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Sex Mage North America

I'd always pictured the Queendoms that cover the continent post-Cult Wars to be many in number, several dozen, if not over a hundred. However, realistically, I just can't come up with that many unique countries, and I figure any such countries would probably end up acting more like states in a bigger union for economic and political reasons anyway, once all the territories had been decided, and alliances started forming. While there may be many smaller Queendoms, larger ones could end up dominating the region regardless, and effectively subsume the small ones.

Likewise, I kind of feel like a layout of the various Queendoms would end up looking like a fairly generic paint-by-numbers map of the place. "Here's the country where men are treated like dogs. Here's the country where men are treated like prized studs. Here's the country where society somehow manages to stay pretty much just like pre-Sex Mage society, but with the women just being more brazenly sexually aggressive. Here’s the country where women adapt a code of chivalry to protect all their men." Etc.

And, that's basically what I ended up with anyway. I wouldn’t necessarily consider this “canon” any more than most of my concepts for the setting, as if I ever do some kind of story where establishing the Queendoms is important, it’ll probably override what I got here, so whatever. Plus, there are likely plenty of other little Queendoms scattered between what’s listed here.

So, how about you, readers? Any ideas for a wacky Queendom? How do you imagine other continents shaping up? The areas listed aren’t based on any particular actual knowledge of real world regional culture, so feel free to go wild.


Former New England Territory. Heavy female domination, men kept naked at all times, weather permitting, and many are kept on leashes and made to crawl on their hands and knees around their homes, or even outside if they’re Mistresses are not in a hurry to get places.

Orgasms for men are strictly regulated by the state as well as their mistresses; no man is allowed to cum more than once a week, though it is considered “proper” to only allow them twice a month, three for excellent behavior.

Marriage has given way to an ownership of male slaves. Male children are raised and trained in the home by mothers and sisters, and are given away to younger women when they come of age.

The Tlazol Correctional Facility sits between Victoria and New Quebec, and is shared by both countries as a place to train stubbornly disobedient men, as well as punish the worst male criminals.

Very similar to the Victoria Queendom in that it is a heavily female dominate society. Covers the former Southern California. Boys are raised in state boarding homes/schools, trained to serve women as part of their education, while girls are raised in homes and attend vocational schools. Males are auctioned off to females upon graduation, and kept as grunt level civil servants by the state until accepted. Men are kept naked at all times, weather permitting. While not common, some men are kept on leashes, tied around their cocks.

At age 19, girls receive state-mandated Sex Magic training for a three-month period, though this can be shorter for women who already are extremely adept. One purpose of this training is to be able to find exceptionally talented girls who may be Archmage or Megami level. Those found are offered jobs with the state or with businesses, allowing them quick advancement into lucrative positions.

A large country taking up most of the Southeastern US, the CC is a lightly female dominant society. Families are still raised like before, maintaining the nuclear family unit. Arguably, the model is more successfully and closer knit than before, as mothers, daughters, and sisters are taught to use the psychic element of the magic to better understand the men in their lives, without needing to resort to sexual torment.

Generally speaking, women take their power seriously, and even if they have fun with it, they make a point to protect their men. Probably the country that most closely resembles pre-Sex Mage times, men still enjoy the rights and most of the positions of work that they used to. Lover’s Honor and a sort of reverse Chivalry are two strong cultural values.

That said, male criminals are often punished using Sex Magic torture (though a point is made to not attempt mental reconditioning), and some towns make use of a modern-day form of the stocks called the Bench. The humiliation and emasculation of such a punishment system is proven extremely effective, though there is less crime in general due to a conscious societal effort to ensure harmony among the populace, including making sure men feel valued, and thus less motivated to commit crime in the first place. As a result, men tend to be very grateful and willingly cooperative with the women in their lives, even if they find themselves the target of sexy pranks now and then.

Taking up most of the Mid-West, the more rural areas seem to try and stick to more traditional family values, just with the genders reversed in terms of who is expected to be the main breadwinner. That said, women tend to be more loose with their use of power. Especially in cities, traditional family set ups give way to multi-partner arrangements, with most women taking at least two or three male lovers, and possibly sharing more with another close female friend or two. In such polyamorous arrangements, children are raised by everyone in this extended family, but often stay with a specific couple who are best suited to parenting, with the rest being like aunts and uncles.

A relatively laid back nation, where women are mildly dominant. There is considered nothing wrong with lightly teasing men at will, and most women will play along or blow it off, when their men are suddenly randomly teased by mystery women. In fact, it’s rather expected that young women just awakening to their powers will play fast and loose with them.

Despite this cultural allowance, Montana is also known as one of the few countries to have Free Zones, areas where men are allowed to live free without any interference from women. However, this also means living in the rough; the regions are often without electricity or running water, or have the barest versions there of. Still, any use of Sex Magic performed on men within this region without their express consent is considered a criminal action, and female officers at the borders check over any men or women who cross the borders.

Marriage still occurs, but most domestic partnerships basically consist of a woman and her lover just opting to move in together, instead of going through the hassle of a wedding.

The home of the infamous Metis Academy, New Quebec is a strongly female led society. Covering the Eastern third of the former Canada (Quebec, Newfoundland, and half of Ontario), Quebec is much like the Victoria Queendom, but slightly less harsh to men. At least they are not made to crawl on all fours everywhere, and are allowed clothing more often.

A small nation in the former Dakotas where all citizens are transformed into half-human, half-animals, the vast majority of which are wolves, cats, or some variant of dragon, with a sizeable minority of more mythical creatures. The territory was claimed in a brief dispute that almost turned into a small war, but to avoid bloodshed, the “New Bestians” were given the land. Anyone not willing to be transformed into an half-creature either left the region willingly, or was forcibly evicted, while people from all around the continent came to fill their numbers, wishing to be transformed as well. Men and women are transformed equally, though women are usually made physically stronger than before, so that they equal or surpass men in strength even without using magic. The Nation has closed itself off completely from outsiders, save those who wish to join their society. Because of this, the land has a low population density, despite the immigration, which suits them just fine. Anyone who wishes to be transformed back into a human, however, is forced to leave.

The nation is derogatorily referred to as “the Reserve” by its neighbors. Relying mostly on Sex Magic and environmentally-friendly power sources, the nation is actually fairly poor, but manages to remain self-sufficient. Despite the women still having the advantage of Sex Magic, they treat men almost as equals. Rather than typical families, friends and lovers will form polyamorous “packs,” where children are raised together. These packs are lead by an “Alpha Female”, and her mate is usually considered second-in-charge, although he ultimately may need to rely on the alpha female or the second-in-charge female to enforce final decisions.

A small society formed in Oklahoma, this nation is a heavily female dominated one, where magic is used to shrink men to tiny sizes (anywhere from two to six inches tall), and women often increase their own height by anywhere from a couple feet extra to nearly twenty feet tall. Thus, the nation is known as a Land of Giantesses. Men are only returned to normal size if they must perform some kind of duty, if their mistress wants to play with them at that size, or temporarily as a reward for good service. As a consequence, men are kept naked at all times, and are also suffused with magic to make them superhumanly durable while shrunk (so as to avoid accidental death by crushing and/or dismemberment).

Any male visitor to the nation is required to be shrunk down, unless they are visiting purely for business reasons, are passing through without stopping, or are otherwise protected by some special exception. Otherwise, male travelers are evicted if they refuse to agree to being shrunk.

There is a small, but thriving, tourist industry because of this, as the Giantess fetish becomes more popular, and a lot of money is made at a resort city in the southern tip of the country, built along a beach-lined lake.

Covering the former Alaska and North Territories of Canada, a cold climate means men get to stay clothed most of them time. Outdoors, at least. In doors, most men are kept naked. Otherwise, the country is fairly conservative, treated men as mostly equals in terms of rights. However, men are still expected to bow to the decisions and judgment of women.

A large section of Nebraska was scorched to the ground with a series of missile strikes, following the disastrous awakening of the entity referred to as “the Created.” This is where the former Pandora Research Facility resides, now converted and expanded into the largest prison complex on the continent. The prison holds the majority of maximum security female prisoners for nearly all countries on the continent, hundreds of miles away from the nearest possible male resident of any country. Because it is shared between all countries, it is considered a neutral territory and a literal no-man’s land.

A small country located in the former southern Mexico. The country is considered a no-man’s land, with any man appearing in the borders being quickly evicted. Haven is a country designed as a refuge for women who cannot deal with Sex Magic, either because they are unable to cope with constantly sensing the sexuality of men, fear their own potential for abusing the power, or have “glitch” conditions which cause their powers to be uncontrollable. This has also become a home for many women who just genuinely hate men, and has become a nation of exile for female criminals who refuse to cease their abuses of men and for some reason cannot be sent to the Blasted Zone facility.

As such, this is an all-female society that does it’s best to act as though men are just a thing of the past. Several border facilities allow contact with men if citizens wish it, but men may go no further in, and even here, their actions are strictly monitored or controlled.

“The Land of Flowers” is a small nation formed along the Baja-California Peninsula, the western-most area of the former Mexico. This nation is one of a handful of territories across the world successfully conquered by one of the Cults.

The Cult in question, calling themselves the “Blessed of Xochiquetzal,” believes that Sex Magic comes from the ancient “pagan” gods, in this case the Aztec Goddess Xochiquetzal, whose purviews include beauty, fertility, and female sexual power. While not all residents of the nation actually believe this, those in charge of the nation see their leaders, powerful Archmages and Megami, as high priestesses spreading the goddess’s blessing to the populace. All women are to be treated as an elevated class, and expected to give praise to Xochiquetzal, or at least be ingratiating to the nations’ leaders.

Men are expected to be subservient and ingratiating to women, and taught to see the priestesses as their spiritual leaders. Despite their obvious second class status, they are nonetheless considered to be valued as servants of the goddess’s will, and men are taught to be proud of their service to women.

Like many Cult-lead nations, however, there is some push back. Christianity and other religions are banned in this nation, but many still worship Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary in secret. For now, the leaders of the country are willing to look the other way, as long as such practices are kept discreet and private.


  1. I want to go to the fur one please

  2. I'd like to see one run by a queen who is too powerful to overcome but too whimsical to bother trying to have a larger queeendom, instead preferring to have a small queendom that is shaped to whatever she damn-well feels like that day. She doesn't bother to shield her aura, so most men are highly aroused in the first place, which gives the women in the area an unusually high average strength, but comes at a cost because even the women are affected by the aura and are unusually aroused.

    I'd also like to see different angles on how manufacturing, entertainment, and leisure industries start to change.

    Also, what about queendoms that require that everyone (or many just all men) fantasize about the queen daily.

    1. Funny you should mention an unshielded aura...

      I'm actually kind of working on notes for how industries would work, but as usual, it's really difficult to hazard a clear guess, not the least of which because my understanding of economics and industry is paltry. Sex Magic would doubtless work its way pretty quick into entertainment, and I see entertainment being the one business where men can maintain high stature (as actors or artists) without too much risk to themselves or their companies. But we'll see what comes along as I slowly plod through my notes.