Monday, October 24, 2016

Classic Characters

So, when I was younger, my fantasies revolved around creating specific characters each with unique powers that lent themselves to sexual teasing and domination. Even when fantasizing about powered versions of real women, I would usually come up with a specific ability for them to have.

There was a whole cast of these characters, some of whom I made up as far back as the mid-1980s. For as old as they are, I never really developed them hardly at all as characters. Probably not a surprise given they were purely for sex fantasies, but now I wonder how they might have turned out if I’d actually chosen to keep using them.

The characters I can remember came in essentially two sets:

The Mistress Crew Era
Mistress – Telekinesis, mind reading, eventually gained Goddess powers
Touch – Can manipulate nerves and sensations on touch
Whisper – Sultry mind-controlling voice
Aroma – Able to transform into a living pink cloud of pheromones
Sedusa – Semi-hypnotic arousal aura, based on seeing her naked body
Tongues – Skin and sexual fluids were laced with hypnotic pheromones
Voodoo – Able to do voodoo doll effects on people, mainly their genitals. Thanks to her, the other girls could use their powers at a great distance from their target, using them on the voodoo artifacts to make the connected person feel it.
Clones – Three clones of me who had a controllable voodoo cock effect.
Rune – A female clone of me, who also had a sort voodoo cock effect on me and the clones together, then gained essentially a Sex Mage power set.

Mistress, Touch, and Whisper are the first three characters of any sort that I can recall creating, while the others came up over the years. Funnily enough, I didn’t actually notice until much, much later that most of this group’s powers revolved around the five physical senses.

While Mistress started off as a basic psychic, her powers grew in my mind. After creating the character of Pixie, Mistress herself was upgraded into a full Goddess, granting her reality warping magic, and I retroactively added a backstory that she had given her friends (the other ladies in this set) their powers by sharing a bit of her Goddess magic with them. My place in the “story” of these fantasies was just some guy they arbitrarily decided to torment for no particular reason.

Thorough readers of my blogs can probably already see where I’ve adapted some of these concepts into my later works. Many of the powers of these women were adapted into the Sex Mage template and into Monster Women templates for Jahi’s Invasion, while the clone concepts were re-adapted into some of the Pandora Experiments.

Pixie and Her Toys
Pixie – A powerful fairy woman who used reality-bending magic.
Silk – A shape-shifting silk-cloth golem. Aside from expert binding, she could slip threads of herself into orifices to stimulate from within.
Bunny – A stuffed toy rabbit who could become a sort of “stuffed bunny girl” golem. She had uncanny skills, creating overwhelmingly intense pleasure with a touch.
Putty – A silly-putty golem.
Cummy – A tiny cum spirit, that could take control of a man by slithering part of herself back into his dick and somehow high-jacking his nervous system.
Various Women – Random girls, often based on real women I knew, that pixie empowered with sexual magic abilities. Fantasies of my girlfriends having magic would often have an origin of Pixie giving them essentially Sex Mage powers.

Pixie was the first fairy-type character I fantasized about, fascinated with the concept of a woman barely the size of my own cock, being able to sexually dominate me with a wave of her hand. Pixie was where the scale of the fantasies and the sexual powers ramped up. While she had the power to effectively do anything, most of the things she did were abilities that would eventually become some of the wilder Sex Mage powers: overwhelming phantom pleasure sensations, orgasm control, size alteration, shape changing, brain melting arousal auras.

Pixie’s gimmick was that she was a playful, mischievous fairy who loved the idea of female dominant sex. Not only did she love playing with people directly, but she also liked to create and direct proxies to further tease her chosen playthings. Primarily, she would create “living sex toys” out of everyday objects, such as turning a silk blanket or stuffed toy into a sexy woman. Likewise, she would really fuck with the heads of her playthings by recruiting girls they knew and empowering them, coaxing them to help dominate the poor guy. She would even bring to life fictional women out of comic books, TV shows, or your own mind to add to the fun.

Pixie’s big issue was that she didn’t understand human limitations. While all my fantasies about these various super-women had a theme of overwhelming power and domination, Pixie took things farther than any of them up to that point, and the usual “story” of Pixie was that she would eventually have to be caught and pulled away by her fellow fairies, only to come back and haunt me again.

The Super Tease and Denial story was based off a typical Pixie scenario, while mixing in a few of the Mistress characters. In a way, that story was sort of a celebration of my old sex fantasy ideas, despite also being the first erotic story I ever put online.

At one point, I’d actually intended to do a whole series based on Pixie’s adventures, as she went to different people and tried out different scenarios. However, this never worked out, due to my usual problems with creating sequels and series. I did, however, manage to use the concept for the Pixie’s Reward story, which I think fit well.

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