Thursday, March 1, 2012

Slashing the Veil: The Year 100 Story


100 years have passed since Sex Magic came to Earth, empowering all adult women on the planet, and rendering men their helpless playthings. No one has ever managed to discover its origin. No one has ever found a way to empower men. Until now.

Alright, one of the projects that kept dead-ending on me was this particular story. For various reasons, I have ceased writing this one, and I do not think I’m going to pick it up again. However, I do like what I did write here so far. Besides, this is where pretty much all the actual erotic stuff happens; the remainder of the story, still to be written, comes down to super power battles, military combat, and something rather sick and twisted mass murders by insane cultists. Not really the sort of story fit for a femdom erotica blog.
Still, I like what I put here, especially some of the world details, and some of the interactions, and I felt it would be a waste to never show this to anyone. So, while my break continues, I figured I’d just show this off.

“Daniel! Daniel, get up!” Dan groaned and rolled over, putting the pillow over his head to shut out his mother’s call. “DANIEL!”
“I’ll get him, Mom!” said a giggling young voice.
Dan yelped as he felt something tug on his testicles. He sat bolt upright in his bed. Another tug, and he was on his feet. Another tug, and he let out a sharp grunt. Not because it had hurt; the tug had only been a gentle pull. But it infuriated him nonetheless. He stormed out of his room.
“Knock it off!” Dan yelled down the stairs. He heard more giggling.
“Okay, Shelly, I think he’s up,” came the stern voice of his mother. “And Daniel! You should know better than to talk to your sister that way!”
“Oh, my god, I can sense his morning hard-on wagging in front of him!”
Dan looked at himself, and sure enough, he had a rather severe case of morning wood. He cursed and bit his finger trying to will it down. God, he wished he could just rub one out. Unfortunately, he was nineteen now. He wasn’t allowed.
“Alright, Shelly,” came the voice of his father. “I think that’s enough.”
“Aw, come on, I’m just playing around. Besides, Mom still teases you about your morning boners!”
“What goes on between your mother and me is our business!”
“Not when I have Sex Magic, it isn’t!” giggled Shelly.
“Sorry, dear, but I’m afraid she’s right,” said their mother. “Once she gained Sex Magic, you lost all privileges to privacy from her—”
“But I’m her father!”
“Dearest, you know better than that.”
There was a moment of silence, and Dan could hear his father gasp, then meekly say something too quiet for Dan to hear,
“That’s better, Daddy,” said Shelly. “Now, then: DANIEL!  Get your ass down here, NOW!”
Dan winced, and turned to his room to get dressed. He suddenly felt a hand clasp around his balls, and his sister’s voice, telepathically echoing in his head. <Nuh-uh, bro! You took too long to obey. Get down here as you are, butt-naked!>
“Oh, come on,” Dan said.
<NOW bro! Before I make you have a nude day!>
Dan gulped and quickly dashed downstairs. Shelly burst out laughing, watching his cock wag back and forth and up and down as he walked in. His mother gave him a bemused smile, and his father simply sat focused on his plate, red faced. Dan blushed and quickly sat at the table.
“Good morning, Daniel,” said his mother. “You’re going to be late for class. You might not even have time to get dressed.”
“I can make it,” he said, biting back an argument.
“You’d best,” said his mother.
“Go a little easy on him, okay?” his father said. “He’s still having to adjust.”
“Life doesn’t wait for slackers, my love,” said his mother. “So, you should probably hurry along.”
“Okay,” he said, reluctantly getting up. His erection was very lewdly tenting his pants. However, he was not allowed to adjust himself. He stepped over to his wife and kissed her goodbye. She chuckled a bit as he broke the kiss with a gasp, hips bucking a little. For a moment, he looked as though he would cum right in his pants. Then, the moment faded and he let out a breath. He picked up his briefcase, and stepped out, with a quick goodbye to his kids.
“Jeez, Mom, he nearly spurted just from kissing you!” laughed Shelly.
“Yes, that’s one of the conditions I’ve set on him,” said her mother. “Every time we kiss, it stimulates his penis. If it wasn’t for the orgasm block, I’d have him staining his slacks almost ten times a day!”
Shelly giggled, “Maybe we should do that to Dan!” she said. “Only worse, like, whenever a girl so much as touches him, it’ll shoot him right the edge!” She reached over and touched Dan’s hand with her finger. “How does that sound, bro?”
Dan gasped as he felt intense pleasure suddenly surge along his cock, as though someone had hooked his cock to an electrosex device. Shelly giggled as, with a mere touch, she had Dan bucking helplessly in his seat.
“Now, now,” said their mother. “Let your brother eat his breakfast.”
“Hmph. Fine. I gotta go anyway.” With that, she stood up and grabbed her backpack. “Have fun at school, bro!” She blew him a kiss, and Dan jumped as he felt soft lips touch the tip of his teased penis. He gasped as, for a moment, his cock became almost painfully hard. Then it passed and he let out a breath. She giggled and left the house.
Their mother shook her head, bemused. “She’s certainly turning into an expert cocktease!” She turned to Dan. “Kind of a surprise, huh? She was so well behaved as a girl, and you two got along so well then. Now that she’s got her Sex Magic, though, I’d say you’re in for quite a hard time.” She winked at Dan, who blushed. She motioned to Dan’s erection. “Would you like me to…”
Dan yanked back one of the chairs and sat down, glowering at his plate of bacon and eggs. “No! I’m fine!”
“Now, Dan,” she sighed. “Don’t take your frustrations out on me.”
“Why not?” he said. “You’re letting her do this.”
His mother pursed her lips. She knew she should scold him for talking back, both as a mother, and as a woman empowered with Sex Magic. Males had to learn their place. But still, he was her son, and she could tell how upset he was.
“I’m sorry, Dan,” she said. “They say it’s natural to let a young Sex Mage be a little loose with her power. It helps her perfect it faster so she doesn’t have problems later. And, well, it gets them used to dealing with boys, so they better learn their limits early on.”
“Great, so it’s perfectly acceptable to let her fuck with me?” said Dan.
She shook her head. “The other side of it is that you learn how to deal with the realities of Sex Magic. Once you turned nineteen, you became a legal adult male, and that means you’re not protected like you once were. You must learn to deal with the whims and desires of empowered women. This means, when you are young and single, you will have to put up with women having their fun with you.”
Dan glowered, but finally nodded. His dour expression tugged at her heartstrings, despite her attempt to maintain a cool demeanor. She went over and gave her son a hug around the shoulders. “I’ll tell her to ease up, okay?”
“Thanks,” he grumbled.
“She didn’t really hurt you, did she?”
“Alright.” She paused. “Um, Dan, you still have a—”
“I know!” he said, face turning red.
“Let me just—”
“Fine, just make it quick!”
His mother raised her hand, then slowly lowered it. Dan let out a breath as he felt his erection wilt. He nonetheless blushed harder, humiliated that he had to ask his mother to make his hard-on go down. Of course, what choice did he have, when his sister was the one who made it stick up and stay stuck that way?
“Mom, can I, uh…”
“No,” she said. “You know you’re not allowed.”
Dan gulped down his food, quickly got dressed, then headed out the door, starting the ten block walk to Salvos Community College, where he was a freshmen. He could already tell it was going to be one of those days. He wasn’t sure how many more of them he could take.

In the century since the arrival of Sex Magic, “educational inflation,” combined with a new lifespan expectancy tentatively placed at well over one hundred years of age, had made college an all but mandatory level of schooling. In fact, one was expected to be a full time student up through the age of thirty. In a way, college had basically just become an extension of High School, but with a more practical attitude in terms of preparing men and women for the realities of adult life. One such reality was the awakening of Sex Magic in women right around that age.
Forty years ago, college campuses had finally returned to a policy of co-education, after nearly fifty years of enforced segregation. Not long after Sex Magic had appeared, problems had erupted across many co-ed college campuses, as it was right around the ages of nineteen and twenty that most women developed the Magic. Not only was this a tremendous distraction for the hormonal young men and women, numerous scandals and reports of Sex Magic abuse threatened to have many colleges shut down, as female students used their Magic to influence male teachers and students, and some female teachers likewise used their magic to pray on male students and boss around their male colleagues. The primary solution at the time was to enforce segregated campuses; many colleges became exclusively one gender or the other, while some remained co-ed after a fashion, but with dorms and classes being fully separated for men on one half of the campus and women on the other. This had also created a massive push for online colleges to really rise to legitimacy and prominence, largely bypassing the whole problem of mixed genders entirely.
Eventually, however, tenuous attempts at intermingling were made, once a couple generations had been born already used to the presence of Sex Magic. It was deemed best for young men and women to once again co-mingle even as the women began to develop Sex Magic, as this would better prepare both genders for the “real world” of adulthood in a Sex Mage World. Forty years later, this was once again the norm. College was now as much about teaching the genders how to interact on an adult level as it was getting a higher education.
In Dan’s eyes, this meant teaching men how to be submissive “yes boys” to the empowered women’s unspoken, but constantly felt dominance of them. Sure, men were still allowed to make their own decisions, have jobs they got paid for, vote, express themselves, whatever. Just lord help you if you got on a woman’s bad side, and didn’t have another woman’s skirt to hide behind. Single adult men especially had to constantly walk on eggshells just to make their way in the world. And even when he did everything perfect, a man might still find himself teased and fucked with by a couple of giggling women “just having their fun,” probably picking on him specifically for being too much of a goody-two-shoes.
Dan sighed and turned the corner, coming onto the campus. He ignored the looks a few of the women gave him as they sensed the sexual frustration from his unrelieved balls. At their age, they were still getting used to their magic, and how it let them sense such things; they hadn’t yet learned how to tune men out, and as such just automatically picked up any strong signal, even in a crowd of horny teased men.
One young woman came right up to him, however, and smiled knowingly at him. “Shelly give you a hard time this morning?” she asked as she got in step alongside him.
“Leave me alone, Karen,” Dan muttered.
“Oh, come on, don’t be like that,” she said.
“Why not?” said Dan. Then, he flinched as he suddenly felt a phantom hand grasp his balls and give him a gentle, but threatening squeeze.
“You really want me to answer that?” said Karen with a smirk. Dan grumbled an apology. The hand squeezed a little tighter. It was still a gentle grasp, but his already tender balls ached sharply at the touch. “What was that?”
“I said I’m sorry!” Dan nearly shouted. A few people around them, men and women, gave him knowing looks and chuckles.
“That’s better,” said Karen, releasing her magic grip on his not-so-privates. “Boy, you aren’t going to find a girlfriend ever if you keep that attitude up!”
“Who says I want one?” said Dan.
“Of course you want one!” said Karen, grinning. “Or else whose going to stop mean girls like me from doing this?” She magically grasped his balls again.
Dan’s hands curled into fists. “Will you quit it?” he hissed.
“Say please,” said Karen.
Dan grit his teeth and said, in a low voice, “Fuck you.”
Karen’s eyes widened and she halted. Dan tried to keep walking, but the hand on his balls suddenly gripped tighter, not so gently this time, and held him in place. “Excuse me?” said Karen, darkly.
Dan threw up his hands. “Go ahead, then. Do whatever the fuck you want. You will no matter what I say anyway, huh?” This also drew some attention from the crowd, but not amused this time.
Karen gave him a hard look for a minute, then her features softened. She released him, then walked over and put a hand on his shoulder. “Dan, you need to calm down,” she said. “When’s the last time you shot one off?”
“Three weeks,” he said, his face going a little red as he admitted this.
“Jesus! No wonder,” she said. She looked down at him and read the energy flow she sensed through his body. At such attentions, Dan started to get hard right there in front of her, which made him blush even more.
“Come on, quit it,” he said, turning. He knew it was no use, though; Sex Mage’s could see his naked body via their mystic senses, no matter how he turned, covered up, or hid behind something.
“You want me to help you with that?” said Karen. She ran her tongue over her upper lip, and Dan shivered as he felt a phantom tongue tip slide, just once, up his length. His cock was fully hard in an instant, and he grit his teeth as he tried to will it down.
“I can’t,” he said. “Need to stay charged for work.”
Karen frowned. “Too bad,” she said. “Still, it’s your choice to work for the plant.”
“Not really,” said Dan. He started walking towards class again. “No where else in this town is hiring. At least, not for any positions I can qualify for yet.”
“I suppose that’s true,” said Karen. “I mean, even the Save-O-Mart’s filled up, and it ain’t even summer.”
“The plant pays better anyway,” said Dan. “Not by much, mind.”
“Well, I’m sure you’ll earn a spurt soon,” said Karen, patting him on the back. “With your balls that full, you must be putting out at triple capacity!”
“That isn’t funny!”
“It is a little,” said Karen.
They entered the classroom, and Karen and Dan sat next to one another, near the back. Next to them was Steve, a rather big burly football player, and his “girlfirend” Chase. Rather, he said she was his girlfriend, but really, it was more like he was Chase’s bitch. Dan saw Karen wince as she looked over to Steve, and guessed Steve was having as hard a time of it as he was. Chase was a rather strict mistress herself; she was rather petite, and Steve all but dwarfed her when they stood next to one another. Dan imagined Chase got a kick out of being able to level a huge man like Steve with just a thought.
As they sat there, she held up a pencil, and idly traced a fingertip along its length. Dan could see Steve gripping the edges of his desk so hard, his knuckles were white. He was shivering and breathing heavily, and Dan knew Chase was stroking him with her magic the way she was touching the pencil. Light enough that Steve wouldn’t start flipping out from sensation overload, but stimulating enough that it was giving Steve a massive erection. No doubt if Steve made a noise or squirmed around too much, Chase would “punish” him for causing a disturbance in the class.
“Will you cut that out?” said Dan to Chase, having to bend forward to look around Steve. “Class is almost starting.”
Chase glanced at him and gave him a dark look. She made a flicking motion at him and Dan doubled over as he felt a tremendous slap to his balls. He bit his finger to keep from crying out, and several of the other students laughed at his misfortune.
“You are just asking for it today, huh?” said Karen. “This is why you need a girlfriend. No woman’s going to listen to you if you don’t have one to back-up your words.”
“Of course, a boy should know better than to pick fights a woman has to back him out of, right class?” They all looked up to see Miss Kenji had just walked in, and seen the exchange. The class nodded sagely in agreement, though Dan glowered. “Well, Dan?” the teacher said. “Do you not agree?”
“Yeah, I get it,” he said.
“Again with that tone. I’m beginning to think you like being punished.”
Dan stiffen as he felt a loop of magic snag around his cock. Unlike the usual hand clasp most girls or his sister used, this was a tight series of loops, binding his cock around the base, and looping around each testicle. Dan let out a gasp as this triple noose squeezed down on him.
“Now, Daniel,” she said. “This is college. You’re too old to be acting like a petulant child, but if that is how you will act, than I will treat you as such. Must I spank you in front of the whole class?”
Most of the girls grinned at the idea, even as most of the boys chuckled at the thought. Dan couldn’t really blame either of them, frankly. For the girls, still adapting to their new powers of Sex Magic, any opportunity to observe and learn from a demonstration by a well trained adult was welcome. For the guys, most of them were probably just relieved that Dan would be taking the heat instead of them.
“No, Miss,” said Dan, forcing himself to sound calm and collected. Miss Kenji narrowed her eyes and held him for a few more moments before releasing him. Dan let out a breath he hadn’t known he was holding.
“Very good,” she said. “But one more outburst from you, and I will do it.”
“Yes, ma’am,” said Dan.
“And Chase,” she continued as she turned to the board. “Please stop teasing Stephen, so he can concentrate on the lesson.”
“Yes, ma’am,” said Chase with a wistful sigh. She ceased her psychic touches, and Steve let out a gasp of relief and sagged in his seat. Sweat had broken out on his brow, and he was blushing deeply as several classmates chuckled at him.
“Excellent,” said Miss Kenji. “Now then, let’s turn to page 115…”
Dan mostly zoned her out as they went through the lesson, and read the text at his own pace. Miss Kenji taught history, and they were now reviewing the era of the Cult Wars, a time back in the 2030’s when numerous cults dedicated to a variety of gods had fought each other, each determined to prove that Sex Magic had been a blessing granted by their god, and their god alone. Alternately, some cults had insisted that the Sex Magic was of demonic origin, and that it had to be purged form the world somehow, or failing that, it had to be twisted to serve a more noble purpose.
All it really came down to, as far as Dan figured, was a bunch of ignorant, scared people trying desperately to find some cause to devote themselves to, something to distract them from thinking about the reality of Sex Magic and how it really affected the world.
No one really knew where Sex Magic came from. There were conspiracy theorists who claimed that the government or some secret society knew, but were covering it up. There were others who believed aliens had done it. Despite the Cult Wars wiping out most of their early numbers, many of the cults still existed, albeit in a much more subdued form. In fact, several had even been elevated to officially recognized religions: the Church of Lillith, the Church of Eve, the Church of Jahi, the Heranites, the Sisters of Tellus, and the Disciples of Tlazolteotl. They all still claimed that their gods, or more accurately, their goddesses, had been behind it all. None had provided proof.
Science and technology had been equally useless in discovering an origin. Sex Magic was truly “magic.” Although it seemed to operate by its own set of rules, or at least conditions, there was really no explaining it. The magic was fueled by some mysterious energy supposedly generated by sex and sexual arousal, but no form of technology, even after a hundred years of advancement, could actually detect this energy. Women could sense it and manipulate it, and they could even use their powers to help men sense it too, albeit temporarily, but there was just plain no explaining it. At least, if there was, no one had ever stepped forward to declare such things. No one official, anyway; as with the conspiracy theorists, there were still all manner of folks who proclaimed they knew all the secrets, and were quickly dismissed as kooks when they tried to explain.
And so, that was the world Dan lived in. A world where women possessed a power that couldn’t be explained, but through which they could play with, manipulate, control, and torment men through their sex drives, that biological imperative which all humans were overwhelming influenced by, even if they didn’t think it was true. Men and women were equally affected by the power of sex, of course; the difference was that with Sex Magic, women had total control over this power, while men were rendered completely helpless by it.
Dan didn’t resent the women around him; why should he? One hundred years living with this imbalance of power, each subsequent generation becoming more used to its presence and just accepting what they could do to it with a lesser sense of restraint, it was only natural that society would adapt, and women’s clear, overwhelming advantage over men would manifest into a casual use of power, women playing with men as they pleased, and men rolling over to accept it. And when this magic was capable of such incredible things, essentially giving all women superhuman powers, enabling them to perform tasks once considered miracles, who could possibly blame them for taking the reigns of this power, and men gladly handing them over, for the betterment of society?
With the Sex Magic, so many things were possible. Due to its innate healing properties, Sex Magic had revolutionized the medical field. Once terminal diseases were now easily curable. Genetic disorders were all but eradicated. Natural antibodies adapted to viruses faster than viruses could keep up with; it was believed that nearly 95% of all human-effective viruses had been wiped out. The most skilled of Sex Mage doctors could even rebuild lost limbs and organs, even resurrect someone killed within 24 hours of death by unnatural causes; provided the body was mostly intact. In fact, even at its most basic use, Sex Magic refreshed the cells of the user and their partner; frequent enough use of the magic, or even just a very active sex life, could, in theory, make people functionally immortal.
And then there were the psychic abilities: mind reading, telekinesis, psychometry, clairvoyance. As long as there was sexual energy for the magic to focus on, there was seemingly no limit to the ways a woman could manipulate a man’s mind or body. The sheer amount of knowledge gained about the workings of the body and mind had enabled humans to revolutionize the psychiatric field and tap into previously unknown biological and mental properties.
Yes, it was all very wonderful and exciting. And it wasn’t fair. It wasn’t fucking fair. Why did it have to turn out this way? Why couldn’t men have also gained the Magic? Or, failing that, why couldn’t men have at least gained some other kind of magic to balance the scales? It was true, women could also affect other women, not just men, but unlike men, women were immune to one another by default; they had to willingly open themselves to another woman’s power to be effected by it, and even then, could cut her off at a moment’s notice. Why couldn’t it be the same for men? Even just accepting that only women could actually use the power, would it have been too much to ask for men to just be able to naturally resist it if they wanted to?
Apparently so. Apparently, the universe favored this imbalance, because even after an entire century, nothing had come along to tilt the balance back. Nothing. And if things kept going on this way, if things didn’t ever change, and women maintained this control over men for as long as the species survived, what would become of the male gender? The women could still gain sexual energy from each other; would they eventually tire of men and phase them out of existence? Would they just keep them permanently locked in stocks, and kept teased and tormented to provide indefinite energy?
If humanity ever left Earth, would ships of women traverse the galaxy, using warp speed engines composed of men, chained together, suffering constantly, moving and writhing and begging and crying for release as their cocks twitched and jerked and leaked and ached so bad, just like his own felt like it wanted to rip clean out of his—
Dan suddenly snapped out of it, shaking his head violently. Where the fuck had that image come from? Then he realized the whole class was laughing, all the students turned to look at him. Dan flushed brightly.
“Such exotic fantasies, Dan!” said Miss Kenji. “Why, you could be the next big science fiction writer!”
“I’ll say!” said one of the girls. “Porn Trek: The Perv Generation!”
Even the guys were laughing; they couldn’t see the fantasy he’d had, but perhaps some of the girls had psychically “forwarded” it to them.
Dan fumed. “That wasn’t me!” he said. He looked and saw that Karen was trying, in vain, to hide a laugh behind her hand, her shoulders shaking. She’d put that ridiculous fantasy in his head, for all the women to see, setting him up to look like a complete dork. He stood, and then winced as his cock, hard as rock, hit the edge of the table. Whatever tirade he had been about to unleash on Karen was swept up as another roar of laughter went through the class as they watched him keel over, vainly trying to clutch at himself, and unable to due to the anti-masturbation spells placed in him, as they were in all men.
Dan, red as a beet, snatched up his bag and tried to bolt out the door. Miss Kenji stretched out her hand, however, and instantly, her psychic tendrils lassoed his cock tightly. Dan staggered and nearly fell over, but with a flick of her wrist, Miss Kenji floated him several feet in the air. Most of the class laughed even harder, though Dan did notice several of the guys giving him sober looks. To their credit, he did notice at least a few girls seemed to force themselves to laugh. Only Karen, who locked eyes with him, actually stopped laughing altogether when she saw how utterly furious Dan was getting.
“Put. Me. Down,” Dan said darkly, barely able to contain his anger.
“What was that, Daniel?” said Miss Kenji. “I do not recall giving you permission to leave my class.”
Dan took a long breath. “Please. Put me down. I really need to go.” His voice held barely contained rage, but he knew better than to say what he really felt. He was spun around in mid-air, and made to face Miss Kenji. She looked him in the eye, and her sly grin almost died. She glanced to Karen, and for a moment, focused on her specifically. Then, she glanced back to Dan. The suspended young man could only guess the two women had had a quick telepathic exchange.
“Daniel, class is not even half over,” she said. “If you leave, I will have to give you a absent mark.”
“I understand,” he said.
Miss Kenji frowned, then set him down on his feet. “Alright,” she said. “As long as you are willing to accept the consequences of your actions.”
“I am,” said Dan, the redness fading from his face.
“Aw, I wanted to see him get spanked!” said one of the girls.
“Yeah, you said you’d do it!” said one of the guys.
Dan flinched as Miss Kenji smiled at him. She made a motion with her finger, forcing Dan to face the door. She motioned for the student nearest the door to stand up and hold it open. Then, she reared back and gave Dan a solid smack on the ass, telekinetically launching him out the door. The class erupted in laughter again as Dan stumbled onto his feet out in the hall. However, the grip on his genitals vanished.
Dan turned back to the classroom, but the door was already shutting on him. He took a deep breath and headed out of the building. He was going to skip school for the rest of the day and try to calm down. He only had two other classes that day as it was, and at least his college algebra teacher was nice; she might cut him some slack if she learned what had just happened. With that decided, he left the building as hastily as possible, praying he didn’t run into any more girls who wanted to have their fun with him.

He didn’t want to go home, or his mother would likely scold him for leaving early. His job didn’t start for another four hours. He supposed the best thing to do now would be to go to the library to kill some time.
Everyone had said the digital age would kill the need for books, and that eventually became true. The all-purpose Datapad had replaced virtually every other form equipment for media: TVs, laptops, mp3 players, books, etc, all were now channeled through the Datapad, which connected to the omnipresent Super Network, an advanced internet which allowed people access to their own personal “computer profile” from anywhere in the world. A Datapad still didn’t replace an actual, full scale computer, but for most of the population, they didn’t require a full-scale set up; having their own profile in the Super Net, which provided almost all the functions of a full computer, was good enough.
Libraries, thusly, had become little more than comfortable buildings with Super Net hubs superior to the average person’s private connection. In the rare event that someone didn’t have a Datapad, or theirs was malfunctioning, the library could provide standard issue models for use within the building. People could sit in peace and quiet to enjoy any media downloaded or streamed from the libraries connection, or whatever they happened to bring with them. Most libraries also served as mini-museums as well, most having some old relics or sculptures, or even specially preserved physical books to read.
The best part of the library, however, was that it was a Sex Magic-restricted area. While using Sex Magic wasn’t exactly grounds for banning from the place, it was a rule that one could not use it to create a scene and disturb the other patrons. Most businesses had this rule in place to some degree, but the library was where it was the most strictly enforced. As such, a beleaguered male could seek temporary shelter in the facility, as could a woman who wasn’t in the mood to put up other with other women’s shenanigans.
Dan came in and sat on one of the many stuffed chairs. He pulled out his Datapad, and scanned to see if there were any more updates to his favorite comic books. To his delight, three new issues of the Centurions had been published since he last checked, and he quickly downloaded them. They were fairly quick reads, but he first went back and reread the last couple issues so he’d be caught up. He sighed slightly as he read them.
The Centurions featured a world like their own, but one where Sex Magic never appeared. Instead, some strange power had imbued random people, male and female, with superhuman powers; the Centurions were a massive team of superheroes who battled all sorts of enemies, from aliens to demons to supervillains. It was rather childish in concept, as most superhero comics were, and it was clearly skewed for a younger adolescent audience, but it was well written enough. Of course, Dan, couldn’t help but imagine himself with such power. It was a silly, unrealistic notion, but he supposed that was one of the appeals of superhero comics. Now, more than ever, it was a male empowerment fantasy, writ large.
Suddenly, he felt a slight tug on his balls, and he nearly yelped as he jumped. He heard an unfortunately familiar giggle, and Shelly plopped down on the seat next to him. “Hey, bro,” she said in a low voice. Dan looked at her like he was about to punch her in the face. She actually flinched back. “Woah! Ease up, soldier!”
Dan took a breath. “This is a library! You should know better!”
“Yeah, but you’re still my dorky brother,” she said. She glanced at his Datapad. “Whatcha reading? Your dumb hero comics again?”
Dan rolled his eyes and put the ‘pad on standby. “Yes,” he said. “What are you doing here?”
“Meeting a few friends, then I saw you lost in the clouds,” she said. “Karen messaged me, told me what happened in class.”
“Come to gloat, then?” he said.
“A little,” she grinned. Dan sighed, crossed his arms, and looked away from her. She pouted. “Not going to try and run?”
“Safer in here.”
“True enough. But you can’t hide forever!”
He looked her straight in the eye. “Why do you do this to me? Was I really that terrible of a brother when we were younger?”
Shelly blinked, not expecting such a forward question. She paused and actually seemed to have to think about it. She finally shrugged. “I dunno,” she said. “I’m just teasing you like you teased me back then.”
“All I did was call you a few silly names,” said Dan. “I didn’t mean anything by it. Just, you know, being a dumb kid. Didn’t I look out for you anyway?”
“Well, yeah,” said Shelly. “But, I mean, you know, boys get their chance to tease us as kids, and now, we girls get to tease them back! Fair is fair, right?” She giggled. “Only our way is more fun!” She flicked a finger at Dan, and he felt a series of quick feather swipes along his balls. He gripped the chair tightly. He glanced over and saw one of the female librarians over at the counter look up at them, her trained senses zeroing in on Shelly’s use of Sex Magic. She looked ready to interfere at a moment’s notice. All Dan had to do was motion her over, and if Shelly tried to stop him, that would be enough of a red flag for the woman to immediately put a stop to it.
However, Dan didn’t call for her, and Shelly ceased her magic. Aside from wanting to avoid the shame of needing some female stranger to protect him from his own sister, he also didn’t want this conversation to end just yet. It occurred to him that he hadn’t actually confronted Shelly about this since she’d gotten her powers just a year ago.
“Fair is fair,” he said. “But do you really think it’s fair that in exchange for some stupid name calling, you get back at me by molesting me?”
Shelly frowned. “I’m just giving your balls a quick tap here or there,” she said. “That’s hardly molesting.”
Dan gawked at her. “Touching me there at all without my permission is molestation!” he said, almost too loudly. Several people gave him a look, and the librarian poised to start walking over to them. He lowered his voice. “Seriously, where do you even get the idea that it isn’t?”
Shelly shrugged. “Come on, any woman could do that, and no one will care. It’s just your balls. I mean, it’s not like I’m actually playing with your cock or anything.”
“You don’t even realize what you’re saying, do you?”
She gave him a frustrated look. “I mean, come on, I’m not really hurting you.”
“Yeah, you keep telling yourself that,” he said.
Sharon does it to her brother all the time when he’s being a jerk,” said Shelly. “She’ll actually grab him and yank him to the floor! And Maggie does it to her Dad when he gets out of line.”
“Define out of line,” said Dan.
“Well, I dunno,” said Shelly. “You know, like, if he has a little too much to drink and starts getting a little reckless.”
“You’re disgusting,” said Dan. “All of you.”
“Fuck’s sake, Dan, it’s not like its incest or anything,” said Shelly. “I’m not, like, tying you down and trying to fuck your brains out. I mean, ew, that’s just gross.”
“You may as well be.”
Shelly grinned at him. “Aha, so that’s what this is about. You’re perving all over your little sister. I knew it!”
“Oh, please,” said Dan. “You know that’s not it.” He leaned in close and pointed to his head. “Jesus Christ, you can read my mind, can’t you? I mean, don’t you see it? Don’t you get it?”
Shelly blinked and leaned back a little. Then she made a half-hearted grin and said, “Sorry, bro, all I can see is how badly you wish Karen would suck you off with her hot, wet, mouth.”
Dan suddenly jerked back as that very image imbedded itself front and center in his mind. His cock shot to full hardness immediately, and he cursed. The librarian at the counter immediately strode towards them. Shelly quickly grinned, gave Dan a kiss on the cheek, and then actually reached over and tapped his balls with her hand. “Later, bro. Try not to work too hard tonight.” With a giggle, she got up and nearly bolted out the back door, before the librarian could catch her. Two other girls, Shelly’s friends, also erupted into giggles, but were already near the front entrance and left just as quickly.
Dan sighed, closed his eyes, and concentrated, trying to get the image of Karen sucking him out of his head, and thusly make his erection go down. The librarian stopped next to him. “Sir?” she said, softly. “Are you alright?” Dan didn’t answer. “Sir?”
“I’m fine. That was my sister. Sorry for the disturbance.”
“Alright, well, your erection is still being a distraction. May I?”
“No! I got this!”
“Sir, with all due respect, you do not. Not with your balls that full.”
Dan looked up at her, unbelieving her callousness at describing his state so openly. And yet, why shouldn’t she? It was plain to every woman in the building anyway. Dan grumbled and stood, put his Datapad away, and stormed out of the building. His cock continued to tent his pants almost the whole way home.
By that point, it didn’t even matter anymore, as it was almost time to go to work.

Back in 2040, a mere twenty years after Sex Magic appeared, several teams of scientists discovered that with enough practice, a Sex Mage could transform the ethereal energies generated by sex into “tangible” energy. The so called “sex energy” that women used for their spells could be converted into actual heat and electricity. The potential for how this would change the world was enormous. Still, bureaucracy was slow to move, and it took some time before “sex energy” was accepted as a viable resource. Once it was, however, Sex Magic had effectively solved the world’s energy crisis, seemingly forever.
By 2050, several experimental facilities were set up, where men and women could go to be sexually stimulated by specially trained women, who would then take the energies of sex, and convert it into electrical energy, stored inside enormous batteries. This energy could then be used to power nearby towns or sections of cities. It took some time for the trend to catch on, however, as well as for the ideal system of energy collection to be made. Originally, couples would simply come in and have sex for several hours, in exchange for a cheap wage. However, as this new method of energy production began to push out the use of fossil fuel technology, finding enough couples to have sex for the time needed became difficult. Ergo, by 2070, a new system was created in which people would, en masse, come in to be sexually stimulated, either through masturbating or via Sex Magic stimulation. Overwhelmingly, men were “drafted” into service, as the number of other jobs they could be trusted with became fewer and fewer. Energy production therefore became the primary means by which most men made at least part of their living.
This was also when orgasm denial became more or less the official decree by which men now had to live. Men produced sexual energy in far greater quantities if they were teased and denied, and ergo, any man who worked for the energy production plants were required to cum no more than once every two weeks, unless they were exceptional energy producers, or they had worked enough extra hours to earn an early orgasm.
By 2085, sex energy was the primary means of providing electricity to the civilized world. Water, wind, thermal, and solar power still supplemented this, and a few nuclear facilities were also in operation where even sex energy could not sufficiently provide the power needed, but this was usually restricted to important scientific and military facilities.
Daniel had been working part time for the local energy plant since he turned eighteen, in order to help pay for college. As a member of the plant, he got a small amount of financial aid, on top of his wages, which was a few dollars above minimum. The hours were flexible as well; he worked four hours a day, three days one week, four days the other. The work was easy enough; all the workers had to do these days was come in and lie down on a bed, naked of course, in a chamber with about ten to fifteen other men. Always, the men were kept separate from any women who desired to be part of the energy production process. Dan knew such women did exist, but he always suspected their numbers were exaggerated in order to appear more politically correct.
Once settled in, two female “coaches” would come over and place each man in a deeply erotic dream. He would undergo an incredibly vivid sexual experience, usually some scenario that involved his deepest, most lust-inducing fantasies, and then he would just lay there for several hours, gasping and moaning, writhing and bucking. He would not be permitted to cum, of course, not during the energy production process. Once all the men were in place, and producing, the coaches, and sometimes a couple extra technicians, would then channel the energies produced by their teams into the great batteries, where the electricians would take over from there.
The coaches would ensure the men stayed under for the duration of their shift, adjusting the dreams as needed to keep the men fully primed. Almost no one actually had sex at these facilities any more, and it was rare that Sex Mages even directly stimulated the workers. Not unless a coach or technician really happened to take a shine to someone.
Dan had been once such person, unfortunately. Oh, his whole team had been jealous when they’d found out one of their coaches had been actually stroking Dan in his sleep. She once even woke him up mid-shift so she could make him eat her out and she teased his cock with a psychic blow job. Unlike most of the men, Dan had resented the attention. He hated the job, but it was the only place in town that had been hiring, who had actually called him back, and he’d needed the money, so he’d taken it. It was bad enough that he got paid for a woman to go into his head and force him through every sexual fantasy that drove him wild, while denying him any release, several days a week. He didn’t have to like it. And he didn’t have to indulge his Sex Mage coaches any more than his job required. He’d yelled at her to get off of him, and when she hadn’t, he’d called her a bitch.
That hadn’t sat well with her. She had promptly gotten off him, and pulled him back into a dream state. That day, he should have earned enough hours to be permitted an orgasm, but when he’d gone to his appraiser, the woman who checked his condition over and assessed his hours and energy production, she’d said he hadn’t quite earned his release yet. He’d damn near blown up on her right there, and it was only his coach’s snickering off to the side that clued him into what was going on. They weren’t likely to fire him if he raised a fuss, of course; he was no actual danger to them. But they could make sure his shifts were extra hellish. He could quit, but then, where else would he work? So he’d had to bite his tongue and bare it.
Today, as he came in to work, his coach smiled ruefully at him. “Think you’ll be able to cum today?” she said, teasing.
“I suppose that is up to you,” said Dan, trying not to sound bitter.
She reached over and gave his balls a light pat. “You better believe it,” she said. She trailed a fingertip up his cock, causing it to twitch. “Now, get in place,” she said, giving him a slap on the ass. Dan sighed inwardly, and sat down on the bed. His coach concentrated on him, and Dan felt himself suddenly become very sleepy. Within seconds, he was asleep, and he found himself dreaming. His coach molded the chaotic flow of dreamlike thoughts into a vivid simulation.
Dan was dreaming that he was on his bed, spread eagle and pinned helplessly. His mother and sister, were sitting on either side of the bed, laughing and mocking him, telling him how helpless and perverted and pathetic he was, as they ran feathers up and down his body, teasing his desperate cock. The situation was deeply humiliating, but he was so aroused, so desperate to cum, that even the slight stimulation of the feathers was enough to drive him crazy. To his shame, he found himself begging his family members to touch him, to stroke and suck him, even fuck him, anything to achieve an orgasm he seemed forever denied.
The dream went on for the entire shift, four hours of humiliation and teasing. However, his coach had tweaked his sense of time in the dream, so that for Dan, it had nearly felt like twelve hours. When it was finally over, Dan winced as he stood up from his bed platform. His balls ached terribly, and his cock was so hard, it hurt. Grumbling, he dressed and walked over to stand in line, waiting for his day’s pay, and assessment. He was already a week overdue to cum; however, he had no illusions that today would be the day they would relent.
Of course, they couldn’t just come right out and admit it. They had to act all coy and pretend like he was too stupid to know better. Still, he had to maintain his calm as he came up to the appraiser, lest they have an excuse to punish him further. She gave him a lingering once over, smiling slyly. “Getting there,” she said, and Dan felt a phantom hand cup his swollen testicles. He made a small gasp, and his hips twitched reflexively. “But, I dunno. I don’t think you’re quite there yet. Maybe a couple more days.” Dan forced himself not to burst out in a torrent of angry curses, and instead set his jaw and nodded. This was what all the appraisers had said every day for the last week. He must have really pissed off the coach with his little tirade. There was nothing he could do about it now, though, save endure and wait for one of them to finally be merciful.
Dan collected his wages, running his credit bracelet over the scanner. It was a modest income, but for a college student, it was a good, quick way to make some pocket money. He then left the facility, his cock tenting his pants. Taking the train back into town with the other men, most of them didn’t bother looking at one another, and avoided the eyes of the women riding with them. While most of the women were used to this, a few of the younger new hires looked around at the men, and had to suppress their giggles.
After the twenty minute train ride, Dan walked the two miles back home, letting the walk clear his head. Shelly was going to have a field day with him if he came in still thinking of the dream his coach had made him experience.
He was about halfway home when he noticed a small glint of light off to the side. He glanced over, and noticed what appeared to be a large green marble in the grass, poking through the cracks in an empty lot. Looking around, he didn’t see anyone nearby who could have dropped it. There were a few people walking along the street and a couple cars passing by, but none of them paid him any heed. He went over to it, stepping over the single chain that cordoned off the lot to prevent anyone from parking in it. Bending down, he picked up the item. It was indeed a marble of some kind, about the circumference of a half-dollar coin, and a colored a translucent, almost clear green; in fact, he could only tell it was green if he looked at the edges. Strangely, the marble didn’t feel like plastic or glass, but more like some kind of stone.
Stranger still, however, he could see a tiny flicker of orange flame inside the marble. He blinked and looked closer. It was not just some kind of design or trick of the light. There was an actual flame inside the marble. He couldn’t feel the heat of it, but it was definitely there. He rolled the marble in his hand, and always the little flame reached skyward. He looked around again, wondering where it could have come from. How was the flame burning without any access to oxygen? Was it just an illusion.
He swallowed and looked around a third time, feeling a little paranoid. This could be the result of an illusion. Sex Mages were certainly capable of such things. He could very well still be at the power plant, dreaming, and his coach was now running him through some simulation just to screw with him some more.
However, this didn’t seem like a dream or an illusion. He’d been under a few before, and he’d always had some sense of when he was under. Some niggling feeling, whether he accepted the illusion or not, that something was ever so slightly off. Of course, it was entirely possible a skilled enough woman could blot that sense out, and he really could be under. But no, even given that, there was just something intangible that told him this was really happening. And even if it wasn’t, well, it’s not like there was much he could do other than just go along with it, right?
He looked back at the marble. He blinked as he saw the flame flicker more rapidly. He brought it closer to his face, and for a moment, he seemed to become entranced. The flame flickered wildly, and his vision became focused entirely on its movements. He thought that the fire was bending into a shape, spreading outward from the sides, while narrowing and arcing at the tip. For a brief moment, he fancied he could see the design of a bird in the flames.
Then, suddenly, there was a tremendous flash as the marble lit up like a flare. Gasping, Dan jerked back and dropped the marble. He heard a cracking sound as it hit the ground, and he rubbed the light spots out of his eyes. After a moment, they cleared, and he looked down at the marble. To his surprise, even though it had felt perfectly solid, with stone-like hardness, it had shattered on the ground as if it had been little more than an eggshell. Then he noticed that the pieces were no longer green, but a smoky gray. The flame was likewise snuffed out.
Dan blinked and looked around again, as if expecting to see the flame appear elsewhere. However, it was no where to be found. He likewise looked to see if anyone else had spotted him or seen what had happened, but once again, no one was paying him any attention. Everyone was either in a hurry, had their nose buried in their mo-comps, or were distracted by whoever they were with.
Dan scratched his head, confused. Had no one else seen that flash? He supposed he was unassuming enough that no one had been all that interested when he’d gone into the lot, but surely, someone else had noticed the bright light. Maybe it had all been an illusion? But if that was the case, why didn’t he had a raging hard on? Why would such an illusion not involve some kind of cock teasing element? It hadn’t been sexual in the least.
He shook his head. Giving one last glance to the broken pieces of now gray marble, he decided he would just let it be. He went back to the sidewalk and resumed his walk back home, mingling with the light flow of traffic.
He was a little surprised to see his mom’s car was missing. She must have been called in for the night shift. He entered the house and was surprised when Shelly suddenly jumped into his arms, giving him a big hug. “Hey, bro!” she said. “Sorry, I was so mean today.”
Dan blanched. “Uh, huh,” he said.
“Look, I thought over what you said. I was really just trying to aggravate you, but I didn’t mean to, you know, really aggravate you.”
“Just stop playing around with me, okay?” he said, giving her a quick hug back.
Shelly laughed, letting him go. “Oh, I can’t promise that,” she said. She glanced down at him. “Ooph. You’re really aching right now, huh?”
“Yeah,” he said. “I ticked off my coach.”
“Ah,” she said. “So, I guess if I were to give you a pity cum, it would be bad for business.”
Dan swallowed, and tried not to picture the dream he’d been given. He failed, of course. Kelly’s eyes went wide as she saw the image in his head. She covered her mouth so he couldn’t see her huge grin. “Oh, my god,” she said. “You perv! And here you were busting my chops about being disgusting!”
“That wasn’t me!” he huffed. “That was the dream my coach gave me!”
“God, even still, it made you so hard!” she said. She giggled, and couldn’t help but give him a couple quick phantom feather brushes along his inner thighs. Dan shivered, and to his dismay, his cock shot back up almost instantly.
“Shelly, don’t—” he said, but she put a finger to his lips.
“Come on, bro,” she said. “I’ll be nice and let you pop.”
Dan’s eyes widened. “Really?”
She giggled. “But! For being such I pervert, I’ll only let you cum, if you do it on my feet. And when you do, you have to lick it all off!”
Dan gave her a baleful look. “Shelly, no!”
“Look, if I make you do it in some humiliating way, they might be forgiving if you cum before they want you to,” said Shelly, trying to look sincere, and failing as she couldn’t help but grin. “So come on, empty those balls for me!”
The feathers began to pick up on his cock again.
“I said, no!” shouted Dan, and suddenly, the feathers ceased. He ran up to his room, and shut the door.
“Hey!” called Shelly. “Hey, stop!” she reached out to him, and, to her utter shock, she found she could not grasp him with her magic. “What the hell?”
Dan sat on his bed, gritting his teeth as his balls and cock ached. God, if only he could stroke himself and cum whenever he wanted, just he used to. He was sick and tired of being cock controlled by women. If only he could just reach and touch—
His eyes widened in shock as his hand touched his cock. It had been a year since he had been able to touch himself with the intent of pleasure. But now, here he was, rubbing his cock through his pants. A moment later, he all but tore his clothes off, and grasped his cock. He gasped at the touch, the first real one he’d had there in months. He could not believe it. He could masturbate!
Slowly, he began to stroke himself. A few moments later, the door to his room flew open, and Shelly gawked at him. “You’re masturbating!” she yelled, pointing an accusing finger at him. “You can’t do that!”
“Apparently, I can,” said Dan, not stopping. In fact, he stroked himself faster.
Shelly was too shocked to do anything for a moment, but then thrust her hand at him. “Stop!” she said. Dan didn’t stop. She thrust her hand at him again, trying to magically grab his arm and pull it away. “Stop it, Dan!” she commanded.
Dan gleefully defied her. He couldn’t stop now, even if he wanted to anyway. Three weeks of blue balls and daily teasing had made him not only incredibly sensitive, but ready to burst with only seconds of stimulation. After only half a minute of stroking, his body tensed up and he gasped. He and Shelly both stared in wonder as he came, long streaks of semen erupting from his cock. He let out a cry, so forceful was his ejaculation. He didn’t mind that he was spraying it all over his floor, and even on the wall. He was overjoyed with not only the release of pressure, but that he had been able to do it himself. He lay back on the bed when he was finished, breathing heavily. He felt almost giddy.
“No way,” said Shelly softly. “How did you do that?”
Dan sat up and grinned at her. “Knock it off, Shelly, you don’t have to play dumb.” He stood up and, despite his nudity, he hugged her. “Thank you.”
“But-but-but I didn’t—”
“Come on, it had to be you,” said Dan. “Mom’s not here, the ladies at work wouldn’t do it, Karen sure wouldn’t. You’re just trying to deny it so you don’t get in trouble, right? But seriously, thank you. I owe you.”
Shelly nodded slowly. She wondered if, subconsciously, she really had decided to let him shoot. But no, that would take a conscious effort to allow. “Dan, I swear! I didn’t let you do that! You did it yourself!”
“That wasn’t me! I was going to tease you some more, but suddenly, I couldn’t touch you with my magic!” said Shelly. “How did you do that?”
“You’re serious?” Dan said. Shelly nodded. “Here, try to read my thoughts. I’m thinking about Karen naked.”
Shelly looked at him, then squinted her eyes, trying to concentrate. After a few moments, her eyes widened again, and she shook her head. “I can’t! All I see is some kind of static! How are you doing that?
Dan looked at himself in wonder. “I have no idea,” he said. Suddenly, he thought to the strange marble. It was no coincidence that this happened almost immediately after his strange experience. He grasped Shelly by the shoulders. “Shelly, please don’t tell anyone about this.”
“Shelly, please,” he said. “I know you enjoy playing with me, and I know you think I deserve it or that it’s just your right, but please, can you just do this one thing for me as my sister? Don’t tell anybody.”
Shelly swallowed and looked into his eyes, then slowly nodded. “Okay,” she said softly. “But, I mean, you’re not going to be able to hide it from Mom.”
Dan chewed his lip. “I’ll tell her on my own, okay?” Shelly nodded, and Dan let her go. “Thank you. I mean it.”
Shelly frowned and looked at the floor. “So, does that mean, are you gunna like, try to get back at me or something?” She shuffled her feat.
“What? No,” said Dan. “No, don’t worry, okay?”
“Alright,” she said. She paused, then said, “Um, I’m sorry, you know, for all I—”
“No, you’re not,” said Dan. “You’re just saying that because now you can’t effect me.”
“But, I really am!”
“Whatever,” said Dan. “Look, can I have a little alone time, please?”
“Going to jerk off some more?” she said.
“Yes,” he said. “And this time, you can’t watch.”
Shelly frowned. “Enjoy this while it lasts, bro,” she said with a huff. “There’s no way its permanent.”
“No one thought Sex Magic would be permanent,” he said.
Shelly opened her mouth to retort, eyes widening. Then she whirled and stomped off. Dan smirked and closed the door. This time, he locked it, the first time he’d dared to in years. It had always been there as a temptation, but it was also a test. If he locked it, he would be in trouble, for daring to try and shut himself off from a woman’s influence, in this case, his mother and sister. The security was an illusion anyway. A locked door was nothing to a Sex Mage. But now, it seemed, that was no longer the case.

Dan managed to avoid his mother for that night. She didn’t come home until late, and Dan had gone to bed either after relieving himself no less than four times, just because he could. As such, his mom was still asleep when he woke up, an hour earlier than usual. In fact, Shelly had only just gotten up herself, and was a little surprised to bump into Dan in the hall. Dan reached the bathroom just before she did.
“Uh, morning, bro,” she said. “You mind moving?”
“Yes, actually,” he said, and went in first.
Shelly instinctively reached out to give his balls a tug and remind him exactly who was supposed to get priority in this house, and was surprised for a moment when it didn’t work. Then, as she came fully awake, she remembered what happened last night. “Damn it!” she cursed.
“Ha, ha!” yelled Dan as he turned on the shower. He made sure to take a little longer than necessary, and when he finally got out, Shelly was almost fuming. “Come on, sis, you act like I just crashed your car or something.”
Shelly ignored him and stomped into the bathroom. Dan laughed as he went to his room. He dressed quickly, noting how nice it was to not have a massive hard-on or the persistent ache of blue balls to contend with. He made himself breakfast and ate at a relaxed pace, before heading out the door, just as his mother came into the kitchen, yawning. Dan paused long enough to give her a good morning, then was out the door before she could talk to him. He wasn’t ready yet to tell her of his newfound immunity; he wanted to at least have a full day to himself to enjoy it.
He had another class in a couple of hours, and decided he would just go to the school’s library hub to get some homework finished. As he came around a corner to take the alleyway short cut, his eyes went wide, and he leaped back. Taking a breath, he cautiously peered back around the corner, and watched as he saw three young women standing around a naked young man, who was backed up against the wall. Dan recognized him as Steve. He did not recognize Chase among the girls, however, he thought he’d seen one of the girls hanging out with her. No doubt Chase had set Steve up for something so that she could “punish her cheating boy toy” later.
Steve was shaking and gasping as the middle girl of the trio as a brunette, gently cupped and rolled his balls. “Ah, you poor thing. Such painful blue balls. When’s the last time you were allowed to cum, hmm?”
“F-f-five weeks!” Steve gasped. His cock jerked and jumped despite the simple caress of the girl’s hand. The girls all broke out into giggles.
“Wow, five whole weeks!” said the girl to Steve’s left, a cute blond. “I don’t even make my boyfriend wait that long!”
“Why so long, Steve?” said the third girl, the tall redhead. “Did you do something bad? I bet you did, didn’t you? And now Chase just refuses to empty those poor things.”
Steve let out a shuddering groan. The brunette answered for him, using her magic to read the dirty thoughts in his mind. “Peeking on your sister in the shower! How gross!” She gently squeezed his balls, causing Steve to whimper pitifully.
“I-i-it was an accident!” Steve gasped.
“Ah, maybe,” said the blond, “but you running to your room and wishing you could jerk off while thinking about her sure wasn’t! And it looks like you two don’t even get along very well. You had to know you’d get busted for that!”
“I’m sure he did,” said the redhead. “But you know how boys are. Their cocks completely take over their brains and they just can’t think straight.”
Steve flushed a bright red, utterly humiliated, but powerless to do anything to stop the three girls. He could only stand there as they gently caressed him, read his mind and taunted him, and made his balls roil with the need for release. No doubt they were doing much more than just caressing him; the way his cock was jerking and jumping, Dan was sure they were full-on stroking his cock with phantom hands and mouths. Dan was amazed Steve was still standing, but then realized the girls were probably using their magic to hold him up against the wall.
“I guess we could make him pop,” said the blond, pretending to look thoughtful.
“Oh, yeah,” said brunette. “I can see the block in him. We could just pluck it out, real easy, and then he’d be free to spurt his goo all over.”
“Oh, god, yes,” gasped Steve, his breath heaving. “Please, please!”
“Oh, Steve, but what would your sister think?” said the blond. “She might punish you even harder next time!”
“And what about Chase?” said the redhead. “You would betray your own girlfriend just for a chance to shoot your goo?”
“That would be kind of funny,” said the brunette. “I’m tempted to do it just to see what either of them does next.”
Steve cried out hoarsely, “Yes! Please!” He didn’t care what might be in store for him later. He was out of his mind with desperation; all he cared about was the here and now and his tremendous need for release. But the girls just laughed and continued to play with him, until tears streamed from his eyes.
Dan ducked back around the corner and leaned against the wall. He swallowed. He didn’t necessarily like Steve very much, the guy could be a jerk when he wasn’t being putting in Chase’s hands, but those girls were running him through the ringer so hard he was going insane. All this because they thought it was funny. All because they thought the Magic didn’t have consequences. And yet, it was all supposed to be okay, because “girls will be girls.”
Dan took a breath. Had he not thoroughly emptied his own balls last night, Dan was ashamed to admit he would probably be aroused watching the scene. He couldn’t help but imagine himself in Steve’s place, except instead of teasing him, he imagined the girls eagerly going down on him, making him cum all over their tits and faces. He had to admit, all three were rather cute and sexy. Dan swallowed, and realized they should be picking up his own thoughts by now. He was close enough, and focusing one’s thoughts on a particular woman made her more likely to sense those thoughts inadvertently. They were young enough, they probably didn’t even know how to tune guys out yet.
However, none of them seemed to have noticed. It could be that they were so focused on Steve they couldn’t sense his own sexual thoughts. Or, more than likely, it could be that he truly was immune to their senses. He had held out on truly hoping that was the case, wondering if somehow he’d maybe just become immunized against his sister, but no, it seemed he really was immune to the women’s magic. Or at least, their senses. He frowned. Well, only one way to know for certain.
Dan riffled through his book bag and pulled out the tazer he kept for protection. His parents had insisted on it as a safety measure. Even ignoring the dangers of Sex Magic abuse, like what was happening to Steve right now, there was still crime in the world, violence and theft and other things a man had to protect himself from, things that even women had to defend against when their Sex Magic failed.
Dan hesitated, though. He wasn’t sure if the tazer would actually work. Sex Magic could make a woman more durable than humanly possible, as a way of protecting them from the rigors of superhuman sexual activity. He knew how proper application of this ability was sometimes used by the police for certain dangerous situations. For example, there had been a situation last year where two desperate men had tried to rob a bank, and were shooting at anyone who got too close. Two female officers had started fucking their male partners behind their squad cars to produce a strong burst of sexual energy.  A third female cop had absorbed all that energy and used it to make herself bullet proof as well as levitate her body. She’d flown into the bank, shrugged off the bullets, and taken the men down with disabling shots. She’d been pretty badly bruised by the bullets, but her durability had held through, and they hadn’t even broken the skin.
Dan hoped the girls didn’t know how to do a trick like that. Then again, the girls were merely playing with the guy with their thoughts. They weren’t, say, fucking him upside-down in mid-air while making him grow extra dicks or anything crazy like that. Dan took a final breath to calm himself, then went into the alley, leveling his tazer at the girls.
“Alright, ladies, that’s enough,” he said, stopping when they were within range of his weapon.
The girls all jumped at his voice. They had been so engrossed in tormenting Steve, they hadn’t seen Dan’s approach. However, what stunned them more was that they hadn’t sensed him either. Dan was unable to deny that all three girls were very attractive. They should have all sensed his interest before he’d even stepped into the alley. But they had sensed nothing. They still sensed nothing.
The redhead took a few steps towards Dan, smiling brightly, and holding her arms up a bit. “Hey, come on, chillout, guy. We’re just having some fun.” She arched her back slightly in a way that emphasized her breasts, hoping to distract his attention, and perhaps spark his libido enough for her to grasp onto it. It didn’t work. Dan aimed the tazer right at her chest.
“Please,” said Dan. “Just leave him alone.”
The girls were looking at Dan perplexed. They were more confused than worried, it seemed, that they couldn’t read him. They reach out with their minds, trying to grasp his sex drive and his genitals, but every attempt failed.
“How the fuck are you doing that?” said the brunette.
“He’s gotta have a shield on or something,” said the blond. “Like, maybe his Mom put a scrambler in his head.”
“No, it’s not that,” said the brunette. “I know what a scrambler feels like, all staticky and slippery.” She squinted at him, concentrated. “He doesn’t have one. He doesn’t have anything.” Her eyes widened. “I can’t sense anything!”
The redhead curled her hands into fists and took another step towards Dan. “Okay, boy, I don’t know how you’re doing that, but that doesn’t change the fact that there are three of us and one of you.”
The brunette cocked a thumb at Steve. “Screw that, we’ll just make blue balls here beat him up.”
“No!” said Steve, which surprised Dan a little. He then gave a shout as the blond grabbed his balls and squeezed, and Dan could tell from the sudden stuttering moan he gave that she was flooding pleasure into his system.
“Come on, blue boy,” said the blond. “We’ll let you pop if you do!”
“Oh!” said Steve, stepping away from the wall. His cock jumped as the blond enticed him with psychic touches. “Oh fuck!” He started to lurch towards Dan.
Dan shifted the tazer to Steve and pulled the trigger. The wires struck the overly teased young man and hit him with a jolt of electricity that overloaded his senses faster than the girls could compensate, pain mixing with the pleasure. Steve’s eyes rolled up and he passed out, dropping to the ground.
The girls’ collective jaws dropped as the stared wide-eyed at Steve. They started to look back at Dan just as he hurled the now spent tazer at the redhead. It clocked her between the eyes, sending her reeling.
Dan glanced around quickly, and saw a piece of broken pipe lying alongside alley wall. He quickly jumped over to it and snatched it up, then held it in front of him. The girls had been too stunned to try and stop him or grab a weapon for themselves until it was too late. Dan advanced on them, raising the pipe. Completely unprepared for such an assault, the three girls started backing away until they turned and ran, the redhead clutching her forehead.
Dan gave a sigh of relief. For one thing, hadn’t actually wanted to start beating them up with the pipe; for another, he doubted he actually could have taken three of them at once. It was not like he had the remotest clue how to fight.
Dan dropped the weapon, hands shaking. He couldn’t believe he’d just chase off three Sex Mages. Young and inexperienced ones, but still. He went over to Steve and shook him. Steve’s eyes fluttered open. “Ugh” he groaned as he came to. “H-hey, man, why are you blue?”
Dan blinked, perplexed. He looked at himself and then jumped as he saw what appeared to be a faint aura of sky blue light surrounding him. More accurately, it appeared to be wisps of blue and white glowing steam swirling together as it radiated off of him. He somehow hadn’t noticed until he had actually tried to look. Dan watched as the blue aura flickered, then faded out. He suddenly felt a little tired and he sat down next to Steve, leaning against the alley wall.
Steve sat him himself and took a moment to catch his breath. Dan just sat there and watched him. After he’d composed himself, Steve finally stood with a groan, wincing, and tenderly reached to hide his still tense genitals. Dan got up, not looking at Steve directly, in order to give him at least a little privacy. “Where the fuck are my clothes?” he heard Steve mutter. Dan helped look and saw them strewn down the far side of the alley. He gathered them up and tossed them to Steve, who stiffly got dressed.
When he was decent, Steve went up to Dan and clapped a hand on his shoulder. “Man, I don’t know how the fuck you did that, but thank you,” he said.
“Uh, yeah, sure,” said Dan. He paused, feeling awkward. “Thanks for, uh, trying to resist them making you beat me up. And, uh, sorry I tazed you.”
Steve smirked and started walking out of the alley, “No harm, no foul, I guess. I’m just glad you didn’t hit my balls.”  Dan followed along, intending to go another direction, but Steve turned to him and spoke. “So, how did you do that? How did you resist them? Did that blue glow have something to do with it?”
Dan opened his mouth and paused. “I think so. I don’t know how, though.”
The two walked together for a while in silence, Dan walking with Steve if only because he still looked a little shaky, walking with a slight limp. It was a little awkward, all things considered. Steve finally broke the ice, however. “So, how long have you been able to do this?”
“Just since last night,” said Dan.
“Think it’s permanent?”
“No idea.”
“I see.” Steve looked thoughtful for a moment.
“What is it?” said Dan.
Steve looked at him. “I can’t tell if you are the luckiest guy on earth right now, or the unluckiest.”
“How do you mean?”
“You’re immune to their magic. They can’t touch you, they can’t read you. God only knows how many men would kill to have that ability. But on the other hand, that very ability is going to make you stand out, in a bad way.”
Dan mulled this over. To his rather large concern, Steve had a point. He’d already chased off those three girls; lord knows who they would tell. All it would take is one, maybe five minutes at school, and every woman around him would notice he was a blind spot in their senses. In fact, now that he thought about it, he was now out of a job, as well. If his coaches and the technicians couldn’t even read him, much less magically influence him, they sure couldn’t drain any energy from him to use for power.
“Fuck,” said Dan, coming to a stop.
Steve stopped next to him. “Yeah,” he said. “I was jealous of you for a couple minutes, but the more I think about it, the more fucked I think you are.”
Dan scowled. “Thanks. Take the first good thing to happen to me in a year and spit on it.”
“Hey, man, you just saved my ass, okay? I don’t know how else to return the favor, other than, well, making you realize how much danger you’re in.”
Dan sighed. “You don’t think it’ll be that big of a deal, do you?”
Steve shrugged. “My aunt’s in the military. She’s a member of this Anti-Cult Unit. You know, like a strike team that sniffs out the really crazy ones, like the Scions of Ahriman or the Disciples of Loki.”
“Come on, man, those crackpots don’t even really exist,” said Dan. “Or, well, I’m sure a few guys really are that crazy, but they’re not the giant organizations the tabloids talk about. I read all the stuff. It’s just stupid propaganda, fear mongering to further keep us men scared of even thinking about trying to counter the Magic.”
“No, man, I’m telling you, this shit is real. Fucking blood sacrifices and ritual orgies. She says there’s even some women who get wrapped up in the cults, and they try to use their magic to perform other types of rituals and shit. Anyway, my aunt, she told me a little about this stuff. Or, well, a couple times, she’d be drinking with my mom, and she’d start spilling stuff.”
“Okay, then. What about it?”
“So far, no other form of magic has ever worked, for men or women. It’s Sex Magic, or nothing, right?”
“Well, that’s how they all want it. The government is paranoid about some other form of magic awakening in the world. My aunt’s group specifically goes after the cults not just to shut down the killings and god knows what else they do, but to see if anything they’ve tried ever actually works. So far, it hasn’t, or if it has, it’s been quickly shut down and covered up. My point is, there’s teams of women out there whose job it is to find people like you. And if you’ve really gained some kind of unique power—”
Steve suddenly stopped and went a little pale. Dan turned, and saw, to his dismay, a cop car coming straight for them. As it got closer, they flashed their lights, signaling the boys to stay where they were. “Oh, fuck, dude. That was fast.”
“Those girls must have called them,” said Dan. He sighed and almost smacked himself in the forehead. He’d been so caught up in his newfound immunity, he hadn’t stopped to think of the obvious results of outright assaulting a woman, even in defense of another man.
Especially in defense of another man.
Nonetheless, Dan waited patiently as the car pulled over, and two cops came out. One was a woman, a redhead with a long ponytail, another was a man, with close cut brown hair.
“Which one of you is Daniel?”
Dan raised his hand.
“We want you to come with us, please.”
“May I ask why?”
“Three girls say you attacked them.” A pause. “Somehow.”
Dan looked evenly at her. Now that he was already caught, he may as well just roll with it. “I did accost three girls, but only in defense of my friend here. They were molesting and torturing him.” Dan motioned to Steve. “Feel free to read his mind without his consent. That should confirm my story, at least partially.”
The redheaded cop seemed a little taken aback by how brazenly Dan admitted his actions. She glanced to her male partner, who looked nervous. She nodded at him, and he returned to the car, saying something into his radio. The female cop pulled out a gun and aimed it at Dan. “Stephen, please step aside,” she said. “We will have another squad car escort you home.”
Dan swallowed, but held his ground. “That’s a little excessive, isn’t it?” said Dan.
“We have protocols. You’re coming with us, immediately.”
Dan felt a sense of rising awareness and energy, as though a jolt of caffeine had suddenly kicked in. The cop’s jaw dropped and her eyes widened, her gun wavering a bit. Dan looked down at himself and noticed the blue-white wisps of energy were starting to build around him again. He pondered this for a moment, then looked up at the cop, and suddenly grinned. Following a sudden notion, Dan stepped forward, arms spread. The female cop reset her aim, holding the gun steady, and her male partner returned, hefting a shotgun he’d pulled from the car.
Dan grinned. “Come on,” he said softly. “Do it.” When the two just swallowed nervously, he took another step forward. The energy flared brighter around him. “Do it. I dare you.” He took another step forward.
Both cops fired at the same time. Dan was knocked back onto his ass as a hail of shot gun pellets slammed into his body, from shoulders to knees, and a pistol bullet struck him square between the eyes. For a moment, pain flared up inside him, and he felt as though he’d just slammed into a wall. But a moment later, the sensation started to fade. Stiffly, he stood back up, gasping. Hands on his knees, he sucked in several sharp breaths, and to his amazement, each intake seemed to charge him with renewed vigor. Within seconds, the pain had completely faded, and he stood tall. He saw that the bullets had not drawn any blood; they’d left severe bruises, but those were already healing before his eyes, fading away like water evaporating in the sun. He also saw that the wisps of energy surrounding him had become a bright blue aura.
The two cops stared at him in wonder, as did Steve. Dan smiled. He felt as though he could run around the world. He felt as though he could fly through the air. He felt as though he could knock down a building with one pun—
Dan flinched as the two fired on him again, this time not stopping after one shot. The female cop emptied her ten-bullet clip, while the male cop used three more shells in rapid succession. Dan just laughed. The second shot had stung a bit, but after that, the bullets and pellets may as well have been spitballs. Interestingly, the aura seemed to deaden the kinetic force of the projectiles completely, as they came to dead stop upon striking him, then falling to the ground, rather than ricocheting or squashing flat against him. Even more insanely, however, he realized that by the ninth and tenth pistol bullet, he could actually follow them traveling through the air. Only for a second, but he could see the bullet before it hit.
“M-m-mother Mary!” said the female cop. She actually crossed herself. Her partner just gawked at Daniel.
“Alright,” Dan said. “Now that that’s out of your system, maybe we can sit the fuck down and have a calm, reasonable discuss?” Both cops were backing towards the car and the male was reaching for his radio. Dan rolled his eyes. “Fine. I’ll be on my way, then.” He turned and, testing a sudden theory, ran back down the road and through the alley where he’d saved Steve. Trailing blue light behind him, he felt the wind roaring past him, and he noticed he was outpacing the cars. He smiled. The power that made him tough, that made him immune to the magic, had also granted him super humans speed. But even as he reached the end of the alleyway, he felt himself slowing. The blue light around him began to flicker, and finally guttered out. The cars on the street sped up as his all-too brief burst of power ran out.
He kept running, however, not wanting to give the cops a chance to catch up. He wasn’t sure he could go home yet, though. He’d have to find some place private hole up, and try to figure out how this strange power of his worked.


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