Monday, July 4, 2016


Description: Touches appear as normal human women, save that their skin seems to have permanently broken out into goose bumps. They can suppress this look, but it takes a conscious effort.

Powers and Abilities: Touches have the ability to alter the tactile properties of their skin. They can make their skin feel smooth as polish glass, rough as sandpaper, stinging as cactus nettle, soft as silk, etc. They can also heat, chill, or electrify their skin for added temperature and electrical stimulation. They can even cause their skin to twitch, stretch, shift, and ripple in a limited fashion. Likewise, they can control their level of sweat and lubrication.

Their tactile senses are likewise enhanced. They can “read” a person’s reactions on a minute level, figuring out through touch the best ways to stimulate someone. They can feel vibrations, electrical fields, air and water displacement, and temperature shifts far better than humans can. They can even “taste” through their skin if they so desire.

Their skin is also tough as Kevlar, meaning they are effectively bullet and knife proof. They can shift their skin type instantly, and depending on how they configure their skin, they can enhance the strength of their punches, make an opponent unable to grip them and make all their punches “slip” ineffectively, or make their own skin “sharp” to the touch, so even an open-palm slap can shred the flesh off an enemy.

Incidentally, this skin-shifting ability also allows them to alter their skin color like a chameleon, as well as give them superior gripping ability, making them excellent climbers. These abilities enable them a degree of enhanced stealth.

Their “energy powers” of chilling, heating, and electrifying are not especially strong, but they can amplify their electrical discharge to the level of a stun gun or tazer. Theoretically, they could kill someone through dehydration or hypothermia if they have a bound captive and can hold them for several hours while using extreme temperatures, but aside from a report of one threatening to do so to torture information out of a captive, this hasn’t been known to actually happen.

Habits: Touches are sensual and experimental lovers, reading and adapting their body surface to find the perfect tactile sensations to tease and pleasure their partners. They are often underestimated at first glance, because their powers aren’t immediately obvious until one physically engages them.

That said, Touches as a whole lack a common personality trait, unlike most Monster Women types. If anything, other than gaining a higher libido, they are pretty much just the same as they were prior to being Transformed, just with their loyalty re-aligned. Because of this, Touches can often be one of the more heartbreaking Monster Women to encounter, especially if they meet former loved ones. More than most Monster Women, they seem the most likely to be reasoned back to the cause of helping humans fight against Jahi’s Invasion. No such luck, unfortunately.

Touches are often grunt soldiers in your typical Monster Woman squadron, but may be used for stealth and information gathering if better alternatives aren’t available. A Touch may also be a field commander if better options aren’t available.

Infection Cycle: Touches capture and hold a person in an intimate embrace. Then, they shift their skin to make thousands of tiny little needles that poke and scratch the skin of their intended victim. They then heavily sweat an enzyme that soaks into the skin of their victim, soaks into the surface scratches, and begins to alter their surface and nerve endings. This process, uninterrupted, makes the victim feel alternately tingly, numb, and tickled. The process can take about two days, one day of fully soaking in the chemical, and another for the physical effects to take place.

After a three hours of soaking, it is too late to stop the process. Forcibly removing the Touch from her victim within ten hours will considerably slow the process, but it will happen over time eventually, and become painful as the skin mutates without another Touch to regulate the feelings. If rescued within the first three hours, a deep-scrub cleansing with strong chemicals is recommended, making sure every surface is scrubbed. A full-body acid-wash is the surest way.

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