so that her cleavage was more prominent, then gave him a big set of puppy dog eyes.
James sighed, and blushing a little, opened up his pants to give her a peak. She practically squealed in delight, and reached for him. James pushed her hands away and quickly zipped up. “No, look, I appreciate you wanting to play around with me, but you should just move on to your next guy already.”
Holly frowned and cocked her head to the side. “What do you mean, next guy?”
James shook his head. “You know, like you do, you bang a guy, and then you move on. That’s what you do, right?”
Holly blinked at him in surprise, then huffed, crossing her arms. “Hey, now, just because I have multiple partners doesn’t mean I’m a use ‘em and lose ‘em type. The only reason I don’t stick with most guys is because they can’t satisfy me or they want me all to themselves, and I’m just not the monogamous type. But I do have a couple partners I keep going back to. You know, sugar, you’re on that short list if you want to be.” She gave him a sincere smile. “You were very, very good last night!”
James scowled. “Oh, please. It’s only because I dumped a truckload of mana into you.”
“What?” said Holly, looking genuinely shocked. “Heavens, no! You actually know how to please a woman!” She paused. “Well, I mean, okay, I kind of did most of the work during the second part, but still.” She took his hand. “Sugar, I would never use you like that!”
James frowned, and wanted to reject her words. But there was just something so heartfelt about her look, and the way she held his hand, he couldn’t help but buy it. He didn’t think he’d been all that great, but then again, maybe she also really did just like him a lot. Even still…
“Well, your friend Rita sure did,” said James.
Holly gave him a sympathetic smile. “Yeah, I’m sorry about that. I kind of talked you up to her, because I thought you and she could have some real fun. She’s kinda shy in her own way, like you, so I thought maybe getting her laid might open her up some. I was hoping she would just try talking to you first, and you’d click.”
“Wait, you were trying to hook me up, even though we just—”
Holly laughed. “Told you, I’m not into monogamy. And I’m certainly not going to force my partners to be. Anyway, I didn’t think she was gunna all out jump you like that.” She couldn’t help but grin a bit. “I didn’t know she had it in her!”
“Well, she’s not the only one,” said James. “Pr. Gemma seems pretty hot for me, too.”
Holly’s eyes widened. “Really?”
“Yeah,” said James. “They’re going to continue my scholarship and get me into some classes in exchange for her, and I guess a few of the other Mage teachers, studying me. She says it’s just for study, but…” He shook his head with a frown. “I get the impression she’s just interested in the mana.”
“Is she the one who put the ring on you?”
“She didn’t force you, did she?”
“Um… no, not… not really.”
Holly frowned, put her hands on his shoulders, and looked him square in the eye. “Not really? Yes or no, James. You can tell me.”
James thought it over. Gemma had been kind of pushy, but, ultimately, it had been his decision to go along with it. Right? Yeah. He wanted to continue his education. It was only fair trade that he pay his way in some fashion. “No, it was my decision,” he said.
“Are you sure?”
“Yes. Positive. I mean, if I need to, I can just back out, right?”
Holly frowned in thought, but then nodded. “You let me know, okay? Anything starts going sour, you can talk to me.”
James put his hand on top of Holly’s. “Thanks,” he said.
Holly smiled, and kissed his cheek. “Sure thing, sugar. Oh, before I go, there’s something else you should probably know—”
The door to his room suddenly burst open, and three girls where standing there, looking eagerly at James. “Hey, there, chastity boy!”
James jumped at the intrusion, then did a double take. “What did you call me?”
Holly sighed and shook her head. “Rita ratted you out. Everyone in the House knows what you are now. And about the ring.”
James’ jaw dropped. “What? Why the fuck would she do that?”
One of the girls at the door said, “Probably because you rejected her cooch! Not that I blame you, Shadowmancers are kinda weirdos.”
James felt a flash of anger. “What the hell? That bitch!”
Another of the girls said, “Hey, watch it, chastity boy. You know, some of us were here that night too, we allfelt that flash of energy, you know. We woulda found you out eventually.”
James sighed. “Okay, girls, look, I’m not available okay? Even if you fucked me, the ring won’t let me, uh, give you any mana.”
The three entered anyway. Two were blonds, one with long curly hair, the other with short straight hair. The third had black hair tied into twin braids. He didn’t really know any of them. The three crowded around his bed. “Actually,” said the girl with braids. “I know a thing or two about toys like that. I could probably remove it pretty easy.”
James’ eyebrows raised. The girl bent over, giving him another nice view of cleavage, one that almost put Holly’s to shame. James gulped as she reached up and tapped his crotch. He felt a sudden zap of energy, like an electric shock on his balls, and he grew erect almost instantly. The girl grinned and gave him an inquisitive look.
“I-I-I can’t,” said James. “I have to keep it on for, uh, for study. The Professor needs me to—”
The girl gave him a disappointed frown and stood tall. “Pity. Think about it, though. You’re gunna have a lot of girls trying to feel you up. You might need an early release before you know it.”
“Yeah,” said the short-hair blond. She wiggled her fingers at James and he stiffened as he felt a series of phantom fingertips slide down his shaft. The soreness from this morning’s orgasm was gone, leaving him with a cock ready to go back into action. The bulge in his pants twitched excitedly.
Holly sighed and with a motion of her hand, cut off the spell. Apparently, the short-haired blond was another Biomancer, which Holly could intercept. “That’s enough, ladies,” she said. “Leave him alone for now, okay?”
“He your new pet, Holly?” said the long-haired blond. “Ha. You’ll have to keep him on a short leash if you want to protect him!” She winked at James, who gulped.
“Oh, I think I can handle it. Now shoo!” she waved the others off. The left only reluctantly. “I swear, some people have no shame.” She laughed. “Guess I would know!”
“Cripes,” said James. “Am I gunna have to put up with this all the time now?”
Holly shrugged. “Probably for a little while anyway.” She turned and looked him over thoughtfully. “Want me to sleep with you tonight? Actual sleep, I mean?”
“What, really?”
“Sure! Keep you safe from all the mean girls who would try to use you!”
“If they wanted to gang up on me, I don’t know if you could stop them all.”
“Oh, don’t worry. It can’t be that bad.” Holly grinned and drummed her fingertips on his crotch a few times. “Besides, admit it. Part of you really, really likes the idea, huh? All the hot young things scrambling for you dick. And all the sexy, older ladies too. So, how did Gemma play with you? I wanna hear every detail!”
“Can you not?”
Holly’s grin widened, and she drummed her fingers more on his crotch. This time, little bolts of pleasure accompanied each tap. James fidgeted, but somehow couldn’t bring himself to make her stop. “Tell me, or I’ll just keep this up for the next hour or so.”
“Okay, okay!” he said. He described Gemma’s strange, but devastatingly effective handjob technique. Holly listened closely, nodding, and prompting specifics.
“I’m gunna have to get her to teach me that one,” said Holly. “Not sure if I have the finger coordination for some of it, though!” She held up a hand and made it glow. “Ah, well, I can probably simulate it well enough.” She winked and wiggled her fingers at him, and James felt several phantom strokes along his still hard dick.
“Okay, seriously, enough,” he said.
“Oh, poo,” she said. “You’re no fun today.” She sighed and pouted and gave him a sad look. “And I was really hoping to fool around with you some.”
James just couldn’t resist her puppy dog eyes. Or her cleavage. With a nervous swallow, he said, “Um, well, we could probably do a couple things.”
Holly brightened. “You sure?”
“Yeah,” he said. “But this time, you can sit back, and I’ll do all the work.”
Holly gave a little “yay!” and jumped up, closing and locking the door, before stripping down in record time. James eyes widened at her brazen nudity, a little stunned at her beauty. Holly giggled as she lay down on the bed, and motioned to herself. “Feast away, sugar!”
James nodded, and positioned himself on the edge of the bed. He ran his hands lightly over her body, brushing her thighs, stomach, and drifting his hands up to her chest. He lowered his mouth to her breasts, and kissed them. Quickly, he zeroed in on her nipples, and suckled the left one, while one hand played with the right. Holly let out a sigh pleased sigh. Meanwhile, his other hand drifted back down her stomach and neared her crotch, only to veer off to the side just before making contact with her clit. He began to lightly trace his fingers up her inner thighs, coming within an inch of her pussy, before pulling away again. He then switched breasts, adding little nips and rolling her nipple gently between his teeth. As he did, he let his fingertip settle very briefly on her clit at the end of each thigh-stroke, not rubbing it, just touching it softly for a moment, before moving back to her thigh.
“Ooooh, you meanie!” Holly whispered huskily as she shivered from his touches. “Getting back at me, huh?” In response, James drummed his fingertips on her pussy lips, making light, little strokes along it, until her hips were squirming. “MMmm, Jaaaaames, don’t be mean!”
James gave her a smile, then started kissing between her breasts, then lowering, trailing kisses and licks down her belly. She giggled as they tickled her, then gasped, as James dragged his tongue slowly over her shaven mons, and flicking his tongue tip over her now very swollen clit. James shifted himself so that he was now between her legs. He fastened his lips around her clit, suckling it gently while he stroked it with his tongue. At the same time, he drove two fingers into her pussy with a sudden, fierce thrust. Holly cried out and her hands clutched his head. He continued to orally worship her clit as he steadily fingered her. Within a few seconds, he felt a tiny bump deep inside her. Curious, he tickled it, and Holly nearly shrieked. Seconds later, she shuddered in orgasm. He guessed the little node was her G-spot. He sucked fiercely on her clit as he continued to rub this spot, and Holly thrashed and cried, immediately going into a second, then a third orgasm! Finally she couldn’t take such stimulation anymore, and pushed him away with a sudden burst of strength.
James stumbled back a bit, a little surprised at the push, but grinning as he saw Holly shudder, mewing in the aftershocks of her intense multi-climax. He came around to her side, and with a sudden inspiration, he offered his slick fingers to her. Curling into a ball, one hand gently rubbing herself, Holly sucked her own juices of his fingers like a baby sucking a bottle. When she finished, James pulled away and kneeled down next to her. She looked at him lovingly and kissed him.
“See?” she giggled. “You know what you’re doing. You’re definitely on my list!”
James wasn’t sure whether to be flattered or weirded out at the thought of being part of Holly’s Harem. “Thanks, I guess?” he said.
Holly reached down and drummed her fingers on his crotch, and he felt little pleasure jolts travel the length of his erection. “Are you sure you don’t want me to return the favor? Just because you can’t shoot off doesn’t mean it can’t still be fun!”
James shivered and pulled her hand away. “I’m sure. For now. Maybe… maybe later this week.”
“It’s a date!” Fully recovered now, Holly got up, stretched, and got dressed. “So, got any plans for the rest of the weekend?”
“Not really.”
“Good!” said Holly.

Fortunately for James, the next few days went by mostly without incident, when he made it clear he wasn’t available to be the House bicycle. Holly had a hand in getting others to back off, but in return, she insisted James sleep with her, “just to be safe.” He certainly didn’t mind, but he kept putting off her advances as they cuddled, not wanting to worsen his increasing tension any more than he had to. Professor Gemma was already seeing to that.
Once the week started, James’ day consisted of at least three hours of Gemma, or one of her cute assistants, reading the amount of energy he built up as one of them gave him a handjob or a blowjob. It was all very clinical, no teasing or sultry playfulness, although Gemma did give him a sly wink every now and then. Despite the studious atmosphere, it didn’t take much to build him up, and by the third day, his balls were already starting to ache from repeated orgasm blocks, thanks to the ring. By the fourth day, he was fighting not to masturbate, knowing the silver cock ring wouldn’t let him cum. Gemma, of course, encouraged him to do so anyway, but James resisted. He instead filled his free time with hastily catching up on material for the two general education classes Gemma and Dorian had managed to get him signed up for.
Sleeping with Holly got more and more frustrating, for both of them. Holly loved snuggling with him, having him spoon her in their sleep. By the fourth night, his cock was constantly hard against her ass, and she could feel it throbbing against her. Finally, she couldn’t take it, and pulled away, turning to face him.
“Okay, it’s been a week, will you just fuck me, already?”
James swallowed hard, his cock twitching at the thought. Holly was naked except for a pair of panties, while he was dressed in his boxers. He strained to keep his eyes on her face, and not her gorgeous breasts. “Let’s just wait until the weekend.”
Holly frowned. “I can’t!” she said. She reached down and boldly grasped his penis through his underwear. James winced, and let out a sigh as she slowly rubbed him. “You’re hard as a steel rod! I just can’t sleep with this thing pressing against me, and not doing anything with it! Just because you’re denied, doesn’t mean I should be!”
“Come on,” said James, voice thick with lust. He couldn’t bring himself to stop her just yet, though. “I ate you out this morning!”
“And your tongue is fantastic, but I want to feel this thing in me again!” She pushed him on his back, and pulled his boxers down, letting his penis spring free. “Come on, you know you want it! Look how happy your little guy is at the thought!” She slid her panties off and started to climb on top of him. He could feel a hot wetness from between her legs as she straddled his.
James grit his teeth as he resisted the temptation to just shift his hips and thrust right into her. He grabbed her by the hips and held her onto his thighs. “Holly, please, it’s just a couple more days. My balls are already hurting, if I fuck you–”
Holly grasped his genitals, one hand holding his penis, the other cupping his balls. A soft glow enveloped her hands, and flowed over his sex. The ache of blue balls faded, to be replaced with a soft, tingling pleasure. “Well, that’s no problem,” she said. She smiled as James let out a soft sigh, and lay his head back. The tingles felt amazing, pleasurable, yet almost relaxing at the same time. In this moment of distraction, Holly suddenly jumped forward a bit, and took him inside her.
James gasped, jerking as her sex enveloped him. She let out a soft sigh of her own, saying, “Finally!” She leaned forward, grasping at his chest, and moved her hips slowly up and down. James let out a moan, and his hands clutched at her hips. He opened his mouth, but she put a finger to his lips. “No protesting! This is for educational purposes, remember!”
Holly giggled. “Look, we both want to fuck like crazy, but if you’re worried about messing up your little experiment, don’t be. Gemma wants us to fuck. In fact, she’s a little disappointed we haven’t been so far. You’re very behind on your mana quota.”
James was about to say something, but Holly’s hips moved faster, and he was lost in the moment. His hands slid up her sides to clutch at her breasts, eliciting a shiver from her. Soon, she was gasping and grinding her hips even harder against him. He squeezed her breasts, which seemed to be a hot button for her, as she immediately shuddered in orgasm. James cried out as her clenching pussy squeezed his cock fiercely, and he hit the edge of release himself. The ring, of course, held back his climax, and he grit his teeth again as he shuddered from the fierce edging.
Holly wasn’t nearly done, of course, and she reached up to grab the headboard of James’ bed. Her hips moved even faster, using the headboard to brace herself as she fucked him with a fierce bucking motion that drove him as deep inside her as possible. She moaned loudly in passion, joined by James as he hit the edge of release once more, and this time was held there for several minutes as she worked herself to multiple orgasms.
Even though the pain of his tension was gone, he could still feel the relentless pressure inside, the overwhelming urge to climax as Holly ground him against that sharp edge. He was shuddering and moaning almost as loud as she was, his hands grasping her sides, her thighs, her breasts again, hard enough to live marks. Holly didn’t seem to notice the strength of his grip, and her healing power erased any possible bruises anyway.
As Holly shuddered through what had to be her fourth climax, there was a sudden loud banging at the door. It took Holly a moment to finish her orgasm, before forcing herself to stop. She took a moment to catch her breath, gasping. James lay shivering beneath her, eyes squeezed shut and teeth bared in a grimace of pleasure, stuck in his “O” face for an “O” that wouldn’t come.
The pounding sounded at the door again. “Seriously, guys, open the fuck up!” Holly sighed and pulled off from James, leaving the gasping boy to try and collect himself. Holly went to the door, and opened it a crack, not bothering to cover herself. “Hi, Rita. What’s up?”
Rita pushed the door open, looking a bit frazzled. James blinked and moved to cover himself, pulling a bed sheet over his sex. Rita rolled her eyes. “Don’t bother, I’ve seen it.” James remembered this was true, but didn’t uncover himself. Instead he looked her up and down. He’d never actually seen Rita before. She was a petite girl, fair skinned, short and skinny, with a wild shock of hair colored in layers like a rainbow.
“What’s up?” said Holly, still not bothering to cover herself. James figured she’d probably fucked Rita before, too, or she really just had no shame. Then again, with a body like hers, who needed shame?
“What’s up?” said Rita, sounding miffed. She pointed at James. “Obviously, he is!” James swallowed hard, and blushed a bit.
Holly chuckled. “Obviously. And?”
“You guys are right above me, and you’re so fucking loud! I can’t sleep with you two hollering and banging the walls, and having to listen to you cum your brains out, and I’m down there all frustrated, because you’re spending all your nights with him now!”
Ah, thought James. So they did sleep together. The thought immediately elicited an excited twitch of his cock, and he fought not to press his hand against his still diamond-hard erection.
Holly giggled, and cupped Rita’s cheek in her hand. “Aw, sugar, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to neglect you.” She leaned forward and gave the rainbow-haired girl a deep kiss. “You wanna join us?”
Rita glanced at James and “hmphed,” turning her nose up at him. She was stilled miffed about him rejecting her.
“Oh, come on, don’t be a brat,” said Holly, already moving to peel off Rita’s tank top and shorts. Rita pouted a little, but let herself be stripped, revealing a lithe body. She lacked Holly’s curves, and she was very nearly flat-chested, but under normal circumstances, James wouldn’t have turned her down. Hell, under normal circumstances, the chance for an actual threesome would have blown his mind, hang ups about casual sex aside. The way his balls were throbbing right now, though, he was pretty sure that even with Holly blunting the actual pain, the sheer sexual tension was going to put him under! As it was, watching Holly’s hands roam over Rita’s body was already making him lightheaded with lust. He watched, cock twitching excitedly, as Holly’s fingers gently stroked Rita’s vaginal lips, coaxing the shadowmancer to moistness.
Rita let out a soft moan, and her hips squirmed. Holly slipped a finger fully between her folds, and Rita gasped. She reached for Holly, pulling her close and kissing her deeply, as Holly slipped another finger between her lips, dragging them slowly against Rita’s clit. Rita was already shivering a little with lust, and her pussy juices flowed readily. Holly slid her fingers deep into Rita’s sex, and Rita broke the kiss with a louder gasp. Rita’s hips bucked against the fingers, and the glow surrounded Holly’s hand again. Rita let out a squeak of surprise, and then clutched her tightly. Rita shuddered and let out a long moan as Holly’s finger technique, combined with her magic energies, lit up every nerve inside the smaller girl.
Rita let out a scream as she bucked hard against Holly’s hand, fucking her fingers like she was riding a cock. Rita kept on crying out, and her hips would slow, then speed up again, as Holly rhythmically pulsed her energies, driving Rita to another climax just as the previous was starting to fade.
James stared, transfixed by the sight. Holly glanced up at him, and grinned. “She’s such a hair trigger isn’t she? I can make her cum like thirty times in five minutes.” She then noticed James cock was still at maximum tension. She leaned into Rita, whispering in her ear. “Hey. Let’s make this a little more interesting. Remember that time with Steve?”
Rita quivered in her grip, and nodded, eyes glazed over with pleasure. Holly guided Rita to the bed, moving her hand away briefly, as Rita got on her hands and knees on the mattress. James was about to move, but Holly made a motion for him to stay in place. She then slid her fingers back into Rita, adding a third, and causing the girl to nearly fall off the bed with a jump of surprise. “Come on now,” said Holly when Rita hesitated.
James’ look of confusion quickly turned to one of surprise as Rita ripped the bedsheet away from him, and grasped his cock. Before he could protest, she took him fully into her mouth, and sucked him fiercely. Holly worked her fingers back and forth in Rita’s sex, and Rita’s head bobbed up and down James’ cock in a matching rhythm.
James gasped and clutched at Rita’s head, but the sensations felt incredible on his sensitive cock, and he couldn’t bring himself to pull away. She sucked him hard as she worked her tongue against his sweet spots. Even her moans felt good against him, as she shuddered in yet another climax from Holly’s magic finger technique. Soon, James was riding the edge of release just as Rita was riding a seemingly endless wave of climaxes.
It was too much. James knew the girls were just having their fun, but it was becoming too much to bear. “St-stop!” he gasped, “Please!” Holly gave him a pitying, but somehow still sweet smile, and patted Rita on the hip with her hand. Rita didn’t respond, however, and just kept sucking James.
“Come on, girl, ease up,” said Holly. Rita seemed oblivious, however, moaning even as she worshipped James cock, completely lost in the moment. “Rita!” she ceased the flow of magic, and slowed her fingering to bring Rita down from her high.
Rita made a “bwuh” sound as she pulled off of James, who was now bucking fiercely and gasping in a fruitless reflex to orgasm. Rita, utterly dazed, curled into a shivering ball on the bed between James’ legs, obeying Holly’s command. Holly slid her fingers out of her, and got onto the bed, spooning around her curled up body.
James, meanwhile, was still writhing. Holly glanced up at him, and raised an eyebrow in concern. She reached up with her hand, her fingers still slick with Rita’s juices, and grasped his cock. “Hey,” she said. “It’s okay. Calm down.” Her hand glowed again, as she attempted to bring James down from the ache of his tension, and let him relax.
However, as the glow of Holly’s magic appeared, there was a sudden spark that flared at the tip of James’ cock. James suddenly let out a scream like he’d been stabbed, and he thrashed like a mad man. Holly quickly let go, and pulled herself and the still weak Rita away from James’ kicking legs. Holly’s eyes went wide with surprise, and her face became a mask of concern.
Pulling Rita off the bed, letting her slide to the floor, Holly jumped over to James, grabbing him by the shoulder. Sparks of magic energy were firing off around his genitals, which were swelling to unhealthy looking tension. “James! What’s wrong?” James couldn’t answer her, just clutched at her, tears running down his face. Holly grasped his cock again, and tried to use her magic to stop whatever was happening.
Instead, however, Holly felt something like a sucking sensation against her hand. Her eyes went wide as her entire arm lit up with magic energy, which then started draining into James’ cock. More sparks crackled along his genitals, and the silver cock ring he wore began to crackle with energy. James screamed again, and with a final shudder, blacked out. But this didn’t stop what was happening to Holly.
Holly tried to let go of his cock, but couldn’t. Her hand was stuck as though it was super glued on. She tried to pull away, but his cock wouldn’t let her go. “James!” she cried. “James wake up! James, STOP!”
“Wh-what’s going on?” said Rita, getting shakily to her feet. She snapped out of her daze as she saw the light show going on between. She instinctively grabbed Holly’s arm to try and pull her friend away, but then stiffened with a gasp. Wisps of shadow gathered around her arms, and joined the light on Holly’s arm to funnel down to James’ cock. Both girls were stuck, unable to pull away. The glow and the shadow began to dwindle, and the two girls sank to their knees as they felt the energy leave their bodies.
“James…” gasped Holly, her vision swimming. “Please… stop…”
But James couldn’t hear her, still unconscious. Another minute passed, and the energies of their magic drained fully away. Only then were the two able to let go. They collapsed, exhausted against the bed. James lay, pale as a ghost and covered in sweet, dead to the world.
After another minute, Rita was able to stand up. She pulled Holly to her feet, and the two looked warily at James. Their eyes widened when they saw the state of his genitals. His penis was swollen to maximum tension, a deep shade of crimson, with the veins bulging. His testicles were even worse, however. A dark, bruised color, they had swelled to well over twice their original size, the skin stretched tight as a drum.
“What the hell just happened?” said Rita.
“I don’t know,” said Holly. She took a tentative step towards him. Rita tried to pull her back, and Holly gave her a reassuring smile. She went to James and felt for a pulse. It was surprisingly very strong, almost too strong. Now that she looked again, she noticed his body was flushed and drenched with sweat, though he didn’t feel feverish. However, he remained unconscious, even when she tried to shake him awake. Biting her lip, she hesitantly put a hand on his head, and tried to send some healing energy into him to wake him up.
Nothing happened. Holly’s eyes went wide and she yanked her hand away as if she’d burned it. She looked at her hand, then held it out to James. Her jaw dropped when nothing happened. She grabbed Rita’s arm and seemed shocked when likewise nothing happened.
“What? What is it?” said Rita, her own expression tense with worry.
“Try to cast a spell,” said Holly.
Rita concentrated, and focused on making herself invisible. She blinked when nothing happened. She tried again, but to no success. She took on a panicked look as she patted her body, as if trying to feel for something that wasn’t there. “It’s gone! My magic is gone!”
“Mine too!” said Holly.
The two looked to James with horrified expressions. “What the fuck did he do?” said Rita. She ran over to James, and shook him by the shoulders. “What the fuck did you do?!” James didn’t respond. She grit her teeth and gave him a couple light slaps to the cheek. “Wake up! What did you do to us?” She grunted in frustration, then reached down and gave his distended balls a gentle slap.
James awakened with a shout. He looked at the two with unfocused eyes for a moment, then let out a scream as he doubled over, clutching his genitals. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAHH, FUCK! Fucking shit, that hurts!” He shuddered as he clutched his tender balls, but had to pull his hands away from the pain. Gasping, he said, “What the… fuck did you… do to me…?”
Holly went over to James and hugged him, pulling his hands away and pinning them between her arms so he wouldn’t hurt himself. “Sssshhh, James, shhhh, calm down. Calm down, okay? Just breathe, try to let the pain flow out, come on.”
“Fuck you… you bitch…” said James, teeth grit. “Make it stop!”
“We can’t!” said Rita. “You stole our magic!”
James looked up at her, eyes wide with shock. “I… what…?” And then he let out a cry as the pain of his balls throbbed intensely, and he blacked out again.

When James came to again, he had been laid flat on the bed, with his legs stretched wide. They were lightly tied at the ankles, but it was quickly apparent why. When he tried to close his legs, his thighs squeezed his tender balls, and a bolt of pain shot through him. “Ah!” he hissed, and resisted the urge to cup himself. He raised his head and noticed his hugely distended balls were resting on a small throw pillow.
Looking around, he saw he was still in his room, but Holly and Rita were gone. This didn’t last long, however, as he heard a key slide into the door’s lock a moment later, and both girls came in, fully dressed, followed by Gemma and Dorian. James blushed at being fully bare, but didn’t dare move or cover himself, not wanting to set off his balls again.
“James!” said Holly, rushing over to him and giving him another hug. “Oh, sugar, you okay? Does it still hurt?”
“Yeah.” James winced as he sat up. Holly proceeded to untie his ankles, and he sat with his legs still spread, leaning back on his arms.
“Fascinating,” said Gemma. She leaned close to James, who flinched when she reached for his groin. She glanced at him and gave him a reassuring smile, then gently reached out and tapped the silver ring. A spark went off between them. “Soaking up the energy causes your body to become sexually tense, over producing semen. Makes sense, I suppose, if orgasm is your release mechanism, the opposite would occur if you took in energy, rather than released it. I imagine your overflowing at this point though. You’ll probably cum the moment the ring’s hold breaks.” She tapped her chin, then pointed at the ring. “Giosora!” she said. Her eyebrow raised when nothing happened.
James cocked an eyebrow at her, but Rita inadvertently answered his question, “We told you the password didn’t work.”
“I can see that,” said Gemma. “I thought maybe since it’s my ring, it might still react to me.”
“What’s that mean?” said James.
“It means, we can’t get it off, and we can’t undo the orgasm block,” said Gemma. “I surmise the surge of energy must have reset the ring. The spells are in place, which means its still on, but there’s no telling which code word was activated. And it doesn’t have a signature link to me to be able to get it off.”
James paled. “What… but… then how can…” He winced as he tried to shift his legs into a more comfortable position, but it seemed this was as comfortable as it was going to get. He grit his teeth and said, “Please, isn’t there anything that can be done? This hurts!”
Holly frowned in thought. “Maybe we just need to do something less complicated. Can we cut it off with some bolt cutters?”
James went even more pale. “Don’t be insane! You’ll castrate me!”
“Maybe, but listen. I can probably heal it back. Once the ring’s off, you’ll unleash a huge amount of mana, and that’ll give me more than enough power to heal any damage.”
“I’m afraid that won’t work,” said Gemma. “Breaking these sorts of devices tends to lock the conditions in place. He’d still be stuck with an orgasm block.”
Dorian sighed, trying to give James some illusion of dignity by keeping his gaze off the nude young man. “I never liked those devices. Magic trinkets always lead to trouble.”
Gemma smirked. “Yes, I remember that time with the voodoo dildo.”
Dorian flushed crimson, and gave her a scowl. “Gemma, can we please focus? He’s in serious pain.”
“Oh, I know, but I’m not sure what to do about it at the moment,” said Gemma. “Still, doesn’t it fascinate you?” She crossed her arms can gave James a studious look. “A Mana Fount that can also drain energy from mages! Only one other known Fount has ever managed to do that, and that was due to freak circumstances. But it seems with you, James, that you can do so willingly as some kind of defensive mechanism.”
“I didn’t mean to do this!” he said. Then he blinked and looked to Holly and Rita. “You mean I really did take your magic?”
Rita nodded, glowering at him. Holly nodded, patting his shoulder reassuringly. “You drained our energy reserves. I can’t even heal a paper cut right now.”
“I’m sorry,” said James, a little stunned.
“It’s okay, we’ll recharge. And, well, I guess that’s what I get for forcing you.” She hugged him again. “I’m really sorry. I just got carried away.”
“Well, to be fair, I was pushing you to push him, so it’s partially my fault,” said Gemma. “I apologize as well, I didn’t intend for you to suffer like this.”
“At least you’re willing to admit responsibility this time,” said Dorian, walking over to James. He ignored the ugly look Gemma gave him. He figured he was going to pay for that later, but for James’ sake, he didn’t want to stretch this out longer than they had to. He leaned over and appraised James’ genitals and the ring. “I apologize, James, but I want to see something here.”
James swallowed nervously, and nodded, a little uncomfortable at having another man inspect his genitals. He might have lost his erection, had he been able. Still, Dorian looked with an air of clinical inspection, not the sensual slyness of Gemma. Dorian stepped back and held a hand out towards his groin.
“Step back, Holly,” he said.
Gemma gave Dorian a curious look. “What are you doing?”
“Ever since that… incident… you mentioned, I’ve been brushing up on my Enchantments,” he said. He closed his eyes and concentrated. James squirmed as he felt the ring start to warm up. He flinched as several spark of energy crackled along its length. He was about to tell Dorian to stop, when the older man said, “Ah, there we go. The password just got flipped is all.” He cleared his throat. “Arosoig!”
A rather large spark flared around the ring, and James felt a jolt deep inside his balls. He fell back on the bed, his back arcing and raising his butt into the air as he cock began to jerk violently. And then, he came.
Semen erupted from his dick like a firehose, utterly huge ropes of spunk shooting so hard and fast, they went right over James’ head and splattered against the headboard and the wall. What was even more impressive, however, was the mana which blasted out from his genitals in all directions. The four mages in the room were literally bowled over, flushing and nearly fainting from the energy being speed dumped into their systems. From outside the room, they could hear a few shouts as every other mage in the building got hit with the wave.
The orgasm lasted nearly a full minute, James cumming every drop of semen it was humanly possible to give, and still bucking for several second afterwards, until finally, the last iota of mana was completely drained from his body. He collapsed back onto the bed in a boneless sprawl, once again unconscious. The four mages in the room just sat there, stunned, faint auras of energy glowing around them.
Holly was the first to break the silence, looking at her glowing hand with a dazed expression. “Wow…” she whispered.
They were interrupted a moment later by the door flying open, and several other students coming in. Among them was the girl with the braided hair who teased James last weekend and Hank from the floor below. “What the fuck is going on in—OH!” Hank jerked back and shielded his eyes from James’ spunk-drenched nudity, as did Robert and several of the others. “Dude, hide your shame!”
Seeing as James probably couldn’t move even if he’d been conscious, Holly did it for him, grabbing the bedsheet and pulling over James’ body. She noted with great relief that his genitals were finally back to normal, his cock even going flaccid. She made a note to check on him again later.
“That was amazing!” said Gemma, leaping to her feet. “I think I’m charged up enough for a year!”
“I think all of us are!” said Hank. The faint aura of energy was surrounding everyone present.
“I’m just glad to have my magic back,” said Rita. She promptly turned herself invisible, then back again. “Holly, you owe me for this. That was the most traumatic hour of my life!”
“Your life?” said James, shakily sitting up, wiping cum from his face. “How do you think I feel?” He reached down and tried to pull the ring off. “Get this fucking thing off me! I quit!”
Dorian went over to him, and with a flick of his finger, the ring lit up again, expanding slightly in size, before coming loose. James whipped it off and chucked it across the room.
“Woah, easy, man,” said Hank. He looked at Dorian and Gemma. “What were you all doing to him?”
“An experiment,” said Gemma calmly. “It got a little out of hand when there was an unexpected side effect.”
Hank gave her a wary look. “Is that true, James?”
James just glowered, looking downwards. He let out a breath to collect himself. “Yeah. Yeah. It’s fine.” He glanced up, and realized everyone was staring at him. Naked, drenched in his own cum, with a flimsy sheet covering him, he felt horribly self-conscious.
Dorian cleared his throat. “Okay, everyone clear out,” he said. “Show’s over.”
“Oh, come on, I wanna see what else you’re gunna do to him!” said the girl with the braids. “Can I help with the experiment?”
James pointed at the door, yelling, “No! No more experiments! Everybody out!”
Everyone reluctantly left, Hank being the only one to hesitate, and mainly to give James a worried look. Even he left, though, as did Rita, who no longer wanted any part of this crazy experiment. Holly stayed behind with the two teachers, however.
“Holly, I think it best you leave as well,” said Gemma.
Holly frowned and sat next to James putting a hand on his shoulder. “No. I’m the one who got him wrapped up in all this, I’m staying with him.”
“You don’t have to,” said James.
“Clearly, I do,” she said, eyeing Gemma warily. She glanced down at his crotch. “Um, are feeling okay? Down there?”
James glanced under the sheet. “I guess so.”
“Oh, don’t be so shy, we’ve all seen it,” Gemma pulled the sheet off with an exasperated sigh. James’ genitals were still a little darkly colored, but otherwise normal.
Gemma glanced him over and said, “Looks a little roughed up, but probably fine. Holly, you might want to give him a hand just to be safe.”
“Will it, I mean, will he suck my mana up again?”
“Guess we’ll find out.”
Holly and James shared a glance, then Holly hesitantly reach down and clasped his balls. James winced, his cock very sore, but after a moment, Holly’s magic washed over him, and the pain faded. He let out a sigh as the pleasant tingles soothed away his aches, until he felt himself going hard again. Holly pulled her hand away before anything more could happen, though.
“Well, that seemed fine,” said Gemma. “I guess it isn’t automatic unless you hit some kind of critical point. I wonder if you can actually control it? We’re going to want to study this very thoroughly.”
“Gemma, I think that’s enough,” said Dorian, giving her a stern look. “He’s not a lab rat.” She gave him a dark look in response, but he ignored it. “James, you don’t have to go through with this.”
“He does if he wants to keep going to school here,” said Gemma crossing her arms. Dorian was about to protest, but Gemma cut him off. “He has to. You know the program, Dorian. If he can’t use or study his magic, he can’t just be given a free ride. They don’t give the ball players a sports scholarship, and then let them not play.”
Dorian sighed. He may have been head of the Magic Department, but even he had to answer to the Dean and the Board of Education, and neither would approve a “freebie,” no matter how unique the student. “Well, James, I guess you have a choice, then.”
James could only look confused. “I… I just… I mean, I want to keep attending… but, look I just don’t want to be tortured, okay? I mean, I’ll help your studies, but no more weird sex devices, okay?”
“I’m afraid I’m going to have to insist,” she said. “We can use something other than the ring, I’ll come up with a better device. But it’s important we test how much mana we can generate from you. And now that we know you can drain mana, we need to see how much that may enhance or hinder your productivity, or if we can use that trick as way of storing or transferring energy more efficiently.”
“But why?” said James. “What are you trying to discover? What are trying to do with me?”
“I, too, would like to know,” said Dorian. “This is sounding more suspicious than your original proposal. As the Head of the Department, I need to know all the details of your study before I can authorize anything further.”
“I’m not at liberty to tell you,” said Gemma.
Dorian blinked. “In case you’ve forgetten, Professor, I am your boss, no matter what little games we used to play.”
“I’m not looking for a personal slave boy, if that’s what you’re wondering.”
“All I’m wondering is what you’re really doing.”
James and Holly shared a glance as they watched the two Professors square off. “Um, James,” said Holly. “Maybe we should get you cleaned up.”
James realized he was still streaked with his own cum, which was drying into a sticky crust. He blanched. “Yeah,” he said, getting up, and grabbing a towel and wash cloth.
“Want some company?” said Holly.
“I don’t need you to bodyguard me every minute,” he said, stepping past Gemma. She and Dorian seemed unwilling to break eye contact with one another, seemingly forgetting about the two students still in the room with them. Holly followed James out of the room nonetheless, to wait in the common room while James showered.
Dorian waited for the door to close, before saying, “Alright, the kids are gone. Now. Tell me. What is it you’re after? There’s more to this than you’re original proposal.”
Gemma’s jaw set. Finally, she sighed, and relaxed a bit. “I really can’t tell you,” she said. “It’s for your own good that you don’t know.”
“This is something illegal, isn’t it?”
“I have my reasons.”
“What reasons, Gemma? What are trying to turn him into?”
“I can’t tell you.”
“Then you’re fired.”
Gemma blinked. “You can’t fire me. I’m tenured.”
“That doesn’t protect criminal activity.”
“I am not technically doing anything illegal.”
Dorian sighed in frustration. “Will you just tell me? Or must I guess?”
“I’ll deny it, even if you guess it right.” She stepped up to Dorian and put her arms around him. Dorian moved to push her away, but she moved faster, pressing two fingers to a spot on his neck.
Dorian gasped as his body froze up. Damn her! How many hypnotic triggers did she still have buried in his mind? Gemma gave him a quick kiss, then leaned towards his ear. She hummed a quick tune, and Dorian’s eyes glazed over. She whispered in a sultry voice. “The less you know, the better. You’re going to forget this happened, alright? You’re just going to remember that you trust me, and left me to my own devices on this. If James comes to you asking questions, you will tell him to trust me as well. You will ignore anything suspicious about my actions, on account of more pressing concerns. Am I understood, boy?”
“Yes, mistress,” Dorian breathed, lost in her words.
“Good boy,” said Gemma, stepping away from him. Under her breath she muttered. “I don’t need you getting into trouble for my fuck ups.” She snapped her fingers three times, saying, “Awaken.”
Dorian blinked and shook his head. He gave her a wary look. “What just happened?”
Gemma smirked. “Nothing you need to worry about.”
Dorian scowled and tried to feel angry at her, but it didn’t seem to take. He sighed. “Alright. Against my better judgment, I’ll trust you. But I don’t want this going too far, Gemma. If I find out what your really up to, I won’t have a choice but to—”
Gemma held up a hand. “Everything will be fine, Dorian.”
“It had best,” he said, and the two left the building, to leave a confused James and Holly to wonder what they’d been talking about.

The start of the week brought a very wary James to Gemma’s office to begin another series of tests. He didn’t see either of her assistants in the office today, just Gemma, who smiled warmly at him as he entered. “How are you feeling, James?” she asked.
“Recovered,” he said. “Look, I’ve been giving this some thought. Before we do anything further, I need to know what this is about. I don’t mind suffering a little blue balling for my scholarship, but I’m not comfortable with you being so secretive. If you’re doing some kind of government project or whatever, and its classified, fine, but I need to know something. I tried asking Dorian, but he couldn’t tell me.”
“Dorian doesn’t know, but he trusts me,” said Gemma. “I need you to trust me as well.”
James gave her a long, thoughtful look, then shook his head. “No. Not good enough.”
Gemma frowned. “I really can’t tell you.”
“Then I guess I’m dropping out,” said James. “I’m sorry, but I have to.” He turned to leave. There was a brief flicker on his peripheral vision and a rush of wind, and in less time than it took to blink, Gemma was standing in front of the door. James jumped back, glancing back to the now empty desk, then back to Gemma, who was giving him a stern look, arms crossed, looking as though she’d been standing there all this time. James swallowed. He knew Gemma had superhuman speed. He hadn’t known she was that fast.
“I do not want to force you James,” she said.
Composing himself, he stood tall and said, “Then move out of my way.”
“I can’t,” she said. “There’s more at stake here than your education.”
“Then tell me what! What is it you’re trying to do?” said James. “So, I can produce mana when I cum. Fantastic. What can I actually do with that ability other than be a fuck-socket for horny mages who want a jumpstart? It’s not like we’re talking a cure for cancer here or anything!”
“Not cancer, no,” said Gemma.
That gave James pause. “What does that mean? You think my powers can be used to cure something?” James looked her over. “Cure you? What’s wrong with you?”
“Not me,” said Gemma. She paused, glanced around to see if anyone was in earshot. She stepped out of the door frame, closed the door and locked it. “My sister.”
“What’s wrong with your sister?” said James.
“I can’t tell you,” she said.
James sighed in exasperation, then took a step forward. “Get out of my way.”
Gemma just stood resolutely. “I don’t want to resort to violence, James,” she said. Before James could even blink, she was suddenly stepping into him and hugging him tightly to her, squeezing him painfully. The breath left James’ lungs as her superhuman strong arms squeezed his chest. He tried to breathe, but could only manage the tiniest of gasps, not enough to even call for help. “This is going to complicate things. But that’s okay. I have ways of making you compliant.”
James grit his teeth. “Cuh-cuh-can’t… do… thissss… ssstop… d-drain…”
“Drain me? You don’t even know how.” She paused, smiling. “Although, this would be an excellent opportunity to find out of you can. What do you say? Drain me dry, and maybe you can break free before you pass out. Give it a go, champ.”
James squeezed his eyes shut, and concentrated. He really had no idea what he was doing, but he tried to remember how he’d done it the first time. He’d been in a panic. He’d been in pain. He’d wanted to stop the person who was hurting him. Unable to physically push them away, he’d tried something else. Something by instinct. What was it? Don’t push away… pull inward… draw away their strength…
He could feel it, then. He could sense, somehow, the mana in Gemma’s body, warm energy coursing through her veins. He reached for that intangible essence, as if his will alone were a set of hands that could grasp her from the inside. He could already feel his head swimming from lack of air, but that just spurred him to pull harder.
Gemma gave a small gasp, eyes widening a bit, as she felt the energy leave her body. Fascinated, she looked at James, studying his expression. He was started to go red-faced from exertion and lack of air, so she slacked her grip slightly, giving him enough breath to stay conscious while he drained her. She didn’t fight it, letting her energy flow into him.
The effects were almost immediate. She felt his cock stiffen against her leg, growing fully erect quickly. Instinctively, James bucked against her leg as the sexual tension in his body built. Gemma gave him just a bit more slack as she studied the process with her mystical senses, watching the flow of energy from herself to him. She could “see” in her minds eye, the magic draw from her body, soaking into his, then funneling down into his genitals, where a pulsing warmth grew brighter and hotter with each passing day.
James opened his eyes, and saw Gemma studying him. He pulled harder, trying to drain her faster. And yet, despite slacking her grip a bit, her strength didn’t wane. He let out a moan as his cock and balls began to throb with a now familiar ache of too much tension. He could feel the pressure building inside him, pleasurable tingles starting up along his genitals. Gemma wasn’t even winded, and he was starting to tremble as he felt a climax build. Unlike before, he didn’t have a magic cockring to hold him back. He was going to have to blue ball himself, no matter how much it hurt. He just had to hold onto that energy, even as he drew more in.
And yet, as the sexual tension rose inside him, he could feel the energy swelling even faster than he was actually draining her. His body, being sexually stimulated, was producing its own mana to add to what he drained. His vision was darkening again, just from the sheer effort of containing himself.
She noticed he was watching her watching him, and gave him a smile. “That’s it,” she said. “Keep it up. You’re doing very well. You should know, though, that an auramancer is still stronger and faster than a normal human, even with their magic tapped out. So, there’s no chance to break my hold.” She squeezed him a bit tighter to her, cutting off his air once again. He wasn’t even fighting her physically anymore, pouring all his concentration into the mana drain.
“Drain you… all the… way…”
Gemma smiled. “You can certainly try.” She was starting to feel a little tired. In theory, he could drain her to the point of her mana reserves actually going into the negative, which would knock her into a coma if she was drained too far into the red. However, she was always careful to keep her reserves full, and with the added power James had given her a couple days ago, she was practically overloaded. James by now had drained only a third of her energy, and was about to reach—
James let out a choking gasp as he hit a plateau, and all that mana came rushing out. She felt his cock flex rapidly against her leg, and a moment later, felt the wet heat of his seed as it soaked through his pants and stained her skirt. James shuddered in orgasm, unleashing all that mana back to her, plus what he’d started to build on his own, charging her up even higher than when he’d began. She squeezed him harder, guaranteeing that he couldn’t inhale as he came. James thrashed in pleasure and desperation, and the exertion of his climax burned up what little air he had left. He blacked out halfway through his climax. Gemma held on for another few seconds, until his orgasm faded, before finally letting him go and carrying him over to her desk. She’d already cleared it off earlier, anticipating this whole exchange, and so was able to lay him flat on the desk without having to knock anything off it.
Gemma checked his vitals. He was breathing again, but he wouldn’t be waking up for another few minutes. Gemma sat down at the desk, and pulled open a drawer. She withdrew a small blue crystal, and set it on James’ forehead. She whispered a quick chant, and it began to glow. James stiffened for a moment, then relaxed, his unconscious state settling into one of deep trance.
Gemma leaned over James and spoke to the glowing crystal. The device was an enchanted object with resonated on the same frequencies as the mind. An Esper would say the crystal gives access to a person’s mindscape, the subconscious area of the mind where people go when they dream. Because of this, the device effectively gave someone strong influence over a person’s mind. Even a non-Esper could effectively induce mind control through it.
Of course, such devices were illegal in six of the eight Human Nations, including here in Argonia, but Gemma had enjoyed using the little tricket for years. Dorian always wondered just how Gemma’s little “hypnodomme” sessions had been so devastatingly effective when she’d been his mistress. So effective that to this day, all the old triggers held strong in his mind. She’d told him she’d studied under a master hypnotist growing up. That was only partially true. She’d seduced the hypnotist and tricked him into being hypnotized by his own magic crystal, then “convinced” him to let her have it, teaching her its secrets.
She hadn’t used the device in years, but it still worked, it seemed. “James. Can you hear me?”
“Yes…” he said dreamily, lost in the gentle blue waves of mental calm.
“Very good. James, I know I just did something dangerous to you, but I want you to understand that I’m only doing what I have to. I do not want to hurt you, and I deeply apologize for doing so.”
James’ expression became tense. “I…”
“Shhhh… just listen. Just relax and listen. You don’t have to accept my apology, just know that I’m doing this for a good reason. I want you to trust me. Can you trust me?”
James shivered. “I… I don’t know…”
“Very well. I understand. James, I will tell you the reason I am doing this. You will forget the knowledge I am going to tell you, but some part of you will know, some deep subconscious part, and I pray that part will allow you to trust me. I must tell you this way, and only this way, because there are aspects of this project that are highly illegal.” She paused. “In fact, what I am doing now is highly illegal. And I am sorry for that. I must keep this research a secret, because it could lead to the arrest and exile of everyone involved. But if that is to occur, I don’t want you, or Dorian, or anyone else taking the fall. If we are caught, then I will take all the blame. None of you can be found guilty if I force you. Understand?”
James seemed to strain again. “I do… but…”
“Don’t talk. Just listen. Do you know what a Lust Walker is? A real one?”
“Yes… sexual predator… succubus… drains life force… and mana… from victims… through sex…”
“Yes, very good. And they can likewise turn their victims into more Lust Walkers. Some are quite virulent with their condition. If a Lust Walker outbreak ever got out of control, the entire country could become a nation of Lust Walkers within a matter of weeks. This is why they are deemed Monsters by the Human Nations, and are executed on sight if discovered. But they live among us, James. They look and act just like us, and as long as some of them can feed without turning others, they can hide among us. But they must do so as constant fugitives, and risk spreading their condition if they feed too many times or too frequently on one person.
“There is no known cure. Studies have been done to see if overloading a Lust Walker with vital energy will cancel out the condition, but it doesn’t. The curse remains in place. The curse itself is magical, but attempting to drain away the magic of the curse will instantly kill a Lust Walker, just as drain their vital energy will. Mana Founts like you would be practically sacred treasure to a Lust Walker. But you, James, with your power to drain energy, could be their deadliest enemy.”
“You want… to make me… a weapon…”
“No. I want to turn you into a cure for the condition. I believe if you master your ability to drain mana, you may be able to drain away the magic curse, purging their bodies. However, as you do this, you could also imbue them with new energy, fresh mana, which would replace the magic of their curse. You may be able to turn them back.”
“Well. That’s my theory. In order to test it out, first we need to get you to master regulating your energy. Learn how to build it up with maximum efficiency, and drain mana without losing control of it. That part, we can do easily. I want to start training you to pull mana from one mage and into another. You will train with me and we can invite Holly to train with us.”
James looked confused. “Then why… illegal…?”
“Because in order to turn your technique into a cure, I will need you to test your powers against actual Lust Walkers. That’s the illegal part.”
James’ brow furrowed, and the blue crystal pulsed. “You mean… you know where…”
“I can find them, yes. This is a college town, they like those. Lots of young, horny victims to pick up and drop, then move on after a few feedings. The coming and going of students in and out of town makes it easy for them to blend into the crowds and disappear without a trace. But I know some of their habits. I can find them, capture them, and bring them to a secure location to test with.”
James shivered in fear, but Gemma placed her hands on his shoulders and kissed them crystal. James let out a soft moan of pleasure as he felt a soothing warm flow over his whole body, as though she kissed his very soul.
“Don’t worry. I’ll take every precaution. It won’t be for a while yet, either. But once we start, I will effectively become an international felon. In Argonia, willfully housing and feeding a Lust Walker is grounds for exile to the Forbidden Continent. In other nations, like Curran and Sarkovia, it’s grounds for execution without trial.”
“Then why… surely… government would want… cure…”
“Only if I can give concrete results. Only then, will they overlook the illegalities of my work. They might stillexile me anyway. That’s why I must keep this all a secret, because this way, only I will take the blame if we’re discovered. But before that happens, there’s someone I have to make sure I cure first.”
“You mentioned… a sister…”
“Yes. Two years ago, she, her husband, and some friends of theirs became Lust Walkers after participating in an orgy. Her husband and friends were caught and killed by the authorities, but my sister escaped capture. She wrote me a couple times, telling me what had happened, and how she was roaming around trying to live in hiding. The problem, however, is that when she feeds, she always turned her victims into a Lust Walker, even if it was just a brief encounter.
“She’s been getting by feeding off of Demihumans when she can find them. For some reason, they cannot contract the Lust Walker condition, but Lust Walkers can feed on them. However, Demihumans aren’t common, and most of them are owned or sponsored by humans who will report the incident, and trying to actually subdue a Demihuman can be a fatal proposal in itself. She can’t keep it up. The last time she wrote me, she said she was considering going to the Forbidden Continent. If she does that, she’s effectively killing herself. I have to find her and cure her before she does that.”
Gemma leaned back and sighed. “So, now you know. And you cannot tell anyone. Ever. So, what do you say, James? Will you help me? Will you help me save my sister? Save dozens, possibly hundreds of others who have been turned? If we can just figure out how you do it, it may be the key to unlocking some technique that wouldn’t even require you to make it work. Please.”
James thought for several minutes, the blue gem flickering on his forehead. “I want… to help…” he said, finally.
Gemma smiled. “Good. That means I don’t have to force you to agree.”
James opened his mouth to protest, but Gemma kissed the gem again and he gasped as the warmth washed over him. She kissed the gem again, and James let out a soft sigh. Her kiss washed away all worry and doubt, filling him with a pleasing sense of calm and safety. A third kiss, and he swooned. He wanted nothing more than to stay here like this, in Gemma’s grasp, where it was warm and safe.
“James,” she said, her lips nearly touching the gem. This time, her voice reverberated through the gem and vibrated across his mind, speaking deep into his primal subconscious. Her voice overtook all attempts to resist her, and he felt his consciousness drifting on the waves of her words. “I have told you my secret. My cause is noble, is it not?” James, unable to speak now, nodded. “And you trust me, do you not?” Again, he nodded. “Good. Good boy. Now, I need you to forget. Forget what I have told you. Forget what I have done here, that I forced you to hear me out like this. Forget that you doubt me. You will not know why, but you will trust me. You will trust that I know what I am doing, and you will go along with my instructions because what I am doing is the right thing. Even though you will know the details, you will believe this is for a just cause. Do you understand?”
James nodded, breathing out, “Yes, Gemma.”
“Good boy,” she said. And then, she whispered another unintelligible phrase, and the blue gem’s glow faded. She quickly hid the gem back in her desk drawer and gave James a gentle shake.
He moaned and blinked awake. Listing his head, and gook a minute to glance around and decipher what was going on. He blushed as he noticed the huge cum stain on his pants. “I guess, uh, I lost it… what were we…” he sat up, swinging his legs over the side of the desk, and held his hand. “I attacked you, didn’t I?”
“It’s alright,” said Gemma, patting his shoulder. “I was getting too pushy. You were right to resist me. I shouldn’t make you do something you don’t want to. If you still want to drop out…”
“No,” said James. “No, I just… I dunno. I mean, I trust you, but… you really can’t tell me?”
Gemma smiled, but shook her head. “I’m sorry. It’s a very, very delicate situation that I’m in, and I could get into some serious trouble. I can assure you that you won’t be hurt, however, and because you don’t know, you can’t be blamed for anything in case the shit hits the fan.”
James frowned. This was way too suspicious, but for some reason, just looking at Gemma’s sincere expression, he felt the urge to help her. He knew it in his gut that she was in the right here. He just wasn’t sure how he knew. But if his power could be used to really help people in some way, well, that would be worth it in the end, right?
“Okay,” he said. “I’m all yours.”
Gemma smiled. “Excellent.” She glanced down as his wet crotch. “I think today’s study has ended a bit prematurely, however.”
James glanced down and blushed, moving to cover himself. “S-sorry,” he said.
“No problem. We made some interesting progress. But that said…” She opened another drawer and pulled out a golden ring.
James blanched. “Oh, come on, not another one…”
“Relax, this is an improved model. Dorian and I spent hours refining it yesterday.”
“Really? Dorian made this?” James wasn’t sure if that made him feel more comfortable or less.
“It shouldn’t overload, and it has back-up passwords just incase. But more importantly, it has a sort of circuit breaker. When the pressure reaches a certain point that the energy starts to flair, the orgasm block will release, and you will cum without someone needing to trigger the device. It will take far more sexual pressure than a human being can normally withstand, but it will prevent an accident like a few days ago.”
She motioned for James to stand, and he did so, a little surprised at how quickly he responded. However, he was committed to this, so there was no point in hesitating. He pulled down his pants and Gemma handed him a box of tissues to clean up with. When he was done, Gemma slipped the ring onto him, and whispered the activation word. “We’ve proved you can’t hold the energy in past a certain threshold, so you need to wear this to help train you to hold in more than you can currently hold, until it reaches a critical point, when the ring will let you finally release. As you become more tolerant, the critical point, and your natural threshold, should raise. Once that shows enough improvement, we start more complicated draining and transfer techniques.”
James got dressed again, blanching a bit at the now cold dampness. “Okay, I guess. So, if we’re done already, can I take a break today?”
Gemma smirked. “I think, once you’ve recovered a bit, you should give Holly a nice, long fuck. Really make her cum her brains out. Then let her know I’d like to talk to her about assisting.”
James swallowed hard at the thought of both women teasing the shit out of him endlessly. But he found the idea was rather irresistible. “Alright. Thank you, Professor, for this chance.”
“Sure thing,” she said, smiling as he left. “Oh, and one more thing before you go.” She reached down and tapped his genitals. James felt a spark along his cock, and he grew erect again, little tingles playing along his nerves. He looked at her a little surprised. She smiled and winked. “Learn to have a little fun with it, huh?”

James nodded, and hurriedly left the room, trying to get back to the House before too many people noticed his raging hard on. Gemma watched him go with a thoughtful look on her face. James would be everything she needed, and all she had to do was make him suffer exquisitely. She smirked a bit to herself. No reason noble causes can’t be naughty as well! She went back to her desk, and pulled out her phone to call Dorian. She could use some “advise” on what sort of tests to put James through.

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  1. I really enjoyed this story, but I would have enjoyed it more without the dark twist at the end. I prefer a little more consent in stories like this. I would have enjoyed it more if Prof. Gemma was uninterested in James sexually and simply wanted to find out the extent of his power and the best way to draw it out. The humiliation could come from her disinterest and the very nature of the testing itself.