Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Description: Cat-Tails appear as human women with cat-like eyes, ears, and a tail. They lack true claws, but tend to have tough finger and toe nails, which they can sharpen as a self-defense measure, if they feel they must. They rarely will do so, however.

Powers and Abilities: While lacking the direct physical prowess of true catwomen, their primary power makes up for this, as they can summon fuzzy tendrils from any point on their own body, or any solid surface they can see. These tendrils appear to be cat tails, but have the prehensile motion of an octopus tentacle. Each “cat tail” tendril can reach about a hundred feet and are usually about an inch thick on average. Each tendril possess enough strength to crush a concrete block with ease, but have enough fine-tuned finesse to be usable for performing surgery.

Any given Cat-Tail can summon anywhere from five to twenty at a time, with at least one individual observed to be able to summon fifty. A few have been known to summon giant cat tails in the midst of battle, creating one tail several feet thick, and hundreds of feet long, to be used as a massive battering whip. It would appear that the older the Cat-Tail, the more tails they can summon, although there is not a direct correlation between years and the number of tails; all Cat Tails have a youthful appearance, making it difficult to judge ages as it is. Summoning giant tails appears to be a matter of skill.

Some rescued victims claim that the Cat-Tail may have some low level pheromone or possibly even psychic ability to calm others down and make the Cat-Tail feel non-threatening, but so far, tests on the victims and a few Cat-Tail specimens have not bore this out. They just seem to be disarming by their nature.

Cat-Tails also demonstrate enhanced agility, balance, and dexterity, becoming naturally as physically nimble as a highly trained athlete. However, they still pale in comparison to the physical prowess of true catwomen.

Habits: Cat-Tails are notoriously cute and playful, with a very innocent appearance, and cheerful outlook on life. Even the dourest and most depressing human woman transformed into a Cat-Tail will gain a considerable boost in personality towards a sunny and playful disposition, (although still somewhat muted compared to other Cat-Tails).

Cat-Tails will almost never engage in combat, except as a last resort. They instead love to sneak up on their prey, bind them with their tail-tendrils, and then play with them for quite a while. Weirdly, they seem to genuinely express concern for their victim’s comfort and hate using pain for anything other than light sexual play. They will usually even make a point to not have full, penetrative sex with a victim until the victim gives consent or asks for it; however, they have no problem teasing a person for hours and hours until they break and beg for sex, so this is not as “considerate” a notion as it may at first come across. Some never bother having sex at all, content to play with their victim using their hands, lips, breasts, and tails.

They’ll even often act emotionally hurt if their victim resists too much or too long. Their sunny attitudes and innocent looks make most males, and even plenty of females, start to underestimate Cat-Tails as a threat, lowering their guard. Some may even start to feel protective of their captor. Before they know it, they find themselves going along with the Cat-Tail’s sexual playfulness and curiosity about human bodies. Then, eventually, they are begging the Cat-Tail’s for mercy as she tickles and teases them for hours, playfully breaking them. Once a victim pledges themselves to a Cat-Tail, it proves very difficult to break them of this mentality.

Infection Cycle: Cat-Tails will capture and pin a woman down with her tendrils, then use one or more of her tails to penetrate and stimulate her, entering her vagina, and sometimes her ass and/or mouth, although the former seems to be the only necessary component. At some point, the Cat-Tail uses a tendril to masturbate, penetrating herself, and soaking the end of the tail in a special coat of fluids she releases for this purpose. She then uses that same tendril to penetrate the woman, and this mixing of fluids triggers the transformation. A Cat-Tail could just do this to start with, but prefers to stimulate her victim into a sexual response, arousing them and causing them to lubricate, as this apparently allows the transformative chemical to absorb better.

Transformation into a Cat-Tail takes about one day, during which the woman is wracked with intense lustful urges and hallucinations not unlike experiencing a euphoric acid-trip. Usually, the Cat-Tail who transformed them will stay by their side, comforting, snuggling, and making love to their victim throughout the process to ease her through the experience. This mental assault of ecstasy is thought to be what invariably turns the woman’s personality into the typical sunny and playful disposition of the Cat-Tail.

There is no known way to stop the transformation once it starts. Theoretically, if one could free the woman within just a couple of minutes of being exposed to the Cat-Tail’s vaginal fluids, a thorough washing of her vagina, as with a douche, could clean out of the fluid before it absorbed into the woman. Rumor has it this has been done successfully, but such cases are rare, because by the time a victim is found, it’s usually already too late.

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