Monday, July 4, 2016

Emerald Elves

Description: Emerald Elves appear as human women with pointed, slightly longer ears, like a classical fantasy elf. Their skin is a deep shade green, their eyes are red, hazel, or gold, and their hair is white, gold, or pink. Their canine teeth are sharpened like fangs, and they have retractable stingers under their finger and toenails.

Powers and Abilities: Emerald elves possess superhuman levels of agility, balance, dexterity, and stamina greater than any human athlete. They are thrice as strong and durable as a human woman of similar build.  They have exceptional sight and hearing.

They are also highly venomous. They naturally sweat a neurotoxin that both pains and paralyzes anyone who touches it in under a minute. Excessive exposure to this toxin can paralyze major organs, causing cardiac arrest or suffocation. They also possess a necrotoxin they can inject through their fangs or stringers which begins to corrode away organic tissue at the injection point, rotting it beyond recovery within minutes.

Habits: The top priority of Emerald Elves is protect human beings. Under no circumstances will they intentionally endanger a human life, unless a human has, beyond a shadow of a doubt, proven themselves irredeemably dangerous to their fellows.

However, just like all Monster Women, the Elves are driven to seek sex from humans. Unlike Monster Women, if they do not satiate this need at least once every couple of weeks, they will go into an increasingly frenzied state and seek out sex without care for the safety of their partner. Unfortunately, the properties of their biology make physical intimacy with them lethal to human beings. This unfortunate irony anguishes Elves to such a degree that some commit suicide rather than kill a human to satiate her cravings.

While attempts have been made to use humans wearing hazmat suits, it doesn’t really work as effectively, and there is always a risk of the suit being damaged, or the material not being sufficient to block out the toxins. Only a human with powerful supernatural protections against toxins can survive normal sex with an Emerald Elf, and if one such human is found, he or she will be basically kidnapped and taken to their base of operations to assist with their needs. Again, forcing a human into such servitude pains them, but until a practical solution to their craving is found, they have no real alternative, other than to accept sacrifices from human settlements who depend on their protection. The upshot is that a toxin-immune human taken by the Elves is very well taken care of for their troubles, are virtually guaranteed safety from most Monster Women.

Because of this, Emerald Elves segregate themselves from human societies, setting up their own fortress near the edge of a human-held territory, but rarely venturing into the towns and villages within.

Emerald Elves possess a single-minded homicidal aggression against all other Monster Women. Monster Women fear the Elves more so than any human army. They cannot be transformed, not even by Azure Elves. They cannot be reasoned with and convinced to work with Jahi. While not as physically powerful as some Monster Women, they are killers of unparalleled skill, and they never show mercy. Their poisons are capable of killing even Elementals if injected into their humanoid form (and in the case of Fleshies, even in their liquid form), meaning that only the rarest of Monster Women is safe from them.

Origin: Emerald Elves are artificially created through cloning, and thus lack an Infection Cycle. In a way, their creation is both a mistake and a success. Early in the Invasion, scientists used captured Monster Women, and attempted to combine genetic engineering with the magical properties of Sex Monster mutagenic enzymes and DNA to create their own super powered soldiers. Unfortunately, the facilities where this was happening were overrun and destroyed.

The only success of these experiments are the Emerald Elves, created from a splicing of several captured Azure Elves, human DNA, and various strains of spider and snake DNA. Upon a successful conception, the first batch of these Elves were subjected to intense hypnotic programming to turn them into warriors compelled to protect humanity.

While the original humans who created the first batch of Elves were killed during a battle against an invading Sex Monster army, the freshly awakened Elves were successful in slaughtering the army, and clearing the invaders from the surrounding territory. Thankfully, most of the technology and devices used to create them were still functional, and with the help of some rescued technicians, the Emerald Elves were able to propagate and replace their fallen comrades through cloning. Unfortunately, they are stuck with this method, as none of the humans in their area have the resources or education to do more than repair and refuel the existing devices. No one knows how to adjust the DNA make up the Elves to make them less lethal to humans, take away their need for sex, make them naturally able to reproduce, or to make new strains of human-allied Monster Women.

Because of this, the Emerald Elves built their own fortress around the former labs, and guard it with an understandable degree of paranoia. For now, though, they have managed to find a balanced existence with the humans in their territory, who keep their distance, but are more than willing to assist them whenever they need help.


  1. All these monsters and no one to fight them. If only Jahi was in the Centurians universe.

    Wait a minute....

    1. I get the joke, but it's more funny that you put it under the one entry that has the Monster Women created specifically to kill other Monster Women. :P

  2. I wonder how they interact with Crimson elves?

    1. Thinking on it, Crimson Elves are almost the perfect sacrificial lambs to the Emerald Elves. They are Sex Monsters, and so Emeralds will immediately want to kill them, but they are also men, whom can be used to satiate their need for sex. As such, I can easily see Crimson Elves being either used on the spot (assuming their arousal aura works on the Emeralds) or captured and used later. This will still kill the Crimson with toxins, so each would be a one-time use, but it's almost a "two-birds, one-stone" bonus for them. They're too rare to really be expected to encounter, though I can see an Azure Elf keeping a Crimson or two around to throw at Emeralds as a distraction while she makes her getaway.