Friday, October 16, 2015

So how would you change the SMW?

Reader Discussion! Everyone has their own personal ideal of a sex fantasy universe, and I always like to suggest that if someone else would take on a Sex Mage World-type story, they make it there own instead of worrying about strictly sticking to my (mostly-non-existent) canon.

If you were to write your own Sex Mage World-like story, how might you change things to better suit your taste? What elements of the magic, the setting, the cultures, etc, would you use, drop, or change?

Answers that amount to "I would remove all the Magic and make it a non-magical femdom world" don't count!  >: P

(So we're clear, I'm not looking for suggestions, I'm merely curious for the sake of discussion.)


  1. I think it would be interesting to have someone whose powers are mixed up and they only work on women, or some man who has developed or been given some kind of reflective ability (that they cannot control). For the man who can reflect powers, perhaps it is some military experiment that went wrong and the women doing the testing made the shield too reflective and they lost the ability to do anything on him and now they are trying to hunt him down.

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  3. I would change the number of women with powers. Maybe only a handful of women get powers, and they go power-hungry. They ensnare more men, which makes them more powerful (and hotter), which enables them to ensnare more men...

  4. I would make physical transformations available to lower level mages than just the megami. Then as part of the domination process, men would be made to look however women wanted, in addition to being made to behave as women want. This could go in a lot of different directions, shrinking, genital size change, muscle addition / removal, TG, etc. For more loving/tender relationships, this could also mean that women could use a promise of temporarily changing themselves to fit their man's ideal as a potential reward for good behavior.

  5. I agree to make women more powerful. There could be some sort of secondary event that takes women back to the power levels you had in your previous stories like in You My Goddess where the woman was practically all powerful.

    I would also like to see one of the other Queendoms and see how cruel some of the other places are in comparison to your normal stories. Women rule in your stories and men just need to realize this fact that they are basically living batteries.

    I'm not just about cruelty, I do love your loving relationship stories as well but like you said, whatever strikes your mood at the time and right now I am in the mood for unbridled magical cruelty.

    A bit off topic but an idea for a story could be a 'threesome' where two women take a guy and just wring him of his lust energy to empower their love making while not touching him and enjoying his suffering. Even more so if they gain even more powers as well.

  6. Hahaha, it's funny, one group of comments wishes the women were weaker, others wish they were stronger!

    Funny enough, the original Sex Mage World concept had the women all being about Megami level, and not even necessarily needing energy from men to use their abilities. Such a set-up is good for short-short-stories and caption sories, but for longer works, I found it didn't really hold up for me. Nonetheless, I do find that idea quite fun as well, on a purely fantasy level.

    Nice comments so far, keep 'em coming!

  7. You should bring back the girl from You My Goddess, maybe not for a long story but just for a fun little scene.

  8. Perhaps I will. I did try to keep that story going, but it fizzled out quick. Lack of direction as always. Could try picking it up again.

  9. It always struck me as strange, the women still have maternal instincts, yet those instincts turn off when the boy hits puberty? Maybe a story about what happens if the young man you just tortured was the son of an ethical arch mage or megumi. Still femdom, just a bit of retribution...

  10. I admit I mainly put that whole "boys are relatively protected until 18" in so none of my stories feature characters below the age of 18. Heck, that's the reason Sex Magic doesn't usually kick in for women until they reach 19 or 20.

    I have zero interest in writing about minors, but it's a useful in-universe disclaimer to mention whenever teenagers are involved in my stories, so no one tries to accuse me of writing under-aged characters.

    As for maternal instincts, eh, consider these mothers have to put up with sensing their son's masturbation and sexual fantasies all while they are growing up. By the time the kid reaches 18, I imagine some women are practically throwing their sons out the door to the first woman who will take them, just to quit having to deal with what probably to them probably feels like a constant cloud of incest in her face. Incest isn't something I care to explore, so I don't make it a normal thing in my SMW setting.

    After a few generations of this, though, who knows? Several generations of women dealing with boys' sexuality, preparing them for when they have sons, maybe they'll just not mind it, and it won't interfere with any maternal instincts.

    Assuming, of course, that the family unit survives the radical cultural shifts that Sex Magic causes.

    1. I was thinking more along the lines of noblesse oblige. You had spoken in other places of how some females follow lovers honor (I think that is what you called it). SO an Arch Mage or Megumi who follows that philosophy finds out that a mere mage who was one of the uber sadists target her son. I would think that would be something of an insult to the more powerful mage, something along the lines of "you might torture most males, but MY line is not for a mere mage to play with!"

    2. Sure, you'd probably get something along those lines somewhere. Of course, Archmages and Megami's can shield their men from the tricks of regular Mages. While several Mages together might be able to bust an Archmage's protections, it would take a hundred or more to break a baseline Megami's shields, if at all. And in either case, if they are that protective, they probably have a warning system flare up to their senses.

      But them's just details. You could certainly do a story where a Megami's son gets somehow attacked by a sadist, and she goes all Momma Bear on the bitch.

  11. One idea that I was thinking of writing myself was about a world where women can take telekinetic control of men, but only those who are attracted to them.

    This would seem to be an interesting change to your SWM world, as it would totally change the power dynamic, and make women less completely dominant. Guys could try to resist, but once they get an erection, the woman has total control over him. So no being controlled by any random woman like in your world, but guys would still be very limited and controlled in their sexual activities. And of course, the more beautiful a woman is, she more power she has, since she can easily take control over lots of guys.

    Part of my idea was that the control only lasted until he stopped being horny. Unlike your SWM world, I didn't envision the magic being used to stretch the boundaries of human endurance, so if a woman kept a guy hard for an extended period of time, they could cause permanent damage. So eventually, her control would wear off, if she didn't want to hurt him badly. Of course, if she did want to hurt him badly, then the phrase "death by lethal erection" popped into my head to describe the result.

    And I was thinking that the woman should have a way of gaining permanent control over a guy. Maybe if she lets him have an orgasm inside of her, they're permanently bonded. After that, she could control that guy any time she wanted, from any distance, without him having to think about her and get an erection. She would also know if he was attracted to other women or controlled by other women. Maybe long range could weaken her control over him, so a power struggle with a closer woman trying to grab control of her guy could ensue.

    Generally, I'm into female domination that isn't always necessarily as explicitly sexual as your stories. I've done a little writing, though nowhere near as much as you, about women who are dominant in various ways (giantess, super strength, telekinesis, etc). I even have a shared universe for some of my stories called 21st Century Magic, about magic returning to the modern world, and only a limited number of people have it, with different people having different powers. Kinda like the mutants in the X-Men, but because it's magic based on spells, they can add to their powers, rather than just being stuck with the one they're born with.

    In my 21st Century Magic series, I did one story about a girl who can control people who are attracted to her. Similar to the concept I described above, but no permanent bonding (yet?) and she's the only one with that specific power in my world. One of these days I need to get back to writing more on that one, as I have a specific direction in mind for the story.

    Anyone who's interested can look up my stories on (a mostly superheroine/super strength themed female domination site) under the name YAGS. The one I just described is called "21st Century Magic: Gotcha!".

    1. Oh, hey, you're the 21st Century Magic guy, huh? I read some of those a long time ago. I didn't really get into the pain stuff, but I recall a couple of yours had some hot scenes of sheer control. I think they were among the first stories I read directly similar to the stuff I fantasize about. Cool! : )

      As for your idea of limiting it to people who were attracted to the woman, I had a similar idea once. A woman could have influence over men who were attracted to her, or could detect the thoughts of men fantasizing about her. However, she didn't gain real control until he penetrated her. Orgasm wasn't necessary, but even if she just sucked his cock for a moment, the connection would form and she'd have control like in my usual SMW. However, the control would fade if some form of sex wasn't had over a certain period of time, variable to how attached the guy was.

      By the time I came up with that, though, the SMW as it is had been well established, so I didn't really feel like altering the setting again.

      Still, might be worth it as a sort of an "Elseworlds" take. As you say, there becomes an interesting power play in the woman seducing the man into her control, and the man trying his best to resist.

  12. Been a while since I last checked in, but from the stuff I have seen since you came back from your break a couple years ago, the themes are getting repetitive. In fact, you could take several of your different short stories and give the leads the same names, and they would virtually be same story in one.

    That's not meant to be a criticism, but just an observation. Prior to your break, things seemed more fresh. The characters you created actually developed more, as they learned what they could do and experienced the change in the world around them. First there was a shift in standing between men and women, which was mutual between cooperative couples, and revenge based in those that had not been. Now, everything seems to just be men facing a tortured existence.

    You asked what we would change if we could - - an introduction of more benign and/or benevolent female characters would be an interesting change of oace. You've had stories like that before (Violet vs Sara), even your characters Sandy and Kat had those qualities in stories that were domme specific (I know, technically not in the SMW, but foundations for the world before you made it). For characters like that, the control aspects are based on good natured fun. The stuff I've glanced over that you put out this year, before writing this, has all been way heavy handed and shifted the SMW to an almost 1984 Orwellian Man Hell.

    Meh... What do I know, your world, your rules...

    1. It's a fair observation, one I'll readily admit to. Repetition has always been my bane. Despite how much I futz with the details, it all comes down to the same concept of using powers for sexual domination.

      Really, I kind of just ran out of stories to tell after my first year or two. I haven't done any more things like VvS, Kat, Sami, or Centurion stories because they'd just be the same stories over and over again as well, as far as I've been able to come up with.

      Otherwise, I start some stories, and they deviate so far off course, it completely loses the erotica aspect as it goes. See the "Year 100 Story," which started off as a Sex Mage adventure, and turned into super soldiers battling demons and space wizards. : P

      Since my "return", I've pretty much just focused on the wank material aspect of the writing, with little concern to characters, development, or plot outside the sex, so, I don't blame people for feeling it's gotten a little flat. Not sure what else I can do other than wait for inspiration to strike again.

  13. If you want to look at it from a creative writing standpoint, I've heard that other writers try altogether different stories when they feel boxed in. John Grisham wrote "Playing for Pizza," a football story, after he got burnt out on legal stories. If you don't want to stray to far from the genre, do like a Green Mile (not a horror, but lateral supernatural). You have Halloween just around the corner, use it. Only parameter is don't write an SMW story in the process.

    1. I have other projects. Just not femdom or erotica related. But that's a bundle of it's own messes. : P

  14. Hi Salamando,

    Instead of denial, the men could be addicted to SM. Pleasure as a drug, like
    cocaine. It seems to me that, if you first give something, then taking it away is
    much harsher. For me it doesn't have to be cruel or denial, just raw power.
    Like a mot next to the sun or getting hit by a train, hard attack.
    On the other hand i am in favour of happy endings. ;)
    Talk about conflicting emotions.

    As far as teasing motivation goes, the woman could force the boys
    to work harder or study more in college. There was a litte scene were a woman pulled
    her boyfriend along while jogging.
    Like "You know i dont want to use my powers for that but i have to, its for your own
    good." ;);)

    A setting that allways intruged me is space, the final frontier.
    Because you cant run away in space and are close up.
    Perhaps a colony ship were men have to work in the engine room.

    That way there could be some men who havent dealt with SM for Generations.
    Because they were on backwater planets.

    As far as repetion goes, if you like something repeat as often as you like.
    Its your story.

    Keep up the great work

  15. I enjoy your stories but the 'torture teasing' is a bit over the top for my tastes. I would love for the guys to be able to cum. Have the energy in cumming be even more important than the teasing. The girls could tease and deny all they want but the orgasm release would be a powerful force for the girls. It is also great fun to see the women using their powers. Flying and telekinesis especially. Super Strength would be cool but might not fit into your stories. I imagine all the possibilities of have a flying girl that could manipulate a man into many positions.

    Women could mess with the male populations heads pretty easily and compete at that level. Their would be plenty of energy to go around so that guys really wouldn't have any power over the girls.

  16. Maybe make it so that only roughly 1 in 1,000,000 women have any magical ability. (Arguably, you might not even count this as a sex mage world since that would make the mage population so thin.) This way, sex magic remains completely unknown to the general population, and every girl with sex magic discovers and learns to use it herself. Its existence remains a closely guarded secret to the sex mages, their boyfriends, and maybe even some of the sex mages' closest girl-friends. Might as well make them megami-rank too since there's so few of them.

    Red Leader's idea above seems interesting, but I figure it's probably a bit outside your genre.

  17. I'd like to see more variation in the power levels, just to add some drama.

    Also, what if after generations of exposure to Sex Magic, men developed their own? Maybe some resistance, maybe something that only works when a woman opens a channel to them? Maybe something where consent strengthens the energy produced (like a feedback loop)? Women could still dominate, overriding the poor man, but it's harder--and a woman who could inspire a man to submit would get a massive benefit (not unlike what Hope did with Sam).

    Speaking of Hope, would love to see you return to her. Maybe she finds another Queendom to live in, and things seem fine but there's a sinister under pining. And as Hope learns to channel Sam more effectively more men come, willingly, under her sway. This would seem to be a threat to the status quo!

    1. And sorry for the epic thread revival :)

    2. Hey, I still like discussing the setting, so I'm glad to see more responses!