Thursday, January 24, 2013

Seven Stars Book One Now Available!

Yes, dear readers, I once again give you the greatest gift of all: the opportunity to give me more of your money!

Having resolved some of my writer's block issues, Seven Stars is now once again back on track, and at long last, Book One of this quasi-epic femdom fantasy adventure is now available for purchase on Smashwords! You may purchase the ebook here:

David is a normal college student who stumbles upon a magic book, and upon opening it, is whisked away to the magical country of Zama, where he becomes the Sacred Sage of the Goddess Ashtir! Unfortunately, Zama is a world of female domination, where men are controlled via vicious cockteasing! What's more, David's quest requires that he gather together the Seven Stars, seven sexy warrior women from this world to assist him a ritual to summon the Goddess Ashtir. A ritual that requires him to remain a virgin, much to the amusement of his allies.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, the series is on indefinite hiatus, as I have no idea what the hell to do from this point. Hopefully what's here is still worth the purchase, as the story does reach a decent stopping point, and there's still plenty of hot scenes within! ;)

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