Monday, July 4, 2016

Azure Elves

Description: Azure Elves appear as human women with pointed, slightly elongated ears, not unlike a classical fantasy elf. Their skin is a rich shade of blue, their hair and eyes are black. Naturally, they are not ideal for infiltration attempts.

Powers and Abilities: Azure Elves have a slightly increased sense of balance, grace, and agility from their original form, as well as keener senses of hearing and sight. However, their most notable power is their ability to paralyze the orgasm reflex in men and women. This appears to be a combination of mild psychic influence, bio-chemical influence through touch, and pheromone influence.

While this effect is sexually frustrating for women, it can be much worse for men, as the effect not only prevents ejaculation, but also increases semen productivity. The “azure” part of the name doesn’t just come from their skin color, but from the intense “blue balls” they naturally give men just being around them, and especially after having sex. As well, the build up of this chemical/psychic influence eventually erodes the man’s ability to think of anything other than fucking. However, the hornier they get, the more submissive they will get, making them easily controlled by the Elves once they’ve fucked them into a crushing state of blue balls.

While it is possible for an Elf to make a man orgasm, it takes considerable effort to do so directly, and they would rather men orgasm inside human women instead. This is due to the nature of their Infection Cycle, as the chemical/psychic effects the Elves have on men also transforms their semen into the transformation enzyme to create more Elves.

Habits: Azure Elves are rarely front line soldiers, usually operating as the brains behind any given military operation, or running the day to day responsibilities of maintaining a squad, a tribe, or other. Occasionally, an Elf may operate as a free agent and information broker. Unlike most Sex Monster Women, they seem to have a cool detachment when it comes to sex. They like it well enough, but they’re not usually that eager to engage in it. Instead, they are cool and calculating in their actions even when having sex, and will rarely lose control of themselves in the heat of passion. They prefer to focus on using their skills and body to torment their partner or victim until he (or she) are out of their mind.

Infection Cycle: Unlike most Sex Monster Women, Azure Elves actually depend on human men to turn human women into more of their kind. Their orgasm blocking power converts semen into the transformation enzyme that turns women into more Elves. This enzyme also throws the man’s libido into overdrive, until he is unable to think of anything but having sex to relieve the agonizing pressure in his testicles. At the same time, the enzyme also stupefies a man, dulling his mind until he is effectively in a state of trance, and can be easily ordered around by any Elf who has been intimate with him.

Azure Elves will have slow, sensual sex with a man for no less than several hours, until he is crazy with the need to cum. However, her power will prevent him no matter how long she rides or otherwise stimulates him. This process also plants a psychic trigger the Azure Elf places in his mind, a hypnotic command that he will not be able to achieve this release on his own, but must have sex with a woman before he can orgasm again.

When he has as large a load of semen built up as humanly possible, she will let him go, and set him upon human women. Usually this will be women who have been captured and saved for this process already, but they will occasionally set several such a men loose on small groups of roaming humans as part of an ambush tactic. The men are helpless to stop from forcing themselves onto these women until they achieve release, at which point their minds slowly clear.

When a human woman takes in this tainted semen, through any orifice, the transformation begins within five to ten minutes. The woman becomes paralyzed and goes unconscious as her body is shifted into the Elven form. The process takes only an hour for the outward transformation to complete, and another for her body to fully develop the psychic and chemical glands that enable her power.

Cleaning the semen out of her body within a minute of taking it in is the only known prevention of this transformation. Once it starts, there is no stopping it. Unfortunately, most women chosen to become Elves are already secured by the enemy at their base, so rescue is quite unlikely.

Azure Elves, because of their need for men to turn other women, and because of their preference to operate behind the scenes of Sex Monster operations, are fairly uncommon. However, Azure Elves also have a secret in that they are capable of turning even other Monster Women (with some exceptions) into Azure Elves. This, however, is rarely done, unless an Elf has a pressing need to make more of her kind, but no human women are available.

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