Monday, February 8, 2016


Description: Suckers appear like normal human women, save that they always have full, naturally red lips. Their vaginal lips and their anus is also a bit puffier than average.

Powers and Abilities: Suckers are thought to be a vampire variant, with a body ideally formed to draw semen from men. They are able to contort mouths, pussy, ass, into perfect suction devices. The walls of their vagina and rectum can ripple and squeeze with the precision of fingers, forming moving nubs to stimulate the penis in any manner of ways. They can control their vagina lips and anus as they can the lips of their mouth. Likewise, they can create a powerful suction in either orifice.

They can retract their teeth and reconfigure their jaws to better fit a penis with no risk of biting or scraping (unless their partner likes it) and their tongues are insanely flexible and stretchable. Their tongue can extend into a prehensile, slick tendril nearly three feet long, with which they can wrap a cock and undulate and squeeze it with uncanny precision and rhythms. They can likewise use this tongue to enter and stimulate a person’s ass or a woman’s vagina, moving and pleasuring in ways no human tongue or fingers can manage. Both the tongue and orifices can even vibrate for added stimulation.

They are able to lubricate pretty much at will, and their ass produces natural lubrication. Even their saliva becomes a bit more viscous and smooth, resembling vaginal fluid, when engaged in sex.

Suckers have great stamina, often relying on wearing their target down through intense sex, and still going even when they are utterly exhausted. Theoretically, a Sucker could last quite a while in a battle of attrition, but rarely does a Sucker display an inclination for combat.

Habits: Suckers absolutely love sex, particularly with men, and are quite cock-obsessed; they don’t care what size it is, as long as you can stick it in them. They almost aren’t happy unless a cock is inside them; it’s been proven that Suckers don’t even experience true orgasms, rather, that they enter a state of high euphoria all the while a penis is inside them.

Contrary to popular belief, they aren’t exclusively interested in oral sex; they’ll use any hole that’ll do the job. They do seem the most naturally skilled with oral, however. Also contrary to popular belief, they’re not particularly interested in receiving oral sex, either. Even if they are with a man proven to have world-class cunnilingus skills, they would rather just have his cock.

Suckers rarely tease, vigorously fucking and sucking and milking their victim until every possible drop is taken from them. Then, they’ll fuck them some more, until they are pleading for mercy. Suckers tend to brazenly throw themselves at their targets, forgoing foreplay and coaxing and just straight fucking. Only when thoroughly satisfied do they relax and insist on cuddling with their partner for a while, before trying to go another few rounds with them.

This has, somewhat oddly, kept their numbers low; a Sucker has almost no tact or subtlety to their mannerisms; more so than any physical signs, even a well-satisfied Sucker has an antsy, restless manner about them that doesn’t go away until she’s fucking again. As such, there is almost no risk of a Sucker sneaking easily into a fortress or settlement.

Suckers are essentially grunt units among Monster Women ranks, usually with a  few found in any given platoon or Monster base. They tend to be used as guards and clean up duty after Monster-Human engagements. They will roam the battlefields for trapped or injured soldiers and use them on the spot, unless their injuries are too severe. They are also used to tame particularly resistant and violent captured soldiers, with several Suckers tossed into the holding cells to dominate and subjugate the mostly defenseless prisoners. In this case, they will often bet soldiers that any man who can outlast them in the sack will be set free. The Monster Women have surprisingly proven true to their word on these occasions, but only the most extremely resilient of men (usually those supernaturally enhanced), have ever been able to stay conscious, much less stand and walk under their own power, after a Sucker is done with them.

Infection Cycle: Suckers have little interest in other women, even if they were originally lesbians before being transformed. Between this and their aggressive, obsessive need for penis-oriented sex, Suckers rarely get an opportunity to turn normal women. They often have to be pushed into it by their superior officers. After some years, though, most stopped bothering to force it, and thus Suckers hence have gone almost extinct among the Sex Monster Women ranks.

When they can be bothered to do it, Suckers will use their tongues to penetrate and stimulate a normal woman, while forcing her to lick her pussy. The Sucker’s vagina releases a thick fluid, almost resembling semen, in fact, with a transformative enzyme that begins the transformation within minutes. The human woman is forced to swallow a full load of this fluid. Once done, the Sucker usually leaves the woman to be, letting the enzyme transform her.

Inducing vomiting immediately after ingestion has been known to stop the transformation, so usually, the woman is tied up, and gagged once she has been made to swallow. Once the transformation starts, there is no stopping it. Within twenty to thirty hours, the woman is wracked with spasms that leave her whole body tingling and her orifices slowly transform. She begins craving cock, the need growing and growing until she can’t stand it anymore. Once the transformation is complete, a new Sucker is often next to feral with her need to suck or fuck a man, and doesn’t calm down again until she’s had sex for the first time since her transformation. Any Monster army unit trying to make more Suckers ensures that a few men are left fresh and ready to go for the newly transformed woman, so that the previous Suckers don’t use them all up first.

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  1. I love these. I like the monster girls ideas, but after sometimes it gets boring because the author fails to find interesting things to attach a women body to. I want to see creepy and downright strange monster girls that will pop the biggest confused boner of your life. Now if there is only somebody who can do illustrations...