Monday, July 4, 2016


Description: Mentas appear as human women, save that their eyes shine like brilliant jewels, with spiral pupils. Infiltration of larger settlements and strongholds is not possible, but in smaller places with less protection, a Mentas powers may be used to assist in gaining access to an encampment.

Powers and Abilities: Mentas have the power of psychic hypnosis. Their eyes can radiate an invisible psychic energy which entrances any being who sees them. The entrancing effect can take mere seconds to fully occur, unless the person is naturally resistant to psychic powers. Closing ones eyes and never looking into the Menta’s hypnotic gaze can help a person resist the effect, but the sheer psychic energy of the gaze will cause them to fall under her influence anyway, usually enough that they will be compelled to look at her, and subsequently fall into her trance. However, even if the person is blind, the psychic element of the power will still take them over within a few minutes.

People under Menta’s influence can be easily controlled by her, as she implants orders and suggestions through verbal commands bolstered by telepathic suggestions. Once under, the victim cannot be broken of these triggers. Initially, the thralls of a Menta were easily spotted by their obviously entranced manner, but Mentas have gotten good at figuring out how to have their thralls act normal, only “activating” when certain triggers occur. An example might be, “Forget this meeting ever happened, and go back to base. When you see a flare in the sky tonight, you are to locate and destroy your bases electrical generators.” In this way, Mentas are especially dangerous for seeding sleeper agents to infiltrate human strongholds.

Habits: Mentas are cunning and crafty, even if they are not necessarily intelligent. They are naturally alluring and seductive in personality, even without using their hypnosis power. Mentas are rather arrogant, even if they don’t show it, believing their power over the mind to be an inherently superior gift. The fact that it works on most other Monster Women as well bolsters this belief.

Despite being a type best suited to manipulation, Mentas rarely operate from the shadows, often being rather upfront and bold about their power, except when circumstances force them to act otherwise.

Mentas are rarely seen these days, as their arrogance and assumption that they know what is best, and their power to enforce that belief, means they are quick to contest the authority of their superiors (save for Jahi herself, of course). This has led to mutinies that have undermined whole armies or villages of Sex Monsters, leading to infighting as one or more Mentas and their thralls fight the former leaders of the squadron, and often times even each other.

Because of this, Mentas, if they push their luck, find themselves kicked out of Monster Women encampments and villages. Instead, a Menta will often gather some followers and form her own little cult, operating by itself. More than a few have been outright killed by their former leaders. Azure Elves are especially wary of any Menta they bring into their group, and most will have several counter-measures to counter her if she starts forgetting her place.

Infection Cycle: Mentas are one of the only Sex Monster types whose transformation style is entirely magical, lacking a physically transforming enzyme. Instead, the Menta enthralls a human woman, and then undergoes a long process of hypnosis to re-wire her mind into thinking like a Menta, then convincing her that she is a Menta, and finally, imbuing the thrall with so much psychic energy that her brain chemistry is realigned to generate its own psychic power. Likewise, her personality and desires are rewritten until she is effectively a Sex Monster Woman, despite the fact that she is genetically still human.

Thus, it is theoretically possible to revert a Menta back to a human woman, even if she is fully transformed. However, only a handful of unique persons and artifacts with exceptional psychic powers of their own are capable of even attempting such a reversal.

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