Monday, October 17, 2016

Ebook Updates!

I have done a couple minor updates to some eBooks!

1) Sex Mage World: Megami has been renamed into Sex Mage World: Saisho No San, and given a new cover! The file is the same, though, so no need to redownload if you already have the book. If you haven't bought it yet, I think this is probably one of the best of my longer SMW stories, and serves as a good introduction, so please consider a purchase! Unlike most of my stories, it is eBook exclusive.

I opted to change the title, because Megami has taken on a different context since I wrote the book, and I don't want there to be confusion. The main characters are not themselves Megami, the word was just a reference to the story taking place in Japan. Saisho no San (The First Three) sounds cooler and makes more sense as a Japanese title.

2) The Quickies! collection has been modified a bit, with proper page breaks and the inclusion of six more stories! If you have already bought the book, you can just go back and redownload the new version. If not, please consider a purchase! Note that all the stories are free on the blog, though they have been touched up a bit in the eBook version.

However, I have also removed the two Metis shorts from this collection, because I'll probably be making a Metis eBook as well eventually, and I'd prefer all the parts be in their own book.

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