Monday, July 11, 2016


Description: Witches are not Monster Women, but rather human women who have pledged allegiance to Jahi in exchange for powerful magic abilities.

Powers and Abilities: The magic used by Witches usually revolve around creating curses, summoning elemental spirits, creating potions with a variety of health effects or temporary transformations, and using alchemy to alter the properties of basic elements. Witches will usually need reagents and rituals to cast their spells, but can enchant items such as wands or talismans with specific effects for immediate use.

Habits: Witches generally operate autonomously in small Covens, busying themselves with their own agendas, but will often work with Monster Women to take down human strongholds. Other than their allegiance to Jahi, they otherwise have no common habits, as they retain their personalities from when they were normally human.

That said, women who choose to become witches are usually linked by a common motivation: the lust for power. Whatever else one can say about them, they are opportunistic and readily make and break alliances for their own gain. Rarely, a woman will attempt to become a Witch with the intention of gaining super powers to help defend her people, but unfortunately, the nature of the empowerment ritual ensures she cannot go against Jahi herself.

Exaltation: Witches obviously lack an Infection Cycle. Instead, to become a Witch, a woman must undergo an hours-long ritual in which she prostrates herself and pledges allegiance to Jahi, spills her own blood, and engages in a sexual act within an array of magic circles. After the first handful of Witches were empowered by Jahi herself during the ritual, later women were empowered by other Witches; Jahi hears the “prayers” of the ritual and lends her blessing from afar when it is complete, but otherwise, doesn’t engage in the act herself.

Jahi is not stupid, of course. Aside from imbuing the woman with demon magic, the ritual also implants powerful, seemingly unbreakable allegiance to Jahi herself. This way, regardless of any other ambitions a new Witch may have, she is physically and mentally incapable of attacking Jahi herself or hindering Jahi’s ultimate goal of Earth’s conquest. If by some miracle a Witch is able to turn on Jahi, then the demon goddess can easily take away the magic, rendering the Witch powerless.

Jahi does not imbue her Monster Women with Witch powers, but many are quite resistant to their spells, ensuring Witches don’t just take over her armies. By contrast, Witches are rendered immune to Monster Woman transformations.

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