Monday, July 11, 2016


Description: Gorgons always appear as exceptionally beautiful women who possess tentacle-like hair of any possible color. They also have viper-like eyes and have thin, retractable fangs.

Powers and Abilities: The hair of the Gorgon, which forms into thick, tendril-like cords, can extend up to twenty five feet and manipulate objects with great strength and dexterity.

However, the Gorgon’s most dangerous power is the ability to project an invisible aura of magic from their body that hyper-arouses and paralyzes anyone who looks at them, including most other Monster Women. This is more effective the more naked the Gorgon is, so many are known to wear only a robe or skimpy clothes which can be easily thrown off. The aura rapidly brings the observer to orgasm, and the moment they begin to cum, they are frozen that way, trapped in a mystical binding spell.

They remain unmoving and their body seems as hard as stone. (They don’t actually petrify, unlike with the Gorgons of myth). The victim remains frozen anywhere from several minutes to several years (depending on the Gorgon’s will), during which time, the victim’s biological functions, including aging and the need for sustenance, are frozen in time. However, they are still conscious, and still trapped in the sensations of climax.

While the victim is frozen, the Gorgon who froze them can manipulate their body easily; while they are otherwise numb to the world, they can still see, hear, and feel the touch of the Gorgon if she chooses to further engage the victim physically. If the Gorgon decides to stimulate the victim further, anything she does is continuously felt by the victim on top of their orgasm, meaning if she gives a frozen male a blowjob, he will feel every suck, every lick, every up and down motion of her head, stacking together on top of already being at the edge. Trapping a person for months in the orgasmic state is already a strain of their sanity; adding more stimulation to that is a sure way to fry their mind with sexual tension, leaving them almost permanently stupefied and traumatized when the freeze spell finally wears off, and weeks or months or years of constant stimulation suddenly ends.

The only defense against this power, other than through the use of specific protection spells, is to refuse to look at the Gorgon, but this is more difficult the longer a person remains within range of her aura, which is effective at nearly one hundred feet. Even attempting to view the Gorgon through visual filters (x-ray or infrared spectrums only), will not protect the person from succumbing into the freeze state.

Habits: Gorgons by nature are sly and crafty, rivaling Azure Elves and Witches in their ambitions and head games. The beauty and freezing power of the Gorgon is mighty indeed, and this makes them arrogant. A Gorgon who acts humble is only doing so to trick you in some way. Gorgons are quite uncommon, and usually don’t work well with other leaders, even other Gorgons, though the latter might be because Gorgons are immune to one another.

Infection Cycle: The Gorgon infection cycle is one of the longest, as she must freeze a human woman with her aura, then use specialized fangs to bite and inject the transforming enzyme. The chemical spreads through the woman’s system, slowly transforming her despite being frozen by the spell, which seemingly fuels the transformation. A woman must be frozen for at least a month for the chemical to take full effect, after which, she is unfrozen as a Gorgon. Thus far, only certain special powers of humans, and certain Witch spells can break the freezing spell of a Gorgon, but if this is done within two weeks of the chemical injection, the woman can be freed from turning.

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