Monday, July 4, 2016

Crimson Elves

Description: Crimson Elves are, to date, the only known male Sex Monster variant. They appear as human men with deep red skin and golden hair and eyes. Their ears are also pointed and slightly longer, given them the classic fantasy elf look. Because of their obvious appearance, Crimson Elves are terrible for infiltration attempts.

Crimson Elves are an accidental creation, the reasons for which are still as yet unknown. Sometimes, when an Azure Elf is having sex with a human male, driving him out of his mind with blue balling and teasing, he will hit some kind of threshold, and the transformative enzyme developing in his testicles activates, transforming him instead.

Powers and Abilities: Crimson Elves are a bit stronger, tougher, and more agile than their original human form. Crimson Elves are able to create a psychic and chemical effect on humans akin to a powerful aphrodisiac. This aura of lust skyrockets a human woman’s libido. Being within a dozen feet of a Crimson Elf clouds a human woman’s mind with lust and melts her willpower. Just through physical contact, a Crimson Elf can reduce a human woman into a nearly mindless frenzy of sexual need within mere seconds.

This effect is greatly diminished with human men, usually just giving them unwanted erections. Crimson Elves seem uninterested in men anyway, and will even completely ignore them unless forced into a direct confrontation.

Habits: Crimson Elves retain their human intellect, but seem to universally lose their sense of individual desire. They become devoted servants to the Azure Elves who made them. If said Azure Elf doesn’t want him, then he will serve the next Sex Monster Woman who is willing to take him as a partner or servant.

Crimson Elves are sometimes kept at a Sex Monster base camp, or sent back to their villages, to be used as sex slaves, when a squad or tribe has not been able to acquire new human men. The Elves do not seem to mind, happy to serve however they can. In turn, they are taken care of by these communities, even if they are not particularly respected by them.

Infection Cycle: Crimson Elves cannot convert human women (or men), but they are exceedingly dangerous to them in close proximity, as only women who demonstrate innate psychic resistance have a prayer of not being turned into a helpless sex drone, begging the Elf to fuck them. For this reason, some squadrons of Sex Monster Women bring Crimson Elves along to snare particularly resistant human women, and lead them off to be transformed by various other Sex Monsters.

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