Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Prize Student Now Available!

Prize Student is now available as an eBook! Set in the World of Civero, Prize Student follows the path of James, a prospective college student hoping that his potential for magic will allow him a full scholarship to the renowned Callaxus University. But when his potential for magic turns out to be an entirely different sort of power, the sly Professor Gemma maneuvers him to become the subject of sensual tease and denial experiments to develop his new found abilities.

In this expanded version of the tale, a new final chapter and additional interlude sequences refocuses the story through a darker lens. Professor Gemma's ambitions for James lead to dangerous consequences. How will James handle the power he has developed? How will Gemma twist this power to suit her whims? And what will be the result when this power is unleashed?

To find out, you can purchase the full story here:

If a dark twist isn't to your taste, however, most of this story can still be found on my blog in seven parts, under the entries throughout October 2012 and January 2013.


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