Thursday, March 31, 2011

Just A Little Scene: The Bet

It was a simple bet. Try and stay standing for thirty minutes while I played with your penis. Simple enough, sure. A strapping hunk of a man like you, you’d gotten handjobs and blowjobs galore, you’d fucked in every conceivable position your body would allow, and always maintained perfect control of yourself, and your partner. When I told you I could fuck you blind with just a thought, you scoffed. You didn’t think my magic could possibly be any more potent than what you’d had up to now.

So, we made the bet. I play with you with my magic. You try and stay standing for thirty minutes. If you won, you were allowed to strip me naked and do anything you wanted to me, and I would not be allowed to stop you, even with my powers. If I won, I would be able to play with you as I saw fit for the rest of the night. You grinned like a idiot, and promptly agreed.

We went back to my place. You were naked in a flash, but to your disappointment, I stayed clothed. Even more to your disappointment, I went to the couch, clicked on the TV, and settled in to watch a show, flipping channels until I found something liked.

“Hey, come on, are we gunna do this or what?” you said. Your penis

I gave you a bored, nonchalant smile. “I was giving you a chance to brace yourself, but if you insist.” I waved my hand and instantly, you felt warm, wet, tight sensations grip your cock. At the same time, a throbbing pulse of pure pleasure began to surge rhythmically through your loins, traveling from your penishead down straight through to your prostate.

It’s now been ten minutes, and your body is shuddering as you let out lewd moans between every gasp. The pulse is intense, unlike anything you’ve ever felt before, as if your every pleasure receptor were being caressed and energized from the inside out. It’s enough to make your whole body spasm with every pulse. Not even the most skilled mouth, hand, or pussy combined has ever felt this intense, this pure. It’s just too much. You collapse onto your knees.

“Well, that was disappointing,” I say, without much enthusiasm.

“Oh fuck,” you gasp, barely able to draw breath. “Oh, god, you win, you win!” Your body shudders again and stiffens and you let out a primal grunt. Your self control has broken, and your cock jerks mightily. You are beginning to have an orgasm.

I smile as I reach out with my power and grasp the surge of energy that is your climax. Just as it is about to leave your body, I catch it. Your body locks up and you can’t even draw breath as you are suddenly caught on the very edge of orgasm. I hold you there, my grip on your climax unyielding no matter how hard your body tries to force it. Ten seconds. Twenty. Thirty. A minute. Two. Tears stream from your eyes, and you breathlessly make a low sound between a groan and scream.

I then shove your orgasm back, denying you that release. Able to breath again, you let out a pitiful wail. I intensify the pulse in your cock, and immediately, your body tries to cum again. But I don’t let it. I catch your second would be climax, and pull it back, mixing it with the first. I increase the sensations yet again, and for a third time you try to cum. I catch that climax as well and pull it back, dragging it slowly to make sure you feel your release being denied to you.

You’re fully on the floor now, writhing and thrashing like a fish out of water. You can’t even form a coherent thought to make the words you want to beg me. I watch you with a cool bemusement as you make another attempt to cum. And another, and another and another. Each time I catch your would be orgasm at the moment just before release, and pull it back, combining it with the growing ball of climax I keep roiling inside you.

Then, all at once I cease the sensations, dropping the pulse and warm wetness from your cock. You collapse back, barely cognizant, exhausted. I cast a touch of magic over you to let you fall asleep. I think pull the ball of climax from you, and ethereal mass invisible to the eye, but tangible to the touch. I slowly strip naked, and then lay back on the couch, pulling the mass towards me. I let the energy of your stolen climaxes sink into me. My body instantly fills with throbbing pleasure, my sex instantly flowing with wetness.

I cum, long and hard, your every would be orgasm ripping through my body like sexual lightning, a torrent of climaxes rapid firing through my system, joining into one continuous release. I scream and thrash as my world goes white. I manage to hang on through three full minutes of mind-rending orgasm before I black out from the intensity.

I come to on the floor next to you a few minutes later, soaked in cooling sweat and fluids. I look to you, your cock still hard and twitching, still so eager to fulfill its objective, too proud to acknowledge that it has already failed tonight.

You’re so proud of it, aren’t you? So big and hard, your symbol of power and manliness? It’s the center of your universe, really, whether you realize it or not. In some form or another, your penis is what defines you. It makes you strong, gives you the drive to be a man among men. In your mind, in your fantasies, it is the tool which allows you to bend women to your will, in service to your mighty penis.

Ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong, a woman does thoroughly enjoy a good cock. But while a man’s penis is everything to him, for a woman, the penis is just one toy among many to play with. Once a woman gets it within her grasp, all your power and swagger, all your cunning and charisma, melts into a puddle of goo with a simple caress. You think your crude, thuggish organ is a bait to lure women into your clutches, but I assure you, it’s quite the other way around. There’s a reason a word for foolish overconfidence is “cock”iness.

I reach over and for the first time, physically touch your cock. You jolt awake, letting out a quaky groan as your body shudders. You look to me with awe and a tinge of fear as your mind sluggishly pieces together what just happened. I smile slyly at you, and slide myself up to straddle your chest. You lost the bet, and the night is still young. Your stolen orgasms were a nice little appetizer, but I’m ready for the main course.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Vampress Threesome

Normally, one would not expect to be accosted by vampires at the book store, but there you go. Even vampires like to peruse some quality literature now and then.

Well, some of them anyway.

“Some girls night out,” said Sylvia. “When you said you wanted to shop, I was thinking more Macy’s or JC Pennies, not Barnes and Noble.”

“We’ll go buy you something shiny in a bit,” said Aislinn, with a look of practiced patience. “I want to see if the next book in one of my series is out yet.”

“Oh, fine,” said Sylvia, pouting a bit, but going along.

As the two entered the book store, Sylvia quickly scoped out the customers for want of something better to do. Most were not to her taste. Still, as she followed Aislinn to the Fantasy section, smirking at seeing the sheer number of vampire novels on display, she caught sight of one young man, sitting alone on one of the store’s stuffed chairs, reading a comic book. Sylvia chewed her lip a bit, but decided he wasn’t too bad looking for a geek, a little thin, but healthy looking. She nudged Aislinn’s arm as the redhead sifted through the paperbacks. “Hey,” said Sylvia. “Cute one at your five.”

Aislinn sighed. “I wasn’t aware we were hunting already.”

“When aren’t we hunting?”

Aislinn frowned a bit. “Just doesn’t seem to be the right place for it.”

“Oh, sod you and your books. I found a ripe one. Looks like easy pickings for you.”

Aislinn glanced over and noticed the young man, who remained oblivious of them. She thought for a moment. “Well, he is cute.”

“Come on, I’ll do the talking.”

“Oh, alright,” said Aislinn. She turned back, grabbed a couple books, and handed one to Sylvia. “Not too many people here, but we still don’t want to make a scene. Reel him in slow.”

The two women went over to where the young man was sitting, a set of four chairs surrounding a coffee table. They each sat on one of the chairs flanking him, and propped their legs up onto the table. The young man, glanced up, and did a double take as the two women sat down to either side. He took a moment to realize he was staring, then tried to forced himself to stare at the page.

Sylvia wriggled her toes a bit, and the motion drew the young man’s eyes to her foot, and from their, they traced up the length of her legs. He tried to look away, but doing so only gave him a full view of Aislinn’s legs instead. Sylvia grinned at this reaction and winked to Aislinn, who allowed herself a slight smirk. This was going to be easy pickings indeed. The two women pretended to ignore his peeks at their legs, which eventually trailed up to their chests and faces. He kept trying to focus back on his book and not stare, but inevitably, his eyes would drift towards them again. He seemed to be making a real effort not to say anything, perhaps wanting to spare himself the embarrassment of trying to talk to two women he thought were out of his league.

To his credit, he managed to last a good five minutes before he finally cracked and made an attempt at conversation, embarrassment be damned. “So, what are you two reading?” he said, trying to sound more nonchalant than his body language implied.

Sylvia inwardly sighed with relief, already bored with sitting there pretending to read. Sylvia gave the man a disarming smile, “Oh, you know, just whatever caught my eye.” She held up the book, not even bothering to see what it was.

“Huh,” said the man, eyes raised a little. Sylvia looked at the cover, then blanched and looked at Aislinn. The book was one of those cheesy harlequin romance novels.

Aislinn smiled slightly and shrugged at Sylvia. She held up a fantasy novel. “Interesting series,” she said. “How about you?”

The young man held up a superhero comic, a slightly sheepish look on his face. “They’re, uh, easy to finish in one sitting.”

“I see,” said Aislinn, smiling. The young man seemed to struggle for something else to say. Aislinn decided to ease the burden a bit. “So,” she said. “What’s your name?”

“John,” he said.

Before he could ask them their names, Sylvia cut in, “Say, I’m getting kinda hungry. You want to grab something?”

Aislinn rolled her eyes. “You have the metabolism of a six year old.” She turned to John and smiled. “Would you like to join us?”

Caught off guard by the invitation, John said, “Uh… sure… I guess. I mean, I would like that.”

“Good,” said Aislinn, and the three stood. Still a little stunned, John, followed them as they put their books back, and they left the store. Out in the parking garage, Aislinn told them to wait a moment, and she would go get her purse.

John cleared his throat, still looking nervous. Sylvia smiled at him again, and said, “You okay?”

“I just, uh, didn’t even get your names,” said John. “I don’t usually run off with two pretty ladies without getting their names, at least.”

“I’m Sylvia, she’s Aislinn. No need to be nervous. I’m trying to get my friend to be a little less stuffy, and you kind of looked like her type. Join us for dinner, and if it turns out to be a drag, we’ll let you go, okay?”

John thought it over for a moment, then nodded, smiling back. “Yeah, okay. Not like I got any plans.”

As he talked with Sylvia, he didn’t notice as Aislinn glided right up behind him, silent as a ghost. Before John knew what was happening, she hugged him from behind, and planted a light kiss on his neck. John jumped, but immediately felt a pleasant, warm sensation flow through him. It was only a kiss, but Aislinn had perfectly touched an erogenous zone, and John let out a soft sigh. As he did, Sylvia stepped into him, and kissed the other side of his neck. The warm, pleasant feeling doubled, becoming a tingle that went up his spine, causing him to shiver a bit. Both women trailed their lips up to his ear lobes, and whispered in a barely intelligible string of words John didn’t recognize. He felt something like a fog settle over him, washing away his nervousness, soothing him with warmth and shivering sensations of pleasure.

When the two women pulled back a few moments later, John was lost in his own little world. Sylvia grinned at Aislinn, who smiled despite herself. They licked their lips, tasting the salt of him, and both women found it quite delectable. They each slipped and arm through his and guided him to their car.

They eased him into the back seat of their white Cadillac, and got into the front. However, just as Aislinn started the car, they heard a low moan. Aislinn glanced at John in the mirror, and Sylvia turned to him. John was shaking his head. “Woah… think I zoned out for a second.” He looked around and jumped when he realized he was in a car. “Uh… where are we?”

Sylvia and Aislinn traded a glance. “Wow,” said Sylvia. “That was fast.”

“Indeed,” said Aislinn. “Not so easy pickings, hm?”

John was looking more freaked. “Uh, hang on, what’s happening? I thought we were walking some place? When did we get in here?”

Aislinn spoke up, in a very pleasant and non-threatening voice. “I asked if perhaps you wanted to come to our place instead of going out. You said that seemed fine.”

“No, you didn’t, and no, I didn’t,” said John. He reached for the handle, and found, to his dismay, that the door wouldn’t open. “Okay, what the hell? Did you guys drug me or something?”

“Oh, dear,” said Sylvia. “I think he found us out. Better get going.” Aislinn backed up the car and started driving.

“Hey!” said John. “Where are you taking me?” He tried the door handle again, then blinked as Sylvia slid into the backseat, so smoothly and quickly, it almost didn’t even register that she’d just hoisted herself over a car seat. John backed up from her as she leaned over him, her eyes locking onto his.

“Calm down, John,” she said. “You’re not in any danger.”

“Bullshit,” he said, yet as she leaned ever closer, he could only sit frozen, caught in her gaze.

“Oh, don’t be like that,” she said. She shifted herself up a bit to bring her cleavage more into his view. John’s gaze fell from her eyes to her chest, and he blinked. He noticed she wore no bra, and as her shirt dangled low, he could clearly see the full curve of her breasts, and the nipples which hardened as he watched. He opened his mouth to say something else, but couldn’t seem to find words. Then he shook his head and forced his eyes closed.

“Get away,” he said, and tried pushing back, despite already pressing fully against the door.

“Oh, he’s a tough one,” said Aislinn. “See, not all bookstore geeks are boring.” She grinned at Sylvia through the mirror, and Sylvia smirked sarcastically.

Sylvia looked at John again, glancing him over. She certainly did find him more intriguing now. She also could not help but notice the bulge in his pants, despite his obvious fear. Sylvia slid off her top, then reached out and settled her hand on John’s crotch. John’s hips jerked at the sudden touch, and his eyes flew open, only to immediately go wide as his gazed again fastened onto her chest. He let out a soft, “oh!” as the site of her chest mesmerized him. She rubbed him gently through the fabric of his pants, then slowly unzipped them.

Without undoing the button of his fly, or pulling his cock out, she slipped her hand into the open zipper, and beneath his shorts, cupping his testicles. She held the hot orbs in her palm and rolled them gently. John twitched at first, his balls clearly sensitive, but the rolling motion felt very pleasant. More than that, the touch was soothing and strangely relaxing. John felt his anxiety start to fade. Sylvia leaned forward and kissed his neck again.

They spent to trip back to their apartment like that, Sylvia rolling his balls, and kissing his neck, while Aislinn drove. When they pulled into the lot, John was letting out soft moans, and his hands had found the courage to reach up and caress Sylvia’s breasts, to which she responded with a similar soft moaning. When Aislinn told them they had arrived, Sylvia pulled away with great reluctance, slipping her shirt back on and zipping John up.

Aislinn let them out, and John swayed almost drunkenly, forcing the two to steady him, and guide him to the elevator. Aislinn noticed, as they waited for the elevator to open, a light sheen of sweat breaking on John’s brow. His eyes, still glazed over, seemed to be attempting to focus.

Sylvia’s mouth opened in surprise. “Good lord, this kid’s something else,” she said. “Most men are complete putty in my hand after my little ball massage.”

“Perhaps something a bit more potent, then,” Aislinn pulled John to her and kissed him fully on the lips. John’s body reacted sluggishly, as if he were fighting to stop himself, but his arms nonetheless wrapped around her, and he responded to her kiss. Aislinn found herself pleased with the feeling of his erection pressing against her abdomen.

The elevator opened, and Aislinn kept her lips locked to his, guiding his body with sinew grace into the elevator. Sylvia raised her eyebrows and whistled at the two. Aislinn looked at her with one half-lidded eye, which showed a twinkle of amusement.

Another few minutes later, and the trio slid into the ladies’ apartment. Aislinn finally broke the kiss, leaving John to stand there gasping, leaning against the wall for support. Sylvia wasted no time in stripping him naked, and both women delighted at the sight of his penis springing free, twitching excitedly. He tried to step away from the two, slurring out the word, “no…” but Aislinn was behind him again before he knew it, her lips kissing his neck once more. His body shook, both in pleasure and resistance. “St-stop…”

“You know, I’m starting to feel a little insulted,” said Sylvia, teasingly. “I like to think that for most men, even if they could shake free of our little trance, telling us to stop would be the last thing on their mind. It’s pretty clear you aren’t gay, so you’re either uncannily devoted to being celibate or you’re terrified of women.”

“He doesn’t smell like a virgin, though it has been a while for him,” said Aislinn. She breathed into John’s ear. “Are you scared of us, John? You needn’t be. We’re going to take good care of you.”

“Oh, god…” John gasped. He actually tried to jerk away from Aislinn, though the redhead held him in place easily. “I felt… your fangs…”

Aislinn looked at Sylvia, “Tsk, tsk. Trying to snack on him early, were we?”

Sylvia grinned, and her canines extended slightly into long, sharpened points. “Hey, I didn’t so much as nibble. You were the one shoving your tongue down his throat.”

“Fair enough,” said Aislinn. She again breathed into John’s ear. “Well, my friend, you have two choices. We can do this the fun way or the vicious way. The fun way, you let us play with you for a while, and maybe we don’t leave you a dried up husk in the morning. Maybe.” John let out a fearful groan. “The vicious way, we rip you to pieces and squeeze the blood out of the chunks. What’s it going to be?”

Sylvia kneeled before John, and grasped his penis, which was still rock hard, despite his fear. “Here, maybe a little sample of the fun way will ease your mind,” she said. She leaned forward and opened her mouth. John’s eyes widened as the light glinted off her teeth.

“No, no, not there…” he gasped.

Sylvia pulled back a bit, and let out a long laugh. “Oh, sweetie,” she said. “You’re so paranoid.” She then took John in her mouth, taking his full length in slowly. He was just big enough that the edges of her fangs lightly scraped the sides of his dick, causing him to shiver. He dared not try to move now, for fear getting caught on her fangs would tear him open. However, when her lips touched the base of him, she remained there, keeping him fully sheathed in her mouth, the penis head slipping into her throat. She writhed her tongue against the underside of his cock, and made swallowing motions, flexing her throat around his penis head.

John let out a ragged gasp. Aislinn held him more firmly as he squirmed from Sylvia’s ministrations. The rippling and sucking of her mouth felt alien, but unbelievably pleasurable against his cock, which stubbornly refused to share his fear, intent on fulfilling its own single-minded agenda. John felt his legs go weak, as Sylvia’s oral technique sent arrows of pleasure through his groan, causing his hips to buck against her. Sylvia clasped his hips and held him in place, so the only movement he could make was the linear flexing of his penis in her mouth.

He found himself reaching orgasm with alarming speed; even factoring in the teasing ball massage in the car, he lasted barely thirty seconds of Sylvia’s oral trick before he felt himself tensing in climax. Sylvia, however, pulled away from him at the last second, leaving his cock to jerk uselessly in the air. “Oh, fuck,” gasped John.

“Ah, ah, ah,” said Sylvia. “We’re not even warmed up yet.”

Not waiting for John’s impending orgasm to subside, Aislinn’s hands came forward, the tips of her fingers resting against John’s cock. She begun to flick her fingers in rapid little jerks, not stroking him fully, but quick little brushes, unerringly striking his hot spots with each short tap. John shuddered, gasping, as Aislinn’s fingertips tapped away at his cock. It was equally strange, yet almost more maddening for John. Each touch sent a sharp bolt of pleasure through him, but before it could take hold and carry him over, it was faded, followed up by another separate bolt, then a sharp fade, and then another bolt, a strange morse code of pleasurable sensation. In this way, Aislinn was able, with maddening accuracy, keep him hanging on the edge of release, while spacing the pleasure in exactly the right frequency of touches to keep him from going over the edge, almost literally juggling him at the edge of release. Still, despite her skill with this, it too became too much, and John’s body tensed once more as he prepared to cum. Aislinn halted just as John’s penis clenched fiercely, and a small tinge of white seeped from the tip of him. However, she had stopped just in time, and he barely managed not to go over.

The two looked at John, who was once again lost in a haze, though this time it was one of pure pleasure. Sylvia stood, and both women kissed either side of his neck again, and whispered their strange chant into his ears. His guard down, dissolved by the inhuman pleasures they visited upon him, John was unable to put up a mental defense to resist their hypnotic kisses and whispers. Within moments, he was thoroughly entranced, frozen in place. He would not move until they commanded it.

“Now then!” said Sylvia. “We can have some real fun!”

Aislinn touched the tip of his throbbing penis, causing it to jerk mightily. Another drop of fluid tinged with white seeped from the tip. She licked the drop off her finger tip and frowned a bit. “I think we wound him up a bit too much.”

“Hmm…,” said Sylvia. “Well, we can pop him real quick right now. I think he’s pretty solidly under now, it shouldn’t break the trance.”

“I don’t want to risk it,” said Aislinn. “He’s been unbelievably resistant so far. If he cums, I don’t know if we’ll be able to put him under again.”

“Hrm,” said Sylvia. “Poor kid. Guess you’ll have to do your little trick, then.”

Aislinn chuckled. “He’s pretty tough. I think he can handle it.”

Aislinn whispered into John’s ear once again, but this time spoke in clear English, though he voice maintained a orgasmically sultry tone. Like a hypnotist planting instructions into her subject’s psyche, Aislinn commanded John to remain just as highly aroused and hard as he was right now, but that he would not orgasm until a very specific event triggered it. John consented to these instructions with a moan and a nod.

The two waited a moment for the commands to really settled, then Sylvia decided to test it. She grasped his penis, and gave it several firm strokes. John cried out, and his hips bucked sharply, his penis clenching hard. However, no orgasm was forthcoming. Sylvia giggled and Aislinn smiled slyly. “Come to the bedroom, John,” she said, and the entranced young man helplessly obeyed.

Once they entered to room, they had John lay down on a four-poster bed. Deciding not to take chances, they pulled out several ties, they bound his hands and wrists to the posts, then slipped a blindfold over him, as well as a gag. Then the two women stripped, causing John to moan as he realized he was being cheated out of seeing them naked. Feeling mischievous, Sylvia topped off his bondage by sliding her now quite damp panties over his head, settling the crotch over his nose. John’s nostrils flared as he took in the scent, and he let out a pitiful whimpering, until Aislinn commanded him to be silent.

They climbed into bed with him, and this time, Sylvia cupped the head of his penis. She slowly swirled it in lazy circles, causing John to shudder. Aislinn, meanwhile, tickled her finger tips along his shaft again. Despite the command for him to be still and silent, he began to writhe and moan.

“So, who gets his cock first?” said Sylvia.

Aislinn thought. “Well, you got to play with him in the back while I drove,” she said. “So, I should get him first.”

“Ah, come on, I didn’t get anything out of it,” said Sylvia. “And I’m craving it more now!”

“Well, then,” said Aislinn. “Race you?” Before Sylvia could react, she reached over, and hooked two fingers into Sylvia’s wet pussy. Sylvia let out a gasp, and quickly returned the favor. The two women situated themselves so that they could curl up against the bound and helpless John as they fingered one another, working each other’s clit with their thumbs as they caressed each other’s inner walls. Soon, both women were panting heavily, their hot breath tickling John’s ears, their moans and grunts and shivers tantalizing him with the knowledge that he was sandwiched between two women pleasuring themselves and completely ignoring his throbbing penis.

Eventually, Sylvia couldn’t take it, and her breath dissolved into a series of sharp gasps and high moans as she climaxed. “Oh, Aislinn,” she breathed as she bucked into her lover’s hand, letting Aislinn go. Aislinn eased her down, holding Sylvia as the brunette shivered. Aislinn’s finger came away glistening, and she presented them to Sylvia’s mouth. Sylvia eagerly suckled Aislinn’s fingers, tasting herself.

Aislinn slid atop John and scooted back to let his hard cock slide into her. Despite her quick victory over Sylvia, Sylvia’s own fingers had riled her up just as quick, and Aislinn found herself climaxing after only a few thrusts onto John’s cock. However, she didn’t stop, and continued her movements. Sylvia, frowning, but deciding to go along, got up into kneeling position and curled up behind Aislinn. She caressed and squeezed Aislinn’s breasts with one hand, kissed her neck and shoulders, and with her other hand, gently rubbed Aislinn’s clit. Sylvia pressed herself against Aislinn’s rump, and guiding Aislinn’s hips with her own to move her a slow, but steady rhythm to allow a long, slow build up. At this pace, Aislinn’s next climax was slow to build, but quite intense once it hit, wracking her body with pleasure.

A few moments later they switched places, with Sylvia slowly grinding on John’s cock, and Aislinn adding to Sylvia’s pleasure with her mouth and hands. Below them John shook and cried and moaned, sucking in pussy-scented air through the panties on his nose and mumbling poor attempts at pleas through his gag. The women’s pussy’s drove him to the brink and beyond, but he could not cum; almost as maddening was the fact that he could not see them as they writhed nakedly atop him.

They fucked him for hours. When Sylvia came, they switched off again, this time with Aislinn riding him in reverse cowgirl, so she and Sylvia could kiss passionately, both of Sylvia’s hands tending to her breasts. Then, Sylvia was riding him again, Aislinn tending to her. Back and forth, over and over.

At several points, they would stop, and both would tease his cock with their mouths. Oh so lightly, they would scrape along his shaft with the points of their fangs; this would cause little beads of blood to form along his shaft, not enough for serious injury, but just enough that the women could get a good taste of him; the little cuts healed quickly, but the effect was like coating his cock with chocolate sauce, their tongues greedily lapping and slurping along his cock, creating oddly pleasurable stings all along the length. With nearly Herculean effort, they went back to fucking him, their superhuman stamina making sure they never tired, their hypnotic whispers and suggestions forcing John to endure as they ravished him.

Finally, the first rays of dawn could be seen peeking through the blinds, and the two women decided it was time. Thoroughly satisfied sexually, the two had worked up quite an appetite. Keeping him bound, they curled up against John, who was now shaking like a leaf, his exhausted body still feebly bucking. His enraged penis jerked in constant futile attempts to force an orgasm he could not unlock on his own.

The two women each fastened their mouths to either side of his neck. This time, however, they did not merely kiss him. Their fangs fully extended and they bit him. For a moment, John stiffened as pain mixed with overwhelming pleasure. And then, as his blood filled their mouths, he felt something within him break, and he CAME. The word orgasm could not do justice; cum exploded from his dick like a shotgun blast, drenching all three of them in his seed. Pleasure radiated from his groin and his neck and surged through his body in massive waves. John screamed and he thrashed once more, so hard he actually snapped his bonds. He clutched at both women as they drank of him, not even bothering to take off the bonds on his face, having only strength left to clutch and cry.

They drank deeply of him, slowly draining him for nearly an hour, and the orgasmic pleasure burned his whole being the entire time. When they were finally done, the two women withdrew their mouths, letting out sighs of utter contentment. They had learned that during climax, a human’s life force surged with energy, adding an extra kick to the act of feeding; spending all night riling him up and withholding his climax until the very peak had given them a charge so potent, they wouldn’t need to feed again for a week.

The two whispered once more into John’s ears, and the poor, exhausted boy immediately fell into a dreamless, recuperative slumber. The two women drifted off to sleep next to him. Even if he woke up first, he would be too weak to move, and would be no danger to them. In the evening, they would nourish him back to health, and then decide what to do with him from there. Both liked the idea of a new manservant.

And if that didn’t work out, the werewolves next door might be able to have some fun with him.


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Kat's First Boytoy

Note: This story takes place in the World of Civero.

My name is Kat, and I am an esper, a person with psychic powers. Growing up, I had always used my abilities sparingly, taught never to abuse them. However, by the time I hit High School, curiosity compelled me to test and flex my powers; I developed abilities of mind reading, mind control, and some minor illusion casting. I tried to follow my parents’ advice, but when you have such powers, you can’t help but play around with them a bit. Still, I was a “good girl” for quite a while; it was not until college that I decided to really get my money’s worth out of these abilities. What can I say? I was young, horny, and surrounded by similarly young and horny men and women whose lustful thoughts and drives could only be ignored for so long. I decided to finally do something I’d always fantasized about, but never dared to do, even in the hormone-drenched world of High School. I decided to use my psychic powers to fetch myself a boytoy lover.

I first met my boytoy Ben in Creative Writing. I thought he was rather cute, a tall blue-eyed redhead. He was quite creative, sharing stories of fantasy and adventure with the class. He was also shy and had a huge crush on me. Tall, with black hair, green eyes, and a fit body, I was exactly his type. I could feel his eyes, and his thoughts, draw towards me within minutes of our first class together. I smiled, and wondered if he might ask me out. He never did, though, and soon enough, I found myself too busy with school work to really think about dating.

However, halfway into the semester, I could still feel him gazing at me, apparently content to continue admiring me in silence. I would have been flattered, but for a distinct sense of lust radiating off him, getting stronger as the weeks went by. He clearly had a hard-on for me. I wondered why he didn’t just come up and ask me. Was he really that shy?

I decided to investigate this a little further. I figured if he was going to have naughty thoughts about me and not do anything for me in return, I may as well enjoy the show. Peaking inside his head, I discovered a very naughty fantasy indeed. It was rather surreal. He was imagining some sort of elaborate story wherein he was an adventurer captured by a witch, played by me. In the fantasy, I was intent on getting some sort of information out of him, but rather than torture him or use some kind of mind control spell, I was casting spells on his penis, driving him mad with pleasure. As he tried to refuse giving in, “I” would do anything from suck him to fuck him to stroke him to just letting my magic surge through his organ, driving him wild. It became evident that there was no information for him to give, and that “I” was just playing with him for amusement.

I found this fantasy extremely amusing, not to mention very arousing. This was exactly the sort of thing that I had fantasized about doing to someone (minus the witch get-up of course), but never dared to actually try. I decided to plumb deeper into his mind, and saw many similar fantasies. The details might be different, he might be a supervillain, and I a superhero trying to “convince” him to change his wicked ways; I might be a vampire and he a common villager who I wished to turn; he might be a hunter and I a fairy who had decided to capture him and teach him a “lesson” about respecting nature. Heck, some fantasies were even quite mundane, just the two of us in his bedroom, me stroking him slowly as I whispered teasingly in his ear. Always him helpless, totally at my mercy, as I took him to heights of pleasure he could only imagine. The more I looked, the more aroused I became.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Just A Little Scene: Dream Therapy

At the Tlazol Facility for Male Submission, men who could not accept that women now dominated the world with their incredible powers were put through a rigorous amount of relentless “conditioning” until they finally changed their ways, and fully, truly accepted the women’s superiority. Groups of men were sexually teased on a daily basis without orgasm, and lectured of the error of their ways and thinking, until finally something cracked, and they gave in, where upon release was granted, and the next stage of their “education” could be reached. Until then, however, even sleep was not a refuge for these men. For groups that proved particularly stubborn, the Sex Mages decided to induce what they liked to call “Dream Therapy.”

Miss Cale was on Dream Therapy duties for her group tonight, something she didn’t often get assigned to, but which she quite enjoyed. It let her be quite creative. As she walked through the large, bed-lined room where her “students” slept, she smiled. Even asleep, their penises remained hard, their balls swollen tight. Sleep, in fact, did not come easy for them, and it took almost total exhaustion for them to ignore their body’s maddening sexual cravings enough to fall into what should have been blissful unconsciousness. But once they went under, Miss Cale set their minds to stay that way no matter what for the next 10 hours. She manipulated them to remain perfectly still, facing upwards, so that they could not squirm and rub their penises against their mattresses, nor would they accidentally fall off the beds.

She went to each boy in turn, looking into their minds, glimpsing their fetishes and fantasies. When she found a situation that created a particularly hot spark for the boy, she molded their random, chaotic dreams into a vivid erotic fantasy from which they could not escape until they were woken up in the morning.

First there was Mark, age 23, last orgasm 4 months ago. Her glimpse into his mind showed Mark had a powerful foot fetish. His first realization of this was when he had seen his sister painting her toe nails, and had suddenly gotten a hard-on. He’d never quite gotten over the humiliation, and had sworn to himself he would never let a woman take him off guard like that again. Oh, poor Mark. Miss Cale molded his dream into a situation where he was in his sister’s room, in her closet, watching her paint her toe nails. Mark was masturbating as he watched, and just before he could cum, he let out a loud grunt. His sister jerked her head over and immediately jumped up and whipped the door open. Mark, humiliated, but still ragingly hard, immediately begged his sisters forgiveness. She agreed not tell on their parents, if he let her tie him to the bed. The rest of the dream consisted of the sister sitting on the bed with a bound Mark, alternately pressing her feet against his face as she stroked him, or giving him footjobs just to the point of orgasm before backing off, then masturbating herself to orgasm. Mark was helpless as his sister tormented and taunted him with her feet, over and over.

Miss Cale withdrew from Mark, whose body had gone stiff. His nostrils flared, reacting to the presence of the dream feet on his face. Mark’s dream would continue unabated until he awoke, as would all the boys’ dreams.

Next was Jake, age 30, last orgasm 5 weeks ago. Jake’s dream was interesting. He had a fantasy of being shrunk, and played with by giant women. Miss Cale called up a fantasy of his ex-wife and her friend (whom he had cheated with). The two women were sitting cross legged on the bed in Jake’s old house, a six-inch tall Jake running around between them. Jake, naked and hard, the two women laughed, poking at him to make him run, giggling as his tiny penis flopped. Then, Jake’s ex picked him up with one hand, and masturbated herself a bit with the other, moistening her pussy lips. She then lowered Jake to her pussy and pushed him inside her, slipping the helpless man all the way in. Jake, trapped in a crushing, hot, wet vice, wriggled to try and free himself, but this merely seemed to please his ex, who stretched out on the bed and moaned, hips squirming. Jake’s attempts to escape dissolved into frantic humping against her walls as his cock rubbed incessantly against her. His desperate attempts to reach an orgasm that would never be thrilled his ex, who writhed and screamed in ecstasy, her pussy squeezing him rhythmically, which just teased him even more. Eventually, once his writhing would please her to the point of orgasm, after which she would fish Jake out, and the other woman would take him inside her.

The next boy was Hank, age 19, last orgasm 3 months ago. Hank had always had an unusual fascination with truly fantastic women. He often fantasized about things like nagas (half-women/half-snake), mermaids, elves, female angels, etc. In his mind, these were so much more arousing than ordinary women, something which many women found bizarre and sometimes even insulting. But Miss Cale found it quite amusing, and she had a special dream for him. She placed Hank in a complex and seemingly endless Labyrinth, which he was driven to try and find an exit for. Prowling this Labyrinth were many of the fantastical women he fantasized about, searching for a helpless, naked, and horny as hell male to have their way with. In this dream, Miss Cale gave Hank the notion that if he could find the center of the maze, he might be granted orgasm. This hope was all he needed to spur him into searching. This of course, only continued to bring him into the clutches of the creature women, who would use his permanent, unclimaxing penis for their pleasure, heedless of how they drove him insane with sex.

Most of the rest were fairly mundane by comparison. One imagined he was a male stripper, who had to let the women come up on stage and play with him. Another dreamed he was back in college, and as part of an initiation, was tied spread eagle to stakes on the front lawn of a sorority, where the girls took their turns idly stroking him between sun-tanning sessions. Another dreamed a threesome with two of his favorite movie actresses as they teased and edged him while making him eat them out.

Eventually, all 14 young men were twitching and moaning in their sleep, their penises bouncing excitedly, trapped in dreams so vivid, their minds could barely handle it. Miss Cale then departed, leaving the boys to their dreams. They might wake up with refreshed bodies and minds, but they would do so feeling even hornier and more frustrated than when they went to bed. And when they did, Miss Cale would be there to greet them.