Monday, September 16, 2013

Metis Academy - Greg's Story

Greg was lying on his bed, reading a comic book, when Pam walked into his room. The petite brunette had never given Greg a glance before, but here she was, barging into his room. Not for the first time, Greg wished the boys dorm rooms actually had doors they could close and lock. But it was probably better that they didn’t, because that’d just give the girls more excuses to punish and tease them.

“Hey,” said Pam, coming in and sitting at his desk chair. “Do you mind if I use your computer? I need to look up something, and the girl’s dorm and computer lab are on the other sides of campus.”

Greg blinked at her in surprise. “Uh… okay… I guess…?”

Pam turned to his computer, adjusted her glasses, and turned it on. “I just need some info for a test, and all the boys I know are playing that online shooter thing on their comps. It’s dumb.”

“Oh, um, okay,” he said. He went back to reading his comic book, and tried to ignore Pam’s presence. Greg was one of the boys who thankfully didn’t suffer too much teasing from the girls, even on a small campus filled with newly awakening Sex Mages and their mischievous teachers. Polite and diligent, Greg’s real secret was distracting himself with other things. Nerdy, geeky things, such as video games and comic books. It didn’t make his blue balls ache any less, but it was easier to ignore a girl’s sexy legs and cleavage if you could let yourself get carried away in a good book.

Of course, it was impossible to avoid temptation for long at Metis Academy, but he wasn’t like those boys who kept loosing their cool and almost orgasming in the middle of class, or who would follow the girls around like obedient puppy dogs, desperately hoping their servitude would earn them an occasional release. Truth be told, he wasn’t that interested in the girls here. Sure, they were all pretty and sexy in their own ways. But he didn’t care for their teasing, arrogant attitudes, which the school itself encouraged. While he’d never claim to like fictional girls over real ones, in his present circumstance, he found more to admire about the superheroines in his comics than his classmates, or even teachers.

“So what are you reading?” said Pam, as she typed away on the keyboard.

“Comic book,” said Greg.

“Obviously. Which one?”

“Phenomenal Five.”

Pam turned around. “Really? I love that one!” she leaned down and peered up at the pages, showing a quintet of superheroes battling some robots.

Greg raised an eyebrow. “You like comic books?”

“Sure. What, just because I’m a girl, doesn’t mean I can’t like comic books.”

“Um, I just never met a girl who liked superheroes,” he said.

Pam smiled. “I’m kind of a nerd, in case the glasses didn’t tip you off.” She winked at him.

Greg almost felt a blush come to his cheeks, but he was able to tamp it down. Now that he got a look at her, she was rather pretty. She was wearing a light blue blouse just a bit too open, and a short plaid skirt just a bit too short. Her brunette hair was curly and framed her black-rimmed glasses in a way he had to admit was kinda sexy-cute.

Greg cleared his throat and looked back at the comic. “That’s cool,” he said.

Pam went back to the computer and typed for a few minutes, then turned back to look at him. Greg was absorbed in the comic, and didn’t notice Pam reaching for his cock until her fingers clasped firmly around it. Greg jumped, eliciting a giggle from Pam. Greg looked at her a bit warily.

“Don’t mind me,” she said. “Keep reading.” She slowly began to stroke him. Greg wanted to say something, but he’d been at Metis long enough to know when he was being set up for a game. And it was always wisest to go along with the games girls played; not doing so would only make things worse.

So he went back to reading the comic. Or at least trying to. Greg had not had an orgasm in nearly two weeks, and so even this light stimulation Pam was giving him was very distracting. Greg found himself re-reading several pages as he lost focus. He expected Pam to say or do something, but she simply waited and slowly stroked until he was finished with the comic. He set it down and looked at her, and she smiled.

“Whose your favorite character?” she said, continuing her slow strokes.

“Uh, Phoenix, I guess,” he said. He felt himself break out into a slight sweat; her touch wasn’t enough to get him off, but it was making his cock flex with the sensations.

“Why?” Pam was staring at him studiously now, ignoring the computer.

“Well, she’s powerful, she’s got cool abilities, and she’s… um…”


“Well, she’s… cute…”

Pam smiled. “Cute, huh? You think she looks good?”

“Well, I mean, the artist makes her look cute, yeah.”

“So, you jerk off to her?”

Greg swallowed. “N-no… no, I don’t jerk off to her…”

Pam’s stroking slowed to a stop and she squeezed his cock. Greg felt his breath catch as a pulse of pleasure bloomed in his loins. “Liar,” said Pam. “You do so jerk off to her. You know she’s not real, right?”

“I know,” said Greg, stiffly. “That’s why I don’t.” He wished she would keep stroking, but he didn’t dare tell her what to do. He wasn’t sure what kind of head game she was going for, but he knew there was a trap she was trying to get him to spring.

“Such a liar. Why jerk off to someone who isn’t real? You’ll never sleep with her.”

He really didn’t jerk off to thoughts of Phoenix or any other fictional character. But there was no arguing with a girl when she had your dick in her hand. “It’s not like I’ll be sleeping with anyone here, either, so what would be the difference?” He almost winced as he said it. He was sure he was in trouble now.

Pam stared at him a bit longer in silence, then smiled slightly. “True,” she said. Her hand resumed it’s stroking. Greg let out a breath he hadn’t known he’d been holding. The stimulation was still light, but it was better than her just holding it. However, just as he was about to relax and enjoy the sensations, she let go, and stood.

“I want you to write me a story,” she said.

Greg blinked. “Wh-what?”

“I said, I want you to write me a story. I want you to write a story in which you are a supervillain who captures Phoenix and you have your way with her.”

Greg blinked again. “Really?”

“Yes. Write a story about you making Phoenix your little bitch and fucking her like a piece of meat.” Greg’s cock subconsciously twitched at that, causing Pam to smirk. “If you do so, and your story gets me wet, I will give you an orgasm.” Greg’s cock flexed again.

Head spinning a little Greg said, “Well, I mean, I’m not a very good writer…”

Pam shrugged. “Just an idea,” she said. “If you don’t want to do it, fine. I won’t make you.”

“Really?” he said.

“Yeah,” she said. “You seem like you don’t need to cum that bad anyway.”

“I’m okay,” said Greg, warily.

Pam smiled sweetly. “Okay. Just let me know if you change your mind, the offers still on the table.”

“Thanks,” said Greg, and watched her leave. He let out a relieved sigh, then sat up, and turned to his computer. He blinked in surprise as he saw that a pair of panties had been left on his computer chair. “What the hell?”

Greg picked up the panties gingerly. They were still warm, and slightly damp at the crotch. Pam had to have left them. When had she taken them off? When he was reading, and she was typing? And why the hell would she leave them?

Greg knew another trap when he saw it, and he wasn’t about to let it catch him. He stood up to go to the door and call for Pam, when he suddenly paused. He looked at the panties again. A simple white cotton pair, nothing fancy, but looking at them suddenly made him feel a swelling of arousal. His dick, already constantly hard, tensed a bit more and twitched in excitement just looking at the panties.

Before he knew what he was doing, Greg brought the panties up and gave them a light sniff. The scent of feminine arousal flooded his nose, and for a moment, he felt dizzy. He half-sat, half-fell back onto the bed as he pressed the panties fully to his face and took in a deep breath. Oh, sweet fucking Jesus, it was like snorting pure aphrodisiac. His penis swelled to maximum tension and throbbed with heightened arousal. He felt a burning, desperate need to touch himself, to stroke one off.

He could not, of course. Just like all the boys, he could not masturbate thanks to the Sex Mage’s conditioning spells. His only hope for relief was help from his female fellow students or the female teachers and staff. He wished Pam was still here stroking him, even a light touch would be better than the aching lack of touch. Even his balls were aching now as his body demanded he find something to stick his dick into and pump away until he had shot himself dry. Another hopeless desire, as his orgasms were likewise sealed away.

This was crazy, though. Greg had never had any sort of panty-sniffing fetish. He didn’t even think most girls smelled all that good. Not bad if they kept clean, but the scent of feminine juices didn’t rev his motor. So why was he suddenly huffing Pam’s panties like an addict? Unless…

Oh, no. Had Pam awakened to her powers? At least half the girls on campus had by now, and if Pam was one of them, that meant she was already experimenting with the various things Sex Magic let her do. Greg knew the magic had a psychic component, allowing girls to read a boy’s erotic thoughts. Some women even learned a skill that let them alter aspects of a man’s mind, changing his fetishes and sexual preferences. Had Pam given him a panty-sniffing fetish? Or, if she didn’t have any powers yet, had one of her friends done it? Had the computer thing been a lie for Pam to set him up? Greg felt a chill as he realized he was already caught deep in her trap, had been the moment she had decided he was worthy of her attention.

Greg then jumped as several flashes of light broke him out of his trance. He jerked back and managed to throw the panties to the floor as he saw several girls laughing, taking pictures of him from his doorway. “Hey!” he said, and threw his hands up to cover his face and genitals, but it was too late. Four girls took off, laughing hysterically. Greg sighed, and knew that those pictures would be going up on his FapReport profile within the hour. He flushed with humiliation and some anger, but knew there was nothing to be done about it.

He threw a jacket over the panties before they could entrance him again, and went to his computer. He noticed his Instant Messenger program was open, and there was a message from “SuperGeekTease” awaiting his response. He swallowed hard, and accepted the message.

SuperGeekTease: Hey there! Enjoying my thank you gift? It was nice of you to let me use your computer, so I decided to leave you a little present.

Greg stared at the message, baffled. Then another message popped up.

SuperGeekTease: Hey, I can see you’re there. Well?

Greg swallowed, before typing.

GregJ: Well, what?
SuperGeekTease: Oooo, harsh. Don’t be mad. :-(
GregJ: Did you give me this fetish?
SuperGeekTease: I’m sure I don’t know what you’re talking about. ;-)
GregJ: Please get rid of it!
SuperGeekTease: Come on, don’t blame me for your dirty habits. It’s not my fault you’re a panty-perv.
GregJ: I’m pretty sure it is!
SuperGeekTease: Really? Got any proof?
GregJ: You left your panties behind, and that was the first time I had any desire to sniff them!

Greg’s cock twitched as he thought about it, and it was only with a Herculean effort that he didn’t pull them out from under the jacket and put them back on his face.

SuperGeekTease: That doesn’t mean I gave you the fetish. Maybe I just saw it in your mind when I was touching you and decided to take advantage of it.
GregJ: So you do have your powers.
SuperGeekTease: Um, yeah, I do. Pretty sure every girl in our class does now. Except for Jenny and Mercedes and Kyoko. Poor things. I hope they’re not late bloomers.
SuperGeekTease: LOL, I just heard your penis twitch. You didn’t know that almost all of us have our powers? Does that make you excited? Or scared?
SuperGeekTease: Or maybe both?
GregJ: Can you please just take away this fetish. I can barely think about panties without wanting to sniff them. Come on, I can’t function like this!
SuperGeekTease: You’re a real whiner, you know that?
GregJ: Please?
SuperGeekTease: No. I know you think you’re clever, that you think you’ve managed to slip under the radar, but that’s only because most of the girls think you’re boring. I know there’s a desperately horny guy hiding behind those comic books, and I aim to have some fun with him.

Greg was almost paralyzed with the realization that his comparatively easy time at Metis was officially over. He could only pray that Pam wasn’t the mean, cruel bitch that some of the other girls, and even teachers, could be.

SuperGeekTease: Still there?
GregJ: Yes.
SuperGeekTease: Anything to say?
GregJ: I’m sorry I accused you.
SuperGeekTease: That’s a start.
GregJ: I’ll write that story for you.
SuperGeekTease: Good. I’m looking forward to it.
GregJ: Will I still be allowed to cum if you like it?
SuperGeekTease: Depends on how good it is.
GregJ: Okay. Can you please come pick up your panties?
SuperGeekTease: Nah, keep them. Infact, I want you to wear them on your face tonight while you sleep.
GregJ: That’s crazy! I won’t be able to sleep at all!
SuperGeekTease: That doesn’t sound like my problem.
GregJ: Pam, I’m really, really sorry, okay? I didn’t mean to disrespect you.
SuperGeekTease: I know you didn’t. But you will be wearing those panties on your face tonight anyway. I would make you wear them while you wrote that story, but I don’t think you’d get any writing done if you did.
GregJ: Okay.
SuperGeekTease: I mean it. I’m going to let your dorm’s Head Mistress know about it, and she’ll be checking up on you.
GregJ: Okay.
SuperGeekTease: Alright. You probably better get to work on that story. Your balls sound really full, and are probably going to be really bad tomorrow morning.
GregJ: Yes, ma’am.

Pam logged off, and Greg leaned back in his chair, letting out a breath. His heart was thudding in his chest and his cock and balls were throbbing. He glanced at the jacket on the floor, under which were the panties that would destroy him if he dared to uncover them. He gingerly shoved them under his bed without revealing the panties.

Then he sat at this computer and began to type. He still had five hours before the enforced bed time. If he was lucky, he could have something not completely half-assed finished by then.

Greg leaned back in his chair and sighed. He’d just done five hours of writing and rewriting, he still wasn’t sure about what he’d written. He had to admit, once he’d gotten over the resentment of being made to write the story, and let his imagination go, he’d found the process enjoyable. Still, writing wasn’t his strong suit, and he cringed as he checked the story over for errors. He also had no idea if this was the sort of story Pam would actually enjoy; that was the most nerve-wracking part. It would be easy enough to ask her, but he suspected that somehow would also lead to another mind game trap.

Well, all he could do was write something he enjoyed and hope that passion showed in his work and that would overcome his lack of skill. As he re-read the paper to proofread it, he felt his cock throb a bit. He was a bit ashamed to admit it, but he rather liked the fantasy. In the story, he had cast himself as a mad scientist using a hypno-ray. As the Phenominal Five broke into his base just in time to stop him from unleashing his Super Doomsday Robot, he hit them with the hypno-ray. All the members of the P5 were immediately entranced (even though that shouldn’t have worked, since in issue #17, they’d had themselves immunized against hypnosis, but who the fuck cared?). However, while he put the other four into a prison cell at his base (because his base was a former prison, of course), he took Phoenix and pulled her into his private room for experiments.

There, he tied her down, fitted her with power dampeners, and slowly teased and taunted her, telling her over and over how she was his slave. He teased her breasts and pussy with feathers and vibrators and some pleasure-inducing electro-pads, but denied her orgasms. Every time she started to cum, he would halt the pleasure. Every time she started to come out of the trance, he’d use the hypno-ray on her again. He teased her for hours, holding back his own pleasure, until she broke, and became his slave.

Only then did her let her orgasm, and that sealed his control over her. Then, he made her give him a blow job, ride him cowgirl, made her do all the work to pleasure him while he laid back and enjoyed her attentions, cumming all over her body to show his dominance.

Greg swallowed as he saved the file one more time and sent a copy to Pam through e-mail, then printed a copy just in case the e-mail copy didn’t work. He closed his eyes and tried to get himself to calm down, knowing that in a few minutes, it would be lights out, and he’d have to put the panties on his face. He just needed a couple minutes to brace himself for the hard night ahead.

“Greg?” came a calm, controlled feminine voice, somehow soft with a strong tone of authority. Greg looked up to see the Head Mistress of the boys’ dorm, a statuesque blonde who was almost achingly beautiful, standing at his door. Unlike some of the staff, her clothes were the proper size for her, but still clung to her like a second skin, giving her a classic “hot teacher” look.

As soon as he saw her, Greg’s cock got even stiffer than it already was. The Head Mistress was probably the most gorgeous woman on campus, and that was saying something; just being around her made any boy’s erection go almost painfully tense. Greg suspected, however, that it was more than just her looks or bearing; she was probably radiating a constant low-ebb of lust from her body. For the constantly naked, permanently hard, frequently denied boys at the Academy, even the lowest ebb of a woman’s lust aura could make any of them cross-eyed with need.

Greg managed to resist. Mostly. “Yes, ma’am?” he said, keeping his voice from wavering.

“It will be lights out in just a few minutes. Your friend Pam told me about your little punishment. I’m just checking to make sure you’re going to follow through.”

“Of course, ma’am,” he said. He pulled the jacket from under his bed and lifted it up. The slight scent of womanhood wafted up to him, and he swallowed. He fought as hard as he could to resist the entrancing effect as he slowly reached down and picked up the panties. He flushed and glanced at the Head Mistress, then took a breath and slipped them over his head, settling the crotch over his nose. The effect was immediate, and his cock, already at twitching with excitement, swelled to maximum tension. He moaned as he lay back on his bed.

The Head Mistress nodded in approval, then left to check on the other boys. Greg felt his cock become slightly less tense, confirming his suspicions of her lust aura. But it was hardly a reprieve as he felt his thoughts melting as the scent of Pam filled his nostrils again, and made him float away in a haze of sexual euphoria. His hands clutched the edge of his bed in a death grip as he let out soft moans and his cock throbbed and jumped, weeping pre-cum in it’s fruitless call for attention.

It was a few minutes later when Greg’s reverie was broken again by the feeling of a hand wrapping around his cock. He jumped and his eyes fluttered open, taking a moment to focus. He saw the Head Mistress sitting on his computer chair, facing him, arms and legs crossed as she gave him a studious look. She’d slipped back into his room silent as a ghost. The hand that held his cock was a phantom one, her magic creating an invisible grip.

“So tell me, Greg,” she said. “Did you enjoy your little superhero fantasy?”

Greg’s head was swimming, unprepared for conversation. “Uh… uh…” he floundered. The phantom hand squeezed his cock and Greg’s eyes went wide. He instinctively started to curl up, but found he could not move. The Head Mistress’s power held him fast to the bed.

“Well? Did you enjoy writing your little fantasy story?” Another invisible hand seized him, this time cupping his balls and giving him a gentle squeeze. “Answer me, Gregory.”

Greg nodded vigorously. “Y-yuh… yeah…”

“I thought as much. Naughty boys like to think naughty thoughts. You like to imagine you’re still in a world where men are in charge. You like to pretend what it would be like if men were the ones with magical sex powers. Well, for a fantasy, that’s fine. But just so you know, it is a fantasy.”

“Y-y-yes… f-fantasy…” Greg might have been inclined to point out how such a thing was presently very obvious, but he was barely capable of forming coherent thoughts at this point. The invisible hands weren’t stimulating him, just holding him, but as aroused as he was, it was enough to send his hips jerking, humping at the air to try and get some friction that just wasn’t there. “P-p-pam… wanted story…”

The Head Mistress gave him a cool gaze. “Are you trying to blame a girl for your perverse thoughts?”

“I… she told me… write… st-story…”

“Maybe she did, but you still thought up the details, did you not?” The Head Mistress picked up the printed copy of the story and read through it quickly. “Such silly nonsense. Teasing the girl until she becomes your slave, instead of taking her like a real man. How odd that even your domination fantasies involve giving the woman such pleasure and having her still be on top.”

Greg’s mind was whirling. What did that mean? What was she getting at? Did that mean Pam wouldn’t like it? What was… oh, god… if only he could take the panties off his face…if only the Head Mistress would make the invisible hands move…

The Head Mistress stood. “Well, you have a good night, Gregory. Try to not have too many inappropriate dreams.” Then she was gone, leaving the invisible hands to hold Greg’s genitals, taunting him just as surely as the panties, both driving him crazy.

That night, Greg slept only fitfully, but every brief sequence of dreams involved him tying Phoenix, Pam, and even the Head Mistress to a king sized bed and taking turns getting on top and ramming his dick into them like a crazed animal. In the waking world, his poor, throbbing cock danced in the air all night long, aching and unrelieved.


Being a Sunday, the boys were spared the Head Mistress’s morning ritual of waking them all up with psychic, cock-tickling feathers. The boys relished weekend mornings, since it was the only chance they usually had to catch up on lost sleep. Greg, however, was not so lucky this morning. Between the panties and the Head Mistress’s invisible hands still tauntingly gripping him, there was no way he could stay in bed for long; he wasn’t getting any more sleep than the fitful catnaps he’d managed in the wee hours of the night. His cock was actually hurting from being at constant high-tension for so long.

Not for the first time, Greg thanked God the healing aspect of women’s Sex Magic prevented any medical complications from prolonged erections. Then he remembered that any God that would give the women Sex Magic so they could constantly torment men was probably a Goddess who was laughing at the males’ collective predicament.

Around six in the morning, far earlier than he’d normally have bothered getting up on a weekend, he finally dragged himself out of bed. He’d gotten used to the panties enough by now that he could muster enough willpower to yank them off. He threw them in the garbage in frustration. As he got his feet, he felt the invisible hands vanish from his cock. He wondered if they would have done so at any time if he’d just thought to get out bed, or if they’d actually been on a timer. Knowing how the girls’ games worked, it was probably the former, and he’d just been too entranced to even think of trying to leave the bed.

Greg sat heavily at his computer and booted up an old video game to distract himself from his sexual frustration. The game featured a cartoon rabbit running through levels, jumping on bad guys, on a quest to save his girlfriend.

“Yeah, right,” Greg muttered. “If they made the game today, it’d be about him trying to steal back the key to his chastity belt.”

An hour of gameplay distracted him sufficiently that his cock was no longer aching, though his balls were still very tender. He was still erect, of course, his cock permanently reaching for the sky, but only at a “basic” erection. He checked the time and saw that the cafeteria would be open for breakfast in a few minutes.

Greg exited the dorm, and got about ten steps from the stairs when a girl whose name he didn’t know came right up to him. She smirked at Greg and put a hand on his chest to stop him. Then she reached down and flicked the tip of his penis. Not hard, just a light flick, but that brief moment of contact sent a bolt of raw pleasure down his loins. His cock lurched mightily, and he gasped.

“Hey, there, Dr. Greg,” she said, and gave him another flick. Greg shuddered and his cock jerked a few more times. “Caught any more superheroines lately, hm? Fucked their brains out like a big, bad, burly man?” Another flicked and Greg’s knees went weak. His cock jerked as he hit the edge of orgasm. One more and he would lose it!

Clearly sensing this, the girl grinned wickedly, and poised her hand a mere inch from his cock. “So, you wanna tease girls, huh? You like the idea of having a girl at your mercy, right at the edge, helpless and begging?”

Greg shook his head. He wanted to grab her wrist and shove her away, but he didn’t dare. The girl pouted. “No? What a shame.” She leaned close, her breath tickling his ear. “Cuz you could tease me any time you like, Dr. Greg.” Greg swallowed hard, and his cock twitched at the thought. He opened his mouth, dumbfounded by her statement.

Then she giggled, and flicked his tip again, not so gently this time. Greg let out a cry and dropped to his knees, hips bucking, as a searing pulse of pleasure shoved him hard against the edge of orgasm. The girl, and several others nearby watching, all burst out laughing as Greg’s body fruitlessly tried to cum.

“Psyche!” the girl said. “Just kidding, nerd-perv!” She then turned her nose up at him and left him gasping on the ground. Greg flushed, utterly humiliated and frustrated. He had never lost it like that in front of anyone before. Damn these girls!

When he got his breath back and his cock under control again, Greg hurried to the cafeteria, keeping his head and his gaze down as he grabbed a few apples and a couple muffins, then ran out the door. Several girls giggled as he went by, pointing at him, and one even called out, “Paging Dr. Greg! Nerd in need of relief!”

Greg ran back to his room, having lost his appetite. He huffed as he sat on the chair. He nearly wanted to cry. This was so unfair! He’d been as model a student as he could, didn’t give the girls or teachers any trouble, so why were they now giving him a hard time? Was he just next on some list, did some teacher notice he was doing a little too well, or was it really just the capricious whims of the girls playing with whatever boy happened to be in their field of view at the time?

Greg jumped as he heard the beep of an Instant Message from his computer. He’d forgotten he’d left it on. Or had someone come in and turned it on while he was getting breakfast?

SuperGeekTease: I can sense your cock all the way from here! Your balls must be killing you!

Greg wasn’t sure what to say. He wanted to cuss her out, but he also wanted to beg her to relieve the ache in his loins.

SuperGeekTease: LOL, I can sense you’re there, Greg. You’re thinking about me giving you a handjob.
Gregj: Hi.
SuperGeekTease: Hi? That’s all I get?
Gregj: I
SuperGeekTease: Yes?
Gregj: Did you read the story?
SuperGeekTease: Actually, not yet. I had to do homework. I was going to read it this morning. But you probably noticed by now I posted it on your FapReport page before I went to bed.

Greg flinched. He’d thought some of the girls had just read his mind while he was writing and getting into scene. Maybe some had, but he should have known. Mother fucking FapReport. Greg suspected he was among a vast majority of men who secretly wanted to murder whoever came up with FapReport, the online profile site dedicated to showing the world every man’s dirty thoughts and deeds. Sex Magic had appeared during the dawn of the Social Media Age. It wasn’t even a year before multiple social network websites had been created where women could anonymously post all manner of revealing information about any boy they knew.

It was bad enough that any woman nearby could read a man’s sexual thoughts. But thanks to FapReport and sites like it, a man didn’t even have to have met a woman before she could just look up his every masturbation habit, sexual activities, and sexual fantasies. It was all on display for anyone in the world to judge or laugh at.

Gregj: Why did you do that?
SuperGeekTease: I thought the rest of the school might get a kick out of it.
Gregj: Okay.
SuperGeekTease: You mad again, bro? :-P
Gregj: Are you going to read it?
SuperGeekTease: I was going to do so first thing this morning. But then I thought, wouldn’t it be fun if you were there with me when I did so? In fact, it might be even hotter if you read it to me out loud. Maybe I could even record it, and we’d have a hot audiobook version for your FR profile!
Gregj: Could we not? Please? Besides, why do I have to read it out loud? You could see the whole story in my head with your powers if I read it, right?
SuperGeekTease: Aw, are you shy? Don’t be! I think you have a sexy voice.
SuperGeekTease: Tell you what, as added incentive, while you read it out loud to me, I’ll do something to help ease a little bit of tension for you.
SuperGeekTease: LOL! Your cock twitched again!
Gregj: Okay, okay.
Gregj: That sounds good.
SuperGeekTease: Okay, so, come on over.

Greg paused and broke out into a sweat.

Gregj: You mean to your room?
SuperGeekTease: Of course, silly, what else would I mean?
Gregj: Boys aren’t allowed to go into girls’ rooms!
SuperGeekTease: Come on, man, you need to lighten up. Break a rule now and then! Live a little!
Gregj: But I’ll get caught instantly!
SuperGeekTease: Oh, posh. Girls sneak boys in here all the time.
Gregj: And the boys always get punished for it!
SuperGeekTease: LOL, that’s because their dicks always give away their guilty conscience! But you’re a tough, no-nonsense kind of guy. You can keep your dick in line, right?
Gregj: You know it’s impossible! I’m not doing it! Please, I’ll meet you anywhere else on campus, I’ll even sit in your dorm’s lobby with you and read to whoever’s there, but it’s against the rules to go into a girl’s room, and I don’t want to be punished for being made to do something I knew I shouldn’t!
SuperGeekTease: You know you also have to do what a girl says, right? I mean, they only made that rule in anticipation of when us girls get our powers and can just force you to do what we want through magic. But I don’t want to do that, because there’s no fun if I just puppet you. So, I won’t. But you will do as I ask.
Gregj: No. Forget it. If I’m going to get punished for breaking a rule no matter what, than I’ll do it on my own terms.
SuperGeekTease: So, you’d rather get double the punishment?
Gregj: Double? What?
SuperGeekTease: Well, because you’d be breaking two rules, instead of just one.

Greg blinked. His mind was whirling, already frazzled from frustration, arousal, and trying to keep up with female wits.

Gregj: What do you mean? It’s one rule break either way!
SuperGeekTease: Well, no, it’s actually two your way. One for disobeying me, and one for stealing my panties.

Greg gawked at the screen.

Gregj: What? You left them for me! As a thank you gift! You told me to wear them all night!
SuperGeekTease: But I didn’t say you could keep them any longer, did I? You still have them, don’t you?

Greg scrambled to dig them out of his trashcan. Thankfully, the wastebasket had been empty except for a crumpled ball of paper and a soda can, so the panties hadn’t gotten any dirtier than they already were.

Gregj: Yes, I have them.
SuperGeekTease: Did you just dig them out of your trashcan?
Gregj: No!
SuperGeekTease: Ew, gross! Forget it, just keep them.
Gregj: They’re not any dirtier!
SuperGeekTease: I don’t care. You threw out my panties instead of giving them back. So you really did steal them. So, that’s two rules broken, disobeying me and stealing my panties.
SuperGeekTease: Actually, no, wait, that’s three rules broken!

Greg’s eyes went wide.

Gregj: NO! How could that be three? It’s not even two, you didn’t tell me I had to return them!
SuperGeekTease: I shouldn’t have to state the obvious!
SuperGeekTease: And it’s three because you’ve already been in my room!
Gregj: WHAT?
SuperGeekTease: Well, how else did you get the panties? I wouldn’t ever just leave them lying around for some perv to start sniffing.
Gregj: NO! You did! That’s a blatant lie!
SuperGeekTease: Is it? Are you sure?
Gregj: Yes! Stop it! Stop twisting everything around!
SuperGeekTease: I think you’re just so horny, you’re misremembering things. I’m pretty sure last night, you came over here and asked to use my computer, and I said okay, and when I came back to check on you, you and a pair of my panties were gone. And I think you even left some pre-cum on my desk and chair, so I have proof!
Gregj: NO! No no no! My dorm’s Head Mistress knows what really happened!
SuperGeekTease: You think she’s going to speak up for you? She likes me. All she has to do is stay silent. And then it’ll be my word over yours.
Gregj: That won’t work! They’ll see the truth in my head!
SuperGeekTease: Will they? I mean, we already know you’re a liar. Telling me you didn’t have a panty fetish, after we all caught you snorting my panties like were powdered with coke.
Gregj: I didn’t! You put that fetish in there, I know you did!
SuperGeekTease: And now you’re slandering me. That’s four rules broken. Do you ever want to orgasm again before graduation?

Greg was nearly in tears again. At nineteen years old, he wanted to stamp his feet and scream in frustration like a little kid being denied a toy at a super market. It wasn’t fair! It was utterly hopeless! Without even using her powers, without her looks or voice, with just a few minutes typing on her keyboard, this dorky little nerd girl had wrapped him tighter and tighter in a web of danger. And the whole time, his cock had returned to aching, diamond hardness. Greg had to choke back his tantrum and breathe deeply to compose himself

Pam gave him a few minutes before typing:

SuperGeekTease: So, are you coming over?
Gregj: I’m coming.
SuperGeekTease: We’ll see! ;-)
SuperGeekTease: LOL

Gritting his teeth, Greg shut off his computer and stepped out of the dorm. His cock wagged excitedly in front of him, always happy to lead the way to his inevitable doom.

Greg flushed as he walked towards the lion’s den that was the girl’s dorm. It took no small amount of bravery, or coercion, just to go near the place. So many freshly developing Sex Mages under one roof, not all of them quite able to reign in the lustful energies, and no teachers to help regulate either the energies or the girls’ mischief, meant just going into the girls’ dorm was several times worse than being surrounded by the girls in class.

Greg’s cock, already teased to hair trigger responsiveness by this point, twitched and jumped and swelled to what had to be a humanly impossible state of tension before he even got all the way up the steps. The pain of extreme priapism and blue balls shot through his loins; then a constant low tingling of sexual pleasure just from pure excitement partially eased the ache. Greg staggered halfway up the steps and his vision swam for a moment. He stumbled to the hand rail and gasped as felt himself nearing the edge of orgasm right there on the steps!

Jesus Christ, it was worse than he’d heard! He’d only been to the girls’ dorm once before, at the beginning of the year, when almost none of the girls had any of their powers. Granted, he’d just spent the past twelve hours getting his cock mercilessly teased, so he was especially sensitive to the ambient magic now. But even if he hadn’t been, Greg was certain he wouldn’t last five minutes just on the steps! No wonder there was a rule against the boys going into the girl’s rooms. It was as much for the boys’ protection as it was for the girls’ privacy.

Greg huffed and fought to get himself under control. He thought of video games, baseball, comic books that didn’t feature scantily clad women. He tried thinking of old nuns but somehow, they became hot young nuns with no underwear beneath their robes, rendering his efforts moot. Greg shook his head. He could hear giggling from the nearest windows, and looked up, expecting to see girls looking at him. But then he remembered they didn’t have to physically get up and look. With their magic, they could sense and “see” him perfectly.

Greg steeled himself and forced himself up the steps. His legs were shaking so bad and his cock throbbed so hard, he could barely walk, but he knew Pam wasn’t going to let him get by with such an excuse. As he neared the door, another girl whose name he wasn’t sure of happened to be coming out. She took one glance at Greg and grinned.

“Special delivery?” she said, nodding downwards. She could have been indicating either the printed copy of the story Greg carried or perhaps the impossibly hard cock he was forced to drag along. Probably both. Greg opened his mouth to say something, but found it was difficult to catch his breath.

The girl giggled and made a motion towards Greg. He felt something clasp his cock and balls, more invisible hands, and then suddenly, he was floating in the air! The girl made a motion, and Greg was lifted clear off the ground, flying straight into the dorm as she held the door open. A bit of telekinesis, and the girl had flung him a good forty feet! She set him down in the middle of the hallway, right at the lobby’s entrance, giving him a strong psychic squeeze before letting him go.

Greg made a wave of his hand to thank her for the help. He tried to verbalize his appreciation, but he could barely form thoughts, much less words. The moment he crossed the doorway into the building, the ambient aura of lust became so thick, he could almost see it. The tension from outside was like a gentle breeze compared to the mind numbing pressure he was feeling now.

His cock felt like it wanted to tear itself right off his body. His brain was boiling over with erotic thoughts. Greg stumbled to his hands and knees, hips bucking as he gasped. God, this had to be more than just being in the girls’ dorm, right? This couldn’t possibly just be from the ambient lust? Could it? Some girl had to be doing this directly, cranking up the pressure just to fuck with him. No way the girls were just this powerful that Greg was feeling this as a mere side effect of their presence?

“Well, there are a hundred of us living here,” said a voice. He looked up to see Pam, barely able to focus on her. “Even at a super low output, it all adds up.” Pam giggled as she watched Greg try to get up, and fail, falling back to down to his hands and knees. “Need a little help there, Dr. Greg?”

Greg gasped like a fish, and she giggled again. She knelt down to face him, and put her hands on his head. For a moment, Greg felt a cool, tingling sensation wash over his brain, and then, the effects of the ambient lust started to lessen. Greg rolled to a sitting position, leaning against the wall, and caught his breath as the tension slowly ebbed down. Even his cock eased to a less impossible tension, and Greg felt the cool tingling sweep over it, soothing away the pain, though not the sexual pressure.

“Fucking hell,” Greg couldn’t help but say when he could finally form words.

Pam grinned. “Yeah, I know. It’s so bad in here, even some of us girls start feeling the effects if we don’t actively resist. You boys have no idea how easy you have it thanks to the teachers. You know originally, the dorms were going to be co-ed, but I think they were afraid you boys would go into comas once our powers started kicking in. It was a good call.”

Now that he could think again, Greg could hear several lustful cries, mostly from the lobby. He glanced in and his eyes widened as he saw several other boys in there. A group of girls were just hanging out, while several boys either gave them massages, grabbed them snacks, or refilled drinks. A few other boys were pushed up against the wall, bound there by magic, and were squirming and moaning like loons. All of their cocks were hideously swollen, teased beyond the brink to the point of absolute tension.

“Oh, don’t mind them,” said Pam. “It’s the usual round of weekend servants. See, some of the more desperate boys can put their names into a drawing to see if they get to serve us girls in the lobby for a weekend. Usually if they do, they get a nice hard milking for their efforts, assuming the general consensus is that they did a good job.” Pam giggled. “Of course, if a guy gets picked multiple times, we can’t make it too easy, so we give them less and less shielding from the lust aura. See Steve over there? That guy’s got some inhuman stamina. Third weekend in a row he’s served, and we didn’t even let him cum last weekend.”

Greg looked away and held up the hardcopy of his story. “Can we please just do this?”

Pam smiled. “Of course!” she said, and stood. Greg noticed then that she was only wearing a thin pair of pink pajama pants and a tight tank top with no bra or panties. Greg’s cock twitched, causing Pam to giggle.

Greg flushed and got up, following her to the stairwell. Greg swallowed and looked around. No girls were in the hallway to see him enter, but he new that didn’t mean a thing. Every empowered female could sense exactly where his cock was, and they’d know the moment he set foot beyond the boundaries of the “no boys allowed” zone. Pam looked at him patiently, but motioned for him to follow.

Greg took a breath and stepped forward. He followed her up to the third floor, then a couple doors down to her room. Greg blinked as he heard a set of distinctly sexual moans coming from the room across the hall, one female, but another unmistakably male. Pam giggled. “Told you. Girls sneak boys in hear all the time, especially on weekends. Now get in here.”

Greg followed her inside, noting with a small degree of envy how the girls’ rooms not only had doors they could close, but doors with locks. Greg felt a nervous chill as he heard her secure the lock. Greg noticed her go to her computer, a small laptop, and position it to face the bed. She clicked open a sound recording program, and set it to start.

“Okay,” she said. “We’re good to go. Get on the bed and speak loudly and clearly.”

“Okay,” said Greg. He sat on the bed, reclining against the head board.

Pam then got on the bed and positioned herself cross legged between Greg’s legs, forcing him to spread them wide. She grinned mischievously, and Greg swallowed nervously. He then held the paper up in front of him and began to read.

“My name is Greg Dowser a pre-university student by day, but by night, I become Dr. Psycho, master scientist! With my new hypno-ray, I shall finally get my revenge on the Phenomenal Five!”

Pam snorted with laughter, and Greg paused. “Is it bad?” he said.

“It’s perfect. Just like a comic book! Keep going!”

Greg continued from there, describing the trap that he, as Dr. Psycho, would spring for the women, staging a museum heist to get their attention. As he did so, he felt Pam’s hands grip his cock. Greg’s voice caught for a moment, but he forced himself to go on as she held him. It was just as aggravating as before, being held like that. Especially now, he wanted nothing more than to thrust into her hand, but he knew she’d just follow his movements to prevent any friction.

When he got to the part where the Five busted into the museum, Phoenix taking point, Pam slowly began to stroke him. It was with a maddening pace, taking several seconds to do a single downward pull, and several more to go up. Greg’s voice faltered just a bit, and Pam stopped with a giggle. “Try that line again, I’m not sure the microphone got it.” She motioned to the laptop.

Greg cleared his throat and started the line over, managing not to falter as Pam resumed her stroking. When Greg got to the part where he had hypnotized the heroes, her stroking got slightly faster. And when he got to the part where he took Phoenix to his private quarters, she went just a little bit faster, her grip a bit firmer.

It wasn’t much longer before Greg couldn’t hold out any more. He fumbled his words, and his hips squirmed, until he thrust up into her hand.

“Hey!” she said. “Speak clearly now! And keep still!”

“I can’t r-read like this if you’re touching me,” Greg said.

“Aw, but you don’t want me to stop touching you, do you?” Her hand slowed to a near-stop.

Greg bit his lip to hold back a moan of frustration. Of course he didn’t, if she stopped now, he’d go crazy, but if she kept going, there was no way he could keep this up. “N-no… please keep… stroking me…”

Pam smiled and resumed her pace, but Greg immediately bucked into her hands by reflex. “Hey, none of that now! That’s cheating!” Pam pointed at him, and Greg felt something seize him by the hips, some sort of invisible set of tethers that somehow felt like them were gripping him from the inside, rooting his hips and ass to the bed. Greg grit his teeth to try and compose himself, but Pam’s hands moved just a little bit faster now. “Well,” she said. “Keep going.”

Somehow, over the course of an hour, Greg managed to stutter and gasp out his story. Pam made him repeat lines for a better recording, even as she started doing other things with her hands, tickling his balls and cock head, drumming her fingers up and down his shaft, each tap of her fingertip giving him a tiny jolt of pleasure. She laughed often as he read, a cute giggle that was starting to drive Greg crazy almost as much as her hands. When it was done, Greg nearly threw the papers to the floor as he gripped the edges of the bed and moaned.

“Y-y-you like?” said Greg, a hopeful gleam in his eye.

“I did!” said Pam, and her hands switched back to the steady stroking. “You’ve a good imagination, Dr. Greg. Your style could use some polish, but it did give me a good laugh!”

“Y-yeah?” gasped Greg. “But…?”

Pam gave him a sly smirk. “But, I’m afraid it didn’t get me wet.”

“So no… release…?” Greg panted.

“I’m afraid not, Dr. Greg. Besides, bad guys shouldn’t be rewarded for praying on poor, innocent superheroes!” Nonetheless, her slow strokes continued, and Greg shuddered as he nearly edged again, his eyes closing tight and his mouth twisting into a grimace as he fought to keep control of himself. Pam smirked, watching his expressions, so comically serious. “But like I said, the story was fun, and I appreciate that you went through the trouble. So, despite your stubbornness, I think you’re not a lost cause. So, I will give you a treat.”

Greg suddenly felt a warm, silky wetness envelope his penis head, at once familiar, yet new. His eyes snapped open and looked down, and he realized Pam had taken him into her mouth. Her actual, physical, mouth! He felt time almost slow for a moment as the realization hit him. And then the pleasure struck him like a wave, and his cock clenched hard at the screaming edge of an orgasm she would not let him have.

Pam slowly lowered her mouth on him, her tongue softly caressing the sensitive underside of the shaft as she sucked him in, dragging her lips torturously slow down his shaft, until they touched the root of him. Then she held him there, letting him marinate in her mouth. Greg couldn’t even draw breath to moan or cry out. Even with his hips magically secured, the rest of his body writhed and thrashed as her mouth bathed his overly teased cock in wet, sexual fire. She had to be adding to the effect with magic, either that, or she’d used her magic to make him more sensitive. Either way, Greg thought he was going to black out. But, of course, he didn’t. The magic would not allow any form of relief.

And then, after what felt like a too-quick eternity, she slowly slid back up, sucking hard, and dragging her lips and tongue heavily along the sensitive skin. She let the edge of her teeth very gently scrape along the sensitive cock head, a sensation Greg had never felt before, and it made a lightning bolt of pleasure lance through his cock. She held his cock head between her lips for just a moment more, then finally pulled off with a soft pop.

She had given him a single suck that lasted thirty seconds. Greg felt like he’d just spent twelve hours as the human dildo in the National Cowgirl Marathon. It took him a couple minutes to finally calm down from the fierce edging he’d just experienced. He finally took a huge breath and said, “Wh-what… what…?”

Pam smiled patiently. “That was a blow job.”

“But… is that… is that it…?”

Pam let out a short laugh. “Wow. Ungrateful much? I just gave you your first blow job ever.”

Greg looked at her confused. “I’ve… I’ve had blow jobs… I mean…”

“Uh-uh. I could see it in your head, you’ve only felt psychic ones. Sex Magic blow jobs. I just gave you your very first real one. How’d it feel?”

“Pretty good… but…”

“But…?” Pam cocked an eyebrow at him with a dangerously inquisitive look.

Greg swallowed hard before boldly stating. “Too short?”

Pam laughed. “Oh, you’re adorable, you know that?” She poked his cock with a finger tip, causing a magic jolt to run through his organ, making him jump. His cock, still not quite off the plateau, flexed rapidly in another failed attempt to cum. Greg shuddered and shook and Pam laughed again. “Don’t push your luck. When a girl actually goes so far as to put your penis in her mouth, you should treat it like a gift from God. Not too many girls will lower themselves to doing it anymore, you know. They’d rather just use their magic. Well, unless they have an oral fetish.” She paused and looked at him. “It’s special, is what I’m saying.”

“I see,” said Greg. He genuinely hadn’t thought of it that way before.

Pam sighed and poked his penis again, causing Greg to gasp and shudder in another sharp edging. He gave Pam a half-glare, half-confused look. “Wh-what was that for?”

Pam said, “For a smart boy, you’re awfully dense.” Greg just looked at her confused. Pam rolled her eyes and tapped his penis again. This time Greg cried out and thrashed, the edging lasting almost twice as long as the pleasure pulse she gave him took a slow, idling burn down his length.

“I just told you a real, physical blow job is special. And this was your first, so it’s extra special.”

Greg, trying desperately to keep his brain from stalling, gasped out, “I-I-I don’t… know what…” then somehow it donned him. “Thank you! Thank you so much, Pam!”

Pam blinked and watched him try to compose himself. “Almost,” she said, and gave him another tap. Greg moaned loudly as the pleasure pulse went even slower, stretching out the fierce edging even longer. Pam patiently waited for him to catch his breath.

“Th-thank you… M-mistress Pam…”

Pam paused with her finger perilously close to Greg’s cock, poised to strike. Greg’s eyes flicked from her finger to her face rapidly, fair and lust in his eyes. Then, Pam grinned and pulled her hand away, instead reaching up to pat him on the head. “There you go. You’re a bit slow, but you can learn.”

“Learn?” said Greg. “So, wait, you really want to be my Mistress?”

Pam grinned. “There’s those smarts! Yes. I want you to be my official boy slave.”

“Really?” said Greg. “I didn’t know you were interested in me that way.”

“I didn’t know you were a Phenomenal Five fan,” she said. “But I have found you intriguing. Like I said, other girls thought you were boring. But I always thought you’d be a good challenge.”

Greg blinked at that, giving her a nervous look. If this was her idea of taking on a challenge…

Pam laughed. “Oh, I’ve got all sorts of things in store for you. That is, if you accept my offer.”

“Do I really have a choice?”

“Yes, actually,” she said. “You do. You can say no, and I’ll just treat you like I would any of the other boys here. Say yes, though, and you’ll have my protection, in so far as I can give it.”

“Really?” he said.

“Yes. Us girls are starting to do this unofficial policy. Make a boy your official slave, and the other girls will back off, at least a little. Plus, I can vouch for you if you get caught doing minor offenses. Such as, I dunno, going into a girl’s room? And I can even waive a few of your lesser punishments.”

Greg’s eyes widened. “R-really? You’d do that?”

Pam’s grin turned sly. “Oh, yes. Mind you, you might still be punished for plenty of things. But for most things, I’ll be allowed to personally handle your punishments. It’ll be a bit nicer coming from me, I assure you.” She pointed at his cock, causing him to flinch, but she didn’t actually touch him this time. “Of course, you are going to have to earn every reprieve I give you, and learn to not be so stubborn.”

Greg looked at her warily. “Um… can I… think about it for a bit…?”

Pam chuckled and reached forward. Greg flinched as she grasped his genitals, one hand holding his cock, the other his balls. However, she didn’t stroke him, or channel any magic through them. Yet. “Sure,” she said with a smirk. “I got all day.”

Greg flushed under her smiling gaze as he tried to think it over. His hips were still locked in place, and thus, could not thrust to gain any friction from her grip. And even though she wasn’t stimulating him, he was still quite sensitive and tense from the edgings she’d just given him. He squirmed as she held him; the non-stimulating hold was taunting him even worse than before, keeping him so perilously close to the edge.

Considering that, and considering the benefits she’d just described, and even considering she was, in fact, a very cute fellow geek… well… what choice was there, really? Pam smiled widely, already knowing his answer as he thought it, and her sly gaze informing him of this. “Right answer,” she said and she began to stroke him once more. “Now, tell me another story. This time of Phoenix dominating you. And if that one makes me wet, you might still get to have an orgasm this month after all.”

Greg’s mind whirled as he tried to think of a new fantasy on the spot, much less verbalize it. Pam giggled as she read his mental struggle. “Take your time,” she said. “I’ve got all day, and some things just can’t be rushed.” She winked and squeezed Greg’s tender balls softly. Greg shuddered and nodded, knowing better than to disappoint his new Mistress.

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