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Interview 001 - A Look Back

Warning: Dark material. Not very sexy.

Notes: Every time I think I'm finished with the Sex Mage World, sooner or later, it creeps back up on me, and I wonder about it as a setting again. It's sort of a little fascinating, still, how an idea that was really just supposed to be this funny little sex fantasy spawned some really dark shit in my head.

For example, I've brought up the Cults and the Cult Wars in several SMW stories as a background detail, and I got to wondering, just how far reaching the consequences could be. One of my misgivings about the Year 100 story was, after 100 years of Sex Magic, would society really resemble what we know now? Especially when something as devastating as the Cult Wars happened? One reason I've had trouble expanding with the Sex Mage World is I really have no idea how other cultures, hell even how America for the most part, would realistically react to the appearance of Sex Magic. I'm sure most of my attempts to describe the various changes to all the different countries thanks to Sex Magic would be horribly culturally insensitive, so I just sort of avoid talking about it.

Of course, you don't go to sex fantasy stories for the realism. A lot of gynocracy fictions try to hand wave the idea that the women locked all the men in chastity belts so they could stop men from always going to war. That always seemed like a rather trite, kind of insulting excuse, honestly. No offense to those who use it; obviously, the point of those stories is to enjoy the femdom elements, not get into the deep, complex cultural and political ramifications and history of the world. You're there to read about women punishing men for being naughty little boys who can't control their cocks, and when the entire world is in on it, all the better because there's no place to run! The why's and wherefore's of the situation aren't really that important.

But, you know me. I can't just be satisfied with a story where a girl spanks a boy for trying to touch himself, and call it a day. I gotta get all melodramatic with this shit.

So, as I was writing these most recent Sex Mage World Captions, this little gem started niggling away in my mind. It kept pestering me, so I decided to write it out. I have no idea if it will lead anywhere, but as I'm thinking it, I like the idea of a sort of new version of Earth to stem from the Cult Wars event. This way, even though it takes place on Earth, enough things have happened, beyond just the appearance of magical cock tease powers, to let me branch out into a more fantasy oriented situation. I might try to map out a "Post Cult Wars North America" set-up that I'm sure will be horribly culturally inaccurate and insensitive, but hey, it's just a silly sex fantasy story. Alternate history, weird magic, and something as globally devastating as the Cult Wars helps to wipe the slate somewhat clean and cause new cultures to rise from the ashes!

So anyway, here's the little scene, that got me think about all this again. There's a couple sexy moments in it, but this isn't really something you'd want to beat off to. Also probably not very consistent with it's tone. Just something I had to get off my brain and onto the screen, I suppose. Even still, you might find it an interesting read.

INTERVIEW 001 – A Look Back

In the beginning, it was kinda fun. Scary and confusing sometimes, but fun. At the time, it was all about the discovery and the wonder of the magic, like the honeymoon stage of your first time with a real lover. Obviously, there were bad seeds here or there, abusing their powers. There always would be. But there were others who stopped them, and in the beginning, there were not nearly as many bad ones as some thought there would be. Not back then.

Of course, I know now why that was. It wasn’t out of any sense of morals. Well, okay, for some, maybe even a lot, it was. But for the overwhelming majority, it was fear. Not fear of getting caught, or fear of retaliation, though there was that. Just fear of change. Sex Magic was this obscene, addicting, mysterious new force, so completely unlike anything the world had imagined. If someone told you an idea for a story in which half the world gains super powers, the first thing people might think of is superheroes in tights and capes or wizards and witches with their robes and wands. They wouldn’t think Sex Magic.

It was so damned ludicrous, the idea of it. I mean, seriously, a magic system that was dependant on and revolved entirely around sex? And not just any sex, but seemingly tailor-made specifically for female dominant/male submissive sex? Ridiculous. It was the sort of idea only some basement dwelling sissy boy geek would come up with, after jacking off to way too many of those old anime porno games.

And yet, that’s exactly what we got. Something so out there, poking at so many social taboos, and frankly so downright silly, nobody took it seriously for at least a year. Heck, most people didn’t want to even acknowledge the idea, holding out that it was some kind of mass insanity. The women thought it was vulgar, the men thought it was stupid. I’m speaking generally, of course. Obviously, there were people here or there who fully embraced it right at the beginning, but most tried to ignore it.

Well, we couldn’t, obviously. The magic spread like wildfire to every woman on the planet in less than three months. Every woman nineteen and older (even a bit younger in some rare cases) had the magic, and it was not going to go away. Months passed and the magic just stuck with us, nagging at us to use it. So, gradually, we started accepting it, started working it into our daily lives. Not completely out in the open at first, of course, we didn’t just lose all our social inhibitions over night. But eventually, we got comfortable with it. And then, we started really practicing with it. And then we learned just how fun it could be.

The first ten years were great, at least for America. Yeah, you heard about the robberies and the rapes and CEOs getting literally fucked out of their positions causing a few companies to fold. But, you know, by and large, your average American woman just learned how to enjoy herself, playing with the boys she liked, pulling harmless pranks, getting back at jerks with a bit of kinky punishment. I know some men had it hard even back then, but for the most part, even the men were learning to enjoy it. I mean, a loving wife or girlfriend or just best friend with benefits suddenly gains the power to give her man better-than-porn-star level sex, able to make his every fantasy come true, no matter how weird or perverted? You’re really gunna tell me that was all so terrible for all those guys experiencing the best orgasms in human history?

Well, of course it couldn’t last. Because see, the power started getting to some women’s heads. Some women started spreading ideas, and these ideas took. In the first decade of the twenty-first century, there was already this shift in gender dynamics in America. More and more women were independent. More and more men were finding their masculinity was becoming an obsolete virtue, while women’s qualities were becoming more and more favored by society. Oh, it would be a long, long time before any real matriarchy was going to form, but you’d be blind not to see the shift happening back then. And then Sex Magic appeared, and that cultural shift went from inching along like a snail to shooting off like a rocket.

People joke that women always had the upper hand over men, because women had what all men were hardwired to want: the pussy. Men would kill themselves, kill each other, for the right to a woman’s pussy. Men would drive themselves broke and insane in their desperate attempt to gain pussy. Yes, well, the thing is, back then, by and large, men could just take the pussy if they were that desperate. Hell, for thousands of years, women didn’t even have the right to stop them. As a woman, you were there to serve men, be their sperm receptacle and punching bag. Yes, I know, I’m exaggerating again, but women were used and abused regularly for thousands of generations, before feminism and Women’s Rights movements in the twentieth century finally turned things around.

But now, over night, things had changed. Women not only had what men wanted, they had every possible way of keeping a man from getting it. They had the power to, literally, not just with coy seduction, but with literally a thought, make a man do anything they wished, anything, and specifically because men wanted their pussy. The magic took was originally just a social advantage and turned it into a genuine, reality bending super power. And fittingly enough, the very thing that allowed that social advantage in the first place became the fuel of those powers; the men’s innate, biological desires generated the very energy which women would then use to perform acts of supernatural power. A man gets hard, and his mind opens up to any woman who wants to look. A man strokes himself, and a woman learns his body down to every single nerve. A man has sex, and the woman can control him like a puppet on a string, can rewrite his body and brain like edited a book. And, no it didn’t matter if you were gay, a hermaphrodite, transgender, whatever. The magic didn’t care. Male arousal, by any means, gave a woman power.

So, yeah, obviously, there were people who abused the gift of Sex Magic. The very nature of the power encouraged it. Mind control, body control, remote viewing, to just use the power at all was effectively a violation of a man’s right to privacy and his body. Even if a man consented to a woman having her way with him, in the throws of passion, it was so easy for a woman to just reach in and break through any established boundries. When you’re right at the edge of orgasm, and the man is putting his all into pleasing you, but he just doesn’t have the right rhythm, it can take a lot conscious effort not to just seize control of his body and force him to move exactly the right way to finally get you to that orgasm he’s not quite getting you to. Ostensibly, it’s not much different then just grabbing his head and pulling him in for a kiss. But it’s a lot scarier when it’s some invisible force seizing control of you muscles and overriding your brains signals and taking control of your body away from you. I’ve let myself be controlled like that by a couple women before. Even when you’re fully consenting, it can be a little scary.

So, anyway, you have this magic ability fueled by a very intimate, emotional act, and you had this shifting power dynamic between the genders suddenly flipped on its head, and the men are freaking out and the women are stressing out, and old grudges start flaring up, and the magic can’t be explained by science and it flies in the face of so many established religions, and all this insecurity building and festering for about a decade. Yeah, even the most oblivious of us were expecting some kind of radical movement, maybe not a revolution or anything, but some kind of big, sweeping nationwide change. A new regime, a new set of laws, something. The government had been working around the clock to try and keep life going like we used to have it, smoothly transition things over. Keep some semblance of familiarity.

They still elected a male President the first post-Sex Magic election. They still elected more male politicians than females. A lot of people thought there’d be an overnight switch over to all-female leadership, like some big conspiracy, but there wasn’t. What there was instead was a quick implanting of female secret service protecting the male politicians. Businesses quickly followed suit; I heard there was even this one former high-society pimp who started hiring his girls out as body guards for CEOs. Really made it big and turned his former prostitute ring into a lucrative protection business. I heard he got dethroned by some of his own workers, but they kept the business going afterwards.

Anyway, my point is, people were still afraid of the sudden change, even as they were getting freaked out about it. The old “patriarchy” maintained for a little while, even when women got their powers, because the Sex Magic itself was a big enough change on its own. People needed some familiar framework to cling onto so they could take the time to process the Magic. That wasn’t the same everywhere, of course. We all heard about the Revolutions occurring in other countries. But in America, we tried to keep some semblance of our old lives for a while.

It couldn’t last, of course. Sex Magic just changed way too much. But we were trying, as a nation, to handle the change at a reasonable pace. After ten years, we had adjusted enough that we were ready for a solution. Some new framework to go by, something that would hold onto our old national virtues, put aside the old vices, and give people a new paradigm to ease into. We weren’t going to be like the other countries, which tore themselves to pieces in the first few years. Oh, no. America was angry and frustrated, but willing to sit down and think it all through. Or so we thought.

Then the Cult Wars happened.

Oh, yeah, I remember the Cult Wars. No one saw that coming. I mean, no one. All the conspiracy theorists assumed some huge “Femi-Nazi” take over was going to stage a coup on the government, and force all the men out of office and business. The other conspiracy theorists assumed the men in power were going to nuke their own country to keep the women suppressed. Everyone was looking the other way, blaming a phantom that wasn’t there. No one paid attention to the weirdo collecting along the fringes.

Yeah, we’d heard the rumors about the Cults. Sure. But like the Magic, it seemed silly, like something out of a comic book. Like, you hear about the KKK and the Neo Nazi’s, and part of you thinks, “Wow, that’s fucked up, right? Those guys still exist?” And then you go on about your day, because you’ve never actually seen any of them, and the most they do is the occasional ineffectual protest at a political rally, and its always way out in some city in some part of the country nobody gives a fuck about anyway. I mean, who cares, right? They’re just some wackos with nothing better to do. And the idea of all these weird, neo-neo-pagan Cults springing up out of nowhere in small towns and the poor sections of cities, you don’t think much about it. I mean, this was the twenty-first fucking century. Nobody really did blood sacrifices and weird rituals and shit anymore. If that stuff existed, it was way the hell out in the backwaters of Africa or South America, where there were still those tribes of people who lived like it was cave man times.

Yeah, I know that sounds racist, but that’s kind of my point. That was the mentality back then. Your average American had much more pressing, daily life concerns to worry about than a bunch of scared teenagers and creepy shut-ins clinging to trendy, spur of the moment religions nobody had even heard of before. Normal Americans had real problems to worry about, stuff like having a job, going on dates, getting that new car or that house you wanted, worrying about the stock market, fretting over what the girls were wearing in school these days, obsessing over how the celebrities were using their Sex Magic. Ha, and I guess for a growing number of men, making sure their women were happy so they could earn their next orgasm.

Oh, yeah, the orgasm denial thing caught on real quick. Believe it or not, it was men who kept pushing the idea. A lot more males were into it back then than anybody realized, still a minority, but a lot nonetheless. They’re the ones who really spread the idea out to women en masse, not the hardcore feminists. So, men, you have no one to blame but yourselves for that one! Hahaha, I remember when I first got my powers, and I was trying them out on this guy, and I saw his little denial fantasy. And he told me about how he’d heard about the orgasm denial spell, and he practically begged me to try it on him. I wasn’t so sure it was a good idea, but he insisted, so I finally tried it. Boy, did he learn to be careful what he wished for! He was practically in tears after I fucked him for an hour straight, holding back his—

Hmm? Oh. Right. The Cults. I know, sorry. Even after all this time, it’s not something I like to think about. No, it’s alright. I said I’d talk about it.

Well. Like I said. We heard of some of the Cults. It was one of those things you saw on the news and thought it was the usual handful of nutters dressing up in robes and chanting in the woods and maybe cutting off the head of a chicken they were probably just going to cook up and eat later anyway. You saw a segment on them spray painting pagan symbols on a church here or there, you shook your head, rolled your eyes, and then life moved on.

Yeah. No. We should have been paying attention. We should have watching real fucking close. Instead, men had their faces buried in women’s crotches and women had their thoughts (literally) wrapped around men’s dicks. So when the guns and bombs started going off.

I still to this day cannot believe it happened. Massive riots in every major city in the United States. Sex Magic was useless during the chaos, everyone scared completely shitless. If there’s one instinct that overrides the drive to reproduce, it’s the need to survive. I mean, okay, reproduction, which drives sex in general, is about survival of the species, but, well, the point is, it doesn’t matter how horny you are, when you’ve got bullets and grenades tearing up the street around you, and they haven’t killed you yet, your pussy goes dry as a desert, and you run your ass off, I don’t care if you are in the middle of the best orgasm of your life. I still have nightmares about it.

My boyto— my boyfriend at the time, we were playing around in my apartment. I was floating him above me, teasing him, telling him I wanted him to quit screwing around and come down and fuck me. He tried, of course, but I was holding him pinned in mid air with my magic as I lay on my bed, holding him so we’d be 69-ing if we were touching. I was masturbating in full view of him, holding him just a foot above my pussy so he could smell my arousal. I was catching his pre-cum in my mouth as it dripped from his cock; I hadn’t let him cum in three weeks, and he was right on the edge just from pure excitement. I loved teasing him that way, it drove him absolutely nuts, which got me in the mood like nothing else. Right before I was going to let myself cum, I was going to drop him down on top of me, take his cock in my mouth and grind his face into my pussy, and make us both cum at the same time. Those were some of the best orgasms I ever had.

[She goes silent; for a moment, she had started to smile at the memory of her old kinky game, but then she remembers how it ended that day.]

What happened instead?

One of the riots had just started out on my street. A stray bullet broke through the window and struck my boyfriend right in the forehead. He, uh… he fell right on top of me, and I froze in terror. And in pain. And…

I was reading his mind while I was teasing him, looking at his fantasies, teasing him about how silly and dirty they were. It embarrassed him that I could do that, but that just excited him even more, so it became part of our foreplay. Well, when the bullet hit, his thoughts just blinked out. Like a light switch going off. And I was so caught up in his mind, I actually felt, for a moment, the pain of the impact. For a moment, everything went dark, as though I myself had been shot. But I hadn’t.  I just sort of went blank for a moment, before my body realized it wasn’t hurt, and my brain caught up to it.

It took me a couple seconds to realize exactly what had happened. And when I did, I just went into shock. I was sitting there, with my dead boyfriend bleeding his grey matter onto my thighs, and the sounds of gun fire outside, and I just… I thought I could…

[The full details of what happened next have been omitted by her request, but she has allowed me to summarize what happened. By the tenth year of Sex Magic existing, it was already well established that Sex Magic had healing aspects. She attempted to have sex with her boyfriend’s body for several minutes, attempting to revive him. Unfortunately, due to the nature of his injuries, and her own lack of training at using the healing arts of Sex Magic, she could not revive him. Afterwards, a rocket propelled grenade struck her building, and she was forced to leave before it collapsed.]

No, I’m okay, really. That was decades ago. I moved on a long time ago. It’s just… it’s a hard memory to relive, and like I said, I still have the occasional nightmare. Anyway, the riots happened, and a lot of people died. My point being, even with ten years to practice their magic, it’s not like every woman could just suddenly use it to protect themselves in any situation. This was utter and complete chaos. And it’s not like it would have helped. There were a ton of men fighting for the Cults, but there were women among them as well, shielding them from any attempt by other women to make them stop.

The US military had figured out how to weaponize Sex Magic by then, but hadn’t really been able to put that training to field practice much, so when the National Guard and the Army rolled in to try and stop things, they had much bigger battle than they expected. By the time it was over, one hundred million people had died, and the country was in tatters.

The worst part was, when the dust settled, there wasn’t anyone to help us pick up and rebuild. The rest of the world had its own problems. The Middle East, parts of Africa and Asia, they’d been warring over this stuff since near the beginning, with the Revolutions. The Cults also tore shit up all across Europe and other parts of Asia that weren’t dealing with revolutions. I hear Japan had it the worst, the Church of Tellus Mater actually took over the country for almost a decade.

I dunno what to think about it all. Of all the things to happen thanks to the appearance of Sex Magic, the Cult Wars were the absolute strangest. It made no sense to me. I mean, I get it, weird magic shows up, and your entire faith gets flipped upside down, your daily life goes sideways, maybe as a woman you go insane having to deal with a constant flood of men’s perverted thoughts, maybe as a man you go insane being pushed around by women. I get that. If this had just been a couple incidents here or there, a few scattered groups just snapping and deciding at random to go on a shooting spree, well, I get that.

But this? This was like some kind of globally coordinated massacre. There were hundreds of Cults that supposedly were all independent, and the Cult Wars is called that because the Cults were all actually warring with each other, not the government like most people say. At least that was their original intent, supposedly. But you’re telling me that within three days, they all just up and decided to go kill-crazy? I mean, some posit a kind of mass hysteria, that a few Cults started fighting, and then the idea just spread like wildfire to the rest, and they all got caught in the moment and decided to join in. Riot mentally, basically. But across an entire country? An entire continent? A whole planet?

It’s been a mystery that’s baffled people ever since. Even the members of the Cults who survived can’t say what drove them into such a frenzy. Was it some unknown element of the Sex Magic? Was it a new kind of magic? Was it disappointment that joining a Cult didn’t end up actually answering any of the questions people wanted? Most Cults were formed in a desperate search for answers as to why the Sex Magic had come to Earth and changed everything, and it was all just grasping at straws. And maybe that just drove people crazy.

Some people say the Cults were the result of some outside influence. As in, something pulling the strings of society since before Sex Magic even showed up, or possibly right around the same time. Some say aliens, some say wizards, some say demons. Some even say this was some kind of coordinated attack from a secret society behind the cults. You know, it’s funny, I’d almost believe it, since it was so out of no where.

Like I said, it was all so unreal, probably not helped by a lack of follow up. I mean, no more Cults popped up anywhere after that. To this day, no other form of magic other than Sex Magic has appeared on Earth, despite rumors to the contrary. I remember during the recovery years, all the paranoia, the new witch hunts, trying to root out and wipe out every trace of any Cult from the country. The government, once the new regimes came to power, started experimenting with other forms of magic, trying to see if anything other than Sex Magic actually worked. They’d been doing that since before the Cult Wars, of course, but afterwards, they went into overdrive trying to figure it all out. But they came up with nothing.

Although I once worked at a hospital where, and I swear on my life this is true, I saw a guy shoot lightning from his hands. I was told it was some kind of Sex Magic trick, and I guess it must have been. Sex Magic can do a lot of weird things, you know? But I’m pretty sure generating electricity from lust energy wasn’t something we’d figured out yet back. But it’s been a long time, so maybe I got my dates mixed up.

Well, I guess that’s all I have to say on the matter, really. Not very helpful, is it? Sorry. I was there, but I wasn’t in on any of the action. I hadn’t even started going to medical school, so I was just a civilian, carted off the to bomb shelters until we could evacuate.

I do wonder how things would have turned out if the Cult Wars hadn’t happened. Would there still be a United States, instead of the countries we have now? Would we still have the old family units like we used to? Would men be freer than they are now? Ah, well, speculation is just that. Good luck with your book, or whatever this is for. The Cult Wars are not something people are eager to reflect back on. The world went crazy for a couple months. Nobody wants to be reminded of that.

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