Friday, January 8, 2016

Sex Mage World: Quickies!

Finally, a new ebook is on the shelf!

Acquire it here:

Sex Mage World: Quickies is a collection of many short and long scenes and mini-stories that I've been writing over the years. Just so you know, all of these stories are available online for free, either here on my blog, on my Literotica page, or on the and story forums. However, if you like my writing and would like to support my work, or just want a nice, sexy collection with another crappily slapped together cover to grace your favorite ebook device, consider purchasing a copy!

If not, hey, I understand. I'm a cheapskate too! : P

Nah, butt seriously, every purchase is very much appreciated! Thank you for your support and I'm glad to have entertained you thus far!  : )

Also, for better or worse, I've made my previously de-published books available once more, so "Naughty Mages & Erotic Espers", "Civero: Sensually Sadistic", and "Prize Student" are back up. Aside from certain parts of Prize Student, everything in those books should also be free on my blog or on Literotica.

I have also adjusted some prices to the books, increasing a few, though not all, by a dollar or fifty cents.

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