Thursday, January 14, 2016

Jahi's Invasion

The demon-goddess Jahi has appeared as a villain in both the Centurions and Civero universes, and is the creator of Civero’s Lust Walker curse. In some versions of the Sex Mage World canon, she is also the creator of Sex Magic.

Jahi serves as one of the favored Generals of the Dark God Temael, the entity who once nearly annihilated all civilization on Civero in an attempt to absorb it (and who intends to do the same to the Sex Mage World in some versions of the canon). Jahi, like all of Temael’s Generals, surrendered to him in exchange for power, and in her case, she willing gave up her own planet to him without putting up a fight. Before becoming a general, Jahi was an immortal demon who managed to conquer her hellish world through scheming, backstabbing, and seduction. Like other immortal demons, she was able to spawn creatures of her own design. Unlike most demons, she focused on the use of sex, seduction, and manipulation. While other demon’s armies butchered themselves endlessly, her minions prayed upon the armies as they rested between battles, taking away their will to fight with exotic pleasures. Once ensnared, the armies of her rivals were convinced to come to her side, sometimes through mere erotic seduction, other times through sensual torment. Eventually, Jahi controlled most of her world’s militaries, and she turned them on her rival immortal demons, viciously slaughtering them and absorbing their power.

She ruled her world for a hundred years, eventually growing bored when the last of the rebellions were crushed or submitted to her. And then, Temael arrived, offering her the chance of further conquests in his name in exchange for her planet. Jahi, awed by Temael, and thirsting for new challenges, gladly accepted. Unfortunately for her, her term of service did not last long; as she battled the powerful Mages and Espers of Civero, she was banished, through great efforts, to another world. This happened to be the Earth of the Centurions. Once there, she was soon defeated by their mystic champions, and sealed away in a powerful magical prison.

But what if Jahi never encountered Temael? Or what if, during the war on Civero, she had been banished to a different world, one without superheroes or mystical defenders to stop her? What would Jahi do to satisfy her itch for lascivious conquest?

In this reality, the demon-goddess finds a way to access Earth, and begins an insidious invasion. Instead of unleashing Sex Magic, she unleashes her monster women, who quickly spread across the planet, ensnaring and taking men and women as sex slaves. Through her minions, she also spreads transformative plagues throughout the world; certain Monster Women are able to transform human women into more of their kind.

The “infection” starts at several points across the world, and within a matter of months, humans are forced to wall themselves off in secured locations. Jahi’s forces conquer half the planet before they slow down and begin their long-term siege. Despite the heroic resistance of humanity, Jahi’s power is quite secure. In fact, after the initial skirmishes and once the Monster plagues take off, she remains pretty hands off with the invasion, content to enjoy the show from her fortress citadel, occasionally leaving Earth to attend to other projects on other worlds.

While many Monster Women are capable of destructive powers, they’re ultimate goal is enslavement of the human race, rather than destruction. Due to the salacious nature of their powers and Jahi’s magic, the Monster Women often utilize sex to seduce and screw their enemies into submission, resorting to outright killing enemies only when pushed or when their own survival is in jeopardy.

In the Sex Monster Women’s ideal vision of the future, all Earth men will eventually submit to their power and serve them as workers and lovers, and all Earth women will join them in ascending to a “truer” form of feminine power, albeit with its own hierarchy. If only those silly humans would just stop resisting so hard, they’d see it wouldn’t be so bad at all. Women get to be elevated, and men get to live in a paradise of female attention and service to their mistresses.

In reality, being transformed into and enslaved by hypersexual monsters is not a fate humanity wishes to succumb to, not the least of which is that, once all remaining women are transformed, the human race may end up going extinct, since Sex Monster Women cannot interbreed with humans.
Despite the bleak future of humanity, Jahi is content to slowly break them, and do it as bloodlessly as possible. Her minions are instructed to not kill humans unless they are given no choice. Instead, she wishes to see them seduced into her control, to submit to her as their goddess. If it takes several decades, or even a few centuries, so be it. Why spoil the fun by ending it too quickly?

Virtually all men are trained as soldiers and taught to sexually restrain and control themselves as much as possible. Although encouraged to masturbate frequently and use porn for relief, the men are told to restrict themselves from sexual contact with women if possible, and especially Sex Monster Women. The comparatively handful of women who remain unturned are highly valued and all but trapped in the city states, even as scout parties of men are allowed outside the walls to scrounge for supplies.

Of course, Jahi dumping copious amounts of magic and supernatural influence into the world isn’t without unintended consequences. There are rumors that some humans, male and female, are awakening to Special Talents and Superhuman powers and discovering their own brands of magic. Along with new scientific advances, humanity may still have a chance to regain their freedom.

That’s if the more radical and desperate survivors choose to ignore the whispers from across the dimensional veil, promising to lend help, if only they pray to a certain Dark God…


  1. Tbh I feel like Jahi and her monster women can be created as a botched sex magic experiment with monsters, where Jahi was the experimentor leading the project.

    1. I like her as a demon-goddess, but I could see a Monster Girl transformation plague being something else that came from the Pandora experiments. Maybe something else the Created sets off.