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Description: Whispers appear as normal human women.

Powers and Abilities: Whispers are able to create any form of sound wave, from mimicking any human voice, to stone-pulverizing sonic screams, to musical effects, to powerful hypnotic modulations. They can even speak in multiple voices at once and can create subtle vibrations that target the pleasure centers of a person’s mind. This not only enables them to send anyone nearby into a deep trance, but makes them extremely vulnerable to suggestion. They can even create vibration effects against a person’s skin, stimulating them like an invisible vibrator.

Attempting to block out a Whisper with earplugs or white noise has proven largely ineffective. Their mastery of sound lets them bypass such defenses, and even total deafness doesn’t stop the pleasurable vibration effects. Extremely loud, disruptive noises can sometimes interrupt them, but some Whispers have even been able to dampen other noises with counter-waves. Some have even been able to dampen the kinetic force of smaller explosions if they are prepared for it.

Habits: Whispers will almost always work in trios or pairs. Very rarely is a Whisper found working solo or in larger groups. Some theories posit that this is some form of symbolism of the female trinity, but it may simply be a case that Whispers simply enjoy the company of those they are particularly compatible with, and rarely will they find more than two others who truly “synch” with them. Sometimes, a trio will consist of a pair of Whispers who have recently turned and are training the third.

Whispers also tend to operate independent of other Monster Women as much as possible. They prefer luring and ambushing tactics. Scouting parties will often fall to a trio of Whispers when they bed down for the night, and the Whispers begin to sing their entrancing song softly, letting it carry on the wind. By the time anyone knows they’re hearing, it’s usually too late to resist, unless they have exceptional willpower.

Whispers will often play with and manipulate their victims, entrancing them and requesting they do any number of silly, humiliating, or amusing acts, then make love to them in threesomes or foursomes. As they do, they keep a constant surround-sound effect of hypnotic singing, humming, moaning, and chanting, until their victim’s mind is all but melted, their only thought serving their new mistresses.

In the early days of the invasion, Whispers were also notorious for creating sleeper agents, capturing and hypnotizing a person, then making them forget the encounter. The person would end up inside a fortress or habitat, could even stay their for weeks, until something triggered the implanted commands, causing the person to turn on their fellows by sabotaging the security and opening the place up for invasion.

Now, most human settlements have professional hypnotists on hand to make sure any inhabitant is free of such triggers. The one upside of being a victim of a Whisper’s hypnosis is that it’s very easy for them to be placed under hypnosis through more conventional means; even a half-way decent hypnotist can entrance a victim and discover the implanted commands, as well as undo them. The downside is that the same victim is also easily re-hypnotized by a Whisper, and the triggers re-implanted.

Infection Cycle: While it’s possible for a single Whisper to effect the change, Whispers will usually work in pairs or trios to transform a woman. Physically capturing a woman and binding her down, the Whispers will begin a process of hypnotic chanting, humming, purring, or singing, sending their victim into a deep sleep, where they become highly suggestive. The Whispers sonic pleasure induction is also employed here, sending the already vulnerable woman into a trippy headspace of pure pleasure, breaking down their resistance further. Once induced, the Whispers will kiss, caress, and perform oral sex on the woman. In so doing, they transmit transformative fluids through their saliva, which soaks into their skin, most effectively through their mouths and vaginas.

The transformation takes several hours, with the Whispers feeding suggestions to the woman all throughout, brainwashing them into thinking like a Sex Monster Woman. Curiously, application of their sonic abilities appears to be a necessary component of the transformation. Women have been rescued from Whispers who were already exposed to plenty of the transformative saliva, yet the Whispers were silenced and removed within less than an hour. The rescued woman remains in her trance state for several more hours, but eventually snaps out of it, and the transformative effects appear to be canceled. No one’s quite sure the threshold for when it may be too late, but no successfully rescued woman was effected for more than an hour.

Attempting to give suggestions to a woman in a trance state is considered dangerous, as her mind is extremely vulnerable to brainwashing. A few rescued women were reported to have been heavily influenced by suggestions made to them while they were induced, including one woman becoming a meek, soft spoken submissive, when she was previously an aggressively outspoken bitch. While this may have pleased the denizens of her stronghold, this is considered an abusive act, and the man responsible was heavily punished for it.

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