Monday, July 11, 2016

Beast Women

Description: Beast Women are the most common form of Monster Woman, and come in a variety of types. Werewolves, werecats, werebirds, weresharks, werewasps, if there is an animal out there, chances are there’s a Beast Woman equivalent.

Powers and Abilities: Beast Women can shift from human to animal form, or various hybrid states between. Their human forms are several times stronger than normal, and have the enhanced senses of their animal form. They’re animal forms have the peak abilities of whatever animal they become, and the act of shape shifting allows them to rapidly heal any injury. The rarely get sick, but strong toxins will stay within their body despite shape-shifting.

Werebeasts do not have any of the weaknesses, or extra magical skills, demonstrated by similar creatures in other worlds.

Habits: Beast Women comprise the bulk of Jahi’s armies. The transformation creates a notable drop in intelligence, creating simple-minded troops who are easily ordered around. While they retain their original knowledge and language skills, they don’t pick up new skills easily, and their priorities tend to simplify. They are interested in play, food, sex, fighting, and pleasing their masters.

For a brief period near the beginning of Jahi’s invasion, dozens of Beast Women were captured and brought into human strongholds in an attempt to “rehabilitate” them, thinking that if they were presented with an “alpha human” master, their pack-animal instincts would take over, and they could be convinced to betray Jahi. Unfortunately, a Monster Woman’s loyalty to Jahi is absolute; even if it pained them, the captured Beast Women would never betray their goddess. The strongholds who attempted these experiments were easily overrun from the inside once the women broke free, and their intended human masters instead became their new pets or fellow soldiers.

Infection Cycle: All Beast Women use either fangs or stingers to inject the transforming chemical straight into their partner’s bloodstream. The human woman is transformed within a few hours, an event which usually leaves them shaken and uncoordinated as they get used to their new body. The siring Beast Woman will usually then have sex with their new comrade, establishing both dominance, and an intimate bond. Most Beast Women are submissive to the others who sired them, with few exceptions. However, all Beast Women follow the orders of their Commanders and unit Masters.

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