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Description: A Taurian’s default appearance is of a human woman with bestial features. A Taurian is a limited shape-shifter; they will always appear as some sort of human/animal hybrid, wherein the head, torso, and sometimes arms, of the woman appears human in shape, while rest of the body appears as an animal. These forms represent classic mythical creatures such as the Naga, the Centaur, the Minotaur, the Sphinx, the Mermaid, the Harpy, etc.

Powers and Abilities: The Taurian possesses the power to instantly transform between various types of classical human/animal hybrid creatures. Thus the powers of a Taurian vary wildly, depending on their form. To date, all known Taurians possess at least five different forms, though sometimes a Taurian may be able to change into more.

Regardless of form, Taurians possess varying levels of superhuman strength and durability. More over, the act of shifting between forms instantly heals injuries and ailments, meaning that an attacker’s only hope of killing one is to take them down in the first blow, either killing them outright or rendering them unconscious or paralyzed so they can quickly finish the job.

Some commonly seen forms are:

Naga – They have the body of a large snake below the waste. Scales will also cover their back and sometimes their arms, while their eyes resemble those of viper. As a Naga, they are ten times stronger than a human, have a long tail with which to bind and crush enemies or perform whip attacks, venomous fangs, and thermographic vision. Ideal for ambush tactics.

Centaur – The form which gives them their name. They have the body of a horse from the waste down. This form is ten times stronger than a human, and they can run great distances for very long periods, as well as perform powerful kick attacks. Ideal for open field engagements.

Mermaid – They appear as a fish from the waste down. They may also have fins on their form arms and/or webbed hands. While only three times stronger than a normal human, this form enables them to breathe underwater and allows them to see in near total darkness.

Harpy – They appear as great birds with the chests and heads of women. With a wingspan larger than they are tall, Harpies can fly and glide for great distances, as well as see great distances, making them ideal for aerial reconnaissance. They are three times stronger than a human, but not quite as durable. They have a small claw thumb at the main bend of their wing, but otherwise lack hands to manipulate tools. Their feet, however, do sport sharp talons to fight whilst engaged in combat.

Minotaur – Ideal for melee combat, the Minotaur is fifteen times stronger than a human, and has a powerful humanoid body, albeit it one with cloven hooves, covered in fur, and sporting large horns. The head is still human, unlike the classic minotaur.

Sphinx – They have the body of a lion, great wings like an eagle, and the heads and chests of women. Possessing twenty times the strength of a human, these forms are ironically better suited for hit and run tactics. They are not built for long-distance flying, and mostly use them for gliding. The sphinx form does have a quasi-mystical sensing ability, allowing them to detect the presence of magic or supernatural entities within a mile of themselves, as well as a minor psychometry skill that lets them learn basic functions of mechanisms even if they’ve never encountered such a device before.

Dryder – The lower half of the woman is the body of an enormous spider. Nearly ten times as strong as a human, able to create strong webbing, climb over any surface, and sense minor tremors in the ground, this form is ideal for ambush tactics. The form is also grants a venomous bite. While powerful, the form is not ideal for open field combat, better suited to caves and forest, and ambush tactics.

Dragoon – While not usually one of the default forms, this is the most common of the “extra forms” encountered. The Dragoon body is bipedal, but sports draconic features, such as a body covered in bullet-proof scales (save for the chest, belly, and face), large bat-like wings, a powerful lizard-like tail, and deadly claws. The Dragoon form is nearly fifty times as strong as a human, and enables the Taurian to breathe fire, making for an all around ultimate combat form.

Mating Form – See Infection Cycle.

Habits: Taurians are the ultimate Beast class Monster Woman, able to combine the form and function of myriad human/animal hybrid monsters into one body. They are the ideal soldiers of any given army, and are often the most brutal and relentless in their pursuits. Despite Jahi’s orders to try never to kill humans, Taurians throw off such concerns when in combat. While they will usually never go out of their way to kill a person in any other context, once a fight starts, Taurians will not hold back, mowing down waves of enemies until the opposing army surrenders.

Because of this, Taurians are deliberately kept an uncommon type of Monster Woman, with no squadron holding more than five in the beginning of the invasion, and now most only holding two or three.

When not engaged in combat, Taurians have an easy confidence that comes from being one of the most powerful and versatile Monster Women on the planet. Even Emerald Elves fear their might. As such, Taurians are often arrogant and reluctant to take orders from any one other than the highest ranked commander of their squad or army.

At the same time, however, Taurians generally do not like being alone and while they are not necessarily a “proud warrior race”, they hate not having a purpose. As such, they will always be found serving in one of Jahi’s armies, or on rare occasion, they will be found doing exploration and construction work with a crew. After all, what is the point of power if one a) doesn’t use it, and b) doesn’t get to show it off to people.

Infection Cycle: While they can have sex in any of their forms, Taurians take a special form when they wish to turn human women. They shape shift into what is called their “Mating” form. This form resembles a hairless, female body, with feminine curves, but sporting a penis-like protrusion where the clitoris should be. This form is quite vulnerable, being only half as strong as a human, and having no special powers. As such, Taurians make sure to tightly bind down the woman to prevent her from fighting back and overpowering them.

Because the form is so weak, this the best opportunity to kill a Taurian. As such, some human women would allow themselves to get captured or feign a desire to join Jahi on the condition of becoming a Taurian, and then manage to use a hidden weapon to kill the Taurian while they were vulnerable. Because of this, Taurians now insist that other Monster Women be present to observe the act and ready to leap to her defense. They will always prefer other Taurians, but will take others if not available.

Once in the Mating Form, the Taurian has sex with the woman, using her “penis” to thrust into her until she ejaculates her transformation enzyme. This usually only takes a couple minutes, at best, and some Taurians will masturbate themselves in order to complete the ejaculation as quickly as possible. Once done, the Taurian will pull out and immediately shift to another form. Due to the form’s vulnerability, Taurians naturally hate staying in it any longer than they have to.

Once the enzyme is inside the human, it immediately begins to eat away at her from the inside. As it breaks down her cells, her body begins to partially shift into a chaotic roil of limbs and body structures. While it appears to be an unbelievably painful process, the enzyme rewires the woman’s nerves so that pain becomes pleasure. She will often orgasm several times while the transformation occurs. Over the course of an hour, the woman’s body will adapt to its possible new forms, before finally settling on one, which is usually their favored default.

Once the enzyme is inside her, there is no saving the woman from the transformation. Even immediate attempts to wash out the chemical will be too late. The best means to prevent it, then, is to kill the Taurian while she is in the Mating Form.

On that note, another reason Taurians are uncommon compared to other Monster Women is that, due to the highly mutagenic nature of their powers, it is also much easier for the transformation process to fail and go awry. At least half of the existing Abominations in the world are failed Taurians. The chance of an Abomination being created is about 40%, compared to the 1% of nearly all other Monster Women.

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