Monday, August 29, 2016

Midnight Bliss

It was well past midnight when Paul was suddenly jolted from his sleep by an intense erection. He tossed and turned for a moment, then made a sharp grunt as his eyes snapped open. His hips jerked as he felt his cock, already semi-hard, snap to full attention, then grow even stiffer.

“AH!” he gasped as his cock grew so tense, it hurt! Then it kept getting tenser! “Aaah, fuck! What the...?”

Next to him, his wife Janey stirred, roused by both his movements and voice, as well as the intensity of his erection, which hummed in her mind like a high pitched tuning fork. “Mmmm whuh?” she yawned, “Wa’zrong, hun?”

“What do you think?!” he hissed. He motioned down to himself, yanking the covers away to reveal his tortured rod. Rather than feel freeing, the tension just seemed to increase even more! “Aaaah, fuck! my cock! God, it's hard!” 

Janey glanced down and smiled with amusement, the energy coming off her husband clearing her senses and waking her up quickly. She turned and lay on her side, facing him, watching his cock throb. As they stared at it, the organ actually began to vibrate, stiffly quivering at high speed. With her sexual senses, she could actually see his cock soaking up an excess of mystical signals, helpless to obey commands of Sex Magic.

“Wow, you’re right!” She giggled. “Someone must be broadcasting arousing signals again!”

“Ow, Jesus, it's intense!” He whined. His hips squirmed. He wanted badly to touch himself, to relieve some of the tension. Alas, Janey’s spells prevented such intiative.

Janey giggled again. “Aw, poor thing. Here, I'll touch it for you, since you can't.” She reached down and gently gripped the sides of his shaft with her fingertips, slowly, lightly stroking him. “Better?”

Paul let out a small sigh. “Oooh… a little… yes…”

Janey’s loose touch continued for a couple minutes, and he could only huff and squirm. His erection refused to quit, however, the signals not ceasing. “You know, I don't think I've felt you this tense since those college Rock Parties we used to go to! Remember those?”

He nodded, only half-listening. “Y-yeah... yeah, baby...” Then his eyes scrunched closed, and his mouth rounded into an O. His hips bucked and he grunted. Janey stopped her stroking and just held him loosely in her hand, feeling his hyper tense organ flex rapidly.

She grinned as Paul barely got himself under control again. “Wow, did you just edge? Goodness, you're not just hard, your all sensitive, too! This isn’t just a normal Hard Attack. Someone’s really giving it to you.” She let her fingertips drag down his length, barely whispering along the delicate, tortured organ. Paul choked out a gasp and made another “O” face, bucking his hips as he tried once again to achieve orgasm. But no matter how hard and sensitive he got, Janey’s orgasm blocks held firm, forcing back his release, and holding him in high arousal.

“Hmmm… I wonder who could be doing this?” she said. She tapped the tip of his cock gently, and he almost edged again.

Paul could barely breathe to speak. “It's not… you… is it?” he huffed.

“I was asleep, just now, silly. No, this is probably one of our neighbors. Or a couple of them. Whoever it is, they're waking up the whole neighborhood! I can sense cocks going tense all around us. But the other guys aren't as hard as you are! The girl must be really close by. Or she’s got it in for you. There anything I should know about, hun?”

“No! I don’t… ah! … I don’t know… ah! … What it is!” He winced as he felt her magic slip into his mind, searching his thoughts.

She frowned slightly when she didn’t find any incriminating evidence, then shrugged and smiled. “Guess it’s just a coincidence.” She paused. “Oh, I just realized, isn’t the girl next door, Megan, didn’t she turn nineteen recently? Maybe this is her Awakening! If so, she’s going to be a strong one, if this is what her first broadcast does!”

He was grunting now, and he shivered and jerked his hips once more, without her even touching him. “Ah, God… ah, fuck! Oh, Janey, can’t you...ah! … Can’t you block… the signal...?”

“Probably,” she said, enjoying the show of his cock bouncing wildly.

“W-will you? Please?”

“Nope!” she said with a laugh. “This is too entertaining!”

Paul grit his teeth. “Baby I'm... ah!... I'm dying here! Could you at least... ah!... could you make me cum? Please? Please, baby?”

She smirked at him. “Heck no! I already spoiled you with too many pop offs last month! That block's staying on till next month, no matter how hard you get! Besides, if I made you pop now, it wouldn't stop the signal, and you'd be tense as ever! In fact, you'd probably feel a sort of post-orgasm torture from it. I used to do that to the boys in college, too, to punish them for cumming. I’d make them blow their load all over themselves, then just blast pure, uncut arousal at them, and they'd cry and writhe and—”

Paul writhed and wailed. “Aaah, stop! Baby, it's getting worse! Please!” His penis was dark red with tension, the veins bulging, his testicles swollen taught. She could see the signals were just relentless, and were still growing in intensity.

“Oh, fine, here,” she said, and wiggled her fingers over his organ. “This should ease some of the aching a bit for you. But I love how hard your getting! The lust you’re giving off feels so good!” She wasn’t wrong. The warm, wonderful energy of male desperation was flooding her body, making her flush with a feeling of happiness and relaxation. She could feel her body tingle, absorbing so much energy from him. She felt herself moisten between her legs, and a tremor of pleasure thrummed through her. As much energy as he was throwing off, if she just let it flow through her, she could easily climax herself, just laying here next to him.

Paul had reached his limit, however. “Rrrrraaah, I can't take it! Please!” He thrashed on the bed, very nearly feel off the side!

“Tough!” she said. She quickly caught him, pulled him back, and pushed him onto his back again. Then, she send a command of magic for his body to freeze in place. Now, all he could do was blink, breathe, and slightly twitch and shiver. Only his cock retained full mobility, jerking and clenching in its mad dance of need.

“Nnn... guh… aaaah!” Unable to speak now, Paul grunted and moaned under the assault on his organ, while Janey just smiled and watched. She reached out and grasped him, feeling the throb of his energy like an electric pulse. The mere touch of her made him edge fiercely, repeatedly, and every one of his edges was like a hard jolt of uncut pleasure running straight through her core. She curled up against him, held his cock tightly in her hand, and bucked against him. It only took a minute before she cried out and shuddered in orgasm, just from pleasure of sensing his torment.

She held on and came thrice more before she finally pulled back and let him go. She sighed with the bliss of pure contentment, looking to the ceiling, one hand on her forehead as she calmed her breathing. Beside her, Paul was in agony, tears rolling down his cheeks. The forceful teasing spells were still going! Even if he could talk, he’d just be babbling at this point.

Janey smiled sympathetically, and kissed his cheek, licking a tear off her lips. She snuggled against him, careful not to touch his cock this time. She let her hands roam elsewhere, petting his body soothingly until she drifted in a heady haze of half-sleep, half-euphoric meditation, soaking in his energy.

Finally, after over an hour, the signals faded, which ever woman broadcast them reigning her energies in. Paul slowly calmed down, and the aura of his need cooled. Janey roused from her daze and frowned. She felt so good, she didn’t want it to end. She glanced at Paul’s cock, finally starting to return to a “normal” erection, instead of the magical priapism it had been suffering.

She frowned, then reached down, and gave his cock a few quick flicks. As she did so, she jolted his organ with commands to stiffen, returning to the unnatural hardness it had been at. Then, she blew a kiss at it, and her magic surged around his organ. With a precision of years of practice, and the brute force of desire, her phantom blowjob spell sucked his cock in ways no woman was physically capable. Paul let out a choked groan and shuddered as his cock jerked its fruitless dance of denial once more. The energy swelled off him and flooded her with euphoria once more.

Janey turned to her side, then used to her power to command his body to turn with her, spooning against her, clutching her tightly. She made Paul slip his diamond-hard, twitching, teased cock between her thighs, where she trapped it just an inch away from her pussy. Her own organ, still wet with her climaxes, drizzled warm, arousing pulses at him, keeping him ever more agonizingly tense and sensitive, even as her pleasure spell slowly intensified, sucking him into oblivion. As Paul’s mind and body fried in his wife’s divine sexual hell, Janey chuckled and drifted to back into her blissful trance of pure euphoria, wondering why she didn’t do this more often.

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  1. Had no idea there was an extended story to go along with one of my latest favorite captions. Even better, and a great read. I like Janey's almost loving dominant treatment toward her husband.