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Lust Mites, Lust Mite Queen, Lust Mite Hive

Description: Lust Mites are the collective term for a mass of tiny creatures that look identical to human women. Although each separate swarm looks different, each individual mite within a “swarm” is identical to the rest. This is because the swarms are actually a mass of tiny clones emanating from a single “Mite Queen,” nested inside a “Mite Hive.”

Each Mite is only a half-inch tall, but appears as a fully developed, naked woman. A “Mite Queen” appears as a bigger version of the mites, anywhere from four to six inches tall. The Mite Hive is a human woman who has been transformed by Lust Mites to be their vessel. Mite Queens effectively become the Mite Hive, and her subsequent Mites take on the Mite Hive’s appearance.

Powers and Abilities: All Lust Mites can fly or hover at will, despite a lack of wings or any other obvious form of propulsion. Their top speed is clocked at thirty miles an hour as a swarm, but are notably slower as individuals, due to assisting one another in flight formations.

Lust Mites naturally produce a lubricant which they excrete from their mouths and vaginas, similar in appearance and viscosity to vaginal fluids. They can willingly turn on or off the flow of this fluid. These fluids, however, possess powerful paralyzing properties. If they are allowed to soak into the skin, especially areas of the skin with a lot of nerves, such as the genitals, tongue, or fingertips, then the fluids can paralyze a fully grown adult male in under a minute, leaving them only able to blink, breathe, and lightly twitch their muscles.

This lubricant also acts as a sensitizing agent, causing the area of the skin that absorbs it to be more sensitive than normal, especially to pleasurable touches. Lastly, the lubricant can also paralyze the orgasmic muscle reflex if applied heavily on the genitals.

With only a single drop, the fluid’s paralyzing effects last roughly two to five minutes, with continuous exposure and reapplication of the fluid extending that time. There is no known chemical or other agent that can neutralize the effects of the fluid, however, wiping the fluid off immediately upon contact can prevent the effects from taking hold. One usually has only a few seconds to do this, however, as the fluid tends to soak into the skin quickly.

With this ability, a single Lust Mite can tease and torment a fully grown man for hours by rubbing herself on his penis and continuing to produce the fluid. Often times, however, Lust Mites will work in teams of no less than ten on a single man and often more depending on how many Mites are available per man.

Mite Queens have the same powers as normal Lust Mites, in addition to being larger, flying almost twice as fast, and with even more potent chemicals. A drop of their own fluids can keep a man paralyzed for nearly fifteen minutes, and sensitize the contacted skin even more than a normal Lust Mite. However, Mite Queens rarely go after men, unless forced, as they are often on the prowl for women they can turn into Mite Hives. The Mite Queens thus use their fluids to keep the woman paralyzed while they go through the process of fusing into her.

Mite Hives lack the powers of flight and special fluid generation. Instead, they gain the ability to create and birth copious amounts of Lust Mites. Every Lust Mite has a psychic link to their parent, which lets them know their location at any time and enables them to remotely feed their parent with psychic sexual energy. The Mites can fly up to ten miles away from their Hive before psychic link cuts out. Should this link be severed, the Mites will suddenly freeze up, become stupefied and lethargic, and will usually collapse in place as if stunned. If the link is not re-established within thirty minutes, they will die.

Mite Hives can produce a new swarm every couple of days, but can only maintain approximately a thousand Mites at one time. Any more than that and the telepathic link spreads so thin it cannot maintain the excess numbers, resulting in older Mites dying as new Mites replace them. More over, every Mite has a life span of about a month, save for Mite Queens, who can last up to three months if they don’t find a host. A Mite Hive will live for as long as the original host would have, possibly longer if the transformation help mitigate certain illnesses.

Habits: Many, many other forms of Sex Monster Women have greater powers and abilities. Witches can cast reality-bending magic spells. Vampresses can shape shift and drain the life from enemies at a range. Werebeasts can tear apart buildings and tanks with their bare hands. Nagas can summon powerful monsters to aid them in battle and unleash powerful poisons to taint the environment.

None of them are as dangerous or as insidious an enemy as Lust Mites. More human strongholds have fallen to Lust Mite infestation than any other threat, and Lust Mites are the biggest cause of anxiety and panic among the strongholds of human soldiers. Because the mites can fly and are so tiny, they are among the stealthiest of Monster Women. Their paralyzing fluids make up for their lack of physical might, and their inherent skill at seductive, sensual pleasuring makes their victims all the more willing to surrender once they are in the Lust Mites’ grasps.

Everyone in the stronghold, soldiers especially, must routinely check any clothing they are about to wear for Lust Mites hidden inside. Soldier’s barracks must be routinely checked for Lust Mites hidden in bed sheets, and even during the night, sleeping soldiers must be checked by watchmen to ensure they aren’t being attacked in the middle of the night in their sleep.

Among the civilian populace, all women must get routine checks to ensure they haven’t been infected by a Mite Queen. Several strongholds fell early after the Lust Mites first appeared, as Mite Hives were allowed into the human strongholds, with no idea that they were actually Sex Monster Women. All it took was a single night and a few swarms to capture and enslave all the men in said strongholds, and capture all the women for transformation into more Monster Women.

Because of such rigorous checking, Lust Mites have lost much of their effectiveness, forced to play a long-term siege game against most human strongholds. They thus need to find and capture humans who are alone, in small groups that can be overwhelmed, or need to quickly take advantage of a stronghold letting it’s guard down, opening their defenses long enough for other Monster Women to storm the place before the stronghold can get things under control.

Even then, Lust Mites can be useful for pure espionage purposes. Even if they are unable to get a hold of any humans, they can nonetheless scout through human strongholds and camps to learn vital strategic information which they can telepathically relay to their Mite Hive/Queen mistresses.

The most frustrating aspect of Lust Mites is that there is virtually no known way to get rid of them, save to kill the Mite Hive/Queen, which has become a near-impossible task, since Mite Hive/Queens keep themselves hidden. They do not need to directly engage in sex, depending on her Mites to do the feeding and sexual activities. They can send their Mites miles away from themselves and still maintain their psychic contact. A single Mite Hive/Queen can harass a human stronghold for years while living almost ten miles away from it in her own private camp, safe away from where any scouts can reasonably reach and deal with her. Needless to say, such camps will be protected by roaming swarms of Mites for further protection.

Infection Cycle: A normal human woman becomes a Mite Hive when a Mite Queen enters her vagina, crawls up through the cervix, and settles into the uterus. She then, over a period of a few hours, effectively fuses to the muscle tissue of the uterus partially “melting” into the flesh.

As she does, she releases enzymes and bio-chemicals to alter the host woman’s brain chemistry and body to transform her into a Monster Woman. Although the host woman does not show any exterior changes, her mind is effectively taken over by the Hive Queen. This is a rare occurrence of a Monster Woman being the result of a parasitic link slowly altering the mind and body, instead of pure transformation like most Monster Women. Over the course of days, the Mite Queen absorbs the memories and personality of the host woman, even as the host woman adapts the sexual predation temperament of the Mite Queen.

After about a week, the fusion of the two is complete, the Mite Queen’s body fully absorbed into the flesh of the host woman, whose mind becomes that of the Mite Queen, albeit with a personality influenced by the memories of the host.

From there, the Mite Hive/Queen can now produce her own Lust Mites, birthing dozens or even hundreds of tiny clones from her vagina. Eventually, as the Mite Hive/Queen absorbs enough sexual sustenance from men, she will be able to birth another Mite Queen. This Queen can then begin the cycle anew to find another host woman.

Only in extremely rare circumstances has a woman been saved from being transformed into a Lust Mite Hive, through quick surgical killing and removal of the Mite Queen less than an hour after infection. In a few cases, the woman was saved, but her body and mind were already partially influenced, skyrocketing her libido, and attempting to influence other women in her camp to join her in overthrowing the men of the camp for their own pleasure. It would seem that even a halted fusion process gives the woman a partial Sex Monster Woman mentality, even if she doesn’t gain any powers and doesn’t actually want to sell out her fellow humans to Jahi’s forces.

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