Monday, July 11, 2016


Description: Cummies are blobs of semen that reshape themselves into the form of human women. Even a huge load will result in a figure only about 1 inch tall. Cummies are actually a sort of short-lived Elemental spirit, created by a Witch curse in the early years of Jahi’s Invasion. The curse is contained to only a couple nearby strongholds, but has been known to crop up elsewhere, indicating the curse is being spread by other Witches.

Powers and Abilities: Cummies are created when the Animate Ejaculate Curse secures itself onto a man. Every time he ejaculates, the curse triggers. After a few seconds, the semen he just shot out will run together into a single blob that takes the form of a tiny woman. The woman appears to have a rudimentary intelligence, but is really just following programming from the curse.

The Cummie attempts to able run back to the man’s penis, which she always knows the location of. If she can reach it, she then slithers back down his urethra. Once she reaches past the base, the Cummie is able to thread microscopic tendrils of itself into his inner flesh and touch off the nervous system. The moment she does this, she seizes control of the man’s body, piloting him like a puppet. Because his nerves are being hijacked, he cannot resist this control, no matter how strong he is, and very few special powers can counter this. At best, he can make his movements jerky and stiff and try to moan to tip off his fellows to help him. Because of this, some men in the possession of a Cummie are referred to as “Cum Zombies.”

Forcing the man to orgasm a second time, will expel the Cummie from his body. Unfortunately, the second orgasm will add to her seminal mass, making her bigger. Or, worse, the second load will become another Cummie, necessitating a very quick clean up.

Habits: Cummie’s have a singular mission, which is to take physical control of the man who made them. Once this is done, the man is compelled to leave the stronghold and return to the Witch who cast the curse. In the process, the man is compelled to leave an opening in his stronghold’s defenses.

While the originator of the curse is long dead, the Curse doesn’t know that, and it will just default to making the man leave his stronghold in whatever direction the closest exit is. While it won’t let him stumble into dangerous terrain, it will make the man keep walking away from human civilization. A man caught shambling around outside his stronghold is rather easily prayed upon by other Monster Women.

A Cummie will usually “live” for only twenty-four hours, though, so if a man somehow manages to miss running into trouble, or is contained for that period of time, he will return to normal. He will also have an incredible feeling of blue ball tension, though, coaxing him to try and cum again to start the process over.

The Curse is two-fold in effectiveness, not only able to hijack and kidnap men at their most vulnerable, but also prompting a practice of frequent orgasm denial, which tends to just make them that much more hornier, and thus more vulnerable, to the sexual powers of other Monster Women.

Infection Cycle: The Animate Ejaculate Curse is not a real Monster Woman strain, but it does act as a magical STD. Men who have the curse pass it on to women they’ve had sex with, who act as carries that further infects other men they sleep with.

The best way to manage this curse (aside from killing those who have it, which is a loathsome solution), is to very quickly clean up any semen spilled, and immediately burn it with fire or chemicals or flush it with water. The Cummie dissolves easily in water, and will “die” if it stays broken up too long. Likewise, stomach acid will kill it on contact and saliva will help dissolve it, so swallowing the load immediately is a good way to keep it from activating. Blowjobs are ideal for a man with the Cummie Curse. Unfortunately, even if given a blowjob, the man can still pass the curse on to the woman, or man, giving him one.

Alternatively, cumming into a jar and sealing the lid won’t stop the Curse, but will at least keep the Cummie contained until it dies. If that isn’t possible, wiping up the semen and running away from it might help, although an experiment showed the Cummie will relentlessly track down the man, even if she never manages to catch him before her time is up.

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