Erotic Audios

This is where I collect everything audio-related, from podcasts to readings to performances. I will also be listing performances of my scripts by others, if anyone is generous enough to lend their voice. Most of my audio work is now focused through Gone Wild Audio and its related subreddits, but I may still do audio projects elsewhere as I see the opportunity.

The Bench
Ion's Wicked Lesson
Metis Academy - Guy Time
Found and Lost
FapReport Tech Support
Cruel Nurse (Male Version)

Sensual Domination Program
No One Expects the Sex Mage Inquisition!
Catch Him and Use Him
Don't Even Think About Fucking Them
You Are the Giantess Who Owns Me (script by ShyLittleMouse)

The SalamandoCast (Questions and Answers)- Episode 1Episode 2Episode 3Episode 4
Dellissa's World RPG Commentary

A Short Sex Mage Scene (by switchnbitch)
Sex Mage Rides Again! (by switchnbitch)
Helping a Friend (by Sunnydale_Bound)

Picked Up By A Sex Mage
Sex Mage Ex Has You By The Balls
Fight And Fuck Outside The Bar


  1. How do you find female actresses to read your scripts? Do you hire them? I have erotic femdom stories I've written that I would love to find a female voice actor to record, but can't afford to hire anyone. I've done some audio using voicereading software, but it just isn't the same.

    1. I did not hire anybody, I have no means of paying for professional readings. And believe me, if there was a magic "sexy female voice conversion" button on Audacity, I would use that in a heartbeat. :P

      I posted my scripts on the GoneWildAudio subreddit, while I was also posting my own audios. People on GWA and similar boards do audios for free on an entirely volunteer, as-interested basis. This means that if you want your stuff to be read, you need to be either:

      a) Very lucky to even get noticed, and then also lucky enough that the person who notices you is interested enough to read your script, and then also lucky enough that they will want to take the time and effort to do a recording. Expect that as a man, it's to be ten times harder to even be glanced at.

      b) You can try to request one of the women to take a look at your work, but if you approach them out of nowhere as a stranger, this is highly unlikely to succeed, since they're often inundated with messages, and will very quickly gain a large backlog. If you are going to do this, it helps if you have a mutual friend/acquaintance that can vet you, or if you've been an active follower/fan of theirs for at least a little while.

      c) Relating to the above, your best chances are to make the effort to be part of the community and network. Make friends and connections, comment on other people's work, help people with their scripts, do recordings yourself, and maybe you'll find some people who will take an interest in helping you out as well. Its a social investment, but once you're "in", then you have a much better chance of people helping you out, because you've proven you're dedicated to the community.

      Bare in mind, I'm not a very active member of the community, so this is just my observations. In my case, I was very lucky that Switch happened to be just starting out when she noticed one of my scripts and decide to do it, and doubly lucky she enjoyed it enough to agree to do an older one I'd posted months earlier but got no response on. As for Sunnydale, she was tagged in a comment by another poster, and seemed interested because he was interested, so word of mouth/networking is what got that script filled.

    2. Very cool. Listen, I'm not sure if you know this already or not, but I have been following your work for several years (I may have posted comments under other names or email addresses before). I think I've emailed you in the past from Not to be too forward, but how would you feel about being someone who could "vet" me? I'd be more than happy to share my stuff with you, although you may have read it before - it's been hosted on for several years under The Timid Freshman or Evan Evans. Right now it's all short stories, although I've been making captions for some time, based on my stories, which would be easy to turn into scripts. I'm working on a FemDom Nun story made out of captions right now. I've been trying to figure out a way to get audios done for years, and it'd be awesome if you wouldn't mind vetting me to someone like Switch. I hope that's not too forward of a request, or too big an ask. I only just joined Reddit yesterday (under my real name, so I might need to make another account to preserve my anonymity)...I'm 37, so not as good at newer Internet stuff (pretty good at Facebook and email though).

    3. I'm not sure what your other names are, but the last e-mail exchange I had with "Evan Evans" was four years ago. I'm not familiar with your work, either. Sorry, I do appreciate that you like my work, but this is kind of awkward for me to be asked.

      It'd feel weird just vetting someone on request who I don't more regularly talk to or have a past connection with or am already a fan of their work. More to the point, I don't want to just be casually used as a "business contact" or whatever you'd call it in this case, so I don't want to set a precedent that any of my readers (or someone just claiming such) can just request me to act as their connection for things like this out of the blue. I'm sorry if that comes off as rude or inconsiderate, but while I don't mind giving advice, I'm not comfortable being a relay between people I don't have connections to.

      Even if I was, though, my word and my name isn't worth much, if anything, on that site. I don't talk to the regulars much, I have huge gaps between posts (worse than here), I don't have any friends there that are interested in doing recordings, and I'm still super-niche with a subject matter not a lot of people are interested in. All that meaning I have very little community presence and that's not likely to change much given my usual habits. Like, Switch and I don't talk, either, so I don't think me trying to vet you to her would really help much.

      At this point, you'd be better off listening and commenting on the audios you like, and then trying to appeal to those performers directly. That's the best I can tell you.

    4. Fair enough. I figured as much. Shouldn't have asked. My bad.

    5. I actually could use your advice, though, on how to get started posting Erotic Audios, as I'm a total newbie. I made some previously, using a synthesized voice, complete with sound effects. I did upload them to YouTube as private videos, just to have them hosted somewhere.

      I suppose I could use some advice as to how to go about posting the audios on GoneWildAudio, as well as how/where to post scripts, etc. Any suggestions?


    7. There's no special trick to, just start posting. That's all I did.

      Two things off hand to watch for:

      -Don't spam the board (either link all your audios thus far into one thread OR make a separate thread for each, but spread them out to no more than two (better yet one) a day).

      -Make DAMN CERTAIN you label the titles of your posts correctly. I fucked this up almost every time I posted a thread, and your thread will be almost instantly removed if you screw it up. If you're uncertain or confused, I would advise you ask a Mod what the proper labeling is, but there should be a thorough outline linked in the post I made above.