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Description: Aromas normally look like human women, save for two stand-out features: their hair is a “natural-looking” shade of pink or violet, and their irises are a shade of crimson. Aromas have the ability to turn into a living cloud of pink or violet gas, which is actually a concentrated form of pheromones. These pheromones, naturally, are designed to induce incredible arousal in humans, and also makes them susceptible to suggestion. This cloud usually smells like some form of sweet flower, often a rose.

Powers and Abilities: In cloud form, Aromas are effectively intangible, making them immune to physical attacks, can float through the air even against light winds, and slip through any crack or seam or porous material that isn’t completely airtight. They have even been known to force their way through breathing filters to affect humans attempting to block them out. Their cloud forms can spread as far as one hundred feet in any given direction, allowing them to create a two-hundred foot wide sphere if they spread out completely. Aromas have some minor physical strength in their cloud form, and can carry very light objects within it, as well as create strong gusts of themselves against whatever is inside their cloud form.

However, Aromas are not without their weaknesses. Spreading too thin dilutes their effectiveness considerably; their most effective range is twenty-five feet or less. Strong winds can force them back and spraying the cloud with water causes the particles to clump together and lose their mobility. Sub-zero temperatures can cause their cloud form to freeze into flakes and force them to lose mobility, dropping them to the ground. Areas of extreme heat may also “cook” their pheromones and render them much less effective, while extremely humid conditions, such as rain or dense fog, cause their particles to clump together like dew and hinder their mobility. Should this happen too many times, their baseline chemical potency suffers permanent degradation. These environmental weaknesses are the primary reason Aromas have not already just taken over every human stronghold by blanketing them with themselves. Earth’s many biospheres limit their mobility, forcing them to affect small groups at a time at best, while their obvious physical features mean they don’t serve well as infiltrators.

Habits: Aromas are usually very gentle and seductive, concerned mainly with softly enslaving people with their arousing pheromones. Often used as a huntress of sorts, Aromas are notorious on the battlefield for suddenly flooding enemy spaces with their clouds, taking away their will to fight, and having them surrender to the Monster Women armies they were just battling.

Most Aromas are tender, yet efficient, but occasionally some show deviant qualities of heartless sadism. These Aromas are rare, but devastating, as they command their entranced victims to perform horrible deeds of violence and destruction. Some of these Aromas have even perfected a technique which allows them to force such an intense rush of pheromone response in their victim’s brain, that their brain experiences a chemical overload, and the victim either goes into a coma, dies, suffers cardiac arrest, or goes into a berserk frenzy that eventually results in fatal self-harm. These Aromas are considered too dangerous and psychotic to be allowed to live, and are usually killed by other Aromas and Monster Women when discovered. These deviants are forced to live in hiding and perform their terrible deeds in secret.

Infection Cycle: Aromas have a low rate of success in spreading themselves, which is another reason they have not run rampant over the planet. When an Aroma finds a human woman she wishes to turn, she produces slightly altered pheromones that induce a coma-like state in the woman. The Aroma then turns into a thick cloud form, and blankets the woman, saturating her lungs and soaking her body in the cloud form.

The Aroma must bathe the woman in her cloud for anywhere from three to five days, before the actual transformation begins. Afterwards, the Aroma can lift off the woman, and her cells will slowly dissolve into its own cloud haze. This process can take another three to five days. As such, it is imperative that the Aroma secure her chosen woman in a hidden location.

Once the transformation begins, it is too late to save the woman, but if the soaking process is interrupted before then, then the woman can be taken away, given fresh air to breathe, and preferably bathed so as to scrub the pheromones off her skin. Depending on how long she’s been soaking, the still-human woman will stay in a coma for another one to seven days as she flushes the transformative chemicals out of her body. Finally, she’ll awaken, and be in the clear.

It has been noted that women who have been saved from transformation late into their cloud-soaking end up with their natural scent permanently altered to that of an Aroma’s cloud scent. They also become more alluring as they may actually have absorbed and produce a heavily diluted form of the Aroma’s pheromones.

However, their mind, and libido, remains unaffected, and are considered safe to co-exist with other people. Indeed, such survivors find life a little easier within the strongholds, as everyone starts being instinctively nice to them, even if some people are paranoid that they might turn out to be spies. As such, survivors may need to undergo weekly or monthly check ups to ensure they aren’t still transforming. This is mostly a symbolic gesture, as it is unnecessary, but is a good way for the survivors to ensure others that they aren’t dangerously influenced by the experience.

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