Monday, July 11, 2016


Description: Jahi despises the undead, but doesn’t necessarily mind copying some of their forms for her own means. Vampires appear as human women with ash-grey skin and glowing red eyes.

Powers and Abilities: Vampires in Jahi’s armies feed on human sexual fluids, particularly semen, for nourishment. Through a combination of psychic and mild toxin influences, they can force a man to orgasm every possible drop of semen, draining their life force in the process. Vampires are fully capable of killing a man by literally sucking the life out of him through his dick. However, they are as loathe to kill their targets as any of Jahi’s army, and thus will only drain them until they are weak.

A human, especially a man, fed upon by a vampire is also enthralled by her, readily following her orders and becoming very protective of her. The latter is rarely needed, as vampires already have three times human strength, speed, agility, and durability, as well as low-light vision and heightened smell. Unlike undead vampires, found in other worlds, Jahi’s model do not possess the typical vampire weaknesses against sunlight or holy objects.

Habits: Vampires are not particularly noteworthy among Jahi’s armies, being pretty rank and file soldiers. They know their place in the pecking order. Only rarely will a Vampire break off to form her own little group, or be put in charge of her own squad. Vampires who show good potential for leadership may be converted into Azure Elves.

Infection Cycle: The vampire infection cycle involves licking a woman to orgasm until she is likewise enthralled, then making the women eat her out as well. Vampire vaginal fluids contain the transformation chemical, and a human woman becomes a vampire several hours after ingesting the fluids.

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