Friday, June 28, 2013

Reader Response: So What's Your Fantasy?

So, I have a fair number of readers it seems. And while I don't get many responses to posts like these, I thought I'd give it a shot.

What's your ultimate Sex Mage fantasy? What's your ideal situation (as a man) in which you are played with, taken, disciplined, or otherwise used by a Sex Mage? Or what's your ideal situation in which you (as a woman) have the power?

If you can't think of something, then here's a scenario: let's say your girlfriend/wife, or ex-girlfriend/ex-wife has gained Sex Magic and is looking to punish you with the power because you pissed her off. How do you imagine this goes?


  1. As when I cum, I lose my interest in sex (as quite all men I guess), so if she makes me go without a cum, then at the end of the day she's done good to me. An explanation from her for months of teasing me mindless edging me for hours each day, then ruining my orgasms so many times that at the end when I orgasm, nothing comes out would be quite sexy. I would be most interested I guess in a scene, where a relationship like this changes with her gaining sex mage would be a great story. Just imagine the possibilities of such a perfect tease woman, who can play with both your libido and your mind. Then she gets a goddess-like force too, hmm...

  2. One of my fantasies would be to have a woman playing with my prostate as well as with my cock and balls. If the prostate stimulation is done correctly you may feel like you are cumming without actually having an orgasm, and appart form that the testicles produce more semen. That would be a great torture to experience ;)


  3. I think it would be fun for her if she decided to play with his likes and dislikes. If he hated feet before, well it looks like he now has an incredible foot fetish. She could also make it so that he knows exactly what she did so inside he is repulsed by his new fetishes but he simply can't help himself.

  4. i would love to be kidnaped by a witch to serve her as her personal boytoy/slave

  5. I posted this on Gloryboy's blog the other day, and both you and he give me a lot of inspiration through your stories for things i can implement in real life. for example, one thing I looove doing with my bf is sending him teasing texts all day while's he's in class (we're both graduate students) to get him riled up like crazy (I've verbally forbidden him to masturbate, or "have sweaty sex with his palm" as I like to call it!). Then when we're together in the evening, I ever-so lightly massage his balls with my manicured little fingers and innocently ask, "mmmm poor baby, I bet these need to be emptied oh-so badly don't they?" Ignoring his groans and pleas, some nights I empty them, while others...well, let's just say he feels a bit "blue" on those evenings!

    Setting up the situation, the dialog is all tons of fun, and I've gotten so many ideas from the thing you've written, so thanks for that!! I'd love more college related sex mages stories, if I can request them ;)

  6. I think my favorite fantasy is a girl discovering her powers. The absolute joy she gets while figuring out a new ability she has that men do not. Then the feeling she gets in using those powers for the first time. That would be even better the more powerful she is. For instance a Megami class sex mage practicing her new and goddess like powers on her boyfriend or some random person lucky enough to be chosen by her.

    This would also mean that he probably will never ever get to cum again, but that is worth it to her for all the fun powers she gets. He should be happy for her after all. One of my favorite scenes you ever did was Cruel Sarah when she tells her ex that she will make it so that he is never going to cum again in his life. The joy she gets from that simple declaration and the horror as he knows she can do it with nothing more than one simple thought.

    Also, were you ever planning on doing that prequel to Sarah and the boy next door? I would so love to see her and her friend first get their powers and mercilessly torture their neighbor :)

  7. Good responses so far. Keep 'em coming! ;)

    XMsDiana, I'm glad I could inspire!

    0e923, I did try to start "Jack in Between" but I was having trouble coming up with stuff I hadn't already done before, and somewhere along the line, I got sidetracked, and I just haven't gotten back to it. Right now, I'm tied up with other projects, but I'll try to get around to that one eventually.

  8. My problem with the sex magic universe is it so one sided - my fantasies tend to revolve around men losing, but they think they have a realistic chance to stem the tide.

    So for me it would be a world in which the magic make women a bit more powerful, but in every way - physically sexually mentally.

  9. Here's an idea that I came up with awhile ago:
    It involves a married couple. They've been together for years, and the wife decides to hire and esper/has an esper friend so they can have a fun night together. You see, the guy has been a paraplegic since just before they got married. The esper puts the couple into a headspece where his body acts normally.

    This is absolute heaven for the guy because it's been so long since he's felt his penis. But as time goes on, he starts to wonder why he hasn't orgasmed yet. She says that since it's been so long for her too (she hasn't been with a real penis since his accident) that she doesn't want it to end so soon.

    He says that since this isn't real, why not just have the esper "recharge" him so he can go again and again.

    She simply shugs and with a mischievous grin, say that she hadn't thought of that.

    They go at it for what feels like days, but since time can diffently in headspace, it's really only an hour. At the end, she finally lets him come, maybe even a few times.

  10. I thought of a nice idea where a girl likes to keep lots of men as statues. She freezes them in place for as long as she desires, of course teasing them with a thought the entire time. In doing this she feeds off their energy and keeps them and herself forever young. Whenever she wants she can go to her statue 'garden' and pick and choose whichever toy she wants to play with at that moment. She can then have her toy service her however she sees fit before sending him back to freeze till she next decides to use him. Could be a day, a week, a year, or never again

  11. So I have this fantasy where I'm made to forget every orgasm I've ever had, then reconditioned either through implanted memories or actual activities where every orgasm is accompanied by a particular fetish.

    For example, a mage makes the male protagonist forget every sexual encounter and masturbation session. Then teases him with her feet while he licks her to many orgasms. When she's satisfied, she makes him cum while sucking on her toes, then alters his memories to make that session part of his past. She repeats this process until all of his sexual memories and fantasies are replaced and every masturbation fantasy and sex dream he has involves feet on his dick and in his mouth.