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Description: Not every transformation goes as planned. Sometimes, whether due to a magic glitch, bad reaction to a genetic disorder, or some other unknowable random chance, a woman is transformed into a creature that could only be described as an abomination: a twisted, mutant creature that is blatantly inhuman, even more monstrous than the Sex Monsters themselves.

Infection Cycle: Abominations, thankfully, lack a means of reproduction. Most abominations are consistent, however, in that when one appears, it is usually tied to a specific “family” Monster line. “Elementals” for example, such as the Fleshies and Aromas, will always result in similar Abominations, but not the same that “Beasts” will.

While the chance of a woman becoming an Abomination is very low, at least a billion women have been converted into Sex Monsters already. With numbers like that, there are bound to be at least a couple hundred of each Abomination type running around.

Habits: Abominations are almost universally mindless. They have no sense of restraint and hungrily attack men and women for sex. They will keep fucking them until their victim is dead. Abominations seem to need human sexual fluids to feed on, or at least seem to think that they do. They will stimulate their victim to orgasm over and over and over until they can’t give anymore, and then continue to try and make them climax. Eventually, their human victim dies of dehydration, sheer exhaustion, or injury if they fight back and fail badly.

However, Abominations will never attack Sex Monsters, and will practically ignore their presence. In fact, the only time an Abomination will restrain itself from attempting to have sex with a human is when the human in question is already engaged in sex with a Monster Woman. However, if it is already engaged in sex, then it won’t stop if a Monster Woman wants to take over; she will have to literally tear the Abomination off the human to get it to stop. As soon as the Monster Woman is done, however, the Abomination will move to take advantage of the spent human, unless said human is undergoing a transformation process, at which point, they will ignore them.

Some Sex Monster women kill Abominations on sight. Others decide to leave them be, figuring they may be as well be useful in hindering or flushing out humans from hiding. A very rare few squadrons will actually keep Abominations as living weapons or torture devices. At least one unnaturally sadistic Azure Elf is known to torture her victims at great length by standing near them and letting one or more Abominations fuck them to within an inch of death, while denying the victim’s orgasms.

Mutation Type: Beast
Description: Named after the Celtic symbol of three bent legs around a central point, a Triskellion actually has four to six legs in total. The creature is literally a set of sexy female human legs and feet, radiating from a central point, like a starfish. Depending on the configuration, it will have a vaginal opening between each pair of legs, every other pair of legs, or on one side of the central joining point. It has no other features.

Powers and Abilities: Being made of many legs, it has great acceleration and land speed. It can scuttle like a spider, or if its shape is more uniform, it can stand on its “edge”, and roll forward like a wheel. It can also swim, kicking through the water. It does not seem to need to breathe, allowing it to travel underwater for great distances.

Triskelions are almost always leaking fluid from their vaginal openings, instantly ready for sex. They will run down victims and pin them, using their powerfully strong legs to grip their body like a bear trap, forcing the victim to fuck them or eat them out. If the Triskelion can capture two or three people at once, all the better.

It is unknown how a Triskelion navigates its environment without eyes, ears, or a nose. It is possible that is senses movement vibrations through the ground or water (using the natural micro-tremors of it’s footsteps like a radar to navigate terrain). It may also use some kind of electrosense ability or may even have some kind of psychic awareness.

Mutation Type: Beast
Description: Ssimilar to the Triskelion, this creature resembles a bundle of female arms and hands, anywhere from twelve to twenty, radiating from a central point in a spherical configuration. While there does not appear to be any sort of orifice at first glance, upon close inspection, one my notice a small, sealed slit on the bottom of each palm. This will open slightly during sex, and sexual fluids will be drawn into it, like a tiny thin mouth.

Powers and Abilities: Similar the Triskelion, the Hekaton mobilizes itself by crawling on several of its arms like a spider or spreading the arms out and rolling like a ball. The Hekaton is typically only half as strong as the Triskelion, but it has more limbs and dexterous fingers, and it is a far better climber. By contrast, however, while it can survive underwater, it is a much less competent swimmer.

Presumably, the Hekaton senses the world in whatever way the Triskelion might, navigating despite a lack of sight, hearing, and smell.

Mutation Type: Beast
Description: Blowa appear as a long, thick tendril of human flesh. On one end is a red-lipped feminine mouth that can stretch open many times wider than it appears it should. Toothless, this mouth sports a long, highly dexterous tongue that can split down the middle to provide added stimulation. On the other end is a hardened, knobby tail looking like a fat rattle as on a rattlesnake. This tail can vibrate and slightly undulate the knobs on its end. Overall, a Blowa is about two to six inches wide, and can be three to ten feet long. The name is a pun of sorts, combining “boa” (constrictor) and “blow” (job).

Powers and Abilities: The Blowa, depending on its length, can easily bind a person by coiling around them like a boa constrictor. It can then use it’s two ends to stimulate their victim; if it’s a man, the Blowa will suck his dick and may attempt to fuck his asshole with it’s tail. If the victim is a woman, the tail will be used to penetrate her ass or pussy, and the mouth may be used to lick and sickle her clit or breasts.

One Azure Elf was known to keep a couple pet Blowas, which she would use to sex torture both men and women at the same time, tying them down together, and letting the Blowa suck the man while tail-fucking the woman.

Presumably the Blowa navigates the world like the Triskelion and Hekaton do. The Blowa does move over the ground by slithering like a snake, and can swim through water the same way, as well as climb, though it is not particularly fast in any form of locomotion. They can also curl into tight coils and spring at targets in a quick ambush.

Mutation Type: Elemental
Description: Mucks appear as masses of mostly clear, viscous slime, similar to pre-cum or vaginal lubricant. The mass equates to the body mass of the original woman. A muck is a poorly coordinated creature, a fluid elemental that is barely able to hold a shape, and always remains in its elemental form.

Powers and Abilities: While capable of locomotion via oozing over any surface, including the ability to spread up walls and along ceilings, Mucks are not especially fast, and usually rely on ambush tactics, surging up from the ground, or dropping down from overhead.

Mucks envelope a person, save from their mouth and nose, and spread over every inch of them, penetrating the anus and vagina with semi-solid protrusions, and forming a semi-solid flexible sheath around the penis. The Muck rubs and caresses and undulates over the person. While not very strong, if fully wrapped over someone, it can hinder their movements, and unsure that they are too slippery to be able to stand or grip anything. It absorbs sexual fluids by dissolving them into itself.

Mucks are virtually impossible to get off of a person once they are attached. They can only be gotten rid of using powerful cleansing chemicals that forcibly break up their cohesion or by boiling them off. The former risks severe chemical burns on the victim, while the latter threatens to burn them to death with heat. As such, a victim ensnared by a Muck is almost a lost cause, unless they are willing to risk such maiming and/death.

The only reliably safe way to peel a Muck away from a person is for an Elemental such as a Fleshy to likewise envelope the person, “grip” the Muck with her own semi-liquid form, forcibly absorbing and pulling it away, and then ejecting the Muck from her body. Of course, this now leaves the victim ensnared by the Fleshie (or other Elemental), so you’re just trading one Sex Monster for another, really. But at least the Fleshie won’t fuck the victim to death, only to an overpowering defeat.

Mutation Type: Any
Description: Dolls appear as normal human women, with no obvious visible changes. They always have a far away, “dead” look in their eye. Dolls are not physical Abominations, but mental ones. They are the result of any Transformation that fails to take hold, for whatever reason, but the transformative enzymes still manage to fuck up the woman’s brain chemistry. This turns them into the Sex Monster equivalent of a zombie: mindlessly, endlessly seeking sex with any human available, with no regard to their own personal safety. In this way, they are like all other Abominations.

Powers and Abilities: Dolls lack any special abilities. In fact, because they have not been physically altered into a stronger, semi-magical body like most Sex Monsters, they are more likely to injure themselves in their mindless pursuit of sex. Dolls will often die of starvation, dehydration, exposure, or exhaustion, unless forcibly taken care of by other Monster Women.

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