Saturday, October 19, 2013

Sex Mage World Origins

So How Did Sex Magic Get To Earth In The First Place?

Hell if I know. There are about a dozen possible origins, and I’ve always liked the idea of keeping the origin pretty much unknown, because it’s part of the allure of the setting; Sex Magic is just so ridiculous and mysterious a power, not even knowing where it comes from just adds to the frustration of its reality, driving everyone, but especially the menfolk, utterly bonkers trying to figure it out. And of course, the point of the SMW stories is to focus on what people do with the magic, rather than dissecting and explaining it.

Nonetheless, just for funsies, I’ll pop out some of my own theories. 


For a little while, this was considered the canon, as far as I was concerned. Now, I’m not really sure I want it to stick. Temael is a Dark God who is an entire dimension unto himself. He seeks to collect worlds with sentient life, but due to the nature of his existence, he cannot fully manifest in other universes, only send portions of his power or his monstrous creations through small tears in the dimensional walls. He also needs people within other realities to help create these tears, and to this end, he sends what little influence he can, usually in the form of Harbingers, to inform the people of his existence, and set him up as a god for them to worship.

Temael is especially fond of setting himself up as an entity who will save the oppressed. It’s unclear whether this is a legitimate belief Temael has in himself, or if it is a favored ruse. It may go back and forth. Either way, Temael seeks out worlds where one group or another are being oppressed to the point that they will desperately call for anyone to be able to save them, and through a series of rituals, often very bloody ones, he will be able to use that power of belief and desperation to tear a hole in the dimensional barrier and send forth his armies to “liberate” the oppressed people. In exchange, Temael will accept no less than the planet itself as repayment, sucking the world into his personal dimension. It’s not necessarily a terrible trade off when considering the alternatives in some cases. Temael’s reality allows worlds to be sustained in customized solar systems, and his new worshippers can live harmoniously with his monstrous spawn. And those who win Temael’s particular favor ascend into the ranks of his armies. But these benefits are often not worth the sacrifice that comes with them for most species.

This is the catastrophe that would have befallen the World of Civero, had the Mages and Espers of the previous Era not been powerful enough to push Temael’s forces back, and sacrifice themselves in order to save the planet, despite their subjects being the ones to call Temael in the first place. Temael did indeed “save” the humans of Civero from the oppression of their old masters. But the cost was the near-shattering of the planet itself, the loss of magic, and the near extinction of the human race. Even a thousand years later, with humans having reclaimed and repopulated the planet, the species lives in mortal terror of Temael’s possible return. Fortunately, they are well fortified against him for the foreseeable future.

So what does this have to do with the Sex Mage World? Well, you see, Sex Magic is just part of his plan. One of Temael’s top generals, Jahi, created Sex Magic by altering the function of the Civeron Lust Walker curse. At the same time, another of Temael’s generals, the archangel Zane, traveled to Earth around the year 2005 and kickstarted the many, many new Cults that would rise to power a couple decades later. After about five years of brewing them up, Jahi and Zane unleashed Sex Magic on Earth, knowing the imbalance of power would eventually create an underground resistance of men, and even some women, desperate or insane enough to make the terrible sacrifices necessary to summon Temael.

It might take awhile, of course, but Temael is a patient god. Someday, the people of Earth will need him. Someday, they will call for him. Even if it takes 100 Years, that day will surely come.

A writer named Magic Lina once wrote a tale about a man who was teased and sexed up by fictional women he’d imagined when he was younger. Obviously, such women could not possibly exist, but there they were. It ultimately turned out to be caused by a magical pixie fairy who was an exiled priestess of sex, or something to that effect. So, the pixie would go around in the human world, using her magic to bring people’s fantastical sex fantasies to life, often beyond their ability to cope with. In the end, her fellow fairies arrest her for messing with humans too much, and the man’s life returns to normal, but you just know that wicked pixie is going to break free and find more adventures to participate in!

I always really liked this idea, and it’s a shame Magic Lina never wrote more of these; I’d have loved to see an anthology series detailing the pixie’s further adventures. I actually wanted to do something similar, create a character like the Pixie, maybe a succubus or a horny witch or nymph or, hell, just another pixie character, and follow her exploits as she cock-teased men to insanity in an anthology of stories. However, like with most of my characters, I had so many other ideas to get to, I just couldn’t sustain such a series. Once I got one pixie story finished, I’d want to move on to a different sort of set up.

But nonetheless, I always thought it would be an amusing origin for the Sex Mage World, what if it was all Pixie’s fault? What if she comes across a horny young man who, say, like’s writing stories about women using psychic and magical powers to dominate men? What if she likes it so much, she tries to recreate the effect by imbuing some of the women he knows with similar powers. And what if it turns out those powers become self-sustaining and contagious?

“Oops!” ;-)


As seen in the Dellissa's World article.

The very first origin, and the original canon, was actually rather boring and somewhat convoluted. The initial idea was that a group of girls playing at being Wiccans decided one night to buy a book of spells. They tried doing some kind of summoning ritual that would supposedly improve their love lives. As it so happened, in this particular setting, it turns out, real magic is actually possible to occur on Earth; it’s just damn near impossible to happen successfully make it so, because in order for magic to work, it requires pulling energy, forces, or beings from across dimensions that don’t operate on the same laws that our universe does. Conditions also have to be, almost purely by chance, absolutely pitch perfect, timed to the nanosecond, measured to the nanometer, and all around the odds of actually being able to do anything at all with real magic is something in the realm of 1 in a billion chances.

This just happens to be that one in a billion. And what the young women end up doing is summoning a creature from a dimension of Life and Lust. They aren’t aware of this, however, because the creature is completely invisible and silent and isn’t fully physically present. So they don’t even know it’s there. The creature, likewise, has no idea what these women want. It has some vague notion that they want to improve their sex lives, so it grants them sexual themed magic powers, and then it dissipates and goes back to its home dimension.

As mentioned, the magic it gives them operates on completely different laws of physics as we know them, and becomes the Sex Magic of the setting. Due to the nature of its function, it of course ends up being contagious.

So after playing a video game which revolved around the story of a magical, demonic book, and the many people throughout history that have encountered and used it, I had this idea that maybe Sex Magic was actually based around an ancient sort of Earth Magic once used by a female dominated tribe in the earliest days of civilizations. The power might be tied to a Gaia-esque divine entity, and this became the basis for a special secret society of witches. Numerous times throughout history, the book would be lost, only to resurface again whenever it seemed the witches were in danger of disappearing.

Well, over the years, the magic either got corrupted or mutated, or perhaps the Witches ended up altering the aspects of the magic during an inner power struggle amongst the society. Soon, the magic becomes sex fueled and focused; perhaps it always had been, but now the old rituals and meaning were lost, and witches in later generations just used sex as a sort of quick and easy path to power, somewhat recklessly using it purely as a fuel for the magic.

Somehow or another, in the modern times, after another period of time when the Witches had all but disappeared, the Book resurfaces, and a young woman who was one of the last potential Witches discovers it, after she moves into her uncle’s mansion. This origin would be chronicled as a framing device, similar to the game, with the young woman in modern times reading through the separate stories as they all explained the history of the book. In the end, she decides to awaken its power, and in so doing, accidentally unleashes the power of Sex Magic on the world.

Of course, it could also be aliens. In this case, a race of ethereal, succubus-like entities whose intent was to use the people of Earth as host bodies. However, due to an unforeseen complication, the plan completely fails. The race of succubi not only fail to control the humans, but they basically end up dying as a result of the incompatibility. The entities can’t merge with men, but they can merge with women, but while the women gain Sex Magic powers, they entities end up losing their conscious minds during the merging process, as their personalities are completely subsumed by the minds of the human women. From there, the power becomes contagious as the women unknowingly pass on the succubi’s essence to their daughters via genetic inheritance.

Yeah, this origin was a little out there, but I think was ultimately going to be tied into that “The Last Incubus” storyline I never bothered to write, hence the succubus angle.

Five years after the appearance of Sex Magic, the Megami first became known. Extremely rare, but extremely powerful young women somehow obtained Sex Magic with greater power than was ever seen. It was thought to be just another quirk of the already inexplicable properties of Sex Magic. After the Cult Wars, the Megami came to an agreement, to take over the world and form the Queendoms, so that something like the Cult Wars, or any further large-scale conflicts or rebellions could never happen again.

But what if there’s more to the Megami than they appear? Why are they so much more powerful than all other women? Why are their so few of them? Just who are they, and where do they come from? And why did they wait until after the Cult Wars to make their big play for power?

What if they aren’t human at all? Mad fairies, lascivious demons, malicious druj, possessing spirits, lustful djinn, ambitious succubi, kinky goddesses, amorous aliens? They could be anything at all, creatures wearing human skins, and using Sex Magic and Lust Energy to feed and rule. Perhaps they aren’t just taking advantage of it. Perhaps they even created and seeded it throughout the world.

It is even known that some Megami were Cult leaders, and some Cults even came to rule their own territories after the Cult Wars. But what if all the Cults were actually under the influence of the Megami? After all, the Cult Wars themselves made very little sense, but it did give a great excuse for the Megami to step in take over. Conquering a nation is so much easier when you do so under the guise of altruism.

Could this also be a variation of Temael or Jahi’s plans of conquest? Or are they just doing it on their own? And what happens when someone finally learns their secret?


  1. As a big fan of The Walking Dead, I'm a huge proponent of the "no one knows what the hell caused this, but now the whole world has to deal with it" angle you have in the beginning. But theorizing is fun for some kicks! I kind of hope it's a natural cycle humans go through every 10,000 years as the Earth passes through a cosmic radiation belt or something, which is where all our Gaia, Celtic goddess or witch myths come from. Then after 100 years, the effect fades and humans forget about it until it surprises them again.

  2. The whole concept is perfect. Congratulations. Your imagination and the way you put it into words, is simply genius. Thank you. Keep it up if you want. I'm waiting on every word, and in a moment of weakness now my wife is waiting on every word too. What was i thinking...